28 February 2011

EUtopia: it’s a Loopy, Self-Referential Hell

Where women are reduced to becoming cows.

LONDON (Reuters) – A specialist ice cream parlor plans to serve up breast milk ice cream and says people should think of it as an organic, free-range treat.
Really – get a life. Go outside. Get some fresh air and clear your head. Your funbags are there to nurse the children you think will get in the way of your lifestyle.

27 February 2011

A Thought for the Day

Engaging with the politics and polity of the left reminds me of trying to talk to a class of dull, predictable adolescents. Some staring off into space, a few picking their noses, one or two of them staring at your crotch.

26 February 2011

Plan B is to Unite the Workers of the World Against their Will

Which is where the anachronism of the undermining “false consciousness” argument comes from, but that’s beside the point.

It doesn’t take much to understand the mind of a moocher who has an “in” with the ultimate monopoly: the state. It explains much about democrats in the US insisting that making public sector pay a minute part of their health insurance and pension themselves, is in fact, an “assault on the poor” or any number of other stock excuses for the parasitism that they always champion.

No, what it doesn’t take too long to figure out, and what marks the difference between the socially conditioned left, and the autonomously reasoning right, is why a people who complain about life’s costs and complexity, shake their heads at the idea of both spouses HAVING to work, etc., etc., etc., realizing that it’s because of high taxation – and that high taxation is a direct result of their parasitism – and the pathetic defense thereof, for example insisting that the school district maintenance staff be paid as much as private sector lawyers, and defending it in the name of, say, “the homeless”, and whatever else they can emote in Pavlovian fashion.

Gawain Towler, without any assistance from a government Ombuds-person, has found the MOAB of pathetic emotive empathies:

In an incohate expression of impotence the general secretary the EU's uber UNISON, the EPSU, Carola Fischbach-Pyttel has demanded that the EU bring back red blooded socialism, and if necessary impose it on national governments.

She is echoed by the increasingly irrellevant John Monks with this very odd comment,

"the current economic governance is not leading to more political governance".
Because it collapse eastern European society the first time, and the only purpose government could possibly have is to shove ideology tyrannically down the throats of the blessed people, why not try it again?

The boring, sad, and deeply ignorant part of the left’s bloviations is that it’s entirely a repetition, rehashing, and regurgitation of failures. Not just simple failure, but failures that created nearly a century of human misery, inhumanity, and in many cases genocidal cruelty. To think that the entire racket, meant entirely to make the perfect canned case for a strongman to buy out people for his power, is being swallowed up whole by some people.

25 February 2011

And Daddy Drinks Because you Cry!

Does some rich-world ruminant thinker's position on border enforcement somehow directly lead to participatory government in the north African states? That's a novel theory to try to prove!

The head of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, on Wednesday made an implicit criticism of Italian policy. ‘This question of migration, or of illegal migration, or even of refugees, is sometimes used as a way of not supporting democracy and I do not agree with that,’ [Barroso] said after meeting a top UN human rights official in the EU capital.”
Otherwise, unleash the omnipotent opinion of perfection-making approved truth!
The EU has refrained from imposing immediate sanctions against Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi but has called for a stop to the use of force on civilians. Thousands of Europeans are trying to leave the country, with Gaddafi losing control.
That will surely bring him to heel!

23 February 2011

Defining Deviancy Swedishness Down

That is, when someone writing in Le Monde starts arguing that that bad sex can easily be confused for rape when one of your political icons is at risk. Americans have little patience for this. The “feminist defense” of Bill Clinton was amusing enough. What next? MORE atmospheric talk of “what’s wrong with rape anyway?”

The obfuscation becomes even more pathetic when you start attributing it to national stereotypes:

Perhaps the Swedes are the victims of a certain Swedish myth? In Summer with Monika (1953), Ingmar Bergman filmed the young Harriet Andersson, and emphasised her character’s liberated attitude to sex in a scene where she bathes naked, which has been credited with promoting the “Swedish sin" of assuming that an unattached woman is an easy lay. But if you do watch Summer with Monika, do not forget to look out for the moment where the camera follows Harriet Andersson as she prepares to go to bed with a man that she had decided to abandon — a shot that Jean-Luc Godard described "as the saddest in the history of cinema."
Of course... that explains EVERYTHING! Especially individuals’ motives and behavior! Predestination by the movies!

Predestine THIS.

