31 July 2007

Compare and Contrast

30 July 2007


Meet the Press Provisional Wing of the Peace Movement

Even with Blair’s departure from № 10, the unquestioning nodding poodles of the Jihad will not let the poodle meme rest. It’s probably the only one that they are intelligent enough to grasp.

Bush caricature: ...Do you want to be the special mediator for the middle east?...
Vulgar Blair-as-poodle caricature:Oh yes - I will!

The Just Called to Say They Hate You - Teil Vier

Running over the same old stale symbolism, even if it’s decades old:
Nixon, Kissinger, and Bush

29 July 2007

Sonderkommando „Frieden” 2.0

It takes a special kind of amoral nature and stupidity to think this up, and parade around calling it kunst, with that detachment from decency that let’s one use the subject of a murderous micro-sect who were the wholly owned flunkies of the KGB as part of one’s attention-seeking behavior:
Today they'd probably form a rock group rather than a political one, and Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof and Gudrun Ensslin would play death metal rather than live it till their deaths. On the stage of Hamburg's Thalia Theater, the RAF veterans have reformed as an OAP band. One standing on a tripod, the other on a dolly, the two erstwhile rivals Gundrun and Ulrike wobble towards each other. Physically disintegrating but ideologically in tact, the RAF setptuageneriennes pose with their Andy, who can no longer close his biker jacket round his belly of affluence, Bond girls and their manchild with the golden Colt, fighting more over him than for a new world order. From the bitch fight with poisoned love, a menage sentimentale
Behold: gentle, lucid, humane, and solidaristic EUtopia. The idea that those happy go lucky terrorists wanting to be in nothing more than a band if they were running around today is undermined by the fact that they weren’t a band THEN. In fact if they were “Active” today, they’d be Jihad-and-kill-the-system-symps like Richard Reed, David Hicks, John Walker Lindh, Adam Yahiye Gadahn (a.k.a. Adam Perlman) and the “European Citizens” in Gitmo.

Outrage Spared Due to Nationality

It took 480,000 homes to have their power cut off to get Gordon Brown to take a 15 minute helicopter overflight, (on July 23rd, when the flooding started in late June) and the outrage reserved, even by Britons themselves of George Bush is not meted out for this true miserable failure. All-knowing, all-feeling Euro-citizens in the bucolic countryside found lowering themselves to New Orleanian looter Katrinaesque behavior:

In Gloucestershire, where fresh water supplies have been cut after contamination from flooding, there was anger among residents after emergency bowsers were vandalised, leaving families without drinking water.

Yobs were accused of urinating and tipping bleach into supplies, deliberately running them dry and even having water fights.

Residents also complained that not enough water was being brought in. Some reported having to visit as many as 50 bowsers before they could find one with water in it.
Though the old standby of blaming global warming popped up like a gopher, George Bush has yet to be blamed. Give them time. They’ll find a way.

Back to the frame of reference... That elephant in the room... Katrina showed more than anything else that in parts of American urban society some have been made helpless by welfare and class hatred. In disarmed, sensitized, and socialized Britain, nearly everyone is.

Good luck with that.

Meet the Press Provisional Wing of the Peace Movement

Even with Blair’s departure from № 10, the unquestioning nodding poodles of the Jihad will not let the poodle meme rest. It’s probably the only one that they are intelligent enough to grasp.

Bush caricature: ...Do you want to be the special mediator for the middle east?...
Vulgar Blair-as-poodle caricature:Oh yes - I will!

The Just Called to Say They Hate You - Teil Drei

In front of the kitchen door: ”Ahem! The President is hungry“

28 July 2007

Sonderkommando „Frieden”

Doctor, heal thyself.

The Just Called to Say They Hate You - Teil Zwei

Pinocchio’s nose crosses the line under a banner saying:
”Presidential election 2007“

27 July 2007

The Just Called to Say They Hate You - Teil Eins

”Is everything in order?”
“Yes, just as long as detainee isn’t naked. That’s just to keep it clear”

26 July 2007

When Will the Press Realize that THEY Aren’t News?

Gee. I wonder why?

