30 April 2012

Can the Childish Snickering Please Stop Now?

Europe faces Japan syndrome as credit demand implodes
While they spent years wishing America ill, with the uninformed calling economic any news they heard from the US being a sign of some form of “original sin” that was unique to us, all anybody really has to do in reply is to allow Europeans to do what they always do anyway and wreck human civilization with their bizarre self-indulgences.

27 April 2012

Scrotums in the News

Haikou City, Hainan Province, People’s Republic of China: Altercation Over Parking Spot Ends in Death by Testicular Asphyxiation
the woman, 41 years old, rode on her scooter to an elementary school in Meilan District, Haikou City to pick up her child that day. When she wanted to pack her scooter in front of a shop, she was rejected by the shop owner, a 42-year-old male. The two parties soon fell into a quarrel, and then the physical confrontation. The furious woman called up her husband and brother to come help her, which resulted in a more violent fist fight. During the fight, the middle aged woman manged to grab the man’s testicles, and squeezed them till he finally collapsed on the ground. The man was immediately rushed to hospital, but unfortunately died there
Voilà, un peu de Zen.

26 April 2012

The Never-ending Revolution

According to law 26 brumaire an IX (17 novembre 1800), instituted by advanced-thinking revolutionaries in the 9th year of the French Revolution which is still on the books, women need permission from a health officer of the police prefecture to wear pants.
"toute femme désirant s'habiller en homme doit se présenter à la Préfecture de police pour en obtenir l'autorisation...". "...Cette autorisation ne peut être donnée qu'au vu d'un certificat d'un officier de santé...".
Get a little strange on the side, girlfriend... wear PANTS.

25 April 2012

It Must be That Superior Quality-of-Life Thing Americans are Supposed to be Envious of

Le Parisien reports that 2/3 of French homes have sub-standard elecreical work, and that it causes 80 000 house fires a year, fully one third of all home fires.

In fact a casual observer would call just about any property in the entire country a pit.
Of the 27 million homes in France , 7 million are at risk and 2.3 million are considered very dangerous, said the report, and an additional 300,000 properties can be deemed hazardous each year. The main deficiencies identified were lack of grounding, the location of electrical equipment (circuit breakers, service connections ...) obsolete equipment, non-observance of safety rules in bathrooms, and the lack of a protection against overcurrent [such as fuses or circuit breakers].
The damage is valued at €1 billion per year, not counting the victims – 400 deaths and 8000 casualties annually.

20 April 2012

Strange Expectations

Three days after a man in Paris Metro line 13 near the garden-spot of Seine-Saint-Denis brandished a Colt 45 “demanding tolerance” of the universe, he was placed in preventative detention.

The actual intolerance of the Metro passengers riding through that bleak, dumpy part of the metropolis with the cracked-up pistolero was not looked into.

18 April 2012

I’d Like you to Meet my Wife and Sister

While a European court upheld a German law keeping incest illegal might come as a shock to ‘Civil Rights’ types who like EUvian supersession in all things, it remains in the competence of the Member States to rule on.

From the weird, left-leaning Bild, titled “A Moral Crime”, exhibiting a surprising capacity to know what that is:
Incest can remain a punishable offence in Germany, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday. The German Green politician Christian Ströbele wants to make sex between siblings and other close relatives legal, using the argument of the right to sexual self-determination. The German tabloid Bild attacks the initiative, calling it perfidious: "When for example an 18-year-old girl sleeps with her brother or her father, is this really something she does of her own free will? Is it not always the consequence of emotional blackmail? And isn't 'free will' the vile argument always used by perpetrators as an excuse? 'She went along with it of her own free will' - these words are sickening! Incest is a moral crime because it is almost always associated with abuse and dependency! Therefore it's good that the EU judges have now decided: It is and remains illegal!"
Competence of state or mega-state courts aside, incest remains legal in France, and as you might expect, in the Netherlands, but not in West Virginia, as people fancy imagining.

The proponent of removing that “monumental barrier to free will” is none other than a creepy old man who came from the former East and represents “Green” Party, the one that came about on the pretext that it’s single most important remit is the Environment to the exclusion of everything else that doesn’t matter.

Don’t ask them about your free will when it comes to NOT recycling, driving a real car of any sort, GMOs, generating affordable energy, or using it for that matter... the “unfairness” of incest beingt unlawful must be one of those things that “was gesagt werden muss” that German leftists just can’t hold in.

Outside of the usual desire to promote perversion, I guess it’s their way of supporting Europe’s cultural heritage.