22 February 2011

Today Europe, Tomorrow the “Grand Area”

Cambridge scholar James Rogers actually presents a fairly well reasoned notion of what the EU’s outward projection of influence could be... if you assume that all Indians leaders for the next century willfully decide to not act in their self-interest, and assume that the Chinese are a nation of deferential, unarmed Coolees.

I argue that the time has come for a new geography of European power, which should be based around a sophisticated ‘forward presence’ that emphasises the preventative dimension of military power. As I point out, this would allow the European Union and its Member States to overcome the sporadic and reactive approach they have taken to security since the foundation of the European Security and Defence Policy in the late 1990s. It will also provision them with the means to uphold their interests and values in an uncertain world over the coming decades.
That is, assuming that the population will get out of bed for it, be willing to bleed for it, and actually have a doctrine that involve individual human freedom.

I mean, could they think of something that DOESN’T involve trying to convince poor people to deny themselves of affordable energy, or that doesn’t promote welfare dependency and crony socialism?

The other fault in the theory, is that short of others ‘granting them’ the influence they seek, they will do nothing to command or deserve it.

How About a Side of Hallal Clams Rockefeller too, While you’re at it?

Those sensitive, culturally aware Europeans have so much to teach us dull and dimwitted Americans.

Will this trigger a Kosher "day of rage"? That's a fine question but rather doubtful, my dear Faulein Ulla.

21 February 2011

Europeans and their Nocturnal Emissions

Europe needs to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25 percent over the next decade, rather than the currently agreed 20 percent, if the bloc is to meet a longer-term goal for 2050, a communication to be published by the European Commission next month is set to say.
Don’t you live it when committee-lizard-types quibble, argue, and try to distinguish themselves by making claims about things that they’ll actually never do?
EU states' progress in meeting protocol targets dampened by emissions from goods produced abroad which have risen by 40%

Europe contemplates raising carbon target to 30%


The huge extent to which Europe has exported its global warming pollution is evident from two sharply contrasting reports on how much greenhouse gas emissions have fallen or risen since world leaders signed up to huge reduction targets in the Kyoto protocol.
Never mind that this “pollution” can neither be seen, smelled, or that getting it BELOW naturally occurring levels will “cool the earth”. Either way, they are either doubling down to keep their fake green rep on a continent where there hardy IS any environment left to protect to begin with.

Their “bravery” takes the form of penalizing producers, and punishing the general population with costlier energy. As if the Chinese care.

20 February 2011

Admit it - don’t you Think there Something Highly Erotic About this?

Why not show your lurrrrve with a slightly marbled center cut?

19 February 2011

Theory Insufficiently Supported by Reality

It only took a decade, and we had to put up with a lot of verbal abuse, but a few Europeans are finally getting at a tiny piece of George Bush’s reasoning:

The revolutionary spirit sweeping the Middle East has provoked as much fear as joy in the West. Der Standard questions why is it that we doubt that Arabs have the will or the ability to be the masters of their own destiny.
The only flaw in it, is that the author uses it to hector specific people about generic assumptions about those empty headed ”national attitudes” that all too many Europeans think make every individual tick, in highly bigoted fashion.
Perhaps the Internet and social media are having a much more dramatic impact on the general consciousness than we have assumed till now. The so-called experts really know nothing, because there has been too much flux in the past one or two years, and learned expertise often falls back on a long history – which may have been dramatically overtaken by recent social modernisation processes without the "experts" having even noticed.
If you can wade through all of that, what really means anything in all of that muck is that these “experts” that those in a newspaper induced lethargy are in are nothing more than people with opinions that they borrowed from one another in a sad bid to seem relevant, but with a pinch of memorable controversy. In reality they’re sheep: not only would the idea of will for individuals not square with their bloodlust for revolutions LED by people with attitudes that they like, but they suddenly seem surprised that all of their talking about Twitter and Facebook is more about wanting to predict the methods others use, rather that understanding that they don’t especially need them.

It must be painful when an impoverished, oppressed population doesn’t follow your script – when all you really need to do is understand natural human will, and defend individual freedoms.

18 February 2011

I would Plausit a "No"

Is Google Street View photojournalism?, asks the British Journal of Photography

"I found it a fascinating medium." indicated German artist and photographer Michael Wolf, who received an honorable mention in this year's World Press Photo juried competition for this work "A Series of Unfortunate Events", based on Google Street View.

17 February 2011

What to Feel Tall? Hang out with Short People!

Want to feel smart? Randomly generate postmodernist trash. Reload for even more high-achieving academic brilliance obfuscation.

He is an evil genius, Thank him, sofort, tous de suite, and chop chop

16 February 2011

The Near Distant Ago, Remembered

Those among us interested in radio will enjoy this one: one of those new fangled weblog thingies focusing on Radio Berlin International, the voice of the erstwhile German leftist dictatorship. For a collection of their QSL cards, as well as postcards from said erstwhile German leftist dictatorship, hier clicken, bitte.

15 February 2011

The Art of Pointless Impotent Rage, Re-revisited

There’s trouble in paradise for the Alain Soral, a man who looks for Jews hiding under his bed every night.

Alain Soral was assaulted on Saturday at a book signing near the Bastille of his latest work "Understanding the Empire."

Four or five individuals surrounded Soral, asking him to apologize for some comment he was accused of making that offended Houria Bouteldja. The scuffle started when a person accused Alain Soral of having said that blacks are cannibals.
The syphilitic F. Desouche blog spends little time wondering about color, and asks the question “was he beaten up by muslims?” Such is life in the land of “intellectualism and debate.” The reason this all sounds bizarre to Americans is because it is. While the likes of Soral and even those who find him as dippy as he really is indulge in accusing the United States of “being at war with Islam,” and do a great job of parroting the Jihadists’ propaganda, French popular and even “intellectual” culture really ARE at war (in a chickenshit verbal way) with what seems like all of humanity - including Muslims.

This is how the big drama queen routine works for guys like Soral: they think that the sun shines out of their ass when they accuse and inflame people in print, and then think that the world is after them because they really think that they matter in some way to the world.

Strangely enough, the world outside of his bubble only knows these irrelevant attention seekers because of us pointing out their stale, 18th century (if not medieval) conspiratorial ravings.

14 February 2011

Plantu is a Bigot

At least we know which way his taste for blow-up dolls run: these are the same figures he normally used as innocents, children, etc.

13 February 2011

A Real Life Ashton Hero

What is it about her that brings to mind Dr. Gumby, Brain Specialist

12 February 2011

Just Another Eye Candy Coffee-table Book to the French

Buffoon, paranoid anti-semite, attention whore and all-around fuckwit Alain Soral has a new book out. It’s called “Understanding the Empire”. I’ll summarize it for you: Jew-baiting, Zionist Occupation Government, 9-11 was a (Jewish cabal led) inside job, and his horrible victimization by Jews because of that Holocaust thing, and whatever other delusions of personal intelligence that get him through the night. In other words, a no-brainer as far as sales in France go: because the world, and particular, Jews, are out to get them, you see. Why they matter enough for anybody to waste their time doing that is beyond me.

When you hover over a photo of the yet to be attacked World Trade Center, the dynamic caption shows two stacks of his book, meant to be as forboding as the book of revelation. It reads: Global governance or a revolt of nations? In 2012, it will all play out between the two towers”

11 February 2011

There Goes Another Failed Five-Year Plan

Remember kids: nothing in reality ever happens without a targeted government objective and planning.

Europe risks missing the train of scientific progress. The EU is advancing too slowly in the sciences to narrow the gap with leaders U.S. and Japan, while China rapidly makes up for its ancestral backwardness. The targets of the failed Lisbon process have been postponed for no less than a decade, from 2010 to 2020. Naturally, concern is growing that budget cuts will only put brakes on a research sector still heavily dependent on state investment.
So let’s try and understand the natural conclusion a reader of the paragraph above would come to. Is it that one should stamp your feet like a 6 year old and demand government funding and direction? Or would it be to find a way despite the government, to do research in the natural way in civil society, the way those who are succeeding at it are doing?

I guess the “future looking,” Cosmopolitan, wise thing to do is as the reflex of the average European would do. To wait for the handout instead of crowding out industry’s opportunity to do the innovating.

10 February 2011

Fables from the Healthcare Paradise Human Warehouse that is Europe’s Well to do North

They’re dying to get out, and functionaries are all too willing to help.

For some, lurking behind this trend is a desire "to ease the finances of the health system."
That this quest for “death with dignity” seems to be the only decent option someone has because all of the others are so poor or are denied to people.
In the Netherlands, the instrumentalisation of death can now be symbolised by a single digit: 4. This is the average number of minutes required by physicians to make the decision to hasten death, while nearly a quarter of the killings were performed without the consent of the patient. The Guardian, which has looked into the 114 cases of British parties who went to Switzerland to commit suicide, found clear evidence that many of them had a chance to cure their illnesses and live in dignity.
When the Vatican talks about “a culture of life” it isn’t limited to some procedure or another, it speaks to a view of living a good and full life itself: whether you can bungie-jump or have gymnastic sex or not. The next time you hear someone say “live a little”, imagine that this also means having an inner life of the soul too.

When the state is involved, expect there to be a greater emphasis on what will seem like “financial Eugenics” as the average age of the population rises, and fewer older people have children to defend their interests.

09 February 2011

Who Died and Made You Don Cheadle?

In OTHER news from “Febraury 6. 2011 Juch 100” [sic]:

A joint seminar on the theme of "Immortal Exploits of Comrade Kim Jong Il, Illustrious Commander of Songun" took place in Mexico on January 28 on the occasion of his birthday.

Present there were personages of the Mexican National Coordinating Committee for the Study of the Juche Idea, the Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism and its affiliated organizations and the Institute for the Study of the Juche Idea and adherents of the Juche idea in Mexico.
I know that you wanted to know that. Because it sounded so familiar. From 29-May-2009, we all waited with bated breath for the headline:
Kim Jong Il's Feats Lauded

08 February 2011

An Overheated Cultural Wasteland

Completely unsure about everything? Flummoxed? Afraid of any answers you might get? Sound thoughtful: just keep asking questions! The more vast and broad the more smug you can be.

Caption contest, anyone?

Elsewhere: the “true European Spirit” correctly and proudly defined as greedy socially parasitic rioters. Go on... eat the rich, they won’t be coming back, and the poor aren’t hiring. A confusedcultural obfuscator who has tried to redefine human rights to mean the European regard of itself as “cosmopolitan” notes on the Guardian’s Comment Macht Frei that:
In London and Athens, protesters are rekindling the true European spirit

The idea of Europe must go back to a democracy that resists fake economic orthodoxy and false monoculturalism.
So long as you ignore the fact that money does not grow in trees, and that most of Europe’s “true historical nature” when it comes to rioting normally involves one class, nation, and religious monoculture trying to eradicate another one.

Here’s a sample sure to rally those huddled masses yearning to be free:
The most persistent and pronounced feature of Douzinas ’ analysis relates to his effort to underscore the structural ambivalence of human rights. Vibrant sources of critical dynamism and reified crystallizations of socio-historically conditioned forces, rights are, he argues, suppressive and subversive at one and the same time, just as capable of functioning as instruments of imperialism as they are amenable to operating as agents of resistance. This is by no means surprising, for, as Douzinas notes, natural and human rights have long been understood to be comprised of two, closely related but conceptually distinguishable, dimensions. On the one hand, they have been regarded as means of opposing
oppression, be this at the hands of the state and its constituent apparatuses or the diffuse, multivectored networks of transnational governance revered by some as the harbingers of a properly ‘ post-national ’ future. On the other hand, they have been viewed as devices that serve the interests of dominant classes, entrenching and naturalizing those politico-economic structures which are most likely to consolidate their privilege and cultivate their prosperity.
Okay. Once more now. With Feeling...

Getting towards the end, it gets even worse. The “humanitarian” caste is assumed to dictatorial powers, and the purpose of all relief work is to subvert a roundabout description of “the American Empire”. It’s tripe and hate speech given an academic platform to legitimate itself, but that isn’t that much different than everything else in their overheated cultural wasteland where an “eat the rich” fantasy can take the place of thought, and still be taken seriously.

07 February 2011

Everything you need to Know About the French Exception

NOT culture:

Ah, culture!

05 February 2011

The Meal-Ticket Left

Generous campaign doners have historically been given easy Ambassadorial posts. Knowing full well that the DCM, or Deputy Chief of Mission is really doing they job, the State Department is used to putting up with a lot.

But one of Obama’s appointments really takes the cake.

The situation was so bad that the inspector general recommended that the State Department dispatch medical personnel to Luxembourg to test the stress levels of embassy employees. It said at least four staffers quit or sought transfers to Iraq and Afghanistan during her tenure, unusual steps for diplomats assigned to a modern, Western European capital.
Much as Pelosi, the spouse of a billionaire, first ran as “a Mom in tennis shoes”, Cynthia Stroum has also channeled a lot of that inept, imperious “don’t they know who I am” self-indulgent adolescent behavior that has grown to characterize the wheelers-and-dealers of the gauche-cavier.Nonetheless, even a press that find this kind of thing hilariously juice call this nightmare a “businesswoman and philanthropist”, when in fact she was a personal investor and political action committee boarding party type.

You would think that these Eva Peron wannabees would eventually realize that they they aren’t royalty, and that they aren’t playing out “Upstairs Downstairs” fantasies.
But the report paints a picture of a corrosive atmosphere at the small embassy, with the ambassador running roughshod over staff, threatening to read their e-mails, largely concerned about job-related perks and involved in improper purchases.
When you’re a lefty, politics doesn’t stop at the nation’s shores.

Protocol be damned: displaying campaign posters into the embassy

The complaints of cronyism, it seems, go back to 2009.
In recent years, Stroum has contributed $10,000 to Cantwell and an equal amount to Murray, as well as making four-figure donations to Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and former Sen. John Edwards, D-North Carolina. She gave to the successful 2006 campaign of Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana.

Stroum was recently honored as a "Woman of Valor" at a closed-door Cantwell fundraising luncheon.

The Luxembourg embassy has long been used to reward political donors, but also to break barriers.
Barrier. Valor. Whatever. This is the kind of reception this barrier busting, “valorous” dark-pool-style private equity investor elicited:
As an American presently living in Luxembourg, I wonder why this country can never get an ambassador who is actually a diplomat? Granted, Luxembourg isn't France, but is it too much to ask to get someone who has passed the Foreign Service Exam, or who speaks French?
as well as the most logical of comments:
Stroum - a "Woman of Valor?" Only in a society that lacks any virtue. Such titles belong to individuals who risk their lives in order to save the lives of others - not people who shell out their political bribery money to prostituting politicians.
In fact the words success, generosity, understanding, understanding, hard work, success, and valor DO apply to the Stroum family name: her father
[...]he joined the Army Air Corps.But in the fall of 1941, months before the U.S. entered World War II, Mr. Stroum took a leave to attend a sister's wedding, and while he was gone, his squad shipped out to the Philippines. Mr. Stroum became a crew chief and flight engineer, and came to Seattle to ferry Boeing B-17 bombers throughout the nation.When he first arrived in Seattle, Mr. Stroum lived with the other aviators at the Sorrento Hotel. He met his future wife at the nearby Jewish USO center. They were married Aug. 9, 1942, and Mrs. Stroum paid for the $3 marriage license. They were the first couple married by Temple De Hirsch-Sinai's new rabbi Raphael Levine, who became one of Seattle's great religious leaders.Briefly living in Portland, he sold different items including auto parts.He settled in Seattle in the late 1940s and formed several sales companies to representing automotive- and radio-parts makers. In the mid-1950s he became an electronics distributor.He named his main company ALMAC/Stroum Electronics, combining the names of his wife, Althea, and his two daughters, Marsha and Cynthia.He also began distributing parts for Erna Jorgensen and Harry Schuck, who had founded Schuck's Auto Supply. In 1967, when the pair retired, Mr. Stroum bought their business with their help and oversaw expansion of the chain to seven stores.Stroum sold ALMAC in 1974 for some $2 million. He then made his first major charitable gift: $600,000 to the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. He sold Schuck's to Pay n' Save in 1984 for $70 million, beginning a new career of giving.
So it seems that it isn’t juts genius that seem to skip a generation.

04 February 2011

Because they Selflessly do SO MUCH for Society

Aren’t you glad that there are unions to protect “the oppressed” workers such as Miami Elementary School teacher Cheryl Grampa?

Grampa "engaged in inappropriate conduct and contact with a minor student ranging from soliciting and allowing students to massage her, in exchange for rewards, allowing students to touch her in an inappropriate manner and failing to take reasonable and corrective action with respect to improper touching," according to a formal complaint by the School Board.
Thanks to the collective, the disciplinary action taken against this 45 year old who should not be near students of ANY age is more like a vacation.
Grampa, 45, will miss five days of school without pay for her actions, which stems from a massage request during the 2009-2010 school year.
In fact, they’re all rotten and self-absorbed, considering that the School Board’s statement seemed more concerned with maintaining the profile of the teachers than protect the young that they’re entrusted with.
Her actions were "sufficiently notorious to bring [Grampa] and/or the education profession into public disgrace or disrespect," the complaint states.

03 February 2011

I Don’t Think You’ll Get a Visa Either, Papito

It’s comic to see an authoritarian budding Marxist decry “meddling”.

Chavez scoffed at what he said was the United States' chameleon-like foreign policy.
Because even when the accusations are fake, he assumes that he is accurate.
"See how the United States, after using such-and-such a president for years, as soon as he hits a crisis, they abandon him. That's how the devil pays," he said.

"They didn't even give a visa or anything to the president of Tunisia," he said, referring to President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, who lost power this month after failing to quell the worst unrest of his two-decade rule.
This, from a man using his population as a crash-test dummy, retesting a century of Socialist failure.

I really believe that Chávez the fact that he will suffer from the same kind of blowback that Ben Ali and Mubarak are. I’ll bet he’s pooping his Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Pol Pot Underoos right now.

What’s even more hilarious, even proud former pederast Daniel Cohn-Bendit thinks Hugo is an ass.
Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban was compared on Wednesday with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. "You are becoming a European Chávez," said the leader of the Greens parliamentary group, Daniel Cohn-Bendit.
Mm. Not Quite. It’s Chávez who’s actually becoming a rather typical European politician of the 20th century. He’s only saying what most of the European left wish it could, despite their praise for ‘Ugo’s ideas and methods.

02 February 2011

Gee, Sailor... You’re so Butch!

Of the popular insurrection taking place in North Africa, Italian Foreign minister, Franco Frattini called for a European “Superfriends” intervention, albeit one promising some aid (or ade,) ‘n stuff.

"...the EU should send a high-level "political support team" to calm tensions in Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and other countries in the region hit by deadly civil unrest in recent days.

"The European mission ... [should] take contact with the highest levels, beginning with the authorities in Tunisia, with civil society, mayors, opposition parties, to collect information, not to give orders," he said, Italian newswires report.

"I do not think this can be dealt with by sporadic initiatives of this or that country in Europe, but only by a European initiative."
This should give one a good idea of Europe’s intellectual boundaries and its’ self-regard: The Eurocentric European Citizen looks at Frattini’s statement and adds a caveat without irony:
To calm tensions, but to not give orders? The EU would have to be very clear about what it wanted to see in the region after the protests ran their course. Does it want to see a return to the status quo, or does it want to ensure a stable transition to more democracy or an accommodation of the protesters' demands? Sending in a clearly political mission without figuring out what kind of role it is to play could backfire pretty easily - what would be the reaction to the mission if the protesters failed or succeeded? Would the EU mission get some of the blame for the outcome, even if it didn't really do anything?
NOT Guaranteeing security, and promising an unknown future ruling entity some aid, does not necessarily entitle then to give orders. After the colonial legacy, the world was supposed to be different, but these are states that have had decades of grooming by, and engagement with their future lesson-givers.

It should also be noted that this crisis “in their neighborhood” caught the Europeans by surprise. Not much of a neighborhood watch in Mudville, I guess, because the CIA saw it a mile away, and were all over it like white on rice. All this gets you in “the neighborhood” is damning accusation that the entire revolution was a CIA plot... even if that IS true, who the hell are these clowns siding with?

01 February 2011

Weighty Issues of the Day

Potential sovereign debt failures
Terrorism and war
Instability in the energy supply
The EU peddling mobile phone chargers that are already commonly available.

She's a Big Girl Now

Carla Bruni finally purged herself of a disease of the mind.

Only two years ago Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy had claimed that she was "instinctively left-wing" after at one stage supporting her husband's Socialist rival in the 2007 presidential elections.
It isn’t an instinct. It’s actually called operant conditioning, and it’s why leftists expel the demonizing, divisive invective that they do, and feel a burning need to overwhelm institutions that groom the young, and make every effort to turn them into ideological monocultures.
But in Monday's interview with Le Parisien newspaper, she said her previous political persuasion was only due to her belonging to a "community of artists." "We were bobo (bourgeois bohemians), we were left-wing but at that time I voted in Italy (her native country)." I have never voted for the Left in France and I can tell you, I'm not about to start now. I don't really feel left-wing anymore," she said.
Some hang on as if HAVING the delusions of the left’s paradise will somehow bring it on. Most others, on genuine reflection, find their paradise dystopic.

However, looking honestly at their buffoonish ideas and reactions is usually sufficient for the unprogrammed to come to Bruni’s conclusion.
She said her political U-turn was down to the recent behaviour of the French Left. "I have heard Socialist officials say the same kinds of things as the National Front say, and I have been really shocked," she claimed.