28 July 2009

“Retired” Terrorist Meets Hollywood Squares

When all the right people hate you...

The group condemned the use of the interview with Mr Abu Aita. “This was a dirty use of our brother, Ayman, and we don’t accept that the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades is part of the film,” the statement said.

Mr Abu Aita claims that he was tricked into appearing in the film and that he is no longer involved with the Martyrs’ Brigades. He has threatened to sue Baron Cohen. “This man, I think he is not a man,” Mr Abu Aita said. “He is not saying the truth about me. He lied.”
...You’re doing something right.

Even our brother, Paul Lynde knew more about enlightened civilization that Brüno’s dupe ever would.

Even as flippant and goofy as he was, he knew what mattered, and could sum it up in a single line. Aita, on the other hand, doesn’t seem intelligent enough to understand that he’s given unearned rights to speech that he doesn’t deserve.

I Blame an Insufficient Number of Human Sacrifices

Chicago Sees Coldest July In 67 Years
After all, it’s no less scientific than the logic behind “global warming”, um, “climate change”, um, “climate turbulence”, and what’s even better, it doesn’t require coercive social conditioning and idiots bringing eugenics up again only 64 years after Hitler euthanized himself.

It’s Spanky Time

Much as it was with the fighting KPD and SA brown-shirts in the collapsing days of the Weimar Republic, violence is thought to be in the cards for Berlin. The only difference between these leftists and Liebknecht or Hitler’s leftist thugs is that they really don’t have anything to really fight over.

The headlines are there almost every morning: BMW burnt, VW set alight, a Mercedes torched. Almost nightly, somewhere in Berlin, a vehicle is set on fire in what police say are political statements by an increasingly militant left-wing. Around 170 cars have gone up in flames this year; and earlier this month, police vehicles became the latest targets.

Additionally, during May Day celebrations this year the traditional scuffle between left-wing protestors and police became unusually violent. Leftists also recently staged a demonstration at Berlin's defunct downtown Tempelhof airport.
The really funny part of all of this is that it isn’t happening to nearly the same degree in the former east Berlin, but rather in the traditional land of the fantasy-radicals and “mall punks”. The other funny thing is that the Berlin Brigade booked out of Tempelhof more than a decade ago, leaving its’ heritage to the Prussians who paraded there, and the Nazis building Lufthansa’s rep there.

The Army as the left would have it. Oohrah!
Is Wowereit Fanning the Flames?

"The capital's mayor is stirring things up against the police and then using (them) his employees as cannon fodder during large protests," Wendt told SPIEGEL ONLINE, referring to this year's May Day demonstrations in Berlin when more than double the number of police were injured than the previous year and local police chiefs were blamed for not being more forceful. Not only that, Wendt said, but parts of Wowereit's administration -- the governing coalition pairs the center-left Social Democrats with the far-left Left Party -- were openly sympathetic to the left-wing extremists. "That's not really a shot in the arm for my colleagues. A lot of Berlin police have had enough," Wendt said.
But there really isn’t anything new about this. Berlin has always enjoyed it’s educational head-wounds as much as it’s enjoyed being unenthusiastic about the perversions and misperceptions that were most easily at hand.

Writer Christopher Isherwood saw in 1932 what is largely still true about anything that seems “big” or “dangerous” there.
"Wasn't Berlin's famous `decadence' largely a commercial `line' which the Berliners had instinctively developed in their competition with Paris? Paris had long since cornered the straight-girl market, so what was left for Berlin to offer its visitors but a masquerade of perversions?"
A masquerade, not unlike the prospect of Kabuki protests and Kabuki violence, when they then couldn’t tell where the risk of social destruction was until too late because of the ideological filter that they were seeing everything through. It was all repetition. Standard fare. Just like Berliner “youts” going at it today, in 1980, 1970, or in the 1930’s.
Christopher Isherwood, gamely hanging on in the city, lost touch with most of his gay friends. The more prudent ones, he guessed, were lying low, while a few "silly ones fluttered around town exclaiming how sexy the Storm Troopers looked in their uniforms." One pair of homosexual lovers, believing that "Germany was entering an era of military man-love,"
I mean, like, what a legacy. Too bad nothing has changed. The ritual bred boredom and silliness then, and it went on until it was too late. Now, the ritual breeds boredom to the extent that whatever it is that these black-shirts, ignorant of the ideology that claim to anyway, are fighting over nothing – or nothing more than a symbolic point of disagreement with civilization.

