30 November 2011

Of Chumps, Attention Seekers, and Morons

And just to up the ante, they’ll challenge the world to join them in a plan to drop the mean global temperature by 28,5°C by next week!
But emerging economies such as Brazil and India have joined rich nations in not wishing to start talks on such a deal before 2015, angering small island states and other countries immediately threatened by climate change. According to the Italian business daily, the UN summit “does not seem to have a chance of producing a binding international treaty. Those who have rowed against it, like the US, will be pleased. But for Europe, this is a triple somersault.”:
No, it’s not a triple summersault, it’s a stunt and a joke, one European governments know that they will never have to make good on, because no society really can, or would, or gain anything by it.

Despite that, they know what’s its always far better to demand regime change over a fake crisis rather than a real one.
Thirdly, because the brave European commitment to cut emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 could sideline it in a fight which is meaningful only if shared by all the planet. But which also requires billions in public spending which do not go well with the regime of fiscal discipline [practised in] these modern times.

29 November 2011

Waiting for Europe’s Ugly Head to Pop Out into the Open

Multi-Cultural Tolerance Alert
China is looking to buy EU factories and railways instead of wobbly government bonds as prices fall amid the eurozone crisis.

Minister of commerce Chen Deming articulated the strategy at a business congress in China on Monday (28 November).

"Next year, we will send a delegation for promoting trade and investment to the European countries ... Some European countries are facing a debt crisis and hope to convert their assets to cash and would like foreign capital to acquire their enterprises. We will be closely watching and pushing forward the process," he said.
I can’t wait for the real, nativistic fun and cheap, base cultural slander to begin:
Speaking to the Sina Finance news agency, he hit out at what he called European "prejudice ... like the view that state-owned enterprises represent your country, that whatever your background is you're a military business."

"You can come and buy a house, and you can emigrate here and bring your riches with you, or you can buy my luxury goods, but if you want to touch my natural resources, then I'm sorry, I won't let you."
Along with the expected prejudice, in a silent way the slander has already started with the idea that Chinese investors would simply had over their money as directed, when in fact...
For their part, Chinese analysts predict the spending spree will not begin until prices hit rock bottom.

28 November 2011

The Superior Lifestyle and Joie de Vivre is More than Apparent

Today’s media jumble ask the eternal question: who actually wants to live with Germans to begin with ?

Want to know why day to day crime and event reporting in Europeastan reads like “the news of the weird”? Because in large part that’s about all most of the people living in their society amount to at this point.

Leftist hat the Pope for existing, and for just being so darn papal all the time. So we find things like this Piss Christ” redux by other means in the form of petty legalistic niggling from people who think human free is limited to having something to do with free and legal recreational narcotics.
Johannes Christian Sundermann, a lawyer from Unna in North Rhine Westphalia, filed a legal complaint against the German-born pope formerly known as Joseph Ratzinger for not wearing his seat belt on several occasions “for more than one hour at a time,” according to a report in the Westfälischen Rundschau newspaper.
Because leftism these days is all about acting like something crawled up your hoagie and died, pretending that your attention seeking dog-whistle cues are about “public safety” and anything else that might make people believe that you want to share in man’s future.
Sundermann represents a Dortmund man. As evidence the two are offering YouTube videos and are also calling the Archbishop of Freiburg, the chairman of Germany’s Bishops Conference and Winfried Kretschmann, the Green Party politician who heads the state government in Baden-Württemberg.

The lawyer, a member of the socialist Left party, took on the case after several other attorneys rejected it. Both Sundermann and his client are no longer members of the Catholic Church.
But we’re forgetting about the broadly held understanding of the meaning of the word laissez faire as well.
A new study shows roughly half of all physically disabled women in Germany have been sexually abused during their youth. Women are also subjected to widespread physical abuse, according to the study.
After all, what’s an open attitude about sexuality good for if you can’t exploit the weak for your emotionally barren jollies while claiming to be a superhuman advanced being, what is it good for anyway?
A man charged with raping his daughter nearly 500 times and fathering three children by her during a 34-year reign of domestic terror told a German court on Monday the sex had been consensual.
So there it is – your choices are plain to see: you can sue the Pope with the hope that Catholicism and personal faith cease to exist while forgetting about the real harm done by those who never had a moral compass installed, or you can go with the old fashioned leftism of the past, and try calling them “the far right”.
“We have people in our programmes who have had weapons training themselves,” said Koch. “They were trained in western Germany, in Lower Saxony, by neo-Nazis who used to be mercenaries, for instance in the former Yugoslavia. Some were part of European training networks and got training in France or Belgium.”