17 April 2012

They Prefer the Absent Conscience

I've known many Europeans who very nearly seem to masturbate to this type of political fiction – in this case it’s spun around the fantasy papalism of a “President Santorum”.
“But do you pray?” the president asked.
The director gritted his teeth.
“With all due respect, sir, that’s none of your business.”
“He is not a pharisee. He does not claim public adoration for his devotion,” the voice said.
The president nodded. Could it be that God was steering him towards an ally, a man so devout that he regarded public display, something which would advance his career in this administration, as sinful for that very reason?
It’s appeal is that it makes passiveness and incapacity on the part of the reader seem intelligent and noble – somehow.

16 April 2012

The Wisdom of Men with Unruly Hair

The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.

Albert Einstein

14 April 2012

Curiously, the Word “Rendition” isn’t Being Used

At least not in the usual operant-conditioned dog-whistle negative reflex kind of way that Europeans are used to using the term “rendition”:
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ordered radical cleric Abu Hamza and four other terror suspects to be tried in the US, saying Britain would not violate EU human rights rules by extraditing the suspects.
Strangely enough, the British lefties defending Hamza likely convinced themselves “9/11 was an inside job,” while Hamza was rather proud of it being a “Martyrdom” Operation, as if murdering innocent, unsuspecting civilians made one a martyr on the level of those who have been murdered for their beliefs.

Ignore the revision and tortured logic employed by Jihadists and their (puzzlingly still active) “Truther” faNboyZ.
A Martyr is someone who loses their life as a result of religious persecution. As their desire was to kill anyone in America not supportive of al Qaida’s dream of a theocratic dictatorship, the VICTIMS of the attacks on 9-11 were made martyrs, not those who planned, executed, and cheered on their murder.

13 April 2012

Memory Lane

It wasn't stunningly foul, but tasted oddly familiar in a deliciously grim sort of way.

Ikea's bottled "Swedish Festive Easter Soft Drink"

It has kind of a mild malt flavor. The reason the DDR-licensed Pepsi tasted this way, was because the eastern licence-users refused to pay Pepsi to import the syrup, and wanted the formula. Naturally, the licencees of products such as this didn't see the past behaviour of the COMECON crowd as terribly honest in these matters, and refused.

Nonetheless, even in the worker's paradise, a corporate logo's appeal was even understood by the Nannies-in-Chief of the people.

12 April 2012

Tal der Ahnungslosen

Swiss valley proudly turns down the prospect of finding more than a billion dollars’ worth of gold under the feet of its’ inbred villagers. Why bother when you can pick the pockets of the world's poor whose dictators and cleptocrats have left their stolen goods in your banks?
There are no ski lifts or chalets and the only tourists who come here are fishermen, cross-country skiers and hunters in search of red deer and chamois.

"The mine would have been very positive. Look at this picture," he said, pointing at a black and white print of the village from 60 years ago, showing two children in grubby smocks playing in an unpaved back alley lined with wooden-tiled houses.

"If nothing new happens here, the valley will go back to how it was then. There'll be no future for young people. The village is dying but people here are only thinking from one day to the next," said Mr Boehm, a German who has lived in Switzerland for 18 years.
How very romantic. Look, the Swiss are different. The "Culture" page of the paper is the business section, and vice versa, despite the 3 or 4 people still living the rural existence. Despite this, their lethargy is rife. It seems that only out of habit do they use the term “for our children” when the once otherwise enthusiastic womenfolk themselves are aiding in their demographic decline by not popping out that many future bankers and hedge fund managers anyway.
"The population is declining – there were 850 people living here in the 1960s – so we are looking for new opportunities. The mine would have brought fresh blood. We cannot stay as a museum – we need a future for our young people. To do nothing is not an option – that way we will just continue to die as a community."

Such arguments failed to sway the majority of the valley's inhabitants.
So it would seem.

Petty Tyrant Menaces Toothless “Mega State”

Syrian intelligence accused of threatening people in EU capital

No. They really have nothing that can stop them.

11 April 2012

“Resets,” “Smart Diplomacy”, and other Hopelessly Pathetic Amateurisms

Everything was supposed to be different. The earth was supposed to be healed by dint of Obama’s very being. Europeans thought they had a man in the White House who would make the United States do their bidding. The “Reset” button, like some icon or fetish, was taken on a pilgrimage to Mockba’s as yet un-renamed Red Square.

