28 August 2006

Redefining truth to mean anything fringe crackpots want it to

Bonus: “Peace and Love” covering for mass murder behind a pretense of public concern... As usual.

21 August 2006

Typical leftist racism.

While making the usual and perfunctory accusation of racism, Plantu dresses up black people in a racist mocking characterization that hasn’t been seen on the U.S. (or in any other of the civilized countries) since the 1920’s.

It’s typical of the condescending Stepin Fetchit attitude the left has for people anyway, seeing them not as individuals, but as members of factions for them to either demonize or exploit at the polls, turning thinking adults into their politically useful idiots.

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19 August 2006

How do you translate “knuckle-dragging yokel?”

Pluc isn’t adequately precise.
Yet another mayor found himself “empowered” by his inner imperialist. René Couanau, uhe mayor of Saint-Malo (35) in Bretegne uses the occasion of the commemoration of the liberation of the city from the Nazis to compare the Israelis to Nazis. A village scribbler called it a son message de paix chaque été (an annual message of peace in summer).

« Comment nos pensées ne se tourneraient-elles pas aussi vers le Liban, où combattants et civils affrontent les mêmes épreuves, sous le regard du monde entier • », a déclaré René Couanau. « Nous sommes en communion avec les hommes, les femmes et les enfants qui, à des kilomètres d'ici, mais si proches médiatiquement, revivent les mêmes heures de bombardements, de souffrances, de deuils et d'humiliations. »

“How could our thoughts not now turn to Lebanon, where combatants and civilians endure the same test, in view of the whole world
[?]”, said Rene Couanau. “We are one with the men, women, and children who though they are many kilometers from here are so close in spirit, must endure the same long bombardment, suffering, mourning and humiliation.”
He either thinks the Nazis were okay, just “misunderstood”, or otherwise persuaded to leave with sanctions.

But his notions are entirely misplaced. Imagine all the miserable people in the world whom he ISN’T wishing peace on, (like the southern Sudanese victims of Islamo-fascism,) and not tagging their enemies with the pungent gelatin of Nazism (a movement ironically found to be in greatest abundance among ignorant young Europeans whose brains have become malleable as those of the altermondialistes.)

How does he see it? Saint-Malo was bombarded to free it of an occupying force, and Israel (aside from the fact that it withdrew from Lebanon years ago) somehow is a comparable occupier which wasn’t occupying diddly of Hizballah-stan when they trained rocket propelled artillery at Israeli civilians.

60 years ago, they wouldn’t have been overcome by the irony, the sane would have judged the Nazis for who they were. They would have to be fought that day, or the next day, month, or year. They understood that it couldn’t be made painless.

FACT: the residents of southern Lebanon (especially the Amal supporting Shiites and the Christians native to the border region) are put upon by an insidious occupation that Hizzoner might be please to learn is called Hizballah.

FACT: the man is a tosser who isn’t worthy of the budget-seeking wine-buying British tourists who occupy Saint-Malo with their hard earned and abundant cash.

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18 August 2006

Smell the goodness

Have a nice day.

Notes on the history of a cocked up news business

Ion Miha Pacepa, Nicolae Ceau?escu’s chief spook noted in his 1987 book “Red Horizons: Chronicles of a Communist Spy Chief” that Arafat was light in his loafers. A proclivity the al-Aqsa “martyrs” surely would have appreciated. Their behaivior might temper the thrills of the Peace/violent revolt “Palestina” kids in Eutopia.

"I just called the microphone monitoring center to ask about the 'Fedayee,'" Arafat's code name, explained Munteaunu. "After the meeting with the Comrade, he went directly to the guest house and had dinner. At this very moment, the 'Fedayee' is in his bedroom making love to his bodyguard. The one I knew was his latest lover. He's playing tiger again. The officer monitoring his microphones connected me live with the bedroom, and the squawling almost broke my eardrums. Arafat was roaring like a tiger, and his lover yelping like a hyena."

