30 November 2010

This Just in From the “Things one is Obliged to Say in Public Department”

In other words: ritual parroting.

Some countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Norway believe that “these weapons have no military purpose.” However, given their proximity to Iran and Russia, Turkey and the Baltic countries are staunchly opposed to any withdrawal.
Staunch opposition presumably because... they have no purpose ?

29 November 2010

Gerhard Schröder is a Hypocrite


January 2002: "Germany Softens Anti-War Stance"

February 2002: "German Government Signals Support for Iraq War"


They were all so hysterical about the US, with or without it's post-9-11 foreign policies, and so besotten with pandering to the constructed Bush-hatred in their electorates, that they will lie to save face, if needed, over their positions, statements and actions. Domino no. 1 is Gerhard Schröder, founding member of the axis of weasels.

Intervening himself, indicating that there was a rather person sense of his convictions, the story goes on to report:
Prior to the new year the German government, a coalition of the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens, definitively abandoned its previous posture of categorical opposition to a war against Iraq. When asked by Spiegel magazine whether Germany would vote against such a war in the United Nations Security Council, Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer (Green Party) replied, “This cannot be decided in advance, because nobody knows how and under what circumstances the Security Council will deal with this issue.”

This statement provoked angry protests within the membership of the SPD and the Greens, but Chancellor Gerhard Schröder (SPD) immediately backed his foreign minister: “One only decides on one’s vote in committees when one knows the background to the decision,“ he told Spiegel.
In his Presidential memoirs, George Bush presented this matter as it was reported then with an open hand, (not a Poka face.)

Now the predictable German passive aggression point to a rather militant covering maneuver, with the very same publication, Spiegel openly calling George Bush a "liar" and supporting without interspection or curiosity the former Chancellor's specious assertion. In a strange attempt to impart more importance to Schröder and Germany with more relevance than it really had or has, they character as "an ongoing emnity", as if it was really there.
On Tuesday, the day that Bush's own presidential memoirs, "Decision Points," finally hit the shelves, Schröder went even further. "The former American president is not telling the truth," he said on Tuesday in Berlin.

Schröder was referring to a passage in Bush's memoirs in which the former president described a meeting that took place between the two leaders in the White House on Jan. 31, 2002. Bush writes that, when he told Schröder that he would pursue diplomacy against Iraq but would use military force should the need arise, the German leader responded, "'What is true of Afghanistan is true of Iraq. Nations that sponsor terror must face consequences. If you make it fast and make it decisive, I will be with you.'"

Bush continued: "I took that as a statement of support. But when the German election arrived later that year, Schröder had a different take. He denounced the possibility of force against Iraq."
I'd shed a tear for any nation that looks to the likes of Schröder to lead it, but it isn't worth it.

I’m Here, I’m Sober. What More do You Want?

The European work ethic, explained.

28 November 2010

It's a Death Cult

Two European quasi-thinkers write a tome about the world that they would like to shove down humanity’s throat, and then interview one another.

Smugness and the pretense that we will “all be shocked”, it seems has become a virtue.

Taz: Herr Leggewie, Herr Welzer, the economy is showing signs of recovery. Isn't the global financial meltdown going rather well?

CL: It depends how you look at it. At least greenhouse gasses emissions are dropping. I haven't seen any bankers dangling from the street lamps but the stock exchange tickers are up and running again, and trade in those idiotic derivatives is booming.

HW: It's business as usual, it's as if it'd never happened. Except that the bill for crisis management will have to be footed by the generations to come.
As if there will be no “price for generations to come” for what they want:
HW: Quite the opposite. We are calling for cultural change, which would be worthwhile even without a crisis. It still makes sense to reject the hegemonic culture of waste and the civil religion of growth even without climate change and economic crisis – and it's fun too.

CL: We've had a lot of very positive feedback from people who've had it up to here with the world as we knew it and who believe that now is the time to build a better world by pooling our resources. The political class has no idea that all around them, a new type of extra-parliamentary movement is forming?

What form is it taking?

CL: The Pirate Party, for example, or the climate alliances and new protest movements.
The morons actually think they’re funny too.
You obviously enjoy making apocalyptic jokes. Or how else should we interpret your romance with crisis?

HW: Why do people always have to talk about the apocalypse and loving crisis whenever you tell it like it is?

Why indeed?

HW: Look, I'll put it very simply: what they sell us as realpolitik these days is a complete illusion, because it doesn't address any the problems of the future – climate change, dwindling resources, mounting water and food deficits, the escalating global conflict potential, the exploitation of our children's future. If you look at it this way, it's the realpoliticians who seem who have a fondness for crises. Crises also provide an excellent opportunity to score points for tireless crisis management. This is good for distracting from the fact that there is nothing on the political agenda.
None of which is real. So, by all means, start up that entirely pointless and fake “zero population growth” movement again. Advocate mass suicide, genocide. Bring back that authoritarianism for the sake of man crap if you think it germaine. Bring it back even if you think it’s Jackie, Tito, Marlon and/or Michael if you think you should... Just impose it on yourselves, you noisy parasites.