And the Russians and those Europreans previously so passive-aggressive with the US laughed at their good fortune of finding people they could chump at Foggy Bottom and the White House. Then, like in the stages of grief, came to the realization that the world’s governments are not there to serve their fake and irrelevant policy objectives, or the notion that it remain the rest of the world’s obligation to secure their stability and well-being.
In the last few months anti-American propaganda made forceful comeback in the Russian media. Many thought it was just electioneering in the run-up to the March presidential elections. But that was too optimistic, it seems. In the last few weeks things became even more heated. NTV, a Russian TV channel owned by Gazprom Media, has been following US ambassador Michael McFaul pretty much everywhere, which lead to an outburst of indignation from McFaul, as well as accusations that his phone (and therefore calendar) is hacked, and a formal US State Department protest over the harassment of the US ambassador. McFaul also claimed that upon arrival to Moscow last January he felt like he was back in the Cold War and that ’it has been surprising that there was so much anti-Americanism, because we thought we were building a different kind of relationship, and it makes some people nervous that it could so quickly and reflexively go back to – in terms of rhetoric – an era that we thought was behind us’. Then, on a different occasion, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov called McFaul ‘arrogant’. In other words, the dismantlement of what was considered a key achivement of the reset is well advanced.
What’s painfully obvious is that it’s the Russian, not the America of either George Bush or Barack Obama that remains stuck in a cold-war mentality.

10 April 2012

We Can Learn from the Germans

In more than one German State (Länder) that I’m familiar with, you need not just a phot ID to vote, but a photo VOTER ID to demonstrate you’re an eligible voter.

In Obama’s America, though...:

09 April 2012

House Organ run by Stasi Retirees Blames Jews for being Insulted

This cartoon appeared in Neues Deutschland, which was the house organ of the SED, the east German Communist party. Following the collapse of the regime it’s been owned by its successor, the Democratic Socialism Party (PDS), which is part of the unctuous Die Linke

Bat: "what must be said". That Grass meant by this, has to do with his notion that Israel is to be balmed for Iranians seeking nukes.

Wow! And to think that I believed their apologists who insist that the Iranians just want "peaceful atomic science" !

They are the only German party today to run a daily newspaper. So this defense of, and apologia for Gűnter Grass by these jokers.

08 April 2012

I’m going to make an Exception to my Usual Respect for the Aged

Günter Grass is a douchebag.

Observing Hermann illucidates:
But what we do do is regularly transform a little imaginary something we call “collective guilt” (World War II guilt, there is no such thing as Communist East Germany guilt) into new products (poems) with new perpetrators (Israel) which we market at irregular intervals to cover our countrymen’s never-ending demand for ritual redemption which of course will never be satisfied, or so we lead them (and us) to believe.
Having watched Grass' strange attempt to make things better on the Tagesschau has not been as entertaining as much as it has been a confirmation of his arrogance and detatchment from human morilaty.

07 April 2012

We Were Told that they are the Happiest People on Earth

Maybe they should call this a “happy riot”.
Aarhus police have detained a total of 82 people in connection with left-wing demonstrations in Denmark's second city.

Fifty left-wing activists were detained after refusing to leave an area near Mølleparken in Aarhus where some 200 Danish and international far right-wingers had been holding a demonstration.

Prior to that arrests were made when a large group of black-clad activists split off from a main anti-racism demonstration and attacked police in an attempt to reach the far right-wing demonstration.

“About 100 activists left the peaceful demonstration. In an attempt to get to the other demonstration at Mølleparken. They attacked police with cobblestones,” says Georg Husted of the East Jutland Police.
Elsewhere, Danish officials try to stop an arms race.

06 April 2012

“Girl Power” at a Glance

As if a UN Committee would weep about this or any other incidence of Male Genital Mutilation or hear the BBC drone on and on about “MGM”.
The victim, 57, told police that he was working at his computer when Reber, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, “walked into his house uninvited,” according to a Muncie Police Department report that will make every guy wince. The man said Reber screamed at him to “call the fucking police” before launching her assault.

Reber, the victim told cops, first struck him repeatedly in the head before latching onto his scrotum and “squeezing as hard as she could.” The man, interviewed by police at a hospital emergency room, said that he “was in incredible pain when Reber grabbed his scrotum and began digging in her fingers.”
Please also note the unfortunate name of the hospital.

- Danke sehr to Herr Doktor Professor Arf

How is it that Berlin has Stayed Somewhat Unique ?

The accent is disappearing, and the place is getting cleaned up in a way that doesn’t exactly scream “you’re in Berlin”, but it has managed to live in its’ own past to some degree. Natalie Holmes writes:
Just over 20 years since the wall came down and Germany reunified, the city has, predictably, changed and developed unevenly. Some areas, such as the central tourist and business districts, have caught up quickly and are virtually indistinguishable from their more established foreign and domestic counterparts.

Still, there are areas that development’s claws have not devoured, and yet other places refusing to accept that homogeneity is an inevitable consequence. Of course, Germany’s capital has its fair share of multiplex cinemas, but unlike any other city I’ve lived in or visited, I’ve never actually had to step foot inside one.
Hanging on to itself in part is taking the form of keeping alive independent movie houses, particularly in the former West-Berlin which in the post-war days represented the first sign of a a return to both intellectualism and aspirational living. They also hosted domestically made films, especially independent ones, going back decades when even then studio distribution was overwhelmingly powerful.

