29 May 2009

A Cultural Exception for an Exceptional Culture

This is how the young and vibrant Rock the Casbah:

A pensioner was killed by an urban joy-rider. Inhabitants of Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole are terrorized by the "friends" of a Murderer.

22/05/2009 - 12h00

SAINT-CYR L'ECOLE (NOVOpress) - Yvette, a retired 69 year old died from her injuries on Tuesday night at the Beaujon Hospital (Hauts-de-Seine). Tuesday afternoon, while walking down the sidewalk in Saint-Cyr-l'Ecole (Yvelines) this woman was struck by a motorcycle. Its’ driver, Youssof, was doing a wheelie on an unregistered motorcycle.

As part of the police investigation, several witnesses saw Youssof strike Yvette. Youssef was found to regularly do this type of urban rodeo. In 2006, he had struck and injured a child under the same circumstances. Youssof is also well known to the court for drug trafficking and for driving without a license. But a "support committee" was organized for Youssof ... "In the dense area of the city, the tension is rising a notch. Fear has gripped residents who dare not comment on the event for fear of reprisals," said Constant Julien in Le Parisien on 21 May.
Here’s that cultural exception that they’re always crowing about:
In this multicultural society, the French can die violently, but preferably in silence ...

28 May 2009

Keep Your Fourth Rate Plonk

"I always take the example of tomatoes," he said. "They're inedible, the tomatoes you find in supermarkets. But people buy them just the same."
Though France remains a nation of wine-lovers—86 percent of French households bought at least one bottle last year, and the country retains its distinction as the world's top producer—the French are drinking less and less: the average household bought just 43 liters in 2008, down from 47 in 2007.
I’ll stick to Jameson’s
In the old days, it's true that we drank 10 times more alcohol," said Jacques Delpiroux, who runs a Paris brasserie with his wife and has worked in cafes since 1968. "The bars used to be full morning to night."
Which almost made their children decent company, but all good things must come to an end.

They've been here before, and it Hurt. For Centuries.

Which is to say, in a death-spiral. While continental talking heads chide American for errors presumably made due to a lack of attention to history, in reality the ones wagging a finger at America for being a martial “new Rome” need to look at what really put it out of it’s misery, and the centuries of misery that came thereafter.

What did a number on the roman empire and set Europe on a centuries-long slog from which they could only have emerged from widespread poverty with free-trade and non-conformist ingenuity?

This peaceful infiltration of barbarians which altered the whole character of the society which it invaded would have been impossible, of course, if that society had not been stricken by disease. The disease is plain enough to see by the third century. It shows itself in those internecine civil wars in which civilization rends itself, province against province and army against army. It shows itself in the great inflationary crisis from about 268 and in the taxation which gradually crushed out the smaller bourgeoisie while the fortunes of the rich escaped its net. It shows itself in the gradual sinking back of an economy based upon free exchange into more and more primitive conditions when every province seeks to be self-sufficient and barter takes the place of trade.

From Eileen Edna Power’s 1924 book, Medieval People
The most obvious manifestation of Roman society in decline was the dwindling numbers of Roman citizens. The Empire was being depopulated long before the end of the period of peace and prosperity which stretched from Augustus to Marcus Aurelius.

[ ... ]

The long duration of Augustus's legislation to raise the birthrate is significant; successful it was not, but the fact that it was maintained on the statute book and systematically revised and developed for three centuries shows that it was at least accounted necessary. It is true of course that the mortality rate was a far more important factor in those days than it is in our own, and the mortality from pestilence and civil war from Marcus Aurelius onwards was exceptional. And it is plain that the proportion of celibates was high in the Roman empire and that the fall in the fertility of marriages was going on. It is the childless marriage, the small family system that contemporary writers deplore. In Seeley's striking phrase: 'The human harvest was bad,' It was bad in all classes, but the decline was most marked in the upper ranks, the most educated, the most civilized, the potential leaders of the race. In the terrible words of Swift, facing his own madness, the Roman Empire might have cried: 'I shall die like a tree--from the top downwards.'

[ ... ]

Why (the insistent question forces itself) did this civilization lose the power to reproduce itself? Was it, as Polybius said, because people preferred amusements to children or wished to bring their children up in comfort? Hardly, for it is more marked among the rich than the poor and the rich can have the best of both worlds. Was it because people had grown discouraged and disheartened, no longer believing in their own civilization and loath to bring children into the darkness and disaster of their war-shattered world?

[ ... ]

We do not know. But we can see the connection of the falling population with the other evils of the empire--the heavy cost of administration relatively heavier when the density of the population is low; the empty fields, the dwindling legions which did not suffice to guard the frontier.To cure this sickness of population the Roman rulers knew no other way than to dose it with barbarian vigour. Just a small injection to begin with and then more and more till in the end the blood that flowed in its veins was not Roman but barbarian.
Also employing Canada as an example, Mark Steyn notes that much of it goes not so much to ideologies, but their experience as a population bettered by state control, the brutal measures that inherently come with it, but also the same desire to put their own pleasure above their own children, and consequently about their lack of confidence in the future of humanity:
We are witnessing the end of the late twentieth-century progressive welfare democracy. Its fiscal bankruptcy is merely a symptom of a more fundamental bankruptcy: its insufficiency as an animating principle for society. The children and grandchildren of those Fascists and Republicans who waged a bitter civil war for the future of Spain now shrug when a bunch of foreigners blow up their capital. Too sedated even to sue for terms, they capitulate instantly.
To quote the Dead Kennedys, like the Romans they’re Too drunk to F*ck
Reconnecting nanny-state populations with cross-generational solidarity requires much more than the marginal tax breaks the Portuguese government announced or the nine thousand bucks the Russian state is now offering for second children. The most important action in reacquainting individuals with a larger sense of life is the one that governments recoil from: shrink the state.
The same demographic death-spiral that motivated dictator Nicolae Ceausescu to ban all forms of contraception and abortion was a result of something very similar: the making of the new communist man presented no case for the future, much as it did with the rigid roman society. What’s bewildering is that what is meant to be a sort of leisure-state socialism which has long tried to bolster having children with financial incentives is doing the same thing: making no case for the need to think about the future, especially in the face of a new barbarism – one with a potent ideology that wants your techniques to build domes and watermills, but could care less about your language, literature, and humanism.
In the end, it’s not about cash: after all, materialism and self-gratification are why Eutopians gave up on the future in the first place. The best reason to diminish social programs is not to put more money in people’s pockets but to put more responsibility in people’s pockets.