25 July 2007

Pol Pot in Prada

According to Ralph Peters, all you need to warn you about the worst possibilities in the future is to look at the worst of the present:

Malthusian linear projections never fulfill themselves (and hysteria is never productive). But, beyond that, the notion that Europe, the continent that's exported more death and destruction than any other, is going to just shuffle wimpily to its doom is crazy. The Europeans have been playing pacifist dress-up while we protected them, but, sufficiently threatened, they'll revert to their historical pattern--which is to over-react. Europe's Muslims may prove to be the real endangered species; after all, Europe's history of dealing with rejected minorities veers between genocide and, for the lucky, ethnic cleansing. For me, the question isn't whether Muslims will take over Europe, but whether Europe will simply expel them or kill any number of them first. Sound far-fetched? How would the Holocaust have sounded to an educated German (or Brit, or American) in 1932? Europe is a killer continent. When the chips are down, it will kill again.

Meanwhile, Europe's Muslims are behaving so stupidly that their folly can't be measured with any tools at our disposal. Even as British pols pander to radical clerics, the average Brit has had enough of coddling mullahs who preach the destruction of all non-Muslims (and closing the pubs). In mid-July, in Germany, the major organizations representing the millions of Turkish residents refused to come to a conference held by the chancellor to address integration. The Turkish leaders demanded--demanded--that the German parliament first rescind a new immigration law that would have prevented Turks from importing child-brides, isolating them as virtual prisoners and beating them to death. Oh, and the Germans also wanted new immigrants to have a vocabulary of 300 German words upon arrival--just enough to say, "Help, husband killing me." No self-respecting Turk was going to stand for that.
So if the pattern repeats itself, after insisting that we all “give peace a chance” they will again have to be protected and restored from without by people stuck with the effects and aftermath of their ideology.

Thanks a lot, spanky.

„ La Jeune Garde Socialiste ”

How to look like an idiot: make a simple case of your political opinions sound gallant and rebellious: give yourself funny and anachronistic names the way creepy Euro-aristocrats always have.

I’m in sync with you!

We assist, seems to me it, as the “Great mass from the rear” of Serge Halimi’s book and whom one can find in the index: “D.O.L”. I didn’t see the videos, but just read the introductory notes and some comments. I voted for the first socialist time at in 2nd presidential round for “none of the above” and against SN
[ed.: pacifist-leaning National Teachers Union].
I am more in phase with the speech of Olivier Besançenot and I make a point of specifying that I am not member of any “party”. As long as some will want to be khalife in the place of the khalife… It is really a question of knowing if a minority of people will be able to stop this steamrolling “fascistic” “xenophobia” neo-liberal even with (secret prisons where torture in “democratic” countries is supposedly practised…)

Are the media (TV and consort) controlled by arms merchants? Does that not remind anybody of anything?

Otherwise pretend it’s 1927 when you’re in your thirties trying to hide you receding hairline and the crow’s feet at your eyes. I mean do any of these twits seem at all “jeune” to you? They’re throwbacks to a time in Europe where even individual, unenlightened self-interest trumped their own ideology and even societal meltdown.

But remember, always demand tolerance and fairness in the midst of your calling everyone who disagrees with you Hitler. One commenter was keepin’ it real, or as real as it get to them:
Ne jetez pas la pierre à la femme adultère, je suis derriére.

24 July 2007

Sneers for Fears

The BBC has been whinging on The World Service all day about the US Federally mandated minimum wage (which only 0.32% of earners are paid,) neglecting the fact that the US has had a minimum wage since 1938. That was fully 61 years before the UK introduced theirs in 1999 more as a PR stunt than anything else.

The rise, long awaited in the US by those looking to exploit as many gullible people as possible with a “social justice” argument, who want to make the minimum wage’s use as a provisional and on-the-job training mechanism for employers as permanent as possible for as many people as possible.

23 July 2007

Ouais, et Alors ?

They can’t hack it. The “Little Eichmanns” who comment at Rue 89 can’t bear the very notion that a French public figure has anything positive to say about the US, Israel, or basically anything mentioned by their public figures. The Rorschach inkblot that set them off? A review of Sarko’s books in the NYT by Bernard Henri Lévi. Rue 89’s “good points and bad points” approach was more than the lurkers could bear.

Behold one commeter who found a link to a pud-cast piece questioning Lévi’s patriotism and nationality while hashing over the miniscule CPE reforms. I have an even better question for these clucking buffoons: how could anyone who looks fondly on the European left, the one that compelled Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, and Mao Tse Tung to commit real-life bloodshed with their academic arguments about how many dead it would take to make a proper socialist society question ANYONE’S ethics or patriotism from their Commophiliac transational mass-murdering perch?

Operating from the starting point where BHL is just indulging flatulent overweigh chain-smoking American trailer park dwellers, they can’t quite consolidate the comparative poverty of both spirit and material comfort inherent in their “revolutionary” world view which does more to kill and oppress than elevate from poverty of provide with hope.