In the island called walled West-Berlin, it was also the broadest-ranging and least managed or controlled form of entertainment and exposure to new forms of the arts and thinking.

It needs to be understood that to those inhabiting the 2nd half of the 20th century, there had not really been an independent and thoughtful cinema culture in their lifetimes. Preceding it were two things: Hitler’s Ufa studios, and imports which were emotionally distant as they had emerged from other cultures.

While Holmes presents to us the beloved movie palaces that deserve their due, it’s easy to overlook the neighborhood Kinos such as
Filmkunst 66 near Savignyplatz that have been in operation since 1971.

This is what the film culture had to emerge from:

It grew to become an affordable means of entertainment, providing an evening of relief in the difficulties of people’s lives, to become a conduit of new ideas and the arts as times grew better. And it all happened a long time ago without an arts council “minding” it, a subsidy, and on the personal initiative of free people who loved it.

That alone deserves as much recognition for unique culture and unique thinking as many other things.

04 April 2012

It’s German for Solyndra

Actually, you can extend that characterization for the entire “green” industry in Germany. Solar panel manufacturer Q-Cells is going into bankruptcy as a last-ditch effort to stay in business, or at least not ask for more subsidies, despite only existing because of subsidies from taxes attached to the using of non-phony power generation.
Q-Cells said it would file for insolvency after failing to agree a financial restructuring with all creditors.

The company said it would request the opening of insolvency proceedings at a court in Dessau, eastern Germany, on Tuesday, although executives hoped “to secure the survival of the company” while under administration.
It’s not just an isolated case either:
Fellow equipment maker Solon and Solar Millennium filed for creditor protection in recent months, and Solarhybrid, a company that planned, financed and built solar power stations, followed suit in the middle of March.

A penny stock since late last year, Q-Cells stock tumbled 41 per cent on Monday to close the day on the Frankfurt stock exchange at €0.13 per share. The company had listed some seven years ago at €38 per share.
Further to ‘keeping it unreal’, is the imagined cache they think it has:
Should Q-Cells’ administrator decide the company cannot emerge from insolvency on its own, he or she could try to find a buyer for what is still considered one of the strongest brands in the German – and European – solar sector.

03 April 2012

Why Americans are Different

It is plainly different because it avoided the world view and the trap that Lenin defined to be at the core of his social thinking:
"Since there can be no talk of an independent ideology being developed by the masses of the workers themselves in the process of their movement the only choice is: either the bourgeois or the socialist ideology. There is no middle course (for humanity has not created a 'third' ideology, and, moreover, in a society torn by class antagonisms there can never be a non-class or above-class ideology). Hence, to belittle the socialist ideology in any way, to turn away from it in the slightest degree means to strengthen bourgeois ideology."
So for all of the “populism” attributed to him, he did not think that people could see the world in their own way and think for themselves. Man, he believed, would need him and his party, despite anything mankind has yet done or is understood to be capable of. East German Communist party organ “Roter Morgen” put it this way, in a similar bid to arrogantly prove its’ indispensability to an otherwise unthinking and humanity, “selfish” to retain its’ dignity:
In 1902 Lenin's book "What Is To Be Done" was published, which had great significance for the struggle against opportunism. In this book Lenin explained that socialist consciousness can not emerge out of the spontaneous workers' movement, but only out science, that consequently socialism can only triumph if the workers' movement is connected with the theory of scientific socialism. This connection is the communist party.

02 April 2012

Realsozialismus 101

Because it’s really Realsozialismus, baby!: dumpster-diving for something to eat in humanity's most elaborate welfare state.
Many pensioners and unemployed people in Berlin are turning to an unusual means of supplementing their meager incomes: collecting discarded deposit bottles. They can return them to stores or supermarkets for a few cents per bottle. But as the activity becomes more popular, competition among collectors has intensified.
Otherwise you know they’re going to spin it this way:
His supplementary source of income is only possible because of German laws aimed at encouraging recycling and reducing waste
But in reality, just like the #Occupy “movement”, they end up competing with bums and winos for sustenance:
Those who in the past managed to make money collecting the bottles that other people throw away are now facing increasingly tough competition. Berlin residents describe a boom in bottle-collecting, and there are stories about unscrupulous collectors who hover over people drinking in public, waiting to seize their empties.

01 April 2012

Making Beeg Trouble for Crazy Moose and Squirrel

It seems that “Radio Moldova International” is still on the air. I know how excited you all are about that.

Frankly, I never knew it existed, but staying true to their trope fit for Central Casting, they should be.