The problem comes in when the meaning is gone, the marches are nothing more than a day in the fresh air, and the minds are numb. It doesn’t take much for a new Fascism of the moral framework to step right in.
"Let's hope 1929 brings us plenty of struggle, friction, and sparks," wrote the left-wing playwright Friedrich Wolf in late 1928. Wolf got his wish: 1929, of course, was the year of the great stock crash on Wall Street, which had devastating consequences for Germany and Berlin. But 1929 had generated plenty of "sparks" in Berlin even before the October financial fire in New York leaped across the Atlantic to do its damage in Europe. Looking back, we can see that it was the beginning of the end for Weimar democracy.

- David Clay Large, Berlin

And it was all, in reality, over nothing. Any intelligent observer could tell you that the Communists and the Nazis would be handing that genuinely exhausted and exploited population the exact same thing.

If only the clown army that will be wrecking the city this fall could be broad enough to realize that.

Culture as a Sad PR Exercise

Funny, isn’t it that failed societies seem to grasp at straws. The doofuses on C Dans L’Air, a kind of metrosexual Oprah program are in their journalistic mimicry trying to plausit that Barack Obama has French ancestry through a distant character somewhere who was a Huguenot escapee. Nonetheless, this give him a lineage the empty shells of C Dans L’Air something to finally live for. They even rather amusingly filed it under “International Politics.”

Just as the first logo-branded Presidential product is proving himself to be rather quite unintelligent, and politically divisive, people in the US are growing to regret the fact that they elected him. Ergo – quite naturally, as the specter of quasi-magical thinking and philosophical emptiness rises, the more appealing he is in Europastan. The fact remain that the more it is that a society hates and resents America, the more they like Barack Obama and want to claim him as their puppet.

25 July 2009

War by Other Means

When Europeans aren’t lauding themselves for their feelings and opinions, they can usually be found abusing office for a little payola, and in this case whoring out their Foreign Minister as a debt collector for private bank customers.

To put pressure on Iceland to meet agreements about compensation for Dutch savers who lost money in the Icesave bankruptcy, Dutch foreign minister Maxime Verhagen told his Icelandic counterpart that he could block its bid to join the European Union.
Icelanders – all 3 of them – are sure to eventually develop a taste for that sort of domesticated sophistication and come to love it, if they can get past the Dutch attempt to get blood from a turnip.
Iceland has been hit especially hard by the credit crisis. Last week, it formally announced it is eager to join the European Union. The 27 foreign ministers of the member states said they will discuss the request at a meeting in Brussels on Monday.
Whis is to say that there’s nothing to take, even if the Dutch could ameliorate their argument that there is some sort of “constitutionally sound” reason for the pay-for-play that they’re looking for.

24 July 2009

Big, Big Talkers

The more dominated by irrationalism and wishful thinking, the worse they stand. The universities in la culture du débat rank qualitatively less than they do in Hong Hong, with a population base less than 1/8th of that of France. It looks like all of those decades of social commitment to the population and social institutions has really paid off: even a mercantile obsessed (and therefore anti-intellectual) culture a fraction of its’ size can do better.

Oddly enough, and in spite of higher ed not being treated like a “right”, the rapacious and retrograde United States, representing a population roughly 6% of the sample base has roughly 40% of the top 6000 ranked universities, and 44 of the top 50.

But don’t feel bad, EUvians: Germany is matched evenly with Canada, despite the lack of Germanic-ness, its’ Polythechnik traditions, rye whiskey, only 40% of its’ population, and a distracting overabundance of hoochie mamas.

That Nonexistent Cat Sure Likes Lasagna

Care for some disturbingly dark graphic Haiku?

Nice Peashooter, Scooter

After a decade of subsidies, and every industry having to grease themselves up with endless political Astro Glide, someone in Germany finally noticed that you can’t run an industrial economy on something as poorly energetically inferior as wind power.

Germany's renewable energy companies are a tremendous success story. Roughly 15 percent of the country's electricity comes from solar, wind or biomass facilities, almost 250,000 jobs have been created and the net worth of the business is €35 billion per year.

But there's a catch: The climate hasn't in fact profited from these developments. As astonishing as it may sound, the new wind turbines and solar cells haven't prohibited the emission of even a single gram of CO2.
They also learned about something called a “market” – which is to say “people figuring out what price they can sell things to one another”, if you can imagine that. More specifically, the idea behind Carbon trading that I found hilarious a few minutes after I heard of the idea more than a decade ago: if you want people to emit less, and they succeed, wouldn’t the price of that asset fall?
Even more surprising, the European Union's own climate change policies, touted as the most progressive in the world, are to blame. The EU-wide emissions trading system determines the total amount of CO2 that can be emitted by power companies and industries. And this amount doesn't change -- no matter how many wind turbines are erected.