21 July 2007

Month of the Living Dead

In the nation of Stepford Children given to synchronized operation meltdown in August, the businesses that actually remain in open actually merit a newspaper article.

August vacationers, like tourists, will have some difficulty this year knowing if restaurants are opened or closed. Some establishments that normally remain open all summer will close their doors on the week of August 15, while others normally closed this time of the year will make an exception and stay open.
Though more in decades past, the campers and overstuffed hatchbacks worthy of Jed Clampett jam the highways to such an extent that the folks even have a name: « Les Aoûtiens »... and they’re here to drink your blood.

As for the rest of them – mighty green of you to stick around, but isn’t it just because you’re broke?

Meanwhile Plantu emerged from his absence into a narcotics induced haze comparing Sarko to a winning cyclist doped up on yellow-jersey mojo juice of Sarko with an ever growing phallic-symbol of a news.

20 July 2007

All About “Peace” No Doubt

The left compares Bush to Hitler. Chirac compared self to Hitler.

Besides, I wonder just what ”combat” or “challenge” Chirac is talking about when he’s dramatizing himself? The “challenge” to do what? Steal as much as a sleazy old politician can?

19 July 2007

I Guess They Need It To Make Them Feel Better

They should stick to their colonic cleansing parties and various useless “race for the cure” displays of moral vanity. Hey, they’re just trying desperately to “keep it real.”

When Gareth Groves brought home his new Hummer SUV, he knew his eco-friendly neighbors disapproved. But he didn't expect this. His Hummer only lasted five days.

On Monday, two masked men were seen taking a bat to every window, knifing each tire and scratching a message into the body - "For The Environ."
Alas, the “greening” of Washington DC by resident’s of one its’ elitist, wealthy, blueblood neighborhoods: a hummer owned by a hockey shirt wearing kind of dude is vandalized in a neighborhood populated by people who are just now after ten years barely questioning the sanity of their “eco-tourism”.
He says some people who have driven by and seen the Hummer since the attack glare at him in satisfaction.

Neighbors admit they don't like gas-guzzling Hummers.
By the way, people like this disapprove of nearly everything that it’s fashionable to at any given moment. If there was a spa-treatment that could turn an idle MILF into a pitiable Andean peasant they’d be standing in line for the first time in their lives for it.

Meanwhile, Dad is pretending that he knows baseball stats, and REAL former Andean peasants are raising their children for them. They really should stick to their campaign for magical non-violent regime change in Tibet on the way to their “farms” in New England.

18 July 2007

Don’t Just Stand There! Start “Truthing” !

There was a plane, building, and fuel involved. Surely it was a hoax!

Those truthers had better get cracking and start "truthing" - to be intellectually consistent with their Aryan science that claims that planes, (if they really exist!) can demolish buildings and ignite fires at all - that is, if fuel, buildings, and fires themselves aren't just a devious capitalist invention imposed on humanity by Bu$hChimpyHitlerburton - because a “truth” from 2001 isn’t about actual events, it’s always about something else that’s been chafing the underoos at bong-smoking losers since 1967.

15 July 2007

Red, Not Blue

Celebrating the “strength” of the overvalued Euro, our intrepid Le Monde cartoonist can’t even bring himself to use the color blue. Instead, while favoring book-burning red, he doesn’t seem to realize that he lives in an export economy where their overpriced rubbish now costs even more.

This euro-bravado is funnier still given that it comes from a place where an extended global economic boom nearly passed them up entirely, and only now seems to be kicking in after about a decade.

It’s Really Very Simple: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose!

The radio 4 way: when you feel no need to prove your throbbing, pulsating hatred for something, and don’t even have a chance of arguing it under the cover of bad-journalism, you do it in the form of a play.

Called to Account!
Acclaimed play asking if Tony Blair was guilty of war crimes.
Normally, they call this broadcast segment the “classic radio play” which almost always ALWAYS revolves around the early days of Communism, the Soviet revolution, or some other subject that cramps the mind of the most fantasist of the left in middle age. They can tell themselves listening through an exercise in their self-pitying angst has some sort of traditional “classicism,” and as such something respectable about it. The incredibly sad part isn’t just the characterization opportunities that they use to throw in the occasional objectified American, but the “class struggle” Rorschach signaling that always seems to use an Irish accent for the oppressed™, but that the heroine is always a put upon young female whose role is rewritten from the original form of condescension as a weakling in need of rescue to the condescension as a put-upon secular Saint “empowered” in spite of the absence of the intelligence, resourcefulness, or decency evident on any human not raised on decades Gramscian organic fertilizer.