The training takes place in remote country areas, sometimes privately owned, and sometimes rented for the purpose, either in an afternoon or over several days. “They often look for isolated wooded areas,” said Koch.
And outside of that, and the unceasing calls for Revolutionary Violence™ from the far left, they’re a thoughtful, pacifist, and peaceful society that just doesn’t want to get tangled up in that weird, incomprehensible, icky world out there so that they can get back to the business of talking up their society-improving role in advancing the human condition spending all day working on their self-awareness.

26 November 2011

“About 9,980,000 results”

Summit value? Not about results.

25 November 2011

”First Pirate MEP: We expect party to grow”

Thus spake Christian Engström, Swedish Pirate Party MEP, to which I am inclined to agree. Since their platform either has pointless platitiudes, and otherwise promises to make free the kind of things that “I have yet to grow up” Urban dwellers in their 20s and 30s do to amuse themselves in privacy, they surely will take off. They’re a sort of NAMBLA for gamers and people who download music without paying for it.

Nothing sells in EUtopia like legalizing theft - in this case of intellectual property. Imagine the future. Campaigners will use allusions to Angry Birds as a allusions in speeches. The less real the stakes, the more likely it will be to sell like hotcakes.

After all, we all know that when a government gives away something for free, people take care of it, and don’t abuse or over-use it. That’s why the Berlin Senate Piraten platform included the idea that all transit should be free of charge.

So hats off to this stunningly delusional bunch – they are the only “entitlement libertarians” that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing taken seriously.

24 November 2011

Ignore the Absurd European Definitions of “the Right”

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo Molotov cocktail attack, an attempt is being made to consolidate (or rather discount) the obvious about leftist cheer-led violence with their own sick ideological prejudices, a handful of critics in the benighted continent are attempting to understand.

Binding it up with their other bugaboos, they go on to pointlessly expound about the guilt of their fellow citizens whom they refuse to understand with a centuries-old example, as if the right today was guilty of the imagined horrors that they still use as a straw man.
But the larger picture looks more alarming. Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but it would not be far-fetched to assume that it is linked to the publication of the special issue published by Charia Hebdo on the day the attack took place. The incident therefore constitutes a radical resurgence of the religious curtailment of free speech - in the midst of one of the very cradles of freedom of expression. It was in Paris that free speech was first established as a fundamental legal fact in the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man - after a protracted and bitter decade-long struggle between the radical Enlightenment on the one hand and the Catholic Church and French Absolutism on the other - a history rife with burning books, which prefigured the burning piles of Charlie Hebdo copies on Tuesday night.
Give them more undeserved attention, and some pregnant silence, and it would become George Bush’s fault or something... anything but the left’s example and educational involvement in the interest of mindless revolutionary violence worldwide... anything.

It is, of course, America’s fault because an American mentioned something useful in this crass campaigning:
On the international scene, the internet versions of many leading European newspapers feature the photograph of Charlie's editor holding up the front page of the magazine with the drawing of the prophet saying "100 lashes, if you do not die from laughter!" before the sooty ruins of its premises. But not a single English or American news media ran the image, as far as a quick net survey shows. At the same time, new threats against Libération are trying to force the daily to stop protecting Charlie. Slowly and steadily, the poison of the extreme religious right is spreading in democratic societies, shrinking the space of free speech and criticism day by day. The strange and unsavoury cocktail of death threats, bombings and arson with whining and whimpering - topped off by defeatist intellectuals talking about "sensibilities" - is slowly eating away at the heart of open societies.
Got that? There are things about this sad, indicative, but minor event that the were supposed to say, and in some specific fashion too.

So somehow these lefty cover artists suddenly forget the interference they ran for virtually anyone willing to murder westerners over the past decade, and in their brilliance FINALLY figured out who’s at fault: the same and only people they can ever find at fault – the domestic political opponents they are so thoroughly obsessed with.

In fact even citing the regrettable stupid piece by Time Magazine’s Bruce Crumley as some sort of negligent disrespect of their divine nature of journalists, so long as they are leftists is another rabbit they’re chasing. Crumly’s motives are patently based in the illiterate chant of the multi-culturalists and founded in the political ritual of trying to heap abuse on the right for taking Islamist religious violence seriously.