Nor is getting caught up in every detached, uninvolved whiner’s complaints become an actually theory of anything, which is why you end up resorting to the only theme that DOES fit, which is that the Apocalypse is nigh, so hand over your dope and underaged girls or something.

Look, it’s very simple: humanity has heard this argument, and it hasn’t just been debunked by reason, it’s disproved itself. Interestingly enough, it managed all of this without the promulgators of the theory being “in charge” of it, or to their apparent disappointment, others.

But for the crown that falls for this routine, it seems that any kind of “sciency” sounding credentials will do.

Harald Welzer is a professor of social psychology. His lastest book is called “Climate Wars.”

Claus Leggewie is director of the German Advisory Council on Climate Change. Leggewie is also a member of the the scientific advisory council of Attac

27 November 2010

Hoping to Milk it Until Retirement, Were We?

Icelanders to the EU: keep it real.

Icelandic minister wants to finish EU talks in two months

Iceland officially started face-to-face negotiations with officials of the European Commission on Monday (15 November), but the country's justice minister is already calling for the talks to be concluded swiftly in two months followed by a snap referendum to bring closure to the issue.
Which is a real novelty to the who Empire building exercise.
Describing how the EU bid "fits into the dreams of the old colonial powers powers of Europe," he asked in the article: "Is this democracy? Tough questions arise. What are 300,000 people [the population of Iceland is 320,000] against the empire with a thick wallet?"
Strangely enough, that’s one contry that the vampire squid can’t really tacitly threaten with economic “alienation of affection”, as would be the case of anyone bordering the core EU would. They wouldn’t have to make a choice every nascent Roman province did before absorption: could they survive on the margins of an entity that would exclude from the arrangements it made with its’ pre-Borg-assimilation neighbors and trading partners. Pantalooned boffins with scrolls of rule to be read aloud to the local peasantry might as well show up, and they wouldn’t think to use the term.

Strangely enough, you don’t get hyperventilation over this blatant and naked empire making, but rather a population that are fond of referring (with a “my porridge is too cold” sneer) to the US as an empire.

26 November 2010

Pope, Gods of Olympus, Drop a Deuce on his Turkey

Europe’s George Washington, speaking at Berlin’s once-Commie-run Pergamon museum tried to sum up European values. George Weigel tried to sum up Van Rompuy:

Here is the post-modern theory of the triumph of “narrative” run so far amok that it becomes self-parody. Putting aside the question of whether, on present demographic trends, there will be all that many “children and grandchildren” to whom to tell stories of Attic courage, or the figure-skating gold medals of Sonja Henie, or the fall of the Bastille, or the breaching of the Berlin Wall, Van Rompuy’s European Story Hour is just that: a disconnected conglomeration of “narratives” telling no one compelling tale.
That’s because he was prattling on about “diversity” as if one could celebrate a stationary object, something that just IS, invoked Homer, yadda, yadda, yadda, thus as newly redefined virtues:
Courage, respect, responsibility, tolerance, a sense of the common good.
Evidence of which are hard to find.

The simpler question still is asked by Weigel:
What, in fact, is “Europe”?
The irony is that one cannot even begin to hint at an answer to this question without receiving a raft of complaints that one might alienate someone.

Coming on the heels of another notable address, the Pope appears to retort Herman’s drivel:
But Europe must also reclaim the fullness of the riches of her civilizational patrimony: “not only the Biblical . . . but also the classical, the medieval, and the modern, the matrix from which the great philosophical, literary, cultural, and social masterpieces of Europe were born.” Thus “the Europe of science and technology, the Europe of civilization and culture, must be at the same time a Europe open to transcendence and fraternity with other continents, and open to the living and true God, starting with the living and true man.”
By “true, living man”, I don’t think he meant “the animation you feel when your welfare payment clears at the bank.

25 November 2010

Almost a Whole Thought for the Day

24 November 2010

Another Exhilarating Dispatch from the Fake-Crisis Management Center

Another reason that so many Europeans need to get a life:

Last week Google Street View went online in Germany, after which isolated Google fans threw raw eggs at pixelated buildings in Essen. Enno Park defends people's wish to protect their private sphere in Blog Carta. "Street View is Google, no more and no less. Google can manipulate the service as it likes, make it payable or even take it off the Web. Of course building facades are public and can be seen by everyone, but that doesn't change the fact that these images may lead people to draw true or false inferences about my person - especially in small towns and detached house neighbourhoods. ... Now the pixelators are under general suspicion of having something to hide and are already being called crackpots, squares, sticks-in-the-mud and even fascists. Nevertheless it is precisely in its dealings with such Street View opponents that our Web culture shows itself for what it is. ... If we netizens can't come to terms with the Street View 'dissidents', then we are the ones who aren't ready for Street View."
That’s what dissent and argumentative debate have now boiled down to in the strange little world of their zeitgeists.