Thereafter, yet another installment of the self-absorbed “Women Sour,” in search of new and exciting victims you never knew were worth caring about. As I write this, they are presently hosting an “investigative” piece about the conspiracy that medicine has against women, and that the problem can be solved in some kind of grant or funding that they’re arguing for. Don’t confuse this with the “Womens’ Hour Drama”, which is more or less the under-the-radar “Real IRA” to the nominal radio drama’s Gerry Adams.

Of course they refuse to count among them the genocides tacitly caused by pacifism.

Want Fries With That?

French people are not against McDonald's. They are against the Bush administration," José Bové, the radical farmer and French presidential candidate, said in an interview.
How, HOW do you get to the point where you make something as meaningless as a retail outlet that is a vast sanitary improvement over the cruddy corner “Sandwicherie” an object of “philosophical” discussions, a bit of shorthand for a nation five times as populous that they refuse to understand, and a dagger of the mind?

Easy. Have an empty life, nothing to say, and let a unexplainable cancerous well of envy grow inside you that you actively ignore:
Last year, McDonald's sales in France grew by 8%, almost doubling its growth in American sales, which have also rebounded in recent years. Every 12 months, one out of two French people visit McDonald's at least once. Annually, they consume 22 million McDonald's salads, 60,000 tons of French fries, 32,000 tons of beef patties, 12,000 tons of chicken, and 600 million buns.

"We hate it and go to it. It's our paradox," a journalist for the French magazine Challenges, Alice Mérieux, said. "We're very anti-American in principle, but individually, if you're going to the movies and have to eat in 10 minutes, you go to McDonald's."
Things are truly hopeless when Merlin the Wizard Bové himself barely realizes that Mickey D’s predates (even “semioticly” in the French left’s banal tradition of illogic) the object of his weird fixation, George Bush.

It takes an infantile mind to associate a product, logo, or fast food joint for that matter with the characterized culture of a whole society. Nonetheless, a culture so obsessed with touting its’ own ubiquity of intellectualism is reduced to being blinkered by just that. To do otherwise just wouldn’t be simple enough, I guess.

-H/T to Valerie

14 July 2007

Thump, thump, thump...

Via American Digest, we meet a typical propagandized European who can’t quite consolidate the media plonk he’s been digesting and the facts: prattling on and on about the environment, he forgets that without America, there might never have been a movement for clean air and clean water.

What I do mind is that Americans are setting a bad example for everyone else; as a small example the streets of Britain are filled with grotesquely large 4x4s. I am quite sure the fashion comes from across the pond. As another, the Chinese might well ask why they should restrict their economic growth when America already uses many times more fuel than they do - and they'd be right.
Thump, thump, thump... No Londoner has ever thought for himself then. Eh? Is the critic’s assumption that they’re incapable of ti?
What I do mind is various American corporations not only trying to foist their Frankenstein food on us, but trying to make it impossible for us to tell that they are doing it - did you know that Monsanto are claiming in various court cases that labelling of food containing GM soya is against free trade treaties?
Thump, thump, thump... Whatever you do, don’t mind the omnipresence of that Europe, Inc., that chosen champion that gets subsidies, putsches, and industrial espionage services from the all caring, all fair emotional crutch called the bloated, overbearing state.
As for the last paragraph - well, personally, I don't dive a damn whether Americans kill themselves through gross overeating and under-exercising, filling their food with chemicals for short-term profit or turning their cities' air into poison gas - not to mention handing terrorists billions of dollars to kill Americans (and others) with.
Thump, thump, thump... Pay no notice to the man behind the curtain, the one that continues to coddle any dictator with natural resources which can provide an economic advantage, or for that matter, seven centuries of it.

More curious still is that the commenter misuses the moniker “Fletcher Christian”, try to make himself out to be a dashing rebellious hero who was in fact a thin-skinned, emotional pedophile.

Too tall, too short. Too fit, too fat. Too this, too that, and so on. Is it any wonder that the quickest way for Europeans to make someone detest Europeans is merely to call attention to their received wisdom.

11 July 2007

‘Ey! What’s Not To Love Dere Anyway?

Can anyone tell me why making fun of separatists is so much fun? I mean, it isn’t like they don’t want to get paid to hate the rest of humanity anyway.

10 July 2007

Yup. Everything We Do is all about YOU, Euro-man!