Munteaunu continued: "I've never before seen so much cleverness, blood and filth all together in one man."
And this cold-war cold-blooded intelligence chief, who may have even been involved with a plot to kill the Pope, found him repellant:
"The report was indeed an incredible account of fanaticism, of devotion to his cause, of tangled oriental political maneuvers, of lies, of embezzled PLO funds deposited in Swiss banks, and of homosexual relationships, beginning with his teacher when he was a teen-ager and ending with his current bodyguards. After reading the report, I felt a compulsion to take a shower whenever I had been kissed by Arafat, or even just shaken his hand."
The collusion of the western press along with the Arab press about the nature and circumstances of his death and yawningly typical – much like this nearly buried feature about the meaning of individual freedom in an Islamic state like the one Hizballah is trying to impose on an inwardly and outwardly secular Lebanon: Iranian Police Destroying Satellite Dishes in Tehran - possibly to curb the local gentry’s enthusiasm and keep from busting out the scotch?

Not likely.

16 August 2006

BHL speaking truth to morons.

Bernard-Henri Lévy minces no words in Article and Q&A in the New York Times on the subject of the Hizballah-Israel war.

Q. 1. Why do you only paint your story from the point of view of Israelis? Why do you assume that Hezbollah is an organization that is not wanted by the people of Lebanon, if they provide services, have elected representatives, and are the only ones able to defend their country?

A. Three questions in one, dear Cornelius. First, why the Israeli viewpoint? Because only the other viewpoint is seen and I do not like conformism, much less injustice. In other words, it’s okay to criticize Israel and debate the strategy adopted by the military command, which is not necessarily the right one. But-a little equity, please — let one begin by listening to what Israelis say and looking at what they are enduring: that’s what I did in this reporting. Next: Isn’t Hezbollah “wanted by the people of Lebanon”? Don’t they “provide services” and “have elected representatives”? Yes, of course, there is no dispute about this, but since when would that be contradictory with the fact of being totalitarians and even perfect fascists? Wasn’t Hitler — even though it’s not comparable — democratically elected? Didn’t Mussolini provide the Italian people every possible service? Indeed, isn’t that in a general way the precise definition of fascist populism? Things get complicated with your third question and the idea that the people of Hezbollah are “the only ones able to defend their country.” I hope you are joking! For in truth Hezbollah has been bleeding Lebanon and has literally taken it hostage and taken its own people hostage, turning them into human shields with mind-boggling cynicism — a bizarre way to “defend” a country.
It might come as a shock to many leftist to hear any European to remark: “defend their country? Lay off the shrooms, pal!” But Lévy is nothing if not a contrarian when the facts are on his side.
A paid link to the NYT is omitted, but we have even better play by play from the charming and talented Phoebe. Enjoy.

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13 August 2006

Tyrant “larger than life”

A BBC celeb puff piece about a man who runs political prisons. His presence is “felt across Cuba” like a gun to the head for more than a generation, but when you’re the beeb, you ignore all of that.

They call what is probably a nail-biting cold sweat about a potentially violent political struggle:

For those at the upper echelons of the Cuban government, it will be a novel experience.
As is so often is the case the BBC (and an endless supply of lefty morons) eats up Castro’s PR routine at home without questioning it. Who needs democracy and participatory government when the Lider Maximo is both the government and the “loyal opposition”!
Mr Castro has never tolerated formal opposition to his rule. Instead, he sometimes appears to fulfil the role of opposition leader himself, haranguing government officials on live television.
Yum, yum, eat ‘em up!

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The Usual Violent Calls for Peace, Jihad, global Anarco-Maoist-Marxist-Leninist-Hoxhaism, etal...

Paris, 13-AUG-2006 – formerly a part of western civilization.

Taken by Hervé et Carine who tripped across this mess while on their way to the BHV of all places to pick up some kitchen stuff.

Hizballah and UJFP – “Hey! You got chocolate in my peanut butter!”