Experts have known about this situation for some time, but it still isn't widely known to the public. Even Germany's government officials mention it only under their breath. No one wants to discuss the political ramifications.
What gets even funnier is that all of this talk of the rising level of ‘green power’ production taking place, touted as a tool against foreign energy dependency, is leading to the reduction in demand and eventual shutting down of coal-fired power plants, displacing the only serious and non-nuclear source of energy available to Germans domestically, and making them more dependant on Russian natural gas for both base and peak loading.

23 July 2009

Ah, but they did it with Élan!

The French Army were branded ‘imbeciles’ today after an artillery exercise caused a massive fire which destroyed dozens of houses and left hundreds homeless.

Rather than improving the marksmanship of the Foreign Legion, the shelling led to mass evacuations in a suburb of Marseilles.

More than 300 people have been evacuated from their homes and more than 1,000 acres of bush were left blazing, as 170 firefighters backed by helicopters and waterbombing aircraft fought the fire.

- Peter Allen, Mail Online.

Thanks for the Fake, Inclusive PC Hogwash

The saintly Dutch are considered the ‘most liberal’ people on earth, and kind of false, constructed notion that being a reflexive leftist makes one accepting, generous, and decent. Puh-leez!

Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands feel rejected more than their peers in other European countries, and the dissatisfaction is growing amongst children of immigrants, according to a survey commissioned by the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME). The survey was conducted in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

Researchers concluded that social relations with the second generation in the Netherlands is "significantly more tense" than elsewhere.
And the self-absorbed atheism thing isn’t exactly rubbing off on them either:
The survey also showed that, while most second-generation Moroccan immigrants visit mosques less often than their parents, the trend is reversed in the Netherlands: half of the immigrants' children visit the places of worship, 4 percent more than the first generation.
It seems even the 2nd generation immigrants have enough sense to believe in something larger than themselves, even if some of them are as fundamentalist as a politically vegan Dutch streaker.

Meet America’s Much Talked About Religious Obsessives

By which we mean the press. A fixture on Washington DC’s neo-Marxist-Leninist NPR station, even Mark Plotkin wonders about these Stepford children’s sudden hesitation to “speaking truth to power.”

Open your Hymnals to Page O!
I don't fault the President for trying to control the press. But I ask you, why does the press go along? There is not one moment of spontaneity. The questioners are tipped off, in advance, by the White House and they behave accordingly.

22 July 2009

With Promises of Less for Everybody! And It's all FREE!

Lost Health Coverage Since 1/1/08

Never mind the whole argument, which was used for nothing more than political harping whenever a conservative is in office, you just wait for the real loss of coverage. Nonetheless, Obama is trying to be Reaganesque and take the argument directly to the population, assuming his magical pixie dust of Obama-ness is somehow going to make people give up their common sense for his political agenda.

Methinks not. It is more likely to punch a hole in his, and his handlers’ notion that when he is teleprompted, that people automatically listen. Watch what’s left of the delusions that the press hold for him – the regard that they assume he is held with by we, the peasants begging for his charity - wear away.

20 July 2009

What’s this “we” Sh*t?

In their inceasing self-promotion as the source of reference for all the acceptable knowledge in the universe, the BBC World Service, advertising for one of its’ online programs, on about the Apollo 11 moon landing on this, it’s 40th anniversary. The tag line was that it was the age where “we” went to the moon, making no mention whatsoever that while a few Britons were involved, Britain wasn’t, and that it was not “man as a whole” that pulled this off, it was the United States whom they seem loath to mention in the context of anything positive.

True to form, the usual freaks on the Continent never saw an old crackpot theory that they couldn’t recycle. In the same spirit of another 40th anniversary, there are more than enough of them trotting out whatever lunacy they can find. Surely they will dead-parrot scetch the script of Capricorn One before the week is out.

If it makes you feel better, just tell yourself that this never happened. M’kay?

17 July 2009

One Rotten Social Measure After Another

The very same sort of all-knowing Continental mind that plumps for ‘diversity,’ which by all measures is the odd and useless celebration of the existence of certain people one could pick out of a crowd, finds itself at odds with it’s natural narrow-minded nativism.

The Slovak Language Law is one of the most extraordinary pieces of legislation imaginable in a democratic country. Even the briefest of glances will show how restrictive it is and what kind of discrimination it introduces - reintroduces - into Europe