23 November 2010

“We went it alone – and there was progress”

Even to Europeans, going into conflict without “Europe” is like going fishing without an accordion. Thank goodness for the boots on the ground for flipping off Brussels, because in their deeds, they want the mission in Afghanistan to fail:

The European Union’s high-profile police mission in Afghanistan is ineffective and suffers from top-down management from Brussels, where those without any knowledge of local conditions limit local officers in carrying out their jobs, according to the former head of Eupol in Kabul.
Yes, THOSE “internationalist”, lesson-giving sophisticates.
As an example of the difficulties, Vittrup says that NATO and the Afghan government wanted the EU to start training and setting up a 5-6,000 officer Afghan CID department. The EU waited so long to handle the issue, that Vittrup decided it was better to seek forgiveness after the fact, than to wait for the go-ahead.
And they imply that they’re some sort of divine example, a inspiring light in the world.
Discontent with Eupol in Afghanistan is one of the reasons that NATO is expected to set up its own civilian task force at the NATO summit in Portugal next week. Cooperation with the EU just doesn’t work.

22 November 2010

Sterile in Every Way

Aged, self-absorbed, and committed to being a evolutionary dead end:

The European Commission has launched a probe into an Elton John concert in Italy after it emerged officials spent €720,000 of EU money organising the event.

"A concert has been held ... from which the EU was paying money from the regional development fund," commission spokesman Ton van Lierop told a regular news conference in Brussels on Friday (12 November).

"A claim was made by the managing authority [in Italy]. We're looking into this. We want to know why this ... will fall under the operational programme," he said.
Do they really need to pay people to see an Elton John show? Of course not. But they know no other way of being:
"Cultural projects and cultural infrastructure can fall under the scope of the regional development fund but there are rules for eligibility," added Mr Van Lierop.
”Culture” as they broadly refer to it that requires funding and management, is not a sign of vibrancy, but of its’ stagnancy. It’s a natural progression for pasty old tarts.

21 November 2010

Hanging on for Dear Life to their Miscellaneous, Parenthetical Factoids

Bertelsmann is a near-monopoly player in German publishing. Despite sitting in that sort of catbird seat, they are pretending to do the world a favor while trying to pry open new markets abroad. One way they’re doing this is by running a think-tank in DC. It’s director, Annette Heuser, previously of their international dealmaking unit, rather transparently describes it thus:

We want to position the Bertelsmann Foundation in the highly competitive and fast-moving market of think tanks and foundations in DC by defining ourselves as a "Center of European Excellence." By this, we mean to showcase European best practices for confronting challenges that afflict all our societies.
Which is to say, to propagate their ways not by example, but by making great news of what others should be doing to be more European.

What fine examples to they have for us to live by and admire them for? News about themselves:
Europe’s Fight Against Human Trafficking
Middle East: Difficult Negotiations Ahead
As if some European that they can put a claim on were intimately involved in any of these things in an effective way. We can see how well a decade of European negotiation with Iran has gone: they were chumped – used as cover to build nukes. They are proud of their role as willing idiots that enabled an aggressive buffoon who gets a woody thinking of genocide.

Otherwise, the their object lessons for humanity are all about Europeans dealing with Europeans: as if their internal matters were any more remarkable that anyone else’s internal matters, and that we’re somehow supposed to be proud of the fact that after a millennium of slaughtering one another, that they are, historically, in an “operational pause”.

So what is it exactly that can make people like this go away and take their underhandedness with them? Applaud them, continually, in the manner of a faked orgasm until their self-satisfaction is sated? Or should we tell them that their peace, that remarkable example of the absence of them being their usual selves, is founded on two things:

1. Their apathy, and
2. The rest of the world having had to nation-build them into a functioning society that stops dragging the rest of humanity into their blood-bathes, they fantastice social ideas that include collectivist-learned helplessness, Marxist-Leninism, and Fascism. You know... because they’re “efficient”.

They should be deported for mendacity, if not their surreal naiveness:
But on the macro-level, the greatest challenge for Europe and the US is demonstrating that democracies can deliver in today's world. We must demonstrate that democracies have the power to guarantee their citizens equal access to health care and education, and provide security on a local, national and even international scale.
As if that’s what democracies are, or are for, or that the same thing was accomplished by any past or present non-democracy.