Goofy comments about the recent first flight of the Boeing 787 were sure to pop up out of no-where as they always do, even in “classy” publications like the Nouvel Observateur.

quel bel oiseau mécanique, sans nul doute les commerciaux de Boeing ont fait du lobbying à merveille pour atteindre pareil chiffre en vente!

Il est beau de voir la technologie au service de l'homme, les américains nous donnent une belle image de leur esprit de créativité, mais ecornée par bien des crimes.....
what a beautiful bird, without any doubt the marketing types at Boeing did some serious lobbying to reach similar sales figures! It’s great to see technology being put to the service of man. Americans give us a beautiful indication of their creative spirit, but it’s chipped away at by many crimes.....
circle! Industry, crimes against humanity... all the same thing because the American is an idea – one idea, one so many of these fabulous continental intellects try to fit in a single, very small box. One of their imagining.

The typical take by those socialized out of their common sense is that a business like Boeing’s shouldn’t primarily be about business, but that when it does succeed, it must have been lobbying. Talk about projection!
That someone would imagine (as so many Euro-brainiacs do) that every part of America somehow coordinates to say something to them and them alone is a rather typical recurring feature of the America Derangement Syndrome that we get so many laughs at here at ¡ No Pasarán! Nearly as much as the amusement the people who say that stuff give us. You know we’re always looking for that gold medalist in the crackpot Olympics.

- Merci buckets to Michael
for the heads-up..

Otherwise Returning to the Middle Ages

In Quebecistan, it’s always 1938. It really isn’t much of a surprise when you imagine just how much the province that has done so much to guilt trip and bilk the Anglophones that they have a hate-hate relationship with has grown into a complex of Cultural Nationalism and Socialism. So much so, they might as well try a beer hall putsch, and then seek compensation from Ottawa.

Brussels Journal Reports:

Some three weeks ago, in close succession, anti-Semitic cartoons – at least two of which appeared to have been borrowed from Der Sturmer – were published on the editorial pages of three mainstream newspapers in the Canadian province of Quebec. The cartoons concerned the meeting between Mario Dumont, the leader of Quebec’s opposition party, the Action Democratique du Quebec, with fundraisers who had traditionally supported Quebec’s Liberal Party – the party currently in power. Some of the fundraisers were Jewish businessmen.
That some of them are Jewish is more than enough to stoke these primitives who have in the past and up to the present day, have used their own “cultural exception” be a fig leaf for their bigotry, racism, and tradition of corrupt political political blackmail.

Soldier, diplomat, and statesmanlike Governor General Georges-Phil Vanier would be in tears.

06 July 2007

Crank up the Rationalization Engine!

And fire up the Heisenberg compensators while you’re at it! It’s time to protect the precious, vulnerable, and strategic yogurt production.

French business radio channel BFM reported, citing an unnamed source close to the matter.

'Never has Pepsi's appetite for Danone been so strong,' the channel cited its source as saying.
Yessiree, you heard that right. Rennet culture is a birthright! Not only that, corporate entities have grown emotively thirsty! Pepsi, you anthropomorphically alluring little corporate minx!

Uninsured in America

And loving it.

Any way you shake it, it beats Canuckistan.

Europe, Your Fly Is Down. It’s Always Been Down.

This is what a rendition flight is for, and this is why there is a Gitmo. It is simply because the US does not have the laws that permit nearly every European state to administratively detain suspects indefinitely – something that they’ve had for decades, and have used to brutal effect. Any questions?

04 July 2007

Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control

Al Gore III caught doing 100mph in hybrid car containing marijuana and pills, police say.
To the left, of course, this is the one only bits of individual freedom they show any sign of wanting to defend.
The deputies smelled marijuana and searched the car, Mr Amormino said. They found less than an ounce (28 grams) of marijuana along with the tranquilizers and painkillers Xanax, Valium and Vicodin, and the attention deficit disorder drug Adderall. "He does not have a prescription for any of those drugs," Mr Amormino said.
I’d take all of that crap too if I couldn’t escape the shadow of a disingenuous, messianic, and thoughtless father who wanted us all to turn back the clock on human development, and impoverish humanity while he plays with his “enlightened” MacBook and Prius.

Lefty Mental Masturbation At Its Best

Like the crazed American lefties who tried to prove to themselves that George Bush’s interest in his own physical fitness is some sort of character flaw which causes wars, you can always rely on Libé to construct preposterous ideas.