In brief, around ten percent of the population of Slovakia is Hungarian-speaking, beyond which there are Ukrainian, Roma and other minorities. For all practical purposes, the new law eliminates all the minority languages from the public sphere. Yet even here there is a further discrimination - the small Czech minority is exempt from its restrictions.
But it actually is a mere sneeze, a sort of symptom of that diseased instinct of regulating the lives of others, whether it has anything to do with the preservation of a language or anything else. In fact it pecks to death the native minority languages to no effect, as though the existence of 10% of the population who is likely also universally bilingual, is some sort of threat to the other 90% of the population who merely exist.
The Law, recently passed by parliament, is highly detailed and penetrates deep into the everyday lives of the linguistic minorities. It seeks to regulate any and all meetings, gatherings, associations and other forms of communication by insisting on the parallel use of the "state language", Slovak, whenever and wherever members if the minority get together in public, and "public" is very broadly defined. Thus, if a group of Hungarian-speakers establish a literary circle, say, their proceedings would have to have a parallel Slovak translation, whether anyone actually needed this or not.
It’s tragically Quebecois, which means it’s actually founded on a weird combination of irrational cultural supremacism and paranoid envy. It’s sure to be accompanied by the many ways in which the happy, clog-dancing populous is to ‘celebrate diversity’ in precisely the way proscribed by someone holding a majority of social influence and political power – just like in every other hovel of philosophical stupidity and simplistic-ness in the world.

Which is to say, in academia, ‘activist’ local governments, and most any government department that tries to found itself on a social science. Good luck with all that, and be sure to hide the ways in which you really feel differently from everyone else.

Yes, they ARE out of their F***ing Minds

It’s called avaler des couleuvres,or to swallow snakes. It means “to believe anything you’re told”, and the natives seem to fall for it every time. Today’s mindless French self-administered delusion?

[The Troubled] French suburbs: the game of the CIA

It’s no secret to anyone that the CIA has in recent years increased it’s seduction operations in the French suburbs. The "young prospects" are identified and lured in with all-expense-paid travel before being drawn in.

The new thing are the "young ambassadors" from the suburbs. Funded by the U.S. State Department and the Agency for social cohesion and equal opportunities, the operation allows 27 young students " chosen for their good academic performance and their involvement in the life of the community to benefit from a two-week stay in the USA. " As a 'young ambassadors', the students will be asked to represent France.

They participate in many debates on cultural diversity, identity, or equality of opportunity ", said Caroline Barjon, association AFS Living Without Borders, which organized the visit.
Clearly, a vile plot by those Snidely Whiplash types at the CIA. Nooooo doubt about it. There’s no way it could be a useless, mealy-mouthed social program to pander to the internationalist social thinker types who think UNESCO and the like are fighting the war against tooth decay.

Never mind the fact that one of the best places on earth to look for information on global terrorism is in the 9-3, and that even if they were up to something, it is likely a spurious and ineffectual hearts and minds campaign along the lines of teaching the kids of Taliban hoodlums to get along with each other by learning basketball.
Behind the false friendliness and the illusion of the dominant ideology, the Americans play their game for several years on end. When a leader of "diversity" will emerge in France, there will be a safe bet that it will be ... one of theirs’
Xenophobia for America, paranoia about people taking their precious bodily fluids, and a big, fat, helping of their usual racism. All rolled into one.

Which is exactly how this sad opiate works: anything they can identify as somehow going well in the world is a sign of not just their brilliance, but inherent glorious being of self. All social failures? Well – that’s another story. Blame it on something that gives you warm and moist, and that’s okay. In fact it may then rise to the level of fact and taken to be a home truth.

The next step is to pity these ‘youths’ for being exploited somehow, and then use that constructed empathy to compare the Hamburg cell to them.


16 July 2009

Industrialized Labor Actions

The leisure class at “work”
Workers play table tennis outside the New Fabris car parts manufacturer in Chatellerault, central France, Wednesday. A local official dismissed a threat by laid-off French workers to blow up their auto parts factory, saying the gas canisters, center left, they placed outside the plant are apparently empty. The factory's more than 350 workers were fired last month. They are demanding $41,000 each by the end of the month in compensation from the main clients, PSA and Renault, union officials say. Some 150 of them are occupying the factory, where some equipment has already been burned. Writing on wall reads: 'Garro we want the bonus 30,000 euros net'. Garro refers to Italian Florindo Garro, who heads ZEN owners of factory Fabris.
Emphasis mine. We all know just how a corporation, who are by nature some supernatural deposit of monies can afford to harm some workers’ benefits to pay each of these clowns $41,000 each, as well as ramp up production to pay that off using incinerated equipment.Reuters reports further that:
Workers at collapsed French car parts maker New Fabris threatened on Sunday to blow up their factory if they did not receive payouts by July 31 from auto groups Renault and Peugeot to compensate for their lost jobs.
Nonetheless, the practice of the proletariat somehow getting blood from a turnip to pay them for work they will no longer be doing is also rather interesting.
The company is the successor to Fabris, founded in 1947 and put into liquidiation in 2007. It was later acquired by ZEN of Italy which is headed by Florindo Garro. ZEN SpA, based in Albignasego near Padua, makes cast iron parts for vehicles.
Garro controls other metal firms in France such as Rencast and SBFM that also have financial difficulties.
Some French workers have adopted militant tactics in the economic crisis, including "bossnappings" where managers have been held hostage in their offices.
So one wonders why they are demanding anything from Renault. It might have something to do with the fact that to some nominal degree, that they are still in business and have something left to steal.