Some of it rises to the kind of pedantry that we’ve all heard first hand for decades. All the while waiting for the European side of this imaginary great love/friendship/partnership to demonstrate ANY action founded on their words, even WITHIN the European orbit. Take, for example, the years of absolute unwillingness that they had for removing the thuggish regimes of the former Yugoslavia: people had to cross an ocean to do it for them. Even today, they had to hire the Eulex staff in the classifieds because no European government was initially willing to commit a single staff person themselves if there was much of any risk involved... and that’s IN EUROPE.
Right now, Americans shoulder a greater portion of the military responsibility in the alliance. For Europe, the true recipe for successful transatlantic burden sharing requires comprehensive, pragmatic diplomacy enforced by European military power, if needed, in a conflict. Europeans also must demonstrate more convincingly that they share the ultimate objectives of the Americans even in cases, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, in which both sides want different approaches.
Prove it. Prove to the world that your beer-drinking German louts in Afghanistan have accomplished ANYTHING rising to the level of the number of troops that are there.

Are we to admire ANY of the things they do, take it as an example, and THANK THEM for it? The European view, quite simply, is that there is greatness in what we are to SUPPOSE about them, generically, as a people in a far off idyllic well-managed and programmed glass and steel utopia. None of it is plausible because it’s entirely undermined by their stagnant and stubborn way of never actually doing much of anything for other cultures, much alone for each other, while telling us all how well we should think of them.

Otherwise they HAVE to keep prattling on about a Trans-Atlantic alliance, because it’s all about them. It IS their defense, and it IS their access to any plausible form of relevance in the world, all 500 million of them – the wealthiest entity on earth.

Delusions arise from believing what you continually repeat. Theirs’ is that they’re relevant and indispensible to humanity by mere virtue of their being, or their history, or any number of things other than their inaction and misguided attempts to compete in the human-intervention business with rest of the world not for the sake of those they’ll help, but for the sake of those they think they’re showing up.

And if that fails, pretend that it’s all about co-operation and it’s a small world after all internationalism. Like this bit of coercion and blackmail:
The legislature's rejection earlier this year of the interim SWIFT agreement with the US was, Barker writes, partially motivated by a desire to establish a more active role in policymaking. This was also a reason for the parliament's opening a liaison office in Washington, DC, making the EP the only legislature with its own presence in the US capital.
What do they try to call that dynamic? “Transatlantic Power House.” Their use of power, your house.

20 November 2010

Jindal 1, Obama 0

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal notes in passing in his new book of his experience with the President, and that he was not impressed with Obama’s spinning moral compass.

On Obama’s first trip to Louisiana after the disaster, the governor describes how the president took him aside on the tarmac after arriving to complain about a letter that Jindal had sent to the administration requesting authorization for food stamps for those who had lost their jobs because of the spill.

As Jindal describes it, the letter was entirely routine, yet Obama was angry and concerned about looking bad.

"Careful," he quotes the president as warning him, "this is going to get bad for everyone."
And as if you could already tell, Jindal adds:
The governor asserts that the White House had tipped off reporters to watch the exchange on the New Orleans tarmac that Sunday in May and deemed it a “press stunt” that symbolized what’s wrong with Washington.

“Political posturing becomes more important than reality,” he writes.
As best as one can discern, that vapidity IS what the left’s ideology has been reduced to anyway: forming an appearance that masks their instincts and intent when it comes to public policy. 2012 can’t come quickly enough.

19 November 2010

Because Hating Happy, Normal People Makes Them Feel Smart

Leftist harbor a special venom for Sarah Palin, more incisive than other identifiable objects of their fixations and fears. S. E. Cupp writing in the New York Daily News plausits that Sarah Palin's happiness is what really irks liberals.

Liberalism, after all, needs to imagine an unhappy populace. Passing sweeping entitlement programs and convincing voters that big government is the answer only works if people are frustrated with their stations in life.
Of course there are always “the comments”, founded in reason, thoughtfulness, and so forth:
Oh, and one more comment Ms. Cupp. All of Sarah's smiling - it is my understanding that the village idiot is always smiling.
Because hating happy, normal people makes them feel smart. It also validates the idea to themselves that they are apart and above others. It is a defense against the possibility of anyone you disagree with ever being right about anything. It is an inversion of the humanistic reasoning that the hater claims to have a monopoly on.

18 November 2010

The Next Boondoggle

EU says joint-up energy grid will cost €1 trillion
I’m just waiting for the “hooking all of our windmills up together” fallback argument. As to large suspicious-looking “targets”, this has become a requirement in EUtopian bombast:
"Making the EU target to reduce energy consumption by 20 percent by 2020 binding will be crucial if it is not to be missed," said French Green MEP Yannick Jadot.

Parliament's Green group was disappointed by the commission's new energy strategy however, saying it showed a "shocking pro-nuclear bias" and dubbed its energy efficiency targets as "vague."

17 November 2010

Yes, Lefty, Militant Gay Bashing is more Important that ‘the Bee Crisis

Another potential large scale mugging by reality may well be on its’ way: since the majority of gays in the Netherlands are supporting the PVV, where will the “big-tent” supposed protectors of that group be on the fact that they see those most likely to attack them as also being a (specially useful) victim-group?