Remember the “what did we do to deserve this” crowd heard on September 12th, 2001 ? Well here they are trying to make their fundamental moral ignorance in the interest of their own cultural war the fault of the conventional part of civilization that they live in.

Amazingly, we are somehow, again, supposed to care because they still rebelliously resent their parents. Too bad they can’t keep up the trick long enough to show their hand:
But it is contentious, at very least, to assume that the supposedly Islamist attack is fuelled by the "offense of Muslim sensibilities". A much more obvious reason for fundamentalists to exert religious pressure against the satirical characterisation of their faith is that such joking may, in fact, be detrimental to them by helping to delegitimise their extreme political aims. Satire famously played an important role in the long process through which European societies emancipated themselves from religious dominance over centuries and finally forced Christianity to give in to enlightened principles and liberties
In other words, the bedwetting leftist intelligentia is once again exploiting terror. Much like the leftist Hitler, who saw religion as a barrier to dictatorial power much as the leftist tyrannies of the Soviet sphere did, all is now explained away as “far right extremism”

...simply because that is the only phrase they know.

23 November 2011

The Barbarians are Behind the Gates

As one might expect:
U.S. money market funds, which are key providers of liquidity to banks and have been pulling back from the euro zone since May, cut their exposure to European banks by a further 9 percent in October, according to ratings agency Fitch.
But here is the interesting part on their counterparties’ fate. The ECB is curtailing bond sales to European banks. This is the precise opposite of what one does to bolster the banks, and seems somewhat fishy. Do they want banks to increase their appetite for Member-State bonds that the ECB are being coy about backing up through repurchases?
The ECB's weekly, limit-free handout of funding underscored the widespread problems, with 178 banks requesting 247 billion euros, the highest amount since mid-2009.
Despite that, they say that the ECB ‘floodgates are open’.

Not quite it looks like they’re holding back for what they suspect will be the worse to come.
"The reality is it's hard to see investors get any confidence (before the end of the year), as the sovereign crisis is out of control. Confidence has disappeared from the banks as they are a conduit for the sovereigns," a senior debt market banker said.

The strangest part of the story is that it reacting to what have been announced to be to repurchasing and bailout rules so far: bondholders, those banks bullied into putting depositors’ money into buying BAD sovereign debt have been told that in a ‘haircut’ scenario, that they will be paid AFTER governments holding other governments’ debt.

Now imagine the scenario: the public gets 50 cents on the Euro for their government bonds, and this send whatever liquid assets still inside Fortress Europe abroad. Recession looks more like influenza than a short case of the sniffles.

THEN the ECB will have put governments into a position where recapitalization of the banks that have had their depositors’ funds lost to bad government debt have to then pay for the socialization as well.

And to think that until just a few weeks ago, Trichet was aimlessly fighting non-existent inflation and beavering away on his price-stability mandate.

The world will catch this cold, all because of European governments’ social “largesse” and “generosity” that put marooned them in this cycle of borrowing. The reaction of the economically illiterate European population will be, as usual “Gimme-gimme-gimme! Me-me-me!” and unable to think anything up for themselves, pick up the work “bankseters” as a fixation for their blame. What they need to do is turn their attention to governments who sang “I’m just a girl who can’t say no” who spent those staggering borrowed sums despite collecting more than half of all GDP in taxes.

Now that population who has been paying for those punitive taxes and had their banks used as “an additional revenue stream” will have the restoration of the system thrust upon them too. It seems that there has never been a better time to be on the dole.

Lefty Attempts Blogging, Fails to Amuse

Typical of the Cultural Sensitivity of those most prone to criticize America, we find this mook sums up hoe Europeans treat one another fairly nicely: cultural prejudice, veneer-thin assumptions, feeble cultural slander, childishly making fun of accents, and a universal inability to differentiate an individual from the fake reputation attributed to their nationality. Hell, he might even think that Solesnkniks would be amused by him.

22 November 2011

Our 'Trusted Allies' go to their Usual Place to Explain the World’s Complexity

By demonizing anything that seems foreign. As if they fart daisies.

France’s fiscal behavior makes their bonds a bad prospect, not Moody’s mentioning it.

21 November 2011

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

One amazing feature of the modern nanny state, especially the sort that recuse themselves from anything that matters, is that people become bored, silly, and stupid.

Thanks to a reader, we discover this warped Canadian chick who tapes food to herself in the hope of having raccoons, already gorged on residential waste, flatter her orally.

