31 October 2012

Please! Please ! A Toothless, Shoeless America is Begging you to Tell us What to Think!

Where do a great many Europeans get their information about big issues in the US? From pointless shills like these who think Tina Fey is a political mover and shaker. Take comfort in the fact that the ill-informed are doing a bang-up job educating people who don’t vote in the US anyway, but can’t help thinking that they’re authorities on US society, nonetheless.

Outside of the expats whose actual attachment to the US is not very firm, it’s hard to see that the word “partisan” even applies. In fact the outlook detectable from it is only a slight improvement over the average German, who, when thinking about America seems unnaturally obsessed with the Cuban missile crisis, those “fake” moon landings, and that “stolen” Florida election. Either way, it’s a comfortable old-hat full of hate.

Stunningly, these bloggers are no better at seeing outside their bubble as the European public offered even less contextually relevant information from the media. So they shouldn’t expound on what they no longer understand, but they seem to anyway.

What’s odd about their vacuous effort, is that the authors didn’t just waste their money on a domain name and bandwidth, but include two guys who make a living appearing journalistic, and yet another who is a PR flunky for the World Economic Forum. This is how they ‘inform’ readers hungry for information on the US election – as it is this “election information site” is made up of little more than hot-linked info-graphics, jokey, self-pleasuring leftist position rants in German to those not eligible to vote in the US anyway, and graphics like this:

I’m sure the readers of Gutmenschdorf feel witty laughing along.