Remember, It’s only Wrong When Columbians did it.

Reporters Without Borders says the kidnapping of two French military officials in Mogadishu is in itself a cause for deep concern. But it says reports that the two men had posed as journalists prior to their abduction has both shocked and puzzled journalists around the world.
Some kidnap victims just don’t rate I guess.
The Paris-based organization says it has received a confirmation from several Somali sources that the French nationals, who had been in Mogadishu for nine days, had registered at the Sahafi Hotel as journalists. Early Tuesday, nearly a dozen gunmen in a pick-up truck burst into the hotel and took the men away at gunpoint. After the abduction, the hotel registry was reportedly confiscated by Somalia's interior minister.
But the “outrage” barely registers. The mere inference that Columbian troops nearly sported red cross paraphernalia when they undertook the humanitarian act of freeing FARC hostages set off alarm bells. Security contractor’s telling a bunch of hostile goons that they’re journalists? Hardly – there is, at this point just vague speculation that they told anyone that they misrepresented themselves:
"We are trying to get proof that they did write 'journalist' on the registry. The manager of the hotel said it and also our correspondent got that information. We are very concerned because journalists are accused of being spies for other governments," Le Coz said. " We are trying to make people understand that they are not spies.
In other words, this story is about a rumor of what random, normally enraged folk living in a stateless corner of beautiful downtown nowhere told someone somewhere. Since Tintin and the gang deem their word more reliable than anyone elses’ especially if they aren’t likely seeding a story for al-Shabab, why would anyone think anything less of it?

As if Babs Wasn’t Already Working the Donkey Show

Strangely enough, in the media landscape of the left’s mind, the rattlings on by Barbara Walters and the soup chickens on her TV lecturn, this kind of thing is actually found relevant – a sort of “cultural conversation” which we are told is broadening and enlivening.

Of course the idea here is that they find ways of talking about themselves whenever possible, imagining that we care about how they like or don’t like to get schtupped, as though it’s some sort of analogue of the people. The gals on The View, we are to believe are the Ur-Women of planet earth. Sorry. It’s been done, girls. That shark has long been jumped, satirized, and satyrized:

Babs’ thoughts on spelunking are as yet unknown.

14 July 2009

If this Kind of thing is the First Draft of History, I fear for their Future

This weekend whilst leafing through the news, I found myself looking for written evidence of something I had heard from an international broadcaster which seemed to me like a stunning breakthrough for the slow-moving world of media in Europe. The Polish will actually be privatizing their state-run media. Period. End of story.

The largest communications conduit in their language can no longer ever be commandeered by an elected official. It’s a stunning development for an environment like the EU, and exhibits a shockingly high level of trust that a society can have for its’ population by European standards. I’m quite sure Natalie and Co. are over the moon about it too.

However, as of Sunday, there was little to be found about it from the big news agencies, with one rather schizophrenic report where it is buried in an item about a politician who once associated himself with people who turned out to be garden-variety European neo-fascists.

Adding to the confusion, members of TVP's own supervisory board turned against Farfal last week, suspending him and replacing him with a former deputy. But the government, though keen to oust Farfal, branded that move technically invalid.

Grad accused Farfal and what he called TVP's "highly politicised" supervisory board of wasting public money.

"The situation (at TVP) is bad but the easiest way to resolve it is for President Kaczynski to sign the new media bill now waiting on his desk," said Grad.

Apart from making it easier to remove Farfal from his post, the new bill would cut back state funding for public media, scrap Poland's national television and radio licence fee and prepare TVP for digitalisation.
With an amazing lack of self awareness the report even made a point of telling us that the two stories were not related, a mere few paragraphs after defaming privatization through association – a strange thing for an international, non-state media racket like Reuters to report.

It’s really strange, actually, to see how some reporters’ minds operate in the vacuum like that. The ideological position held by the inverse of the target of this story is precisely the one normally all about the defending of a potent state media with as little editorial and information gathering competition as possible.
Grad accused Farfal and what he called TVP's "highly politicised" supervisory board of wasting public money.
- something that has never seemed to bother the European left for a moment, so long as it operated in the narrowing of the public realm around the socialist world view, but here we see an interesting development: a nation where the dominant parties in political society in agreement about the role of freedom of speech and the state.

Once you scrape away the statements and the window dressing that comes out of every other state-related media source in Europe, the move by the Poles is as radical as it gets. Compared to the government reigned-in oligarchs that operate Russia’s supposed “independent” media, it simply stunning.