7 If you’re really coon smitten and want to go the extra mile for your soon-to-be new best friends, find a fishmonger who will sell or give you a bag of discarded fish stewing in their own putrid juices (the raccoon equivalent of foie gras topped with caviar). Voilà! In a matter of seconds you will be up to your genitals in raccoons.

8 While you’re at it, why not get creative and be fulfilled by encouraging a little coonilingus? If you find one that doesn’t mind the broccoli, consider it a keeper.

20 November 2011

Be Proud, Digitalistas! The Grass is Always Browner Next Door!

Adulating in the French internet media is an odd thing. It came late, and arrived awkawardly, yet it’s stellar compared to the Internet-Journalism fare of all of its’ neighbors apart from Britain. Never mind the fact that the list is largely headed by knock-offs of the paragons of pandering in America, Slate and Huffington Post.

The strangest thing about the issue, is that it’s being delved into this month by a double-antithesis of the nouveaux médias is coming straight from a dead-tree outfit whose mainstay has always been covering the one-way, non-interactive boob tube.

In that light, expect a domestic version of Mad Men in about 5-7 years.

19 November 2011

“Europe Needs Enemies”

In an entirely roundabout and subconscious manner, Prague’s Hospodářské Noviny newspaper explains the purpose of Europeans’ outlook toward Americans: because Europeans seek unity and high personal regard by imagining that they have enemies. It also helps that those enemies won’t actually do anything about that enmity, and otherwise just ignore that atmospheric hatred, especially when they are in a pinch.

This crisis of having nothing to hate is downright existential:

So long as Europeans do not feel a sufficient sense of belonging, the French and Germans will be able to go on negotiating coordinated taxes or changes to the Lisbon Treaty. In the long run, though, this kind of united Europe is doomed to disappear all the same.
Since many of them regard any form of national pride as jingoism, and they’re willing to let each other drown economically, “the enemy without” appears to be their source, (and possibly their sole source,) of unity and pride in the circle jerk of stars.

Nothing illustrates that childishness like thinking that “pride in Europe” is in fact anything other than nationalism too:

In a global economy, one has to lay aside old national and ideological categories. A stronger European identity, which could be the basis for restoring the prosperity of the peoples of the old continent, could be created by tighter restrictions on a quite different class of people: politicians who are unable or unwilling to look beyond the horizon of a term in office, who speak a language remote from the everyday lives of ordinary Europeans, who are unwilling to resign even while dragging their countries towards the brink of bankruptcy...
not to mention that it also make a tidy argument for suspending elections, very much after the fashion of Canadian fake-crisis promoter Naomi Klein, who James Delingpole calls out to be the tyranny promoter that she is.

The “Europe needs toothless frenemies” screed is no less of a reality-evading useful bit of catnip.

National identity has all too often been shaped by a variety of traumas, as societies were brought together by a sense of shared fate. European identity, Professor Řezník believes, needs a deep, thorough-going crisis, in order to test its own viability.
So the instead of people making valiant sacrifices for the good of society, people have to be made a sacrifice for the good of society. Got it.

That’s sharp thinking Perfesser, bus hardly new despite being incredibly European. Let’s test that theory by making professional political philosophers destitute, and start from there. After all, I think you ran out of Jews, Gypsies, and whatever Foreign laborers are around to use as a unifying instrument a long time ago. I’m not being cute. That was precisely the purpose of that form of hatred then, and in it’s distinctly less plausible form the reason now: to serve in the absence of a unifying, positive social principle.

18 November 2011

Europe: Where the Most Obvious Slander Counts as Hard-Hitting News

If you can’t process the fact that nothing has changed in Italy, outside of trading in an elected government that has actually balanced its’ budget for unelelected technocrats, then Plantu will satisfy your need to remain igonarant.

Owing to the “masonic” nature that every enlightened European knows about and the Bunga-bunga slant of a Conservative politician, a feigned horror strangely forgotten about with great lights of the left, Plantu’s economic illiteracy is laid bare.

Because in his Gaullic brilliance and subtlety, he is just too prescient stupid to understand anything other than his obsession with sexualized normally child-like figures, and finding straw-man to blame as an explanation to anything that has ever happened in the world... If we borrowed and spent too much, well, it must be bacause Goldman Sachs made us do it.

c'est comme ça.