Klein Verzet

Personally I'd say that isn't so much the "youths with an ethnic minority background" as the extreme coddling of those yoof by political parties, mostly on the left, who fly gay rights high in their rethoric, but fail to act accordingly. Action. Louder. Words. Or some such...
Or some such. How about the fact that the nodding muddle-brained twits have been crash-testing civilization for decades, and don’t really care who among their supporters or political opponents they’ve hit?

This, my friends, is how the left make people back into the Classical Liberals who champion individual rights that their idealism compelled them to be.

16 November 2010

Those Bible-Thumping, Malbouffe Chomping Americans are Such Prudes

As if Europeans were just as likely to be fat, violent, stupid oafs as any other sample of humanity. One town in Italy prudishly clamps down.

In a seaside town in Italy, officials of local body administrations have decided to ban miniskirts and low cut tops to clean up the raunchy image of the town
In fact the entire continent is one big whinging, walking, talking Yemeni toner cartridge magnet.

Elsewhere, another “Daddy drinks because you cry” argument:
Rise in Anti-Semitism linked to rise in Islamphobia
You’ll note that those most likely to attack those assumed to be Jewish or Gay in the Netherlands aren’t mentioned: feral man-boys of origin in the Muslim world who’ve been fed hatred by cowardly Fagans, and violent leftist adolescents spoon-fed hatred by revolutionaries.

15 November 2010

San Francisco’s Sad Regression into an Evolutionary Dead End

Don’t get all surprised, now:

The stimulus money generated in Washington that came to San Francisco was used entirely to subsidize the pensions of city employees.
’Cause they’re all about the future. N’ stuff.

"We are the World, We are the Children..."

What would be do without the guiding hand of our patronly European cousins?

Last month, the joint “Media Academy” of Germany’s two public television networks, ARD and ZDF, hosted a three-day seminar in Wiesbaden on the topic of “Islam in the Media and in Society.”
And so forth with the kumbayas with the nodding, academic-sounding types that attempt to sound like steady-handed, thoughtful types known for an even temperament and the ability to clearly communicate facts. We are chided to thank the likes of you when Americans get that sort of “experienced” European criticism, because, after all, it’s for our own good.
Abu Bakr Rieger regretted lack of “thoroughness” of Holocaust, defends “justified doubts” about the “official version” of 9/11 attacks.
Prove it, you bearded clam.
Whereas [Andreas Abu Baker] Rieger emphasizes the Islamische Zeitung’s explicit rejection of terrorism in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, he is notably ambiguous when it comes to assigning responsibility for the attacks.
I knew that it had to be those Lutherans that did it. After all, why would it have been called the Hamburg cell?

14 November 2010

Collectivism Rope-a-dope 2.0

1.0 was Marxist-Leninism that DIDN’T require help from Hollywood.

Chavez promised Sunday to crack down on construction and real estate companies that he accused of unjustly boosting prices, which he labeled "housing fraud."
A grasp of supply and demand isn’t his strong point, is it?
In some mostly middle-class residential complexes, groups of neighbors have implemented security measures aimed at keeping squatters out, such as organizing around-the-clock surveillance teams and putting a siren at entrances to be sounded in case of emergency.

Apartment owners from one of the expropriated complexes — El Encantado Humboldt — issued a statement over the weekend criticizing the state takeover and throwing their support behind the company responsible for building the gated community, saying it never stopped construction as government inspectors have alleged.
Besides whatever happened to that Affluenza that humanity was afflicted with?
More than 1 million of Venezuela's estimated 28 million inhabitants do not have adequate housing while millions more live in dangerous, laberinth-like slums ringing the South American nation's cities.
Because a decade of neo-Communist coercion isn’t enough to cure the other 27 million Venezuelans of it.

13 November 2010

Keep your Damned Bribes

Reykjavik resists manipulation by the vampire squid: Iceland spurns €30m over fears of EU propaganda.

I didn’t know that saying no was a spruning. Do they really think that nations are anthropomorphic beings that have feelings and “sprun” as though this was just a movie date?

The idea that they didn’t want a dose of Brussels’ Spanish fly being taken as a disappointment says more about the EUvian outlook than the Icelandic government’s actual decline of the money.

It’s this simple: little Iceland’s democratic traditions make the EU look like Zimbabwe.

12 November 2010

You Effete Pig

”Firing back” at an idea with an unrelated trope has become the gold standard in (anti) intellectualism by intimidation.

Two books have shaped German debate this autumn. Thilo Sarrazin's book "Deutschland schafft sich ab" (Germany is abolishing itself) and "Das Amt und die Vergangenheit" (The Foreign Ministry and the past). On first appearances they would seem to have little in common, other than they are both published by Random House. Actually, though, these books are intricately bound up with one another, two souls in the breast of the politically-minded Bildungsburger or member of the German educated classes.
After all, both arguments somehow become equal because they came out of the mouths of “a class”, a sorting mechanism from people outside of those being assigned to one class or another.