So the question remains why something that big could be fumbling around with so little relevance in some writers’ head, that IT isn’t the lead item or a story of its’ own.

Think about it – the French and the British – two of the societies with a past history of the proponency of freedom of expression, and both with no shortage of understanding of the burden and suspicion that a state-run media can burden a society with STILL have state run media establishments, but Poland is simply disposing of theirs for precisely the right reasons.
But the story gets bound up with a near press-release style political folly. Is it ignorance? An inability to place the meaning of it in any sort of perspective? One can only speculate.

Because it’s a Cartel and not a State

If the EU isn’t a federalist entity with a partition of powers, then what the hell Is it? A German court strikes down as unconstitutional the establishment of an EU military, one of the sort of essential institutions of a state along with a plausible and respected justice system.

First, Germany’s constitutional court takes a clear stance on sovereignty. Ultimate authority always has to rest in a single place – and that is the member state for now. If you wanted to transfer sovereignty to the EU, you would have to dump your national constitution and adopt a European version in its place. As this is not going to happen, the court, in effect, ruled that all sovereignty in the EU is national. Power may be shared, but sovereignty may not.
“Power may be shared, but sovereignty may not.” Think about that. With no visible line between the superstate (the Federation) and the member state that anyone will trust, it really isn’t that hard to see how a court cannot see where exactly it’s national body of law fits into the odd beast.
Second, the court does not recognise the European parliament as a genuine legislature, representing the will of a single European people, but as a representative body of member states. A particular criticism made by the court is that the European parliament does not behave like a true parliament. There is no formal opposition. There is no grouping that supports a government. While the Lisbon treaty increases the powers of the European parliament, it does not, in the court’s view, fix its ultimate short-coming: that the parliament does not constitute an effective control of EU executive power.
Which reflects rather badly on those who criticized the criticism of the Lisbon treaty as lawful, but not a solid basis of a nation state. Which is entirely correct – the distinction between a treaty between states and state formation is becoming even fuzzier.

It’s clear what the German court needs to recognize a higher power – a state framework conferred on them by a constitution to earnestly accept the legality of a power over them. This is not PR. It’s not a feel-good or even feel-bad moment; it’s a ruling. They want what’s actually right by law now so that the future isn’t fungible.

Anyone who you hear considering this ‘nitpicking’ or fussing with legalisms is telling you just how little they really think of law as the foundation of individuals’ rights and of the social contract between an individual and government. Perhaps they’re the type that think mob rule is law enough – I don’t know. However it is rather clear just what it is that they DON’T know.

- Danke Sehr to Mizz Pam

13 July 2009

And to Think that it Only Took 7 Months

With the US “Health care debate” this stuff is popping up all over the place. Who should get care, really? Is the question that they want no-one to ask, bit it bears little difference to past arguments on the control that they would have imposed on man under any number of pretexts.

Hand the left enough power and you end up with them bringing up the Eugenics argument.

Forced abortions. Mass sterilization. A "Planetary Regime" with the power of life and death over American citizens.

The tyrannical fantasies of a madman? Or merely the opinions of the person now in control of science policy in the United States? Or both?

These ideas (among many other equally horrifying recommendations) were put forth by John Holdren, whom Barack Obama has recently appointed Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and Co-Chair of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology -- informally known as the United States' Science Czar.
It’s isn’t that different than Margaret Sanger in the 20’s, the Nazis in the 40’s, or Paul Ehrlich speciously warning and cheering on catastrophic disaster in the 60’s, but it’s all the same. The crux of the matter is that they think lives are the property of the state. Take on that “human responsibility” for society to the invasive a degree as to be the only source of medical care and you not only end up with rationing, but disposal to resolve the infighting that it creates – the competition for resources is made larger by putting every person in a fight for their life at some point. Only it isn’t the illness alone that they’re fighting, it’s access to the cure.

The question now isn’t who and why are they looking to eliminate? Sanger seemed to hate black black people. Nazis hated some more than others, but pretty much had it in for you if you weren’t their notion of the classical European. Ehrlich was hoping we’d all just hop joyously into the great blender of imaginary resource virtues, which is the train Holdren seemed to have also jumped.
• Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;
• The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation's drinking water or in food;
• Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise;
• People who "contribute to social deterioration" (i.e. undesirables) "can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility" -- in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.
It was, after all, quite popular. You could rant and get paid for it. You got to feel smart. You got to feel like you were the inheritor of all that mattered in this world, and take it out of society’s hands or anything larger than that, and preach a kind of power over others for yourself, but without the sctual responsibility of seeking anyone else’s consent. Then again since ‘universal agreement’ has been declared on the eco-apocalypse death cult – that one where we must be forced to ‘do everything we can’ one day, and need to engage in mass suicide to accomplish anything at all on the other, we already have the new meme.