16 November 2011

All the News that's Fit for a Ouija Board

Le Monde attempts to find an explanation to what will certainly be made punching bag and demon:

Mario Monti, Lucas Papademos and Mario Draghi have something in common: they have all worked for the American investment bank.
Okay, that may be true, but is it all that matters? I mean, would anything else matter to the conspiratorially minded? Roche goes on to say that...
According to its detractors, the European network of influence woven by American bank Goldman Sachs (GS) functions like a freemasonry. To diverse degrees, the new European Central Bank President, Mario Draghi, the newly designated Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Monti, and the freshly appointed Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos are totemic figures in this carefully constructed web.
But the ZOG-obsessed of the world might also want to note that they also all got PhDs from MIT. That’s like, so, almost “skull and bones!”

As to why these guys have their jobs and the old jokers don’t, the obvious will be sure to be overlooked.
Serious and competent, they weigh up the pros and cons and study all of the documents before giving an opinion. They have a fondness for economics, but these luminaries who enter into the temple only after a long and meticulous recruitment process prefer to remain discreet.
Collectively they form an entity that is part pressure group, part fraternal association for the collection of information, and part mutual aid network. They are the craftsmen, masters and grandmasters whose mission is "to spread the truth acquired in the lodge to the rest of the world."
Ergo, would it not be a safe assumption that Goldman Sachs might, occasionally, either hire of make a competent employee? Or is that too much for the world’s fevered minds to digest, preferring their news to hint at Freemasonry?

15 November 2011

Earth Flatulence Control Watch

Spittle emitting carbonation obsessed critics of America need to get a life.

You won't find me worried about "green, aware" Europe's nocturnal emmissions, just it's blatant arrogance in who they single out for criticism for things they fail miserably at.

The chart corellates with one very obvious thing. American use of domestic natural gas accomplishes a gread deal more than the fussbudgets' phoney idea that the only future possible is with their wind generators or solar panels installed, of all places, an part of the world as gloomy and dim as the north of Europe.

14 November 2011

Lefty Loves the Extortion Racket

Sunny feels harassed by Herman Cain

13 November 2011

They’ll Find out that Belt-tightening has Nothing to do with S & M

In a land where people don’t have any disposable income thanks to taxes and “syndicalist” consumer price bloating, any form of reality bites.

Budget cuts that might once have sent French people marching into the streets look set to pass in silence as anxiety about debt and deficits, long non-issues in free-spending France, loom large in voters' minds ahead of a presidential election.
And you can always expect the usual teenager-like passive-aggression:
Yet the response has been muted, and early signs are that little outcry is to be expected. Labor unions issued statements denouncing the new round of cuts as unwarranted austerity. But they are vague about any plans to respond with protests.

12 November 2011

Actually he said you All Suck

Not just the EU:

Using language recalling German tabloid depictions of "lazy Greeks", the chairman of China's sovereign wealth fund has said the EU as a whole suffers from "sloth" and "indolence."
Ah! No! It’s that slow food sort of quality of life thing, not parasitism and indolence!
"If you look at the troubles which have happened in European countries, this is purely because of the troubles of a worn-out welfare society. I think [the EU's] welfare laws are outdated. The labour laws induce sloth, indolence. The incentive system is totally out of sink," he said.
After much consternation about whether or not the self-appointed Gods of the universe would “let” those un-classy go-go-all-business Chinese use their CIC to buy ECB bonds, Jin asked the real question:
Our people would ask: 'Hey. Are you sure we can get a fair return on our investment?'"
Of course not. That’s why the market isn’t buying. It’s why the yield on the Greek 2 year is nearly 100%, which is more than what any loan shark will take on risk.

Do you really think the Chinese what to lend money to an entity inhabited by people generally sympathetic to revolutionary Communism who might nationalize their assets?

11 November 2011

Europe: a Helpless, Pitiful Elf

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. On the other hand, you can’t solve decades of complex economic problems with diplomacy.

That task has become even more tricky after European leaders failed to get any firm commitments to invest from cash-rich countries like China or Brazil at a summit of the Group of 20 leading economies in France last week.

“This current financial turbulence is really eroding the foundations of economic growth and employment in Europe,” European Union Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn told the European Parliament before the finance ministers’ meeting. “So the first thing to do in the current situation is to stop the rot.”

Desperate times demand desperate measures, not to mention desperate statements like this one:

10 November 2011

In His Very Own Saintly Words, Part VI

"Given the prevailing lack of discipline, it would have been impossible to use Congolese machine-gunners to defend the base from air attack: they did not know how to handle their weapons and did not want to learn,"

- Ernesto "Che" Guevara

09 November 2011

In His Very Own Saintly Words, Part III

"Mexicans are a band of illiterate Indians."

- Ernesto "Che" Guevara

08 November 2011

In His Very Own Saintly Words, Part II

"The Negro is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent."

- Ernesto "Che" Guevara

07 November 2011

In His Very Own Saintly Words, Part I

"We're going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the revolution. By which I mean: nothing."

- Ernesto "Che" Guevara

03 November 2011

Relax. Don’t Do it.

For the Frivolous, Postmodern Foodie Types in your Life

They’re sure to get excited for new ideas, such as Meals with spunk.

Semen is not only nutritious, but it also has a wonderful texture and amazing cooking properties. Like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants. Despite all of these positive qualities, semen remains neglected as a food. This book hopes to change that. Once you overcome any initial hesitation, you will be surprised to learn how wonderful semen is in the kitchen. Semen is an exciting ingredient that can give every dish you make an interesting twist.
Sure. Whatever. This is precisely the kind of goofy trend that becomes ‘all the rage’ for 3 days in Europe’s major cities. It’s accompanied with similar explanations of healing properties and bogus claims of life extention.

Then again, why does that remind me of this kind of thing?

02 November 2011

How Unamerican is #OWS, you Ask?

"The utopian schemes of leveling and a community of goods are as visionary and impracticable as those which vest all property in the Crown, are arbitrary, despotic, and, in our government, unconstitutional."

- Samuel Adams, Letter to Dennys De Berdt, Massachusetts
agent in London (January 12, 1768)

Can you Please Fix my Prolapsed Rectum ?

Beware: Broke nations contemplating further socializing their medical sectors. And by that I mean YOU, America.

The Greeks are broke. They would socialize and unionize crime if there was a way to do it. Now they are turning to NGOs to cover their medical needs, much as nations beset by pandemics, endemic poverty, and natural disasters do.

Europeans and Westerners in general are accustomed to being asked to donate money to emergency aid NGOs to tackle medical humanitarian crises in Africa, Asia and other parts of the developing world where governments are too unwilling, poor or incapable to be able to help their own citizens.

It is unheard of for aid groups such as Medecins Sans Frontieres or Medicins du Monde to have to take over the role of providing basic medical services from normal state or private providers in a Western country.
No worries. Since they are in demographic decline like much of Europe’s Club Med, it shouldn’t be a problem for too long.

01 November 2011

He Must Have Desperately Needed Something to be Mad About

So much so, that he’s willing to impoverish and bankrupt civilization to gets that rah-rah feeling that he had when he was young, and thought that he has something to say to the world that it didn’t already know.

Below you’ll find an interesting retort to a cause of the week zombie who is so worried about “climate change” that, well, he won’t ask himself these rather obvious questions:

Make your scientific case for imminent Catastrophic Climate Disaster. The science is settled and irrefutable. It is urgent we must implement comprehensive regulatory reform to reduce CO2 emissions to avoid climate catastrophe.
1) In this century please list the catastrophic climate events in North America that will be aberrations to what has occurred in the past 100 years? Please be specific (range estimate is fine) as to the event, scope, region, and timing. How are these disasters outside what we have observed and experienced in the previous century?

2) Please provide the scientific data that substantiates that public policy to control CO2 will in fact reverse climate change? Please quantify this reversal from current trends.

3) Please make the scientific case that man cannot effectively adapt to changing weather patterns just as he has done in previous centuries without the help of extravagant public policy to regulate the climate?

4) Please make the scientific case that catastrophic global warming and climate disaster must be a higher priority than entitlement reform, economic prosperity, balancing the budget, reducing sovereign debt, jobs, etc., etc.? Why is mitigating catastrophic climate change such an urgent and high priority?

5) How much sleep have you lost in the past year worrying about climate disaster? Please compare this to your worry over retirement and career security? If you are not losing any sleep over climate doomsday then why should I?

6) What is the ideal standard climate for North America? Is this a static state that we must achieve? How much does climate change over geologic time naturally?

7) Please provide the % of climate change this century that is natural vs. human-caused?
The science is settled. The science is irrefutable. There is nothing to debate. We must act now or else disaster is imminent. It is urgent we do so. Therefore, the answers to these questions are obvious.
”Catastrophic warmists” are turning out to be more of a parody of reason and compassion than anything else.