Somehow, Sarrazin’s mention of the disinvolved and least educated not participating in the larger society’s social and economic life, and a collection of essays about the largely now deceased staff of Germany’s postwar foreign ministry whitewashing its’ past are to become about something else entirely. Were those Ausenministarium folk really elitists? Maybe. But was it their class and education that drove their moral failure? This is a question that one may not ask in a post-you name it society.

Which “class” is it right to appear to be after today, all you Besserwisser types out there?

Where then, should we arbitrarily deposit out judgment on the likes of that elite “class” called opinion journalists such as the article’s author, Welt journalist Alan Pösner? We may not judge right nor wrong in an individual for fear of sanction or being held to account for our words, which is how constructing invective for a constructed class develops so much appeal.

I Guess they’re Running out of New Material

Having long run out of fresh hateful tirades about the United States, one crank in Sweden (who wonders why Americans stop being so eternally inferior and take their instructions), has resorted to channeling the dead.

That imaginary contrivance being insufficient, he quotes a Swedish musician who used ancient, stale, contrived imagery that most Europeans have continued to gasbag on about for half a century:

I have seen your cowboys and heard your gunshots, fatal lead

I have read your books and drunk your Coke,
The fatal dead couldn’t even include Stalin’s, Mao’s or Uncle Ho’s. That would require a moral foundation of some sort.

More to the point when it comes to assigning roles to fill in the blanks of your fantasies, Olaf Palme was murdered in 1986. He is unable to comment on the use of his name when it comes to feeding someone’s pedantic fixation with the United States, and a mid-term election that had nothing to do with what he wishes it does to suit his recreational hatred.

He was a good man, I suppose, but he was otherwise a typical stooge when it comes to mass murdering leftists..
In 1972, Prime Minister Olof Palme compared the Hanoi bombings to the Holocaust, having marched side by side with North Vietnam’s ambassador to Moscow through the streets of Stockholm a few years back. Diplomatically as well as socially, the bilateral relations were at their worst ever.
”Bilateral” meaning what? While US-Sweden matters to Sweden, the US can’t waste it’s energy worrying about them if they’re founded on people merely parroting political opinions. Nations like the US are, and have always been more preoccupied with policy positions and real events in meatspace.

11 November 2010

Let’s Put Today in Context for the Haterz

Today marks the last day of the war when “western Christian devils” used disproportionate force to throw Ottoman oppressors off of Muslim lands.

You’re welcome, buttmunch.

10 November 2010

Iowa (Hearts) Deutschland, Soon to be Unrequited

I just love these stories that induce hysteria in Germany... A 19 year old German citizen by the name of Christopher Mettin decided to join his Ami girlfriend back to Sioux City. They forged a driver’s license and birth certificate. His forged identity, though, was tripped up when he tried to vote.

Behaving as though they live in a far away village where nothing dramatic is supposed to happen, expect Germans to be hysterical anyway, but the apoplexy will come from the fact that he’s going to be deported and, horror of horrors, wasn’t asked for his passport when he voted as they would in Gutmensch Land. As in, the opposite of their usual datenschutz style hysteria when they discover that there are Americans who are concerned that non-citizens, inhabiting the US legally and illegally, are voting.

Of course they can go back to the old “the US justice system is so cruel and severe”. This, from a country where you can legally be held in preventative detention after you’ve finished serving your sentence in the crowbar hotel. Yeah, whatever you say, Udo.

Mettin made a false statement or claim that he was a citizen on a voter registration form, according to the indictment. The indictment also alleges on October 12, Mettin falsely represented himself to be a U.S. citizen to agents of the Department of Homeland Security.
Right before they pop a blood vessel in their eye, they might think back to the annual German-press ritual of “declaring the American Dream dead”, something that they’ve been doing for decades, as far as I can remember. Strangely enough, Christopher Mettin didn’t think so, enterprising as the zit-faced punk was.

09 November 2010

Don't call Her no Hoochie Mama


426 Berlin finally merchants are finally catching on to a very American thing.

08 November 2010

A Festival of Self-Delusion

Don’t be mislead by the American mainstream media, or anything else you may have seen or heard.
Observing Hermann: Germany’s “authoritative” Focus newsmag was quick to declare the mid-term election “undecided”. I guess their hoping for some Washington-state democrat-style ballot box stuffing and “found” votes. All in the spirit of fairness, legality, and social legitimacy, of course.

But their obsessive-compulsion to misinform their readers doesn’t stop there. Another piece keyed in by the most unflattering picture that they could find of George Bush, a man who had nothing to do with the mid-term election, even by way of political ghosts, reads:

“The Democrats also win the Senate”


Just to illustrate what a great job Focus has done in informing its’ readers, we find to be rather typical comments such as these:
I am pleased that the Bush administration has received a shock and has to start thinking although I also know that a total reversal of the policy is not possible, but a start has been made.
I though the likes of this twit would have ‘also’ been happy to have heard about the 2008 election at this point.