[ ... ]
To ask the question is, in large part, to answer it. Even if a Muslim wanted to, how would he assimilate with, say, Canadian national identity? You can’t assimilate with a nullity, which is what the modern multicultural state boils down to. It’s much easier to dismantle a society than to put anything new and lasting in its place. And across much of the developed world that’s what’s going on right now. Multiculturalism makes a nation no more than a holding pen.
Returning to Mme Power, we find a striking parallel to Europe’s newest barbarians, much as the socially dislocated culturally non-European confronts the decadent aborigine, the decay in society is at first unseen, later thought of as a ‘lifestyle’, and later still rationalized before the decent and decay that followed: life expectancies shortened, the pillaging continued, and what was left of the body of human knowledge had to be hidden away or survived inadvertently at what were Rome’s most remote outposts.
They cannot, Sidonius and his friends, ignore as Ausonius and his friends did, that something is happening to the empire. The men of the fifth century are concerned at these disasters and they console themselves, each according to his kind. There are some who think it cannot last. After all, they say, the empire has been in a tight place before and has always got out of it in the end and risen supreme over its enemies. Thus Sidonius himself, the very year after they sacked the city; Rome has endured as much before--there was Porsenna, there was Brennus, there was Hannibal.... Only that time Rome did not get over it. Others tried to use the disasters to castigate the sins of society. Thus Salvian of Marseilles who would no doubt have been called the gloomy dean if he had not been a bishop. For him all that the decadent Roman civilization needs is to copy some of the virtues of these fresh young barbarian people.
Not to peddle gloom or advertise for predestination, but the obstinacy of the present day folk we are talking about point directly to accommodation with vulgarity that will lead past their own morally acceptable limits, to be followed by an uncontrollable violence of some kind, and a punished population. All of it will be seen in reflection as unnecessary and a stain on humanity. Again.

27 May 2009

L'exception Culturelle

Makes you wonder, who’s really in the crowbar hotel here?

Jailed Islamic extremists want women prison officers banned from guarding them during Friday prayers - claiming it's against their human rights. Terrorists at Wakefield jail say having them there while they pray is an "insult to their religion".

The group at the West Yorks jail - led by convicted terrorist Kamel Bourgass who killed a cop during an anti-terrorism raid - told jail governor Jacqui Tilley of their anger.

Female and male prison guards oversee prayers from a glassed office.

Services are held in the prison's gym after the 60-strong group refused to pray in the jail's multi-faith chapel because it was used by "non-believers".
You can smell the cultural sensitivity and cooperative interchange, can’t you? To begin with, having seen all sorts of muslims immigrants improvise with all manner of properties, even disused churches, I don’t buy any of this “used by non-believers” crap. It’s just something for them to cause hostility over. You’re supposed to pray 5 times a day wherever you are. My mechanic does it, and apologizes un-necessarily for making me wait 3 minutes when he comes back from his storage room. Unlike these assho*es in the UK, he actually believes in something.

Were they to get prosecuted for crimes of the same magnitude among their “fellow believers” they would likely not be alive to whine like little girls crying over spilt pork. In fact they’re lucky they aren’t in Yemen of a time not that far back when capital punishment took the form of impalement.

They thought this civilized, because, as torturously painful as anything one could imagine, it became the strongest deterrent they could find. Would any of their lefty “civil liberty” supporters have understood that? Or would they just get all moist over using it on their own political opponents?

The Outward Signs of a Failed Society

They are one that quite clearly concludes to itself that a group of people may be hated and detested (using a code or pretext to defeat within the heart of the hater the last vestiges of humanism) – that they would be hated for their origin, religion, and belief. The other necessary leap is for the same lot to find a way to hate individual Jews or any other group at which this primitive tribal hatred is directed, not for what they do, but merely who they are.

Seen on the streets of Paris, playing on a recent series of public service announcements to reinforce the French population’s pride in their own nation and society, and recent MEP election compaign material:

In front of the Mairie in the 13th arrondissement.

« For a Europe liberated from censorship, affirmative action, financial speculators, and NATO . »
« The Anti-Zionist election list »

Much as I’ve heard the protest that by “Sioniste,” they do not mean all Jews, it’s entirely countervailed by everything the same sort of “anti-sioniste” does or says a minute later. I can’t even find a context in which those people themselves believe the rationalization.

Just like the 1330’s and the 1930’s myth-making and demonizing, Jews are the “money people” who employ others’ strife to cause wars, and they are the only reason an economy could possibly be in recession or go to war. It is nearly up to the level of the kind of theory-forming and hatefullness that you’d find in a 3rd world barrio.

The fact remains that Zionism’s real motives grew out of the actions of virtually the entire European population – it’s superstitions, its’ hatreds, its’ need to find a “genetic” enemy... In the centuries before the 2nd world war, and the years that followed, the obsession with cycles “ethnic cleansing” and repatriation found large population being “sent home” even if they were not born there. As much as they saw a home for the masses of people in DP camps, they wanted to send the Jews, another of many reminders of their inhumanity and hatefulness away – to “home”.

Seeing one opportunity in the history of their religion to do just that, Jews largely agreed – they wanted a place to go, to finally be free of the irrational accusations of “controlling money” as a group, or from the mass murders, forced relocations and pogroms. They wanted a fighting chance to live out their own lives. All of the circumstances that put them in that position were caused by Europeans.

Now in their uneducated, immoral, inhumane social torpor, entirely ignorant of the world, you find at best a strange fantasy of a bureaucratic nullity of a “magical combined land”, and at worst, open agreement that Israel and the Jews need to be effaced from the earth, even though the very thing they detest is the direct product of their own society’s making.

And it’s a society that appears to have not grown enough to genuinely understand what rights are with crowds “demand human rights” or any other cause place-holding for something in their empty lives. If there’s any disease that deserves the kind of “final solution” treatment they skirt around and incrementally try to bring into acceptable speech, it’s the mainstay of European society itself – the one whose past “elected” and unelected dictators, philosophies, movements and ideas, have killed hundreds of millions of people worldwide – from forcable colonization, fascism, socialism, communism, and so on. If humanity is to employ the logic behind what they tacitly hold for the Jews, it should apply to them with the same thoughtless discrimination.

Instead of the world feeding and securing them, and giving them the flattering, “whatever you say, pal,” false importance of being “global leaders” would they prefer that?

¡ Но пасаран, Baby!

We are either stuck in their melons, or the thinly-veiled Iranian government propaganda operation is trying to employ the reflexes of the most gullible among the left to advance the cause of totalitarian illiberalism. The very sort who “don’t want you in their bedroom” eventually preferring Sharia.