Which is rather obvious from this one of his mere “good-managerial-practice” memo bullets:
• A transnational "Planetary Regime" should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of Americans' lives -- using an armed international police force.
I’ll bet he has a ‘hate is not a family value’ on his Prius too.

10 July 2009

Because they’re Uniters not Dividers, I Guess

Today, Vancouver Women's Health Collective have opened Lu's: A Pharmacy for Women. This will be the first women-run and women-only pharmacy in North America.
Remember: exclusionary behavior in accommodations of any sort is perfectly okay when you are a mindless stinking leftist zombie. Otherwise, they will smash your ‘little club’ or your economy, or get all ‘revolutionary’ on you or something, so long as it’s subsidized and a there’s a grant in it for them.

These gullible, insular fools seem to have intentionally ignored the horrors that decades of Marxism, that stuff that they underhandedly promote with a rather more Trotskyite spirit than ol’ Vlad and Uncle Joe ever did.

Now if they still don’t seem pathetically two-dimensional enough to you, they seem to also have a simplistic affection for the heroic naming of things too as proof for the cause.
The pharmacy was named after longtime volunteer Lucette Hansen, who is 85. Heart-warming happy feelings? Check!
Tedious lack of depth? Check. Autonomic reaction to reinforcement? Check, there too! It’s how a blogger ends up with more “ists” that she professes to than anything I’ve seen looking at history. What she doesn’t seem to have is any of the grounding that real revolutionaries have: namely some connection, no matter how false or tenuously they are sold as, which is a real job, or at least SOME sort of link to some real or productive connection to economic society, that thing that informs much of human behavior and feeds all of us. Instead we have a freelance writer who is likely getting work by networking like-minded people living off of the grant and foundation racket, after having had enough of a heroic looking make-work past to make that acid-test compliant CV possible.

What’s telling is why she thinks it a ‘feel good’ story: it’s no different than however many class-warfare arguments and the empty political tribalism that it reinforces repeated over the decades. It lulls people into accepting uncritically why exclusions and exceptionalism is okay when it strokes their own egos. As with cults and past leftist revolutionary movements, the conditioning starts with the paranoid belief that certain types of people in the world are after you, that they are all-powerful, and that any violation of your own beliefs in the combat against them is acceptable. It requires an exclusionary code of behavior, a sort of uniform, and other reinforcement tools no different that the jihadists’ head scarf or beard, or the fascists’ brown shirt.
The regime's most widely used tools of uniformization are the hijab
for women and the beard for men-both props in a campaign of visual terrorism, designed to frighten opponents and enforce conformity.

-The Persian Night: Iran under the
Khomeinist Revolution (Amir Taheri)

Which is a fetish no different than those employed here: hemp wear, fair trade this and that, and the other mainstays of the domestic revolution. An initiation on the cheap, the intention is to force on the believers a physical act committing them a little more greatly in their devotion, and being able to identify the others living in the same mental bunker and politicized social sect that you are. Ah, but how that exclusion and isolation makes them feel good.

09 July 2009

Face it. You are What you Bleat.

Georges Lane blogging on Le Forum Libre reports on the European left’s high level of sophistication, concern for the public well being, and thoughtfulness.

On 29 May, a well-organized leftist “commando” ransacking the conference hall of the Hotel Pestalozzi in Lugano in front of a shocked staff. The objective (successful): was to prevent a conference on pension reform organized by the Ticinese Liberisti with Ignazio Cassis and Jose Piñera. The Liberisti had received threats from communist and socialist groups before the conference. Gabriele Lafranchi, organizer of the conference, does not expect that the "red fascists" to get away with their violent action. The thugs have been identified.
As if calling people who trash property to make sure no-one they disagree will has a venue a ‘commando’ wasn’t funny enough, Lane goes on to explain why:
Jose Piñera, the guest speaker, is the pioneer of a pension scheme that allows "proletarians of the world" to access capital ... something that genuinely consigns the rhetoric of "class struggle" to the dustbin of history!

The leftists do have never forgiven him."
Because the the far left, a closed mind that you can claim is more open that anyone elses’, and open wound that never heals is more politically useful than actually putting some class in class struggle, and actually redistributing the wealth for real.

07 July 2009

The Left’s Frotteur with Totalitarianism Continues

Tacit new friends of O!: a clutch of dictators at their Alba summit in 2008: Ralph Gonsalves of St Vincent, Evo Morales of Bolivia, Cuba's Raoul Castro, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Roosevelt Skerit of Dominica, Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, Manuel Zelaya, Honduras, and Rafael Correa Ecuador.