Here’s another gem from someone unaware that George Bush isn’t just no-longer-in-charge, but left office when his term ended, in the fashion precisely opposite of a dictatorship:
Now the USA can move away from the warlike Bush dictatorship that can comes to an end. It’s funny when a despot wants to democratize the world, but at home undermine any form of respect for democracy, and want to overturn with self-made laws.
It’s painful to even try to deconstruct the sickness in that commentator’s mind... WHAT dictatorship? What “self-made laws”? It doesn’t matter in Euro-land: they are superior beings who (despite election reports) just KNOW what the “real facts” are, and are willing to dispense with democracy, reflection of reality, or anything else to keep their petty hatred alive.

It’s probably all they have to keep their dignity intact.

07 November 2010

Steal Horatio’s Book – If he ever Publishes One

Gutmenschtum cause requires flexibility. Flexibility, that is, with the reality of any situation over which you decide to become as theatrically outraged as those who tell you that you should (if you want to remain a good little Gutmensch.)

Sign and Sight, the product of near-monopoly mega-publisher Bertelsmann (AKA the Death Star of European gutmenschliche non-diversity of thought and opinion), takes up the matter in their unsalable digital form over a tempest in a teapot governing Argentine copyright law. Apparently it’s draconian because at it’s heart, it doesn’t exempt professional academic philosophers from stealing others’ copywritten work.

The article 17º states that "Every author or inventor is the exclusive owner of his work, invention or discovery, for the term granted by law".
Juan Bautista Alberdi intended for the copyright term to be indefinite, but during the writing of the Constitution it was decided to give a time limit, as done in Chile and the United States.
Pretty damn typical, and a good friend of authors who want to defend themselves from theft of their work by those evil corporate publishers, not to mention comforting the publishers enough to believe that if they print something, some ass isn’t going to turn around and give it away. It’s hard to see any publisher committing to print ANYTHING without that protection.

Alas, enter the outraged:
in 2009, something happened that no one in their right mind would have believed possible: the Argentinian Book Chamber filed charges against a university professor who was running a number of websites on philosophy. Among other things, these featured unpublished or unavailable texts by Derrida, Heidegger and Nietzsche.
Because laws are for vanity, I guess – not to be enforced!
[in 1913] Clemenceau learned that one of his theater plays was being played without authorization. After a dispute about the topic, the first copyright law was enacted in 1913.
The interview’s hero, Horatio Patel further bumbles:
In my naivete I had assumed that the existence of such a wonderful medium for sharing texts would mean that within a decade, the majority if not the entirety of philosophical writ could be available online. Which would mean that everyone would have a complete library in their homes, making it unnecessary to travel or wait, and that the 'books' could be leant to thousands simultaneously, and would be easy to locate. And finally I thought of philosophy magazines which are published once a year at most, and then only in editions of 50, which is barely enough to supply the specialist libraries. This would all change, I thought. Everything that had ever been or would ever be produced, could be published online. This was utterly fantastic, I thought.
Which in the case of copywritten work, can easily made spontaneous with online sales and e-book readers. However, that’s not good enough. The author or rights-holder must never be compensated for their work, even if they want to.

The source of his horror?
Horacio Potel's name was picked up by the European, Asian and US media. The case of the Argentinian professor who was taken to court for putting philosophical texts online, with no intent to make a profit, made it painfully clear that if everyone breaks the law, anyone could be prosecuted.
Picked up, because the idea of defending the hero of all great truths from intellectual repression couldn’t matter more based on the logic that the man wasn’t making a profit. He was giving away other people’s work without their permission, but that’s okay, because there wasn’t any profit involved in his giving something away.

Tell you what... I feel generous. I’m going to give you Potel’s shoes. How does that sound. There’s no profit involved, so we can all feel good and warm inside! Property is theft, Pal!

Doesn’t Horacio Potel realize that if the rights-holders of Derrida, Heidegger’s and Nietzsche’s work wanted their otherwise unavailable writings released for free, they would do it? Even Abbie Hoffman didn’t surrender his rights to “Steal this Book”. Even he understood that it wasn’t yours’ to give away.

You Can't Hug Kids with Nuclear Arms!

- with thanks to Melanie Phillips.

06 November 2010

A Xenophobic Lot, they are

China bites into Europe’s soft underbelly
Maybe they get something out of their paranoia when it’s laced with crypto-domination imagery.

05 November 2010

Continuing to Miss the Point

The Guardian, AKA the media mouthpiece of al Queda’s cheering section, mapped every casualty found in the mass of field reports stolen by Wikileaks. One of the usual masturbatory comments went:

This data should be looked at in every classroom in America.
I suppose they like the idea that children should be programmed using operant conditioning into doing their political work for them, but that aside, the commentator, Roger Blank is almost right.