“Peaceniks” with Lebanese, Hizballah, and Palestinian flags. Flags from the former Iraq and the Soviet Unions, and flags with the image of Mao Tse Tung, of course. Cruise over to E-nough to see what these parading clowns think of “Peace”. Even though they only ever marched for peace as a pretense, they’ve shown an amazing lack of commitment to it, and show little more than an outright advocacy of Jihad.

Hideously White

Give peace a chance, will ya?

Love is... a warm gun.

Some dude named Erik (does anyone know who this guy is?) also reports that the usual hijinx and antics were also on display. Expecially the tactic where they pretend to be victims themselves. Apart from the fact that these folks are a gold mine for Psychiatrists because they’re trying to make other peoples’ politics personal, there is the phenomenon of tactics like that looking just plain stupid:
I chanced upon the sister demonstration in Paris. On Rue de Rivoli, posters of the head of Hezbollah as well as Hugo Chávez were carried. At one point, one of the chants the demonstrators yelled went "Hezbollah! Résistance! Hezbollah! Résistance! Hezbollah! Résistance! Hezbollah! Résistance!"

Also, a number of demonstrators, many of them kids as young as 5 or 6, paraded carrying signs saying "Je n'ai plus de…": "I have no more a home." "I have no more a sister." (I had to snicker when I saw one person carrying a sign saying "I have no more a grand-father". She was at least 65 years old.)
I still have to wonder if these dial-a-mob types ever get tired of doing the same chants, marches, and routine over and over. Why haven’t their message or their methods varied in 30 years? Haven’t they ever heard of “customizing” the protest to some actual current event? or, say, “common sense”, or maybe consolidating the inconsistency of what they always seem to demand from others?

Or maybe the immorality of their demands? Suddenly, they believe that ending violence is bad, the U.N. is biased toward Israel, and Iran and Syria are little darlings who have nothing to do with any of this.

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11 August 2006

The astonishing success for free market economics.

L.A. Times: 51% of Mexico is ‘Elite’.

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09 August 2006

Let’s find the composer’s leitmotif, shall we?

Clean, new, and completely posed. Staging the Inference of the injury or death of children without using the children themselves. Call it a passion play if you like, but what’s obvious is that this is seen as a defensible position that the photographer can “make news” from, and use the vagueness of the props as a shield against criticism.

Original by Slublog and called to our attention by RV

Toys are very western looking for blue collar/ no collar and muslim south Beirut. The children’s books are face-up and legible, everything but the magic wand of compassion covered with dust, all other fiberous material combusted or mangled... behold the Reuterization of news where having a “stance” on events matters more than facts.

These photographers truly aren’t sophisticated enough to do this plausibly. Quite frankly, they’re framing the images like amateurs.

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08 August 2006

Modernity ignored – lefty still unclear on concept

Posters in a fitting context, no?

Nothing is ever really free, comrades. Collectivism never solved anything, in fact it’s just a way to dump your problems on the anonymous other.

- Merci buckets à RV

07 August 2006

Decay at Doha: 'ambition' was strictly a one-way street."

EU demands Australia be biased toward it in its’ favor, and accuses it of bias.

Mr Mandelson said the EU was used to "ritualistic abuse", but until "we see everyone, all the negotiating partners being asked to the table and to demonstrate some sort of flexibility, we're really going to be no further forward".

Mr Vaile rejected the accusation of bias towards the US and said Australia had always been "very ambitious as far as market access on agriculture is concerned".
So Aus self-interest is somehow a pro-US bias. That’s a new twist on reality. The subject isn’t even the US here, it’s EU trade restrictions on Australian goods.
"The European Union's offer to cut agricultural tariffs by 51 percent might sound reasonable, but its tariffs are so high that it would make very little difference. Carve-outs for sensitive products would have weakened the result further," he continued.
Australian trade officials see the EU for what they have mutated into: the worst of their own citizens – fearful, needy, and whining.
Referring to the US, which last month refused to put further concessions on the table arguing that both the EU and developing countries were not giving it enough incentives to do so, the farm commissioner said "I am afraid to say that, for some of our trade partners, 'ambition' was strictly a one-way street."