Some crackpot at Libération plausits that jogging is “right wing”:

More fundamentally, the polemic which is making a rage on the Internet on “running, is it right or left?” all started with comments surrounding the President’s running. Then on it’s the symbolism and further on its values. On the left, the author of a blog called “diner’s room” has a banner saying “No-jogging”. The reasons given are that “jogging is harmful for everything and in every way It harms your health, elegance, the way you walk, and the dignity of disabled ex-servicemen and prostitutes”

Quick to retort was Loïc Le Meur, a jogger, Sarkozy supporter, and adamant defender of successful young entrepreneurs who want to excel and take care of their bodies. Whether from the right or left, the argument makes
[fitness writer] Odile Baudrier smile: “We went over this on our pages a few years ago. Jogging, of course, is associated with individualism, a values traditionally linked to the right. At the same time, in the research of the wellbeing, judgment is divided.” One could add that the contact you have with nature makes it something for the ecologically inclined. And that as a sport [tr.: form of exercise] accessible to those with any income, that it is straightforwardly Communist. “Traditionally, French intellectuals always had a certain contempt for exercise, Patrick Mignon points out. Only the head counts.
To the contrary, totalitarian ways always stressed the development of the body. Between the two, one too often forgets that humanists of the enlightenment preached for a completely balanced education including both the training of the body and the mind.” “Don’t obstruct him, Mitterrand” the saying went.
Never mind that they’re mimicking the jogging craze of the US in the 1970’s, they give rise to nutty tribalism about the cycling being proper exercise for good leftists.

Of course they will find a bunch of nodding morons who will agree that his holiness François Mitterand’s name can be invoked here, as everywhere, along with some throwaway trash phrase about the fascism of anyone who hasn’t drunk from their tub of kool-ade. They always do.

Who Says Violence Never Solved Anything?

In looking for an Islington cred, Hamas is moving to liberate kidnapped BBC reporter Alan Johnston. Ironically, the clan holding Johnston managed this little bit of clairvoyance:

"Hamas thinks that by executing and terrorizing us they will achieve their goals," he added. "But they are mistaken."
I couldn’t have said it better myself.
Hamas militiamen have been surrounding the compound where the clan lives for the past two weeks. Hamas officials said it was only a matter of time before their men raided the compound to release the journalist. They described Mumtaz Dughmush as a "big thug" who is using Islam as a cover for his criminal activities.
Could it get any better than that?

- H/T to Jonathan

01 July 2007

European Regime Change Fantasies

A film screened at the Venice Biennale put on display the continental complex: a desire to be the wise euro-jockey riding the American horse, one whose failure has elicited decades of passive-aggressive euro-rationalization, euro-tantrums, and throwing their tows out of the euro-crib.

BHL plays one of the candidates with an accent only an American electorate would thing to overlook. As reported by Erik earlier from Le Monde’s fawning interview:
[director] Jim Mulhall: We set it in the context of a real campaign. In the United States, when a candidate throws their hat in the ring, their told what the race will consist of.
It is what we tried with Bernard: “OK, if you want to be president, here’s what you have to do to appeal to American voters.” At the same time, it was a chance to get Francesco’s opinion on the way political campaigns run. It was important for us to have a critical eye. ...An American president must set up his biography to fit that ambition. Very specific images were chosen, which characterize a modern democratic candidate to lead modern America: Opposition to the war in Iraq, but at the same time being strong and uncompromising on security to not to leave to the Republicans with a monopoly of the flag.
Bernard has certain points in his biography which point out these values.
Every last bit of this is horseshit for one simple reason: it looks at Americans as a bunch of zombies, and looks at a part of America through the same drinking straw use to resent it. Imagine for a moment the hackles that would rise should any foreigner, American or otherwise turned the same mirror on any election in France, Germany, the UK, Italy, or Spain. Imagine that the audience to whom this appeals (as predictable and easily amused as the voters this filmmaker thinks he’s writing about) thinking that their own elections are any better. They aren’t.

Spain’s last election for leadership turned on a population that caved in to terror. The UK just transferred power without the consent of the voter. Italy chose a party which has to live the threats, and is thus driven by parties of less than a thousand people. I could go on, but I wont. I’ll leave that to these film-makers who make a living gazing at other people’s navels. Get a euro-life.

Mulhall got one thing right: the American Democrats unwittingly have a light shined on their practice of looking and seeming like something will be bought off by the voter, everything like trying to pretend to their candidates being “common” (which shows you where their condescension places them above you in their minds), to “focusing like a laser beam” on an economy they had no part in repairing, to incessantly demanding social healing by creating as much class struggle, internecine anger, and resentment as possible.