It should be shown to every autocrat in the world who abuses their people – as in “this could happen to you.”

That aside, the morons promoting the potentially lethal release of informants’ and citizens’ identities in the Wikileaks war on democratic societies (that aids and abets the enemies of human rights) are no different than anyone else who constructs delusional, self-aggrandizing notions of who they are. Take for example this factually inverted political cartoon from the Guardian:

The US military using force against the imaginary “martyr,” Julian Assange? Grow up! Assange should be shown driving the armor on behalf of the world’s mass-murdering autocrats.

Are you Feeling Simpel, Punk?

Ein ganz normaler Deutscher, no different that the louts at Die Welt.

04 November 2010

To Hell with the Numbers!

About 100 protesting airport workers played music, chanted slogans and blocked cars from accessing one of the terminals at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport on Thursday.
Moronic, Selfish French union crybabies continue to protest against the solvency of their own retirement system.
France's unions are angry about the government's plans to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. They have waged massive strikes this month that disrupted travel and caused gasoline shortages.
Because it’s important to kill off what’s left of the productivity private part of the economy that subsidizes the leisure class exporopriation-style taxation and artificially high prices.

Everything you ever Really Needed to Know about the European Left

The are vapid, and consumed with hate.

“One World, One Enemy”
(From the German language Leftist political organ “Bahamas”)

It’s so palpably sad, that even some in the left get it:
Israel is the Schibboleth of the yet-so-close revolution, the uncomprehended shadow of its failure. It is the Menetekel that involuntarily both illustrates the minimal categorical conditions of communism while simultaneously demonstrating the beastliness of which the bourgeois national state is capable. Those who have failed to grasp the hatred against this state—embodied in anti-Zionism and antisemitism, both of which harbor a will to eliminate those who live there as well as the Jews who live in scattered cosmopolitanism around the world—have not understood the essence of antisemitism: the unconditional hatred of the idea of mankind living in free association. They fail to grasp communism as the riddle of history solved.

- Initiative Sozialistisches Forum (Socialist Initiative Forum)

03 November 2010

Prescience from the Top of the World

In the storied land of Svalbard, a career journalist who landed near the top of the world as he bounced. That alone is a blogworthy item (or is that bløgworthy...), but I digress. He’s brave enough to come right out and say what we’re all thinking when we see a news story about protestors on TV: what a bunch of maroons.

The cause of these folks, or how angry they are at these idiots?

They throw pies at world leaders. I admit it's a great photo, but I haven't got the slightest idea what their cause is.
That I share a fairly similar view of the likes of the adolescents at Greenpeace is beside the point. If the point of protesting is to be seen, gather attention, and sway the unmoved, the best that these snapperheads will do is make more people into confirmed carnivores.
Climate change is bad. But among the leaders and citizens who aren't convinced, are demonstrations like this and stripping naked by the hundred in vineyards more likely to advance serious debate or generate "hey, Martha, look at what those whacky Greenies did today" comments?
Whoever Iceman is, he is an evil genius likely plotting in obscurity to take over the world. The notion of inadvertently finding oneself someplace that remote makes me want to move to Longyearbyen and open a Burrito cart.

01 November 2010

Postcards from Pétainistan

Europeans speculating on Tuesday’s vote in the US fall into the old trope: either way they will pity themselves, either way Americans are wrong, either way they lose, either way they are disappointed that the US election is not all about them.

EU Observer features an item that they had hastily re-written to remove any reference to the fact that relations US-European have gotten worse because of Obama:

EU onlooker wary of introspective US vote
And why is this important to Americans voting on their own representation in Washington?
EU relations and foreign affairs in general are playing hardly any role in the US midterm elections on Tuesday (2 November), the European Parliament's top man in Washington has said. But any deficit in EU-US relations will have an associated "cost," he warned.
This in spite of the fact that the expected outcome will blunt the power of the left, a party that supported a president who snubbed European government heads and sent a bust of Churchill, the symbol of the strong bonds built between the US and the UK, BACK.
The EU has for a long time fretted about whether or not it has its due weight on Capitol Hill.
Join the club.
The climate change talks in Copenhagen last year, when the US left the EU out of the final deal-making, and President Obama's abrupt cancellation of a summit in Madrid earlier this year, deepened anxieties. An EU-US will now take place in Lisbon on 20 November, on the margins of a bigger Nato event which President Obama was to attend anyway.
Then again this will go into my bulging “whose country is this anyway?” file:
"There is a disappointment in Europe that on on many issues he didn't make a u-turn on policies from the Bush era, as the EU would have liked," Ms Guerot added.
What does it all boil down to? Self-serving narcissism. The “onlooker” seems disappointed that the EU’s interests don’t dominate the US’ internal affairs.