"They understood ambition only in terms of demanding concessions from others, not offering them", she said.

Let’s not forget that magic Euro-wand that works with lefty ideologs far and wide too.
Labor's trade spokesman Kevin Rudd said Mr Downer seemed to have forgotten that his job involved diplomacy.
He wouldn’t be saying that if he DID some sort of labour himself which resulted in something that can’t be exported to that devine spit of land on the western end of Asia, of course – but surely it feels good to beat Howard or Downer over the head with.

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06 August 2006

Realism deficit

It will take more than one intervention in the “near and uncomfortable regions” of their midst to detach themselves from the public’s fragile egos. Discussion of a thickly European multinational intervention force in Lebanon, no matter what it intends to do, will only end up maintaining the status quo because it will be undermined. They will lose the war on the home front.

"European public opinion is as elaborately constructed as its cathedrals."
writes Nidra Poller in TCS Daily.
To stop the fighting, they brandish the pure white flag of a hypothetical international force with a strong European contingent that will somehow achieve what no pinpoint attack, negotiation, security zone, incursion, or UN Resolution has heretofore accomplished. Whichever way you turn these solemn promises, they come up ridiculous. Denying, on the one hand, the realities of blood, sweat and tears combat and, on the other hand, the totality of European attitudes and reactions to events in the Middle East since the onset of jihad-intifada in September 2001, these vague proposals serve as a fancy veil to hide the face of European duplicity.

For the past several years European governments, with rare exceptions, have elaborated foreign policy in terms of anticipated reactions from their growing Muslim populations.
The notion of deploying a multinational peacekeeping force that includes Europeans is a farce. They will not assist Lebanon in disarming Hizballah because their every action will effect their domestic tranquility.

If you think about the fact a handful of cartoons from Denmark was used as a reason to be outraged in the streets of the Near East, just wait and see what happens when French military units are duped into a skirmish or ambush, and to the horror of jihad's social Gestapo emerge only slightly bloodied. Libération, The Guardian, and the Indy will indeed make a point of showing their readers the blood on Europe’s hands during election time, and will go into contortions to avoid comparisons with the deployments to the former Yugoslavia. They will only end up tacitly inferring that this new-found concern for Hizballah’s “Minutemen” will diminish the regard they had for similarly tribal Slavic lives in the past.

Those moss covered branched of the press will surely give them a honeymoon for a while, and try to point to a greater good it might have, but will recede into their usual Dr. Strangelovian tic of calling anything of the sort a foreign occupation. They will look back on their kid glove treatment as hypocrisy as soon as a ballot box comes into view.
French military participation in Afghanistan is off the radar screen. French troops are seen with a tender eye only when they participate in humanitarian operations—rescuing survivors of a tsunami, bringing food and medicines to Hezbollah fiefdoms in southern Lebanon. José Luis Zapatero got elected in Spain when he promised to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq...in reaction to the Madrid train bombing. Romano Prodi is adored because he is likely to do likewise. Tony Blair is despised, even in his own country, because he actively supports American policy in the Middle East.

Europeans are steeped in diversity worship. European intellectuals preach dialogue with the adversary, concessions to the aggressor... they refuse the very idea of enemies.
At the first news of a handful of dead Europeans (or Hizballah scum for that matter), and the addiction to forming comparisons will walk right out of the AA meeting Jonesing for a fix.
Forces will either be staged into withdrawal by a sufficient amount of combat or be told to become withdrawn and given the same doctrine the Dutch had in Srebrenica solely for reasons of political expedience at home.