Forget what they say, watch what they do, so the saying goes. By virtue of actions and political alignments, Obama is now an ally of sorts of Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega, and Evo Morales who operate in a vapid intellectual environment where the demonization of ideas, anti-intellectualism, coups, and open chicanery are what the public dialog has devolved to.
CNN (Español) using Zelaya imposter

As crazy as this may sound, CNN is using feeds from Hugo Chávez's Telesur network. Telesur have stooped to using a Zelaya impostor in a supposed phone-in interview with the Telesur reporter.

There is no question that it is not Zelaya and I am shocked that the announcers on CNN in Atlanta, who have talked to him so many times do not recognize that. The man has a Venezuelan accent according to El Jefe and sounds nothing like Mel Zelaya.
But for the grace of God, it’s where the west is going, and it’s going to that thuggish sort of society not by laziness, but by willful action in support of some strange collection of leftist truisms that is supposed to be some sort of social model. We are lead to believe it’s some kind of Social Democracy that they’re after, but all evidence of their actions show that what they seem to prefer is Communist style social control of the population with ineffective social institutions to complement it – a sort of failed version of the new Chinese “Socialism with Chinese characteristics”, except with Latin American style charismatic strongman leadership, and Barak Obama seems unable to see nothing wrong with it.

06 July 2009

Foreign Policy, as if it were Dictated by ‘Politically Aware’ Junior High Kids

The Commander in Chief is a buffoon.

If Richard Nixon had been impeached and convicted for Watergate, and then refused to leave office, until being forced out by the military, would that have been a “military coup”? Of course not. But Obama and many in the press are taking essentially that position in demanding the reinstatement of Honduras’s would-be dictator.
The WH’s handling of the Hondurans’ legal removal of their own president is laughable. They either don’t have anyone at state actually watching what’s going on, someone ignoring communications from the Embassy, or they just have a thing for leftist strongmen. Then again, maybe it’s all just aspritational, and they need to hold to this course of action to head off any future accusations of inconsistency.
Now, Obama, who knows nothing about Honduran law, is ignorantly claiming that Zelaya's removal was "illegal," and demanding that Zelaya be reinstated as president. His demand is joined in by the Organization of American States, many of whose leaders, like Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, have either violated their own countries' constitutions, or likewise seek to eliminate term limits contained in their own countries' constitutions. ("A senior Obama administration official said the United States would probably move to suspend economic development and military assistance" to Honduras, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere).
Sheez-o-peak! Give peace a chance, will ya man? I mean I know it’s all about not trying to look like you’re siding with dictators, but do you have to side with dictators to try to prove that whole ‘image thing”?

Besides, what would THAT victory lap look like? Will the entertainment at the hand-shaking ceremony with Chavez be a couple of public hanging and a parade of Chinese discount missile launchers?

Breaking News: Russian PM Signs some kind of Paper

The White House is flailing under a pall of ignorance, disorganization and unprofessionalism. It has the air of an Italian city’s Sanitation Department. In a desperate bid to not make the US into an appetizing target, the president presiding over this embarrassment is trying to find a way international policy matter that will permit him to preach to the converted, and get visible kudos on cue: arms control. Now the eternally troubled baby boomers and everyone they’re conditioned into parroting them can take get sentimental about an old straw man from the malaise of the 1980s.

The president:

yesterday hailed an agreement with Russia to cut the two countries’ nuclear arsenals by two-thirds as a move that would "liquidate the legacy of the Cold War".
The president said the agreement would usher in a new phase in US-Russian relations. "The new era will be a period of enhanced mutual security, economic security and improved relations," he said.
It’s an old dream, this age of Aquarius business where we want to buy the world a Coke and keep it company, or like, whatever.
Under the agreement, the United States and Russia will reduce the two countries’ nuclear arsenals to an agreed upon range of 1,700 to 2,200 warheads. The United States currently has about 7,000 strategic nuclear weapons, Russia about 6,000.
The president in question is George Bush, and by virtue of ideological fanaticism and blindness unparalleled since Mao’s cultural revolution, it was not considered at all, and immediately identified as a bad idea based solely on the ideological reflexes of the press.

Now, it will be called “historic”, “brilliant”, and any other superlatives that are available for rent. Absent is the fact that Moscow signs things that look great in the news (such as the Kyoto accord, or as agreed with the EU on the Georgia adventure,) with no intention of actually abiding by them.

Evidently the fact that this nearly always happens isn’t enough evidence for the press to be skeptical about Obama’s childish bid for good publicity. He’s such a lightweight, his office is acting as though this is no different than cutting a ribbon at a kindergarten, something that when brought to idly signing treaties undermines America’s plausibility and moral authority.

The obviousness that pandering wrecks the tools of soft power seems completely lost on the White House. “Seems” I say, because it could well be that they’re just acting out a holding action to prevent the world from noticing what a horrible state State is in.