The Iranian “Mehr News Agency” seems to have taken an interest in our editorial committee here at the HQ. If you don't know who they are, realize that they are an out-and-out propaganda outfit from the Islamic Republic of Iran that only a Spanish graduate student would believe is a genuine news operation. The irony being that they are so 4th rate that they have to navigate modernity using a Lebanese ISP. Nonetheless, we are to believe of the parent company, which is to say the regime, that this sort of outreach will light the world up to praise their brilliance and gentility:
Ahmadinejad told foreign reporters that if he is reelected president, he will invite Obama to a debate on the root causes of global problems.

He went on to say that he had invited former U.S. president George W. Bush to hold talks on global issues when he was in New York to address the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 23, 2008.

The Iranian president also said all people and major powers should change their approach toward global issues because this is the only way to establish lasting world peace.

President Ahmadinejad also pointed out that there is no need for nuclear negotiations with Western countries, saying, ""Iran's nuclear issue is over, in our opinion.""
Where else, other than a population dumbed down by two decades of mental manipulation would a population believe that their leader, a social and economic nitwit, have “lessons about world peace” for the rest of the world. They must have learned this habit of “rayonnement” from the world’s greatest lesson-givers. But hey, no hard feelings, Mehr News noses! Lekhaim, baby!

26 May 2009

“Long Suffering Martyr” of the Loony Left Murdered by Long Suffering Martyrs of the Loony Left

... „ Benno Ohnesorg, murdered political victim ” ...
You got that right, for once.

It's a Real Nail-biter

Yesterday one could not help but to meditate over the significance and consequences of Swedish Foreign Ministry’s condemnation Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons test (and further short-range missile display,) or the collective press releases of the rest of Europe’s standard reaction: to be sure, these wise words will be sure to change the course of events and bring the rogue opaque regime whose internecine struggles to come to book.

The truth of which is that it just raises the profile of another nuclear-capable weird Harold, and that the Europeans trotting out their WMD, the remote possibility of trade sanctions with a backwater they do little trade with to begin with, are really just raising the North Koreans’ profile, dignifying it while affirming their own impotence to do anything about it. In fact, to make declarations on the tides and turns in a dangerous environment knowing full well that nothing will come of it is largely about trying to raise THEIR profile to be taken seriously, even if they’re just proffering an opinion about a matter that a united ‘human rights and justice’ Europe will other do nothing about other than wring its’ hands over.

Indeed, just like the BBC, I waited with bated breathe in anticipation of the content of the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Would they use the word “condemn” or simply express “concern”? Would they go the extra mile and show “deep concern,” knowing of the severe mortal risk that as bold a statement as that would entail? To be sure, they will “speak up, even if their voice shakes!”

It’s altogether too frightening to open the European newspapers in a week or two to find out. Meanwhile, back in the “I’ve been asleep for a decade department”, BBC rings in affirming the efficacy of the “global community”

Laura Trevelyan, UN correspondent

The question is what kind of sanctions against North Korea can be agreed and whether they will be effective in getting this unpredictable nation to rejoin talks on dismantling its nuclear programme.

Existing measures could be expanded - like the financial sanctions against North Korean companies involved in the nuclear programme.

Western diplomats will be watching closely to see whether China will back tough sanctions. China has been reluctant to back measures which it believes could destabilise its erratic neighbour.
Indeed, they will be just watching, as they have many times before.

25 May 2009

Steyn asks: Whither EUtopia?

Realistically speaking (because you know how Europeans value social pragmatism over morality): who cares. Your culture can’t compete with barbarians who idolize loitering and beheading people in a Wadi in the 8th century desert.

The joke about Mandatory Palestine was that it was the twice-promised land. But isn’t that Europe, too? And perhaps Russia and maybe Canada, a little ways down the line? Two cultures jostling within the same piece of real estate. Not long ago, I found myself watching the video of another “pro-Palestinian” protest in central London with the Metropolitan Police retreating up St. James’s Street to Piccadilly in the face of a mob hurling traffic cones and jeering, “Run, run, you cowards!” and “Allahu akbar!” You would think the deluded multi-culti progressives would understand: In the end, this isn’t about Gaza, this isn’t about the Middle East; it’s about them. It may be some consolation to an ever-lonelier Israel that, in one of history’s bleaker jests, in the coming Europe the Europeans will be the new Jews.
And history will teach them that ones’ opinions don’t count for very much of a shield, just as one of my slower Arab relatives who upon hearing any German sounding name instinctively mutters “jew” under their breathe.

Good luck with all that.

24 May 2009

Lincoln, Reagan, and FDR all Marketably Rolled into One

Thanks pal, I realized Pinch needed a new butt plug, but thanks to this lameness, the world doesn’t fear or respect us anymore, they’re laughing at us.

It’s worse that the NYT selling O-dolitry rubbish for the politically slavish who can’t wait to follow blindly. For weeks now, ads for these Inaction figures have been making the rounds. Just like check-cashing places, loony preacher acts, and predatory lenders, they’re red-lining and preying on the week: I’m told they’re targeting well to do “blue” zip codes, like people being infected unwittingly to test a potent new drug that induces state interventionism.

23 May 2009

Really, There’s no Pattern There at All

Tales from the crypt Coo-Coo clock: a group of adult men come out of their mosque to attack a group of 15 year olds.

"Dirty Whites! Have you no shame?" Insulted, derided, and even pushed, photographed using mobile phones, fifteen students of the Ecole de Commerce André-Chavanne had been attacked by a group of men who came out of the Mosque of the Grand Saconnex. Their crime? They kept running at the athletic track of their school "during the hours of prayer."
Of course the action was condemned – as bad for their image, while in another corner of the land of glee, the sport of that religion of peace continues. Jihad is after all, about the “inner struggle” – to suggest anything else would be bad for their image:
Yesterday's sectarian clashes were brought about by an argument between the relative of a Coptic girl who was sexually harassed by a Muslim youth, and was on a small scale. Unfortunately, Muslim fanatics in the area propagated a rumour that during the melee, the Copts hurled stones towards the Mosque. As a result thousands of Muslims gathered and attacked the Copts living in the area, and destroyed 6 shops including a pharmacy, a supermarket and some vehicles.

Dr.Gibraeel demanded from the Interior Minister Habib Al Adly to intervene to put an end to this practice of torture.
and here we all thought that they didn’t torture, giving them that magical ‘moral legitimacy’ to call Gitmo a sort of Auschwitz and Stalingrad all rolled into one. As an aside, have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to find a better example on any other continent?
The incident, which took place on Wednesday, May 13, 2009,in the area of Saft El-Labn, Giza, resulted in the injury of 14 people from both sides. The police arrested 20 Copts, including 6 women, and 7 Muslims, and security imposed a curfew on the region.

Among the Copts randomly rounded up by the police is 29-year-old Sabry Shaker, a physically handicapped man suffering from infantile paralysis.
Seriously! Look out for THAT GUY!

Alas, we clueless stump-toothed Americans have so much to learn, don’t we? Especially when it comes to the kind of thing found in your hometown paper’s “variety” section, right under the church bazaars, the pie eating contest story, and the high school basketball scores:
Since the beginning of the year, the economic crisis and the various social movements have prompted a wave of protests in the capital. The prefecture of police of Paris had been a marked increase in the number of demonstrators (+ 80.6%) of the first four months of this year compared to last year, at these gatherings.

At the same time, the number of police injured during these events has increased significantly (+ 411%). "All the protesters are obviously not the thugs or do not come to do battle with the police, said a source close to the prefecture. There are employees, the unemployed, students or researchers who are mobilizing to advance their status or defend their gains. This is not questioned.
of course they obviously aren’t thugs, they just came to brain cops, is all.
Some protests are increasingly violent. "We found the presence almost instantly at some events, an organized evil of radical elements who come only to confront the police, argues Alain Gibelin, Assistant Director of DOPC. These are mainly people from the ranks of the ultra-left. In recent weeks, even in groups of Tamils in the capital, we noted the presence of elements belonging to this trend. They are highly mobile and well-organized. They also infiltrate the student demonstrations. "
NOT thugs, I repeat. NOT thugs. None of them. I mean, aren’t “we all Tamil Tigers now”?

What’s almost as predictable as a toy with a pull ring in its’ back is the retorts used when this kind of thing is reported:
Radical extreme left elements or cops in disguised to inflame the situation and cause the early incidents .. to enable their colleagues to unwind after long hours spent in the police car to play cards. As shown in duck fade, there is little time, with photographic evidence to prove their accusations!
As if there was some genuine reason that the riot cops, the steadiest work in the country, would want to basically act as the imaginary intellectual foil of every self-important Parisian wanker punk. I swear: decade after decade, it never changes.

Funny thing about exactly where it was that that “seething Arab street” the left kept telling impressionable, polite, westerners not to enflame – where it turned out to really be.

22 May 2009

What they mean by that ‘Green Economy’

Their motto is “incest is best”.

Naturally, many CEOs are genuinely concerned about global warming. But many of the most vocal stand to profit from carbon regulations. The term used by economists for their behavior is "rent-seeking."

The world's largest wind-turbine manufacturer, Copenhagen Climate Council member Vestas, urges governments to invest heavily in the wind market. It sponsors CNN's "Climate in Peril" segment, increasing support for policies that would increase Vestas's earnings. A fellow council member, Mr. Gore's green investment firm Generation Investment Management, warns of a significant risk to the U.S. economy unless a price is quickly placed on carbon.
But it’s all for the good of man, you know...

21 May 2009

Thanks for Everything, Now Beat it

The draft directive was adopted by Parliament under the co-decision procedure by 369 votes to 197, with 106 abstentions.
2007: Spain nags America on a visit to Mexico, indicating that legalities in immigration are wrong, and that “everyone is entitled to a better life.”

2009: With unemployment spiraling Spain, and indeed all of human rights central the EU, legalizes silent mass expulsion and detentions of people no different than those “entitled to a better life” in El Norte.
The compromise reached between Parliament negotiators and the Council on the directive on the return of illegal immigrants was approved at first reading by the full Parliament on Wednesday. This legislation, which is a step towards a European immigration policy, will encourage the voluntary return of illegal immigrants but otherwise lay down minimum standards for their treatment.
Like the freiwillige hilfern der SS, it quickly resorts to old-fashioned European compulsion and displacement of populations en masse.
Then, if the deportee does not leave, a removal order will be issued. If the removal order is issued by a judicial authority which believes the individual in question might abscond, the person can be placed in custody. At present detainees can be held indefinitely in some Member States, including the UK (Ireland has a maximum of 8 weeks), but the directive lays down a maximum period of custody of six months, which can be extended by a further 12 months in certain cases.
Which is sort of a ‘last resort kind of measure, but don’t worry about accusations of Gitmo-hood, that’s reserved for the oh-so-cruel Yanqui satan. But now that they’ve reached that last resort of detention and expulsion, don’t worry about any previous thoughts you might have had about that sort of thing being wrong due to the human rights consequences of disposing of your working-age flunkies, Papito, this last resort is necessary for the preservation of the welfare state. Funny how that ‘human rights’ stuff stopped being important when you couldn’t badger people about it:
Emergency situations

An article inserted by the Council provides for greater flexibility for the authorities in "emergency situations". If an "exceptionally large number" of third-country nationals places "an unforeseen heavy burden" on the administrative or judicial capacity of a Member State, that state may decide to allow longer periods for judicial review as well as less favourable conditions of detention.
Last call for Alcohol! Last Call for human rights! Strangely enough, in Spain, Simians are still doing better than the people doing the donkey work of dealing with the Spanish population’s death spiral. One can only wonder about Padron’s reasoning here, but you have to give them credit for finally being able to differentiate between illegal immigrants and apes, but the notion of choosing one over the other hints at some kind of zoophilic lobbying at work.
Children and families to be detained only as a last resort
Soren Kern has more. As for the brutal, cretinous Anglophones, those peddlers of inhumanity and such:
UK and Ireland have not opted-in

20 May 2009

Postmodern Parenting for Dummies

In the Netherlands, like the Nether regions that it’s likely named after, pedophilia is tut-tutted as understandable, but this isn’t.

The mayor of a Dutch town says the Belgian army is no longer welcome there after soldiers handed out blank ammunition to schoolchildren.
As if your average Dutch man hasn’t been shooting blanks for a while now.
Belgium's Defence Minister Pieter De Crem called the incident "unacceptable". Blanks can be extremely dangerous because they contain gunpowder. If a blank bullet overheats it can explode, causing burns, blindness and damage to hearing.
Oh please. If the villagers were that hysterical that the “offending” country’s Defense Minister (such as that is) had to get involved, what’s to stop you from suggesting to these kids how much fun it would be to goof around with the blanks in their pockets that they’re probably insisting they don’t have. The little tykes probably think they have nukes thanks to the fit that the mayor, a literal kind of agent of the Nanny state in this case, has pitched.
Children proudly showed off the blank rounds to local television. They also described how quantities of ammunition were left lying around.
Even if you’re inclined to believe anything kids say, they aren’t ammunition. They’re BLANKS you chuckleheads.
Paratroopers were captured on CCTV handing out the blank ammunition to inquisitive children.
Can’t have kids being inquisitive now, can we? I mean it’s not like they ever saw a bullet on TV and realize that they shouldn’t eat it or whack it with a hammer.

Look, they’re KIDS. They’ll be fine, and even if they set fire to an eyebrow, you could always make more of them. Yes, that IS actually possible! Some of them like having siblings, and not being over-protected trophies.

Your diligent “Sky News Team” also doesn’t seem to realize what blanks actually look like. Their photo shows a handful of NATO rounds. Doofuses

18 May 2009

Kind of Like the Reichstag

The peevish construct in question.
I’m sure it won many awards.

Well KIND OF like the Reichstag, only incompetent and less transparent.
He explained that the main fire broke out in the electric shaft on level zero, but the team first went to level 13, where Mr Barroso's office is located. "We put it out there, but the heat kept on coming from beneath, so we went one floor down and so on until we spotted it on the ground floor."
Or is the Supreme Soviet a better comparison?
The firefighting team used water cannons and fought the flames for about two hours. "It's a good question why the sprinklers did not go off," the firefighter said.
Coincidence? Hell no!
The building's smoke detectors failed to go off until very late into the events, and only after people had already been told to leave the building.
It’s that über-superior Euro-quality control, that superior engineering, that wonderful, highly paid, unionized, stress-free tradesman at work!

See Neelie run. Run! Neelie, run!

I’m sure someone will suggest in the next 8 hours that the fire suppression, smoke detection, and fire alarm systems all failed because the fire alarm panel had Intel inside! - ba-ba-boo-bee!

17 May 2009

My Sentiment Exactly

> 6:30

15 May 2009

Soon to be Renamed ‘Paradise on Earth’ for Marketing Purposes

And they will surely name the conference and campaign after another city. One wonders when the windbags will run out, and resort to naming treaties after farms, intersections and railroad yards?

The EU nears its’ goal of having what they understand to be an ecologically sustainable economy.

Despite the fact that the financial crisis originally started in the United States, the North American country fared much better, registering a fall in growth for the first quarter of 2009 of 1.6 percent, highlighting the extremity of the European position.
Keep looking for your little blue pill, Lawnmower Man.

Perfunctory Explanation to Follow

In a Lisbon suburb, Bela Vista, Setúbal, police shoot someone who later died of his injuries, and Portugal gets to join Europe in earnest. Immigrants and minorities in suburban ghettos explode in anger, and another tired class warfare argument is rolled out as quickly as Pavlov’s dog can drool.

Suburbs and suburbanites just combust. Didn’t you know? Doesn’t that happen everywhere?

Of course we all know the place exuded with culture, so let’s move on, shall we? A simple ‘Imigrantes vs Polícia’ Kabuki of pitiable explanations doesn’t explain everything, bu that doesn’t mean that, as was the case in Greece earlier this year, that political parties won’t try to exploit the sad situation. The ‘innocent youth’ shot by police, over which this rioting started, had a record as long as his arm.

13 May 2009

Ah, Those Fabulous, Worldly EUvians

Not only do they love parroting statistics on passport holders, but they’re so well travelled.

Mindless, Violent, Leftist Mouth Breathers at it Again

The flower of Belgium, nay, the flower of European productivity has an ugly habit of wanting to smash what it can’t take by force, even if it owes them nothing. Even those who imagine every worker who ever got a paycheck for their work are owed so much more for “building the company” even though they took no risks themselves, must have misgivings about the morons that rioted at ArcelorMittal’s headquarters during their stockholder’s meeting. Idiots.

Steel workers attacked ArcelorMittal’s headquarters during the annual shareholders’ meeting of the world’s biggest steelmaker Tuesday, setting off smoke bombs and breaking through the front door to protest temporary layoffs during the economic slump.
As an example of the cruelty they’re inflicting on the ‘proletariat’:
ArcelorMittal has cut production by half as the steel industry rapidly went from boom to bust late last year. The company has so far avoided major permanent layoffs but is offering voluntary redundancy to 9,000 of its 315,000 staff around the world.
Carrying idle employees notwithstanding, they must be ‘smashed’. In other words, they are so unionized in their mmentality, that in protesting against the commodities market, as if there was anything it could really do for them, they have to go ahead and destroy an employer that “has so far avoided major permanent layoffs.”

The Commonly held view of the hero: unemployable, will never get to the point where they will employ anyone else, and will never share their own good fortune with another soul. After all, the world owes THEM.

Can’t have that now, can we? A company bleeding from every pore owes them a job, and they’re doing their best to retain personnel, but notwithstanding they must suffer the barbarism of the attitude of Belgian and French Socialist attitude and ‘be smashed’.

Liege is very nearly a third world hole of destructive industrial attitudes, of people who believe that they are owed something be the rest of society from the day they’re born. Frankly, I think ArcelorMittal is being far too patient, since they clearly don’t want their own employers to succeed and remain a viable source of income for them.

12 May 2009

Morons Thinning Out the Herd for Themselves

Sometimes strange things happen when life imitates art.

Misery Takes a (Permanent) Holiday

Michael Philips asks 4 simple questions that our society’s lauded “smart people” are normally incapable to getting. He introduces them saying:

Most Harvard and Columbia graduates will get the wrong answers to these four simple questions, including President Obama (who didn't know the language of Austria).
Read on, my pedagogically programmed friends. As far as the garden variety Ivy League graduate is concerned, I’ll leave you with a bit of advice from a wise old civil engineer I once worked for: never hire one. The chances are overwhelming that they have more ambition than intelligence, skill, or eagerness to learn, and that the risk of having one of them screw up your business is too high.

11 May 2009

Those Great Continental Minds

It was 1932. Hindenburg was working the Big Room and I...
I was playing the lounge. And then I got my big break.
Somebody burned down the Reichstag. And, would you believe it?
They made me Chancellor. Chancellor!

- Mel Brooks, philosopher king

That is to say, a man with a sense of humor. Then again he isn’t a European “youth”. John Rosenthal, a man those he cites would find suspiciously Jewish (yes, it IS the 21st century), has translated the mental splattering of some who have no sense of humor – or brains for that matter. A sampling:


[ ... ]

One day there won’t be any more…
Interestingly, unlike Mr. Brooks’ fine opus, all of it is in free verse, and waxing admiringly about budding poop-stain, Mahmood Ahmedinejad. Alas, there’s more where that came from, because I don’t really think you need “jooooz” to trip these, the finest, best educated, most environmentally aware generation out there. Give them any simple to hate, and they will tout a creative talent in imitating it. Judging by the tone, it practically sounds like these francophones are really beating their meat over it:
Commentaire Nº3 - 5/5/2009 - 23:25
Coca and cocaine, crooks of all kinds, the U.S. is a real chance for Europe ...
How long Will we still suffer their degeneration which was getting worse from year to year? The evil empire has changed continents ...

Three piglets
Commentaire Nº28 - 6/5/2009 - 0:42
It’s too late for the strategy of the Users.
It’s finished for them.
Then there’s this stunning lack of awareness of the economic plight of those around him:
Three piglets
Commentaire Nº31 - 6/5/2009 - 0:51

The Orange revolutions have failed. And now the empire is at the end of the road: it cannot dominate the world when 600 000 jobs are destroyed every month in an already devastated economy.

Will only think about their return a boomerang: imagine that European nations free to bring any influence to support independence for Latin US
[he imagines that the US controls latin America], Kosovo to power in 1000 ... [years?]
Now don’t forget – this strange craving for craving Empirial power over the world that they think the US has is normal for them. This is what they’re like when they spend quality time with their parents. They don’t actually need revisionist histories and elaborate “Bolivarian” screeds crammed down their throats.

08 May 2009

Compare and Contrast

What Margot Honecker said with regards to school children also applies to each FDJ collective: "Above all, we must present knowledge in a way that takes the social experiences of school children into consideration. The educational process must involve practical experience that children can make their own, which involves them in solving problems, in participating actively in social life at school, in their political organization, in life in the factory, and in their neighborhood. Communist education cannot be reduced to "moral lessons": it requires educating young people to action."
Alas, still we find that love is in the air:
I started as a canvasser myself, fresh out of college in 1991. I remember those days vividly, from the banyan tree-shaded neighborhoods of south Miami-Dade county to the red bricked streets of south St. Petersburg. It was the hardest work I’ve ever done, but in some ways, the most satisfying. I enjoyed listening to the people I met and engaging in the kind of two-way political interaction that has become nearly extinct in today’s modern world of 30-second commercials (often negative attack ads) and pre-recorded incoming phone messages.

This summer, we are launching our largest citizen outreach effort ever. Our political goal is to reunite our currently fractured congressional delegation in opposition to offshore drilling.
Just as it was in a place not long ago and not far away:
FDJ leaders appropriately devote substantial attention to the content of ideological work in membership meetings, in the study year, and in personal conversations. That is a major part of our propaganda work. These leaders thereby fulfill an important prerequisite of our socialist ideology in working with the youth be relating every question back to the main questions, keeping them as the core of their ideological activity. However, even if we assume that the best method of propagating Marxism-Leninism is to present its actual content, there is still always the question of "how." What are the forms, means, and methods of propaganda? Good propagandists know that the knowledge that must always be at the center of ideological work is not enough. The methods of presentation determine a large part of the effectiveness. That is as true for personal conversation as it is for the FDJ study year, for a youth forum, or for a monthly membership meeting.
Just as there is no great abundance of Banyan trees in Florida, not at least outside of the better parts of any town, there is no longer a DDR, so take heart.

06 May 2009

Another Great Blog from the Shameless Plug Department

Funnier than Sheckie Green, taller than Carleton the doorman, thoroughly under-medicated, Observing Hermann would not be half the blog it is without Clarsonimus. Of course it turns out that Clar, son of Imus, smiter of knuckleheads, is in fact, the funniest living über-Viking and not German at all. So put down your Ho-Ho and check it out.

Of course you probably need a sense of humor to live in Berlin anyway. Tilting against the self-referencial hell that German public debate tends to find itself in, where else could they stage “The Producers” and hope against hope that it’s taken to be a parody.

05 May 2009

Licking the Boot That Kicks You

It’s what Europeans do best. Better than chiding other westerners about not being as “culturally European” in the trivial matters of culture as they are – cuisine, urbanism, work ways, and the like, as though those pet peeves was the only remaining features of a culture that one is permitted to defend in a miasma of post-modern emptiness.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s article published in the UK’s The First Post notes:

Take anti-Semitism in Europe. The sensitivity and guilt Europeans feel about the Holocaust is comparable to the sensitivity and guilt that Americans feel towards black Americans. A decade or two ago, it was unthinkable for Jews to be slandered openly and be targeted for no other reason than their Jewishness.

Today, in the name of Islam, synagogues are vandalised. There are open denials of the Holocaust. There is an active network of Muslim organisations lobbying to curtail or even get rid of Israel. There are incidents of Jews being harassed, beaten, even killed. All this is met with grim silence and rationalisations that it's not really anti-Semitic but anti-Israel. Can you imagine anything like this happening today in America to black people and it being met with silence?
Europe is a continent where they know well enough that being servile doesn’t bring you peace, or for that matter leaves you in peace for any length of time.
It is this state of affairs that makes Christopher Caldwell's book Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration and the West (Allen Lane, £17.99), which opens with the sentence, "Western Europe became a multi-ethnic society in a fit of absence of mind," a chilling read.

[ ... ]

Caldwell discusses this theme in an interesting light: he does not overlook the Europeans who feel that Islam is a danger to European values but asks, "How can you fight for something you cannot define?" And this is Europe's problem - insecurity about who we are, what our various flags mean, why, with every turn, we spend less and less on the military.

Eichmanns. Meet the Eichmanns. They’re the Modern Stone-Age Family.

Anyone who thinks that there is a “big book of international law” somewhere before which they can kneel is naively craving an international autocracy. Not only is it the furthest thing one could have from even permitting any sort of “diversity” and removes whatever control individuals have over their lives, the same adolescent minds invoking these imaginary controls of people and societies usually also get worked up because they think that there is a “hate crime” law somewhere in that mythical legal tome where the personalities and proponents of opinions or lifestyles that THEY hate can be prosecuted. Trying to reach so deep as to control people’s souls, they even want to make crimes of emotions and thoughts that they can’t abide. Nonetheless you have to complement them on their diaphanous scarves and admire them for being ‘progressives’.

If anyone is, it is they who are the little Eichmanns.

“Could be Just the Beginning”

Beginning of WHAT, pray tell? They forgot Voltaire’s burning desire the defend to the death anyone’s right to offend, this is what European societies get for trying to regulate freedom of thought to advance politically correct proclivities. In Norway, an “Immigrant’s Political Party,” essencially a vehicle for political influence for those who choose to exclude themselves from the larger society, is forming. From without.

For the Aborigines, the incentive to defend against genuine overbearing social proscription has long since been gone. Holding certain political positions is unlawful because specific groups of people have legal protection against simple criticism. Saying certain things is placed on par with violence against protected classes. Surely thinking about anything tangentially related to, say for example, criticizing the cost of a pro-gay policy or it’s impact on others, is synonymous with hate-speech.

The party is still developing its policies but improving the rights for immigrants is its main concern.

Butt says Norway has much to learn from the Pakistani culture, particularly concerning the treatment of elders. He said families cared for their elders in Pakistan, while in Norway they are placed in nursing homes where integration is non-existent. Therefore the Independent Labour Party has proposed to set up separate nursing homes for Norwegian nationals and immigrants.
“Separate but equal”, and the wholly owned responsibility of the state – all in the interest of the good of man, or some other specious notion that they otherwise lectures others about. As for the kinds of social commitments that European society inspires in the appreciative newcomer:
The official election campaign will be launched in Pakistan on Thursday (April 30). Butt, known as a political journalist and actor before migrating to Norway in 1974, will launch the campaign on Pakistani TV.
So that they can speak to their potential voters in a language they can understand, which is not likely to include the language of the place they live. What’s interesting is that the only argument in defense against a protected class (who don’t need it) seeking excessive leverage is the complaint can only come from another protected class who don’t need it.

In all of this rationalization of rights, the notion of universal rights in a society, and the rights specific to a citizen, got entirely lost on the road to their “rights nirvana”, probably because those that demand those privileges can’t differentiate an inalienable right from anything else, and certainly don’t know their value to a good society.

Steyn on Brine

It just doesn’t get much funnier:

At the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, they’re premiering a new ballet about a young French boy who’s befriended by a giant helium-filled balloon. Any balletomanes at the US embassy might be forgiven for assuming it to be some hastily concocted metaphor to Euro-American harmony in the Age of Obama: a lithe young Continental prancing around the stage enraptured by his dazzling bag of gas. But, as it happens, The Red Balloon is an adaptation of some fey French movie from the Fifties, when a twirling Euro-ninny and his novelty gasbag were the stuff of cinematic whimsy and not the twin pillars on which western civilization has come to rest.

As is now well known, President Obama’s outreach to the Europeans – talking up the Continent’s “leadership” in the world and managing to keep a straight face while doing it – went unreciprocated. When it came to the good war – Afghanistan, the one the anti-Iraq types claim to be in favor of – Nato, a “military” “alliance” of 28 countries, rewarded the impeccable multilateralist with an extra 5,000 troops - or approx 180 soldiers per nation. And by “soldiers” they don’t mean men with guns who fire them at the enemy but “non-combat” forces who man the photocopier back at the barracks while the Third Infantry Division and a few brave lads from Britain, Canada and a couple of other places are up in the hills sticking it to the Taliban all day long. Our allies are happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with us, as long as there are a couple of provinces between their shoulders and ours.

On the other hand, the Obama happy talk seemed to go down well with the North Koreans, who promptly held one of their missile tests, and with members of the piratical community, who seized an American vessel for the first time in a couple of centuries. As the
New York Times headline writer put it: “Standoff With Pirates Shows U.S. Power Has Limits.”
Which, within the prism of their world view is about the only concept they’re capable of imagining anymore.

04 May 2009

From the What Else is New Department

French Blog Commenters Channel Hitler. It so common, that it’s risen to the level of tedium:

Commentaire Nº3 - 20/4/2009 - 10:40

If you really get to know Ahmadinedjab (and not only through the media lobby that does not exist), you will realize that this is not a monster. He fights only for the identity of his country, like us.

Commentaire Nº8 - 20/4/2009 - 10:47

"If we get rid of the useless conference for Israel, we would be of service!"
The monster has escaped its creator.

Pierre 1er
Commentaire Nº15 - 20/4/2009 - 10:56

We have seen Obama being friendly with Chavez this weekend, after reaching a hand to Mahmoud: dare we dream of the rebalancing of American foreign policy?

Commentaire Nº17 - 20/4/2009 - 11:01

Seen, the change of title "great chaos" => "sprinkler watered.
The myth of Jewish golem could be a beautiful metaphor.

UltimaThom (Nancy)
Commentaire Nº18 - 20/4/2009 - 11:04

"Ideology and the Zionist regime are the bearers of racism. [The Zionists] plunder the wealth of nations by controlling the power centers of the world. "
Finally a man full of common sense and FREE!

Pierre 1er
Commentaire Nº26 - 20/4/2009 - 11:21

Commentaire Nº23
We will have to seriously consider electing a pope Jewish, next time, to fight against anti-Semitism.
Left or right, they all sound the same. Only dreaming of genocide let’s them sleep at night, and they stillwonder how many millions murdered it will take to make a perfect society. Don’t forget, these are their “conservatives,” and they still sound like the rabid genocide-loving European left. Of course I like to call them all “European cultural traditionalists”. It sounds so much nicer.

03 May 2009

From the What Else is New Department

French Blog Commenters Channel Hitler. It so common, that it’s risen to the level of tedium:

Commentaire Nº3 - 20/4/2009 - 10:40

If you really get to know Ahmadinedjab (and not only through the media lobby that does not exist), you will realize that this is not a monster. He fights only for the identity of his country, like us.

Commentaire Nº8 - 20/4/2009 - 10:47

"If we get rid of the useless conference for Israel, we would be of service!"
The monster has escaped its creator.

Pierre 1er
Commentaire Nº15 - 20/4/2009 - 10:56

We have seen Obama being friendly with Chavez this weekend, after reaching a hand to Mahmoud: dare we dream of the rebalancing of American foreign policy?

Commentaire Nº17 - 20/4/2009 - 11:01

Seen, the change of title "great chaos" => "sprinkler watered.
The myth of Jewish golem could be a beautiful metaphor.

UltimaThom (Nancy)
Commentaire Nº18 - 20/4/2009 - 11:04

"Ideology and the Zionist regime are the bearers of racism. [The Zionists] plunder the wealth of nations by controlling the power centers of the world. "
Finally a man full of common sense and FREE!

Pierre 1er
Commentaire Nº26 - 20/4/2009 - 11:21

Commentaire Nº23
We will have to seriously consider electing a pope Jewish, next time, to fight against anti-Semitism.
Left or right, they all sound the same. Only dreaming of genocide let’s them sleep at night, and they stillwonder how many millions murdered it will take to make a perfect society. Don’t forget, these are their “conservatives,” and they still sound like the rabid genocide-loving European left. Of course I like to call them all “European cultural traditionalists”. It sounds so much nicer.

Argument Solved, Problem Ignored

And barbarism embraced as something requiring understanding.

Socialists Are Fools But Not All Fools Are Socialists
Says George Handerly
It has become fashionable to present reports on piracy that are wrapped in a tranquilizer. It is suggested that the solution of the problem is in Somalia. Save Somalia (throw money at it?) and all will be hanky-dory. One is tempted to suspect that the popularity of the mantra has to do with the trick of attaching an otherwise threateningly soluble problem to a precondition that cannot be met. The benefit is that, succumbing to the West’s luxurious self-doubts, a good reason is given to persist in doing the unreasonable. Thereafter it becomes easy to desist from solving the solvable.
It’s all about leftists making themselves feel smart, hearing the sound of their own voices saying “ah, but it’s more complicated than that”, not as a way of NOT trying to solve the problem, but subconsciously admitting that they will never, ever try to bring stability or civilization to anything they choose to grace with an opinion, despite the “struggle for global social well being” they keep promising – something they have never once provided to anyone who didn’t vote for them.

However all that misery there is out there DOES have a use to them – they need humanity’s open wounds to stay open for the sake of their solving of arguments.

02 May 2009

Untimely and Inaccurate

That $400 000 000 per year paragon of journalistic virtue, the BBC World Service, long considered THE reliable and evenhanded source of information for those living in third world chaos (both in old blighty and the 3rd world itself), has finally found a reason to report on the 29th of April a story about retrograde and childish anti-capitalism protest in Paris that the Guardian reported on the 25th of JANUARY.

GIGO, babyr! Government IN, Government OUT. Of course they carried without question the protester’s biggest point that food costs a lot because supermarkets are MAKING A PROFIT. Competition doesn’t drive prices down, especially in a syndicalist hell like l’hexagone, but instead of taking it out on the slightly loony left, the really loony left think that merchants will feel obliged to stay in business if they lose money.

It’s the same old Groundhog Day buzz. Decade after decade the BASICS of supply and demand have to be repeated not just to the kids, but to their smelly old hippy grandparents. Don’t forget that this is the country where the term ‘property is theft’ originated.

01 May 2009

No e-thanks, e-spanky

This just in:

Me llamo Joe Minevich. I Director Compitum Soft LLC.

Nuestra empresa seocupa en el desarrollo aplicado de la empresa, las sistemas integracionistas, las cadenas corporativas y otras soluciones de software para el negocio, las haciendas y otros tipos de problemas. Nuestra empresa esta situada en Ucrania. Gozamos de buena fama y somos los socios seguros y dignos de confianza. Trabajamos con exito con muchas empresas de la Europa Occidental y America del Norte haciendo el software seguro para ellos. Casi un ano trabajamos con los clientes de los paises extranjeros y no teniamos los problemas con ellos a excepcion de los terminos del pago. Transferencias financieras en sumas de 3000-20 000 EUROS van al Ucrania cerca de 3-5 dias + lo mismo termino para la comprobacion por el Banco. En total, junto con los dias de descanso, este termino puede ser desde 10 dias hasta 2-3 semanas. Ahora estamos trabajando con los proyectos grandes, que tienen necesidad de los inversiones grandes de dinero y no tenemos las posibilidades para esperar el pago tan largo tiempo. Por eso, en este momento estamos buscando los socios en su pais, quien nos ayudara aceptar el pago mas rapido. Si Vds. quieren ganar el dinero complementario, Vds. pueden ser los representantes de nuestra empresa en su pias. Vds. podran recibir 8% de cada transaccion, que realizamos con la participacion de su cuenta. Su trabajo consistira en la aceptacion del capital en la forma de los giros postales a su cuenta y la salida del dinero a nosotros. Esto es un metodo muy comodo y rapido de recibir los ingresos adicionales. Ademas, estudiamos la posibilidad de la apertura de la oficina en su pais en el futuro proximo y entonces Vds. podran tener los privilegios de recibir el trabajo de plena ocupacion. Si Vds. tienen interes trabajar con nosotros, entonces, estamos en sus ordenes.

Pueden contactar con nosotros con ayuda de E-Mail:
y envien a nosotros la informacion siguiente:
Su nombre y apellido
Numero de telefono/fax
Conocimiento de la lengua Inglesa
Su edad

Por favor, respondan a nuestra carta y nosotros daremos los datos adicionales sobre la cooperacion. Este colaboracion no vale nada para Vds. , pero esto la posibilidad de recibir los ingresos adicionales muy comodo y rapido. Si Vds. tienen algunas preguntas, no tienen escrupulos en contactarse con nosotros.

Con respeto.
Joe Minevich
Compitum Soft LLC
Look out Liberian scam artists, the Spaniards are now muscling in on your turf. It’s not the first time at that. They seem to have graduated from postal scamming into world of email. Ah, but no! They are artisans!

Tyrants Funny! Ha! Ha!

From their own special place, the DPRK’s glorious internet outreach of the peoples’ massive gratitude, affirm their a commitment to Juche, political imprisonment, and this road to Damascus moment:

President Kim Il Sung dedicated his whole life to saving and defending the destiny of the country and the pope.
If they weren’t NorKs, I wouldn’t believe it. Then again, I’m impressed by any nation that would try to solve its’ hard currency problems by running a Cafépress store...


It always seems to need a new idol to stick pins in.

Hurriyet, Turkey
Dick Cheney's Torture Logic is 'Deeply Offensive'

"The reason U.S. policy is so important to us is that our own struggle to rein in heinous practices in Turkey is directly related to the standards set in Washington. … Cheney’s logic is that of the Spanish Inquisition. It is deeply offensive."
First of all, they aren’t struggling. Second of all, Turks have been torturing for virtually no reason for decades, if not centuries. OBVIOUSLY George Bush’s 2000 election can be implicated in the Armenian genocide.

Take that Vice:
The systematic and widespread nature of torture in Turkey puts nearly anyone at risk of being tortured, Amnesty International said today as it released its report Turkey: An end to torture and impunity is overdue!.

Amnesty International today concluded that the geographic spread of torture allegations, the range of potential victims and the number of testimonies the organization received, point to torture being systematic and widespread in Turkey. This, despite the European Union a year ago identifying the fight against torture as a priority for Turkey.
Torture is ubiquitous in Turkey, and goes ignored. There are trying to dus tit under the rug for the sake of what the neighbors might see, but little else, especially because there has been little or no logic at all to the torture that has taken place in Turkey long before they started to pretend that George Bush somehow darkened the earth for the first time in human history. Randomly looking at a 1998 report, now that we’ve established that W could travel through time and space to “enlightened” Turkey:
At least 209 children were tortured in 1998. Most of the reported cases of tortured children were detained on charges of such crimes as "theft." However, as is known, torture is a widespread practice in detentions for political charges.
For heavens’ sake, these Barbarians that have up until a few years ago not permitted Kurds to speak their own language in public, a medieval policy, on top of continuing to try to convince the world that all those Armenians “must have all just moved to L.A.” has no basis to lecture anyone.

The grand European idea of course, is to punish the former Adminstration for a war to topple THEIR favorite dictator, a man who tortured a huge number of his own citizens for no reason at all.


Germans have a DIN standard for everything, including humans.

But at least there’s always a bright side to studies like these. Scientists have also determined that German women’s breast volume has increased some 2.3 centimeters since the last measurement (nice work if you can get it, Mr. Scientist Man) so pump up the volume already or something.

Which brings us inevitably to the great intellectuals of that worldy “global” world that feel so shunned by western intellectualism.