It’s doomed from jumpstreet, says Poller:
If you don't believe me, ask the EU's foreign policy man, Javier Solana:
"Asked who would disarm Hizbullah—a central demand of Israel—Solana said that the Lebanese could play a role and that he hoped a political end to the conflict would deprive the militant group of its rationale for arms."
It would be a two-front war: in the slums of south Beirut and in "the 9-3" that no political contortionist could escape from.

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05 August 2006

Obrador tries to steal what he can’t earn

And the loons at DU are wetting themselves.

Not only will they back any leftist who wants to steal an election, but some of them can’t stop blaming the Diebold voting machines in Mexico – where they use paper ballots. Somehow it’s also George Bush’s fault, and that he controls the MSM. Their constant attacks must be a dagger of the mind tactic, even when they wet their pants at the prospect of successfully engineering what ACORN couldn’t do in the US on 2000 and 2004.

Even better – and ad on the same page advertised 2 (count ‘em) 2 “documentaries” about George Bush Sr. having been behind the assassination of JFK, and George Bush Jr. being behind the left’s beloved John John Jr.’s plane crash by effecting the nighttime environment somehow 18 months before he was elected president. I’m sure the ground of reality has never been so shaky. Of course if you don’t agree, you delusional

I’m going to guess that they don’t call the Kennedys a “dynasty” or anything.

The fuse is lit!

Masterminding yet another tragedy

Qana – it’s almost too convenient, too melodramatic. Nearly too perfect not to have been rigged up. Even HRW which has a solid reputation to support Hizballah (Human Rights Watch having pursued SLA officers who were trying to protect their own villages from the Hizballah) studied the attack and revised the death toll down to 28. The press took the local militia at their word, and threw around numbers as high as 80.

Even HRW knows how that kind of exaggeration can spoil a ‘cause’. How can anyone believe that Hizballah loses no guerillas, that the civilian dead can only be women and children. How stupid does Hizballah think that “world” behind the undefined “world opinion” really is?

Now the Libanoscopie website (associated with Revue du Liban, a magazine known for following European public opinion like zombies) even reports the case from another angle, and a patently obvious one. The popularization, near celebration of the deaths of those people in Qana is attributable to the endless duplicitousness of Lebanese politics, and Hizballah in particular.

Our translation:

Lebanon awoke on a new massacre of innocent, the victims are handicapped children who took refuge in a building which was attacked by Israel.

Qana is still a strong symbol of “the Grapes of Wrath” campaign in 1996 bore the brunt of this again.
40 or 50 killed today in Qana in the South Lebanon. Horror.

But why a similar horror, was it an error? A premeditated massacre? A source generally quite well informed tells us:
“Hezbollah was wedged in by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s plan to deploy the Lebanese Army throughout Lebanon and primarily in the south. Thus the Hizballah militia would ber disarmed. They wanted to ruin these negotiations. It put in pace a Machiavellian plan to create an event which would enable him to cancel this project. Knowing very well that Israel doesn’t have the heart to target civilians, militants of Hezbollah installed a base of launching of rockets on the roof of a building in Qana, and ended up crippling children with the firm intention to draw in an Israeli air attack to create a new situation. Using the massacre of these innocents to end the negotiations.”
“they used Qana which was already a symbol of a massacre of innocents to foment a Cana 2”.

Presiding over the room, Nabih Berri announced that the negotiations with American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice were suspended until there was an unconditional cease fire. This was first demanded by Hezbollah, so it’s necessary to start again from the very beginning.
It puts into context how facile the affairs of the near east can be. Just as Syria was in all likelihood behind Rafic Hariri’s assassination, they used the oldest trick in the middle eastern book – they used terror, assassination, and the anguished emotions of a population as blackmail.
Even the loony western left get in on the act. They buy whatever it is that those they designate as a victim will tell them. They don’t seem to realize that they aren’t speaking for the victim, they’re providing free propaganda to the real criminals.

It’s the same old game. Israel’s 1982 invasion of southern Lebanon removed the considerable Palestinian influence on Lebanese life. Syria promptly re-armed then to maintain the status quo: chaos, duplicity, fear, terror. Over the decades there has been enough of this world view from the corners of the near east unable to deal with basic morality, modernity, and coexistence to spill out into Asia Minor, Europe, and America.

Hizballah needs to be defanged. If the Israelis don’t do it, the Lebanese will be faced with a horrible choice again when it comes to its’ own countrymen: to disarm Hizballah by force themselves, by some magic of political pressure, or to simply hand the conduct on Lebanese life over to them out of fear of another civil war. No-one seems to have had the power or the stomach to challenge this problem to date, so it fell on the Israelis.

Ultimately the existence of Hizballah’s militia is the cause of this war’s civilian deaths. Deaths that could have only been averted if Arab culture would permit itself to grow.

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04 August 2006

And now for something completely predictable

Normally, satire has a point. Sometimes it fails. Other times the premise and the execution is so poor, you hope that something that isn’t satire is.

Play your cards right, and you’ll never find yourself in a really tough room. Being a lefty means your adoring fans will forgive your humourlessness if, say, you throw them some red meat, or pander to them in some way. It’s much like those people who still call Michael Moore a Documentary Film-maker instead of an economy grade (and size) Leni Riefenstahl - pedantry is common and desperation is king on the protest circuit.

Apparently all those ragheads are the same to Terry.

The fuse is lit!

If you were El Hefe, would you wear a trucker hat?

Too bad no-one can find Waldo Raul. Since everyone knows Castro will live to be 140, maybe some eager beaver though he was having a putsch, and snuffed him in the interest of “the Revolution” (which one, quite curiously, cannot rebel against.)

On the rez they call that some big medicine.

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03 August 2006

Alert the gerbils' rights collective!

And those Brits who are permanently worked up about vivisection too, their Snidely Whiplash can be the lovable Steve Bell.

It appeared on the Grauniad’s Puffington Host knockoff site today. Will we be hearing crickets while waiting for the criticism?

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Terror cult clue time

14:50, Walid Shobat on America:
This is the only hope that I have. Where am I going to live? Am I going to live in London? Am I going to live in France?
the fuse is lit!

02 August 2006

Évidemment, ils ne sont pas dignes d'être Qanaisé

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, so ordain the flippant and Reuters. To the Mainstream Media driving the false creation of “world opinion”, factions killing Iraqis are simply fighting for some kind of freedom – at least from universal concepts of morality from what I can detect.

Several mortars landed in the district, some destroying a bank and an apartment building that later collapsed in flames, said Interior Ministry secretary Saadoun Abu al-Ula. The others exploded in the middle of busy streets crowded with traffic.

[ ... ]

The attack was the largest on Karradah, a mixed neighborhood but mostly Shiite, in about a year. The area includes the home of President Jalal Talabani and the head of SCIRI, Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim.

Police Col. Abbas Mohammed Salman put the casualty toll as 31 dead and 153 wounded but said the deaths could rise because many of the injuries were severe.
No kicking and screaming or emoting in the press about who’s to blame because finding America at fault may have even grown stale to CBS, and following the trail back to Iran would be, well, it would be harram in the “world opinion” passion play, and their “stance” on “factual events”.

"Peace" movements are among those who take advantage of this widespread inability to see beyond rhetoric to realities. Few people even seem interested in the actual track record of so-called "peace" movements -- that is, whether such movements actually produce peace or war.

Take the Middle East. People are calling for a cease-fire in the interests of peace. But there have been more cease-fires in the Middle East than anywhere else. If cease-fires actually promoted peace, the Middle East would be the most peaceful region on the face of the earth instead of the most violent.

The fuse is lit!

Stick with me kid, I’ll make you a star

The “death trophy” photo from the town of Qana in the south of Lebanon showing the civil defense worker holding an infant’s body by the legs was taken about 7 hours the Israeli aerial attack. Full rigor mortis of the sort that would lend itself it a body being that rigid takes 12 hours. