31 January 2011

Of the Polanski School of Thought

From our bulging “Don’t Touch my Junk” file:

The research, soon to be published in international medical journal, Medical Education, describes - among others - a student with "no qualms" about performing an anal examination on a female patient because she didn't think the woman's consent was relevant.
They’re even lining up for it:
Another case outlined in the research describes a man who was subjected to rectal examinations from a "queue" of medical students after he was anaesthetised for surgery.

30 January 2011

Bantustan Begging for Crumbs

A European blogger on Obama’s State of the Union Address finds his Eurocentrism would normally not permit him to observe the activities in the wild of non-Euros. Nonetheless, mere mentions are still longed for:

As I am currently living in the US who heard throughout the media for the past weeks how much this would be an important speech , I could not not watch it ; and as a Euro-blogger, I could not not look for references to the old continent.
Newsflash Mr. Henning: it wasn’t an important speech. It was a platform using Kabuki and forced seating arrangements to raise the President’s profile. It’s eroding unavoidably due to public observation of the predictability and mediocrity of the POTUS and his political entourage.
The SOTU surpassed my expectation with TWO mention of Europe. The first about our rail and road infrastructures, the second as a NATO ally.

Those two mentions have to be compared to China (4 mentions), India of Chile (3 mentions both) or South Korea (6 mentions). We (Europe) are on the same level as Russia (2 mentions also) and just before Brazil (1 mention).
This certainly speaks to an anxiety, if not a level of self-absorption in the continental brain trust. The question that goes unasked is: how is it that the wealthiest entity on earth, one with a population of half a billion, not be up to anything worth noting outside of the usual pedantries about state subsidized high-speed trains, inefficient windmills, and the like?
Let’s just notice the Energy goals stated by B Obama: 80% of the US power from clean energy by 2035. Hard to say if this will become reality, but that’s a courageous goal.
Giving away other people’s resources is courageous? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

29 January 2011

European Foreign Policy is an Unmanned Drone

EU envoy to Belarus suffered from 'stress,' not beating
Your diplomats aren’t worth beating anyway. For WHAT? Their intelligence? What’s more, is that their guy sounds like someone defending themselves against a workplace sexual harassment claim:
He confirmed that there was "no physical contact" between any Belarusian policeman and himself during anti-government demonstrations in Minsk on the night of 19 December.
Elsewhere, the European Council on Foreign Relations has published a study that confirms the obvious: Europe will not be “a pole” in the popular model of the “multipolar” world. The appeal of thinking the world’s multi-polarity permitting EUtopia to be at the center of all triangulations, but alas ther will be little pole-dancing for them.

Now they take solace in the world evolving into a “post-western” one. In other words, if they can’t run it, there must be a bigger trend cheating them out if it, and it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with their apathy in dealing with strategic risks. There is: they decided that they were too busy hating their allies and themselves to preserve their own well being.

It’s about this simple: now that they have shot western culture in the foot, an expansive weathly, still largely Maoist state who are amateurs in any sort of statecraft that doesn’t involve commerce will soon have the biggest say when it comes to human rights and international relations.

28 January 2011

Sing! Young Pioneers!

Guido Fawkes notes a strange silence among UK’s rose-clutchers. Not only was Ben Ali’s nominally-democratic autocratic party a member of the Socialist Internationale, but so is Mubarak’s nominally-democratic autocratic party.

Let’s not forget the Ba’athists once supported by the Soviets. See the trend yet? Nominally at least?

Kanye West’s Big Bunga-Bunga Party

Corriere della Sera:

The body of Mike Bongiorno was stolen in the night from the cemetery at Dagnente, a small district of the municipality of Arona, in the province of Novara. The thief or thieves broke the plaque sealing the tomb to steal the mortal remains of the much-loved television presenter, who died on 8 September 2009.
As vulgar as that is, it puts into perspective the misuse of pain and misery in entertainment by and for the culturally inept, and the horror with which the vile choices they make, and how a predictably flippant and childish blab-arati treats matters of any actual import.
The nearly six-minute clip features an onslaught of depraved scenes: hanged models dangling from the ceiling on chains; West rapping while casually holding a woman's severed head that is still dripping blood; a bloody amputated hand; and Jay-Z spitting rhymes while a semi-nude woman in heels is splayed across a couch with the first signs of rigor mortis setting in.
So is necrophilia the new “final frontier” in what will be told is arty/edgy/”everybody does it” cool?

I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.
It is also an extension of the horror aesthetic that has infiltrated popular culture in the last decade - the TV series Dexter, the various incarnations of CSI and torture porn movies like Saw and Hostel.
Just to clear things up, West, a fat oaf, virulent Bush-hater, and “peace proponent”.

Sure. Whatever you say. You’re fans are largely too stupid to take you up on the contradictions, so, like, WHATever on the politics and icky war stuff.

27 January 2011

Raci$tApartheidWallOfFa$cism !!!!

Greece to Turks: beat it.

Minister says country can't take in anymore illegal immigrants; says barrier will be similar to wall built on US-Mexico border.
So do they still qualify to be morally superior adroit, thoughtful, caring Europeans now?

Send in the boat of delusional inept smugness! Tous de suite!

Stick a Fork in it. It’s Done.

If you have to set up programs, and pay people to do journalism, or even think about the specific things that you want them to, then your society is dead. Period.

26 January 2011

Smoothe Move, Ex Lax

The EU’s “we started it, but it isn’t really oursanswer to the existence of the blogosphere yields hits about Australia under the Austria tab. This, of course is one of the many mythical bugaboos that European HateRz have about the U.S., something that I have never personally witnessed, which is the narrative that “all Americans cannot tell Australia from Austria”.

That someone, somewhere saw one child mix up Austria and Australia is the likely source, but the meme required hate to remain alive for decades.

Just in the interest of the edification of those who run the omni-loquasious blog-feed-plex, Australia is NOT, I repeat NOT, a nation in Europe, nor is it a member of the EU.

The linked article itself is a bland rehashing of the [INSERT WEATHER EVENT] is due to your thoughtlessly living in the 21st century.

You get the drift.

EU to Give Uzbek President Islam Karimov “The Lukashenko Treatment”

Which is to say: doing nothing about a thuggish regime on the fringe of the supposed “Human Rights paradise”., and benignly ignoring them while playing something out to the EU’s domestic audience.

The Commission's spokespeople have said that one aim of the discussion is to sign an energy memorandum, as part of a wider programme of "constructive engagement" with Uzbekistan, which also includes issues on which the EU and Uzbekistan do no see eye to eye, such as human rights. Even if a few references to human-rights abuses do sneak onto the agenda, it is doubtful that this high-level discussion will be much more "constructive" than any of the annual human-rights dialogues between the EU and Uzbekistan, or indeed that the Commission is really motivated by this aspect of the meeting. What matters here is energy.

The EU’s efforts to confront Uzbekistan over the May 13 2005 Andizhan killings - when Uzbek government security forces fired on a demonstration, killing hundreds of people - have been characterised by these knee-jerk changes of priority, and a failure to see any policy through in a consistent way. In the immediate aftermath of the killings, the EU’s priority was indeed human rights. An arms embargo and other smart sanctions were placed on Uzbekistan, and the EU’s "partnership and cooperation agreement framework" was partially suspended.

In 2007, the EU launched a human rights dialogue with Taskhent. But only two years later, its sanctions were dropped despite a lack of commitment from the Uzbek side, a reported worsening of repression in the country in 2008 and 2009, and no credible investigation being allowed into the Andizhan events. Strong pressure came from Berlin to do so, because the Germans were reluctant to allow the sanctions to jeopardise their use of a strategic airbase in Uzbekistan.
The timeline say it all.
- In 2005 they wanted to confront Karimov (verbally), but didn’t.
- Two years later, they talked about possibly confroting him (verbally) again, but didn’t.
- 2008-09: with further handwringing over deepening repression, but no mention is made of it.
- 2011: the brave and bold lights of the EU-3 flap their gums at ONE ANOTHER again, but not at the Uzbeks.

To underscore just how naïve they are, the excuse used is the use of an air base. In reality, that’s as much of an instrument of leverage for the Germans than anything else, not to mention the fact that they hardly want a resurgent Taliban seeding the population with fresh ideas for how to dispose of the Karimov regime, if nothing else.

The article’s seemingly unintentionally probing title, “A backdoor guest?” is more apt than it would seem. Having set this as another precedent in the eyes of Iran and Russia, the Bunga-Bunga is on Europe.

25 January 2011

Régime de Bananes

The “Failed state” narrative finally finds the obvious. In Europe.

Failed States are usually those African countries blamed by westerners for not having started their democratic and economic ascend, ravaged by poverty, corruption and a clear lack of good governance. But what if this vocabulary of “Failed State” could apply to European countries having failed over the last decade to foster growth and radically change their society in the light of the upcoming challenges? This is particularly the case of Belgium, and this is dangerous for the Europe.
What do you mean “what if?” It already has. Plus, what’s all this sudden talk of “intervening to save” Belgium? Didn’t they have this thing against meddling and nation-building being, like, y’now wrong ‘n stuff?


Topical or not... On what is meant to be an authoritative cartoonist website, what religion having a great deal of difficulty fitting in with the modern European society eradicating relativist outlook do you not see represented under the rubric of “sacrilege” ?

You will, however find this kind of thing all over the site:

Don’t look all surprised, already.

24 January 2011

Not Quite as Satirical as you Would Imagine

This mook really does reflect fairly well what many of the natives think in old Europe think. It reflects fairly well the extent to which they’re generally as badly informed about the world as an illiterate living in a Yemeni village.

I suggest citing his “climate of hate” the next time a cheap explanation for a mass-shooting is being sought. It would be a lot more accurate than his melodramatic masturbatory fantasies about “those rich people”, all being alike, as they are.

23 January 2011

For those of you who never got it, the State WAS the Monopoly

Spiegel Online:

A Polish research institute has developed a board game to teach young people about life under Communism. In the game, which is inspired by Monopoly, players must wait in endless lines at stores for scarce goods. For added realism, they have to put up with people cutting in line and products running out -- unless they have a "colleague in the government" card.

In the grand days before the Marxist-Leninist paradises ended, when every pot was full, and anyone marginally different was oppressed or contained in some way, playing or having the original Monopoly board-game (first offered in the US in 1934,) was unlawful because it was deemed a threat.
Just like in the original Monopoly, acquisition is the name of the game. In this case, however, that means struggling to get basic necessities such as food, clothing and furniture. "In the game, you send your family out to get items on a shopping list and they find that the five shops are sold out or that there hasn't been a delivery that day," the IPN's Karol Madaj told SPIEGEL ONLINE Thursday, explaining that the game "highlights the tough realities of life under Communism."
It’s a brilliant idea, and quite a good antedote to the numbing, crypto-collectives entitlement mentality now being passed on to our youts in sKoul - as if anyone at Spiegel Online was capable of doing a differential diagnosis of someone’s trained-in predilection to support a similar sort of mind-numbing socialism... so long as it’s stylish this time or something.

22 January 2011

Pot, Kettle, Red

U.S. Democrats seem to have taught the European Left the reflexive accusation game:

Socialists and conservatives in the European Parliament have accused each other of cosying up to Tunisian ex-dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, with senior figures in the French political establishment also tainted by association.

Left-wingers and human rights organisations have been strident in their criticism of conservatives such as French President Nicolas Sarkozy for his government's close ties and support of the ousted Tunisian leader.

But on Tuesday (18 January), after it was revealed that Mr Ali's political party, the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD), was a member of the Socialist International, the global alliance of centre-left parties, the RCD was expelled.
This being Europe, the best you can get is the mindless pap of an “all sides are guilty” (but innocent in their child-like ignorance) angle out of the headlines. The other flight-of-fear specious assertion is to call the Socialist Internationale “center-ANYTHING”, since the membership are engaging in the usual evasion: trying to re-brand their leftist-dictator erstwhile butt-buddy a “pro-US dictator” using classic Soviet-era obfuscation tactics.

Elsewhere: venal Turkish crypto-Islamist thinks his country is the little blue pill, to Europe’s Limp Larry.

21 January 2011

Old World, New World

Rank and file Europeans are some of the most self-obsessed, information-crippled boobs I have ever encountered. Our own bumbling nitwit society looks pretty sharp by comparison.

- from a comment left on Michael Phillips’ excellent Pro Commerce weblog.

20 January 2011

The Wikileaks “Transparency” Effect

You may no longer speak your mind, unless Wikileaks either wills it, or they blackmail you.

OHB-Technology CEO Berry Smutny was sacked for having an opinion that could easily be constituted as responsible advice to a client.

OHB is one company taking part in Europe's satellite project Galileo, which is seen as a challenge to the American Global Positioning System but has been plagued by problems and cost over-runs.

In the leaked cable, Smutny also called the Galileo project, which is due to come into operation in 2014, a waste of EU-taxpayers' money.
The ignorant and superficial, of course all hail Wikileaks.

19 January 2011

Europe’s 128th Foregone Chance to be Taken Seriously Comes and Goes

The vapidity of the EU and its’ member states comes into focus very clearly when mortal risks of any sort are at hand:

The threat of a fresh and potentially contagious Middle East conflict has sharply increased after the collapse of the Lebanese government. But EU structures can do little to influence the situation.
Wring your hands! That’ll surely save you!
Another Israeli source counselled the EU not to appease Hezbollah in the name of stability: "If the EU wants to be taken seriously when it talks about support for democracy and fundamental values, siding with Hezbollah for the sake of realpolitik is not an option."
Something the EU only seems nominally interested in. I suppose the “being taken seriously” part matters more to them than the human outcome, but I doubt either is enough of a motivator to them, in any event.
EU countries Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain also have personnel in Unifil, the 13,000-man-and-woman-strong UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon.
Something that they have been doing, (really just pandering to them,) in the interest of “human rights”, despite the fact that:
The UN force has little credibility in Israel in terms of providing hard security, however. Unifil has in the recent past failed to stop Hezbollah fighters from launching small-scale strikes on Israeli patrols south of the Lebanese border.
Idiots. As you well know, their munificence comes in many forms, though. It’s largely self-referential and assumes that they have a greater role in the world than they really have. Sometimes, it boils down to trying even to convince themselves that they take on some sort of role in their own affairs too.

I.E.: an article entitled...
Give Ben Ali the Lukashenko treatment
forgets that...
EU bows to Europe’s last dictator

18 January 2011

From the Land of Savoire Faire, Sophistication, and Thoughtful Debate

You know, there is this stuff called Snus... and humility.

In the incident on Delta Airlines flight 83, crew members suspected that someone had been smoking cigarettes in one of the lavatories and confronted Lebrun, telling him not to smoke.
Of course he can’t be a lout. He’s French after all. Nonetheless he does win this month’s Bearded Clam award for most superior European Übermensch.
"Lebrun appeared intoxicated and smelled of cigarettes and alcohol. Lebrun then approached a female flight crew attendant in an aggressive manner and pushed her away with both hands. When the airline attendant instructed Lebrun not to touch her, Lebrun pushed her away again with both hands."
You’re so butch! Does bitchslapping make you hard?
Lebrun nonetheless "continued to verbally abuse individuals around him, yelling in substance 'I'm French, fuck you!'"
Otherwise the injustice of being under the thumb of les Ameriloques continued.
A federal air marshal on the plane intervened and "instructed Lebrun to return to his seat," and two other air marshals confronted him later but Lebrun "continued to scream and yell expletives and then aggressively positioned himself toward one of the federal air marshals in a fighting stance.
I’m sure that Putin-worshipping led to trying so air-Judo in your Spiderman Underoos, but I doubt that it will do you any good.

Postcards from the Peoples' Republic of Paradise

Is it just me, or does this reek of subconsciously hating your parents?

Dutch Deputy Foreign Minister Ben Knapen is demanding an explanation from the European Commission about a calendar for European schoolchildren which leaves out all of the Christian feast days. The feast days for other religions are included in the calendar
RNW’s article calls it a “gaffe”. Hardly.
While Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter are missing from the calendar's pages, days commemorating “Sikh Baisakhi-Day, the Jewish Yom Kippur holiday, the Muslim holiday Aid-el-Kebir,” remain in place,”
Ah, EUtopia, free of the bond of faith... at least any faith they might have had. They do, however find themselves under the bonds of outside faiths and the political correctness that is used to force them down their throats for no clear reason. The public statement remedy, as always, is to feign ignorance:
On Wednesday, EU spokesman Frederic Vincent said the 'blunder' over omitting Christmas and other Christian holidays was due to insufficient 'editorial policing' by the commission.
Actually, it sounds like a matter of SO MUCH past policing, that self-censorship through operant conditioning is actually in charge. Of course, this it the outfit that wants the rest of the world to declare it a superpower – for no clear reason.
The European Commission has reportedly taken responsibility for committing a “grave error” in omitting the Christian holidays, to the tune of 5 million euros (or $6.65 million).

Having Done Nothing to Secure their own, or Anyone else’s “Peace”

Van Rompuy: Europe is 'Fatherland of peace'
Seriously? Even with all the arms peddling to people you’re supposed to have sanctions with?

WHOSE peace? Europeans can’t even take credit for their OWN peace, even during the collapse of Marxist-Leninist-Authoritarianism.
"The union's force of attraction accelerated the collapse of Communism and the end of the Cold War. That is a victory," he continued. "Europe is the best guarantee for peace. It was and is a work of peace. That's why I am so strongly in favour of a European perspective for the western Balkans, the last remnant of the Cold War and the last place where a war was waged."
The decade-long gap between the fall of the Berlin wall, and the establishment of the Euro, the first evidence of the EU project to the general public of any significance, of course, goes unexplained.

The EU in 1989 was not even a glimmer in Dr. Strangelove’s eye. In fact, it was rather the other way around: the collapse of Communism ENABLED the peace which allowed for never-ending “we’ll be ready someday” EU construction to really start.

And as for that peace in the Balkans? The EU, and in general the European side of NATO had no interest in initiating any peacemaking or peacekeeping of any seriousness in their own back yard.
"Europe has to be the fatherland of peace. We owe this to our history ... The bloody battlefields from our history have been replaced by Brussels negotiating rooms," he added.
Which is hilarious, because it never has been, and still isn’t. In fact it’s the Fatherland of the movements and ideas (i.e. the fatherland, not to mention Marxist-Leninist-Authoritarianism, Apathy-Socialism, Eugenics, and the like) in which Peace was the last thing on their minds.

Jerk-off... Does he have any idea how many outsiders died for the sake of the “peace” that Europeans claim to have some kind of monopoly on? Grow up.

17 January 2011

The Humanistic, Harm Limiting, “Swedish Way”

Gosh... he might lose his license ?!?

The victim first sought treatment for depression and burn out

[ ... ]

He suggested the woman engage in "touch therapy" as a way to help her get in touch with repressed memories of past sexual abuse, going so far as to propose having sex with her to help her reminiscence.

[ ... ]

When she then said she had a boyfriend, the doctor became angry with her, prompting her to question the value of the therapy sessions.

16 January 2011

The “Counterculture” and Those who Use it have Blood on Their Hands

It's plain to see.

Jared Lee Loughner was mad, but to say that his motives weren't formed and directed by the ideology that he fed himself is evasive. To say that you can't draw a bead between the fuel that stoked the fire and the action is missing the fact that explosions need a catalyst and an accellarant. He weened his anger at society and authority with the conspiracy theories and unreal preoccupation of what can only charitably be called the fringe media: Alex Jones, 9-11-as-an-inside-job, “Zionist Occupation Government”, kookie ideas about monetism, and the like.

In short, these are the notions that the George-Bush hating left, and Europeans in general, have either fed themselves to feel superior, or otherwise possessed with a greater wisdom than what they feel is an inferior and ignorant population, or let run because it was politically useful, despite attempts now to rewite the script for their political favor.

By letting themselves and other believe without challenge in these idiocies, meant solely to stoke as much bloodthirst as possible for removing the opponents of the left in office, and for “smashing the state”, or “revolutionary change to the system”, THEY are plainly at fault for the catalyst that caused Loughner to shoot innocents en masse.

Parrotting Hate

Pouriel Courrier International’s coverage of the Tuscon is limited to a factually bereft opinion blog posting from The Nation:

For forty years I have known this state. I had never witnessed a hatred so fierce and so openly expressed by policymakers and commentators during the past year. Au printemps dernier, de nombreux observateurs ont d'ailleurs mis en garde contre cette violence inédite en Arizona et dans le reste du pays. Last spring, many observers have warned against this unprecedented violence in Arizona and the rest of the country.
That “warning” having been a factless attempt to imply that anyone opposed to Health Insurance reform/nationalization as a racist...
What happened to my Arizona where I grew up in the 1970s and where I continue to visit my family? As Gregory McNamee, a journalist, writer and social critic born in Tucson wrote: "What seems clear at this time of great confusion, is that nobody should be surprised by this turn of events. The gunfight erupted in Tucson that is the logical consequence of all the hatred that surrounded the last election, in which Gabrielle Giffords - a respectable centerist member of a centrist district - has been vilified, demonized and called a socialist communist, fascist, a traitor, a destroyer of jobs and much more.
Adding to that a dose of satisfying blood libel that Europeans are so fond of:
Anyone who uttered these words or paid others to pronounce them have blood on their hands Gabrielle Giffords. After shooting, we all declare that we will not accept any lie, or hatred or violence. If we do not now, then when will we? "
Which, oddly enough, has absolutely nothing to do with anything that the shooter has ever said or done in his life, from two writers whose links to the state are limited to now thinking of it as “flyover country”.

Jared Lee Loughner’s “inspirations” are a lot simpler than that: he is a 9-11 truther, an atheist, anti-semite, and is obsessed with what are supposed to be the secrete plots of states to control money, and even language. In short, he is more like the average French reader of Courrier International than he is of the left’s favorite hate-idols, Jan Brewer, Sarah Palin, or Rush Limbaugh.

Adding fuel to the “hate-fire of peace and love”, Biggers goes on to say:
During the trip, a friend from Tucson reminded me that it is less than a year at the initiative of the Republican Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona is one of only three U.S. states to allow citizens over 21 years to carry concealed weapons without permits. The alleged perpetrator of the shooting is aged 22 years. According to the New York Times, "a witness, former emergency physician now working in a hospice said: I think it was a semi-automatic weapon, he had to take twenty bullets ".
While he’s acting like his expedition is an anthropological observation of primitves in the wild, maybe he should see if Jared Lee Loughner had that weapon a year ago, and why he’s raining a point about a concealed pistol lay when he used an assault weapon.

To clarify one point made to me by a retired French Paratrooper who himself owns a bunch of auto- and semi-automatic weapons: he’s certain in his belief that in France that there are more weapons than people. Odd how the perfunctory, ritualistic Gallic repetition of the disarmament-of-America argument avoids this tender fact.

Otherwise Courrier International’s “concern” for America amounts to hatred of it, using any tiny example to bolster some case that they recycled from items published years ago in the opinion press, founded or not.

To decrypt: the French use the word “ultra” as a pejorative indicating the subject to be an insane radical. The implication of the photo is that the soldier shown in it is a headache to Barack Obama. Apparently to the Ultra-imposition-loving French intelligentia, the people, such as they are, are getting in the way of Obama being the leader that they want him to be, and otherwise not to be served by government at all. The implication is such that the editors think one should expect a third-world style military putsch against him originating in the military. Because, after all, whatever the facts, the inspired and brilliant old-Europe types just know what Americans are like.

15 January 2011

Watching the Detectives

The Netherlands’ De Volkskrant has published an interview with Maarten Engwirda, formerly of the EU financial watchdog organization. After 15 years auditing European spending, he has ratted out the European Court of Auditors out.

During his time at the court, Engwirda claims he observed several incidents of fraud which included the manipulation of reports and the “removal of traces of financial misconduct.” Describing the Court of Auditors as an institution characterised by a “culture of silence” which gives member states free rein to indulge in fraudulent spending, Engwirda does however remark that the situation has much improved since 2005
Is anyone under the divine circle of golden stars NOT on the take?

14 January 2011

Anatomy of a Political Agitpropper

Considering his early work, Oliver Stone’s later work should come as no surprise.

Warning: too gross for work...

13 January 2011

Pliant and Servile is Just the Way they Like ‘em

What a “world” unceasingly critical of America can’t grasp:

No man is good enough to govern another man without that other’s consent

- Abraham Lincoln

11 January 2011

Jared Lee Loughner : Just an Average European

That is, if you’re really looking for comparisons, similarities, and “linkages”, why not try seeing what the guy said and did?

9-11 Troofer
Buys conspiracy theories
Has a sick obsession with the personal lives of political personae
Like the Francophonie, believes that grammer has a social intent

Now what continental zeitgeist exactly DOES that sound like?
He lists reading under interests, as well as "conscience dreams," and among his favorite books are "Mein Kampf," the "Communist Manifesto," "Animal Farm" and "Brave New World."
Yadda, yadda, yadda. Must be a teabagger, I guess.

06 January 2011

What? You think this is Wierd?

05 January 2011

Try THAT with your Stupid State Subsidized Solar Panels

04 January 2011

Pliant and Servile is Just the Way they Like ‘em

One of the underlying arguments commonly raised against commerce is the Marxist presumption that all wealth is derived from either exploiting natural resources or forcing humans into slavery.
Notes business guru-cum-evil-genius Michael Phillips.
When confronted with the Marxist view that all commercial productivity is inherently imperialistic, simply ask the question: ‘Could one salaried employee out produce five slaves?’ The answer is 'Yes'. Slaves are very unproductive, very difficult to manage and Marxists are hanging on to the slavery idea long after the commercial world has discarded it.
Nowhere is this rhetoric more commonly found (at every turn) than in the workers’ paradise of western Europe. The first clue is the misidentification of any and all non-governmental economic activity taking place in civil society as capitalism. It displays an identical ignorance of it that I came to know behind the iron curtain: founded on what little information about it that had been offered to people, and all of it was deliberately negative.

The idea that the idea... the rhetorical grenade to be precise, is something the syndicalist / lynch-mob fantasy left is hanging on to with all of its’ will is precise. Precisely because it is such a fake argument, and is simple enough to thrust onto children who have no life experience to differentiate it. It’s done in the hope that it will produce in them an adherent, knowing full well that ideas that contrived can only be inculcated where there are opportunities to program the target at a vulnerable developmental stage.
The reason is simple. The level of management (and government support) required to use slaves is great and their productivity is nil.
Which, rather ironically, is exactly how the Comecon Marxist-Leninist economies operated: they were filthy with regulatory carpriciousness and ineffectual middle-management, and treated the worker for what he and she was: a captive of the state. Every instiution you were tied to was its’ own plantation, and leaving the society or dropping out was rarely an option.

How a modern leftist can observe those truths, and process the difference between what they want to call slavery with what was an objectively real, living, slavery is most telling.

The counter-argument was that these states didn’t practice “real” socialism. How would they know? The practices of these states were as philosophically consistent as Marx and Engels’ teachings had proscribed. Is what was really there – slavery – not real enough for them?

03 January 2011

Modern Social Graces, P.C. Style

02 January 2011

Forget Everything that you Think You Know About Ideas of National Character

There is no longer any such thing, especially if you think it will defend you from harm.

The Swiss are defenseless. Who cares, you ask? The Swiss do. They just aren’t in any position to do anything about it. René Zeller writing in Neue Zürcher Zeitung where he is the domestic affairs editor, discusses a 2010 official army report. The Swiss are not in a position to defend themselves on their own.

"Independently of party colours, it must be understood that left to its own defences Switzerland cannot defeat a single terrorist group, that autonomous defence is unrealistic against airborne attacks and that ethnic gangs couldn't care less about where borders lie. The Federal Council, the defense minister and the head of the army should be more stout-hearted. If they meekly limit themselves to focusing on the lowest security denominator Switzerland's defense will be nothing more than empty sabre-rattling."
Picture an integrated “pacifist” Europe, and a similarly passivated Switzerland. The societal response to a social disturbance to that calm has been feared by many an observer to look more like a pagrom than a judicious defense response: which may be the only thing these senile citizenries may be able to do quite soon. To wit, their ability to sell anyone their beautifully machined small-arms will do nothing for their own stability either.

What could emerge is a continent-sized plane of chaos, where all security and self-defense is local. Some county-like elements might do better than other, but setting aside the appurtenances of ‘Alternate history’ novel, the Swiss government report is uniquely aware of one thing that the bien pensant European zeitgeist might not: that gangs, tribe-like drug operations, and ideologically driven terror organizations aren’t going to respect borders for the sake of some concept of sovereign integrity. They just aren’t.

Just like with GWOT, the idiot’s arguments against it that dwell on the Geneva Convention and some nebulous misinterpretation of what International Law is, draw civil society into a greater and more insecure exposure to personal harm – to be “martyred” for a cause not of their choosing. They will not care about Switzerland’s neutrality, its’ self-interest, or ‘global persona’.

01 January 2011

Green Eggs and Epistemological Certitude

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

- Dr. Seuss (1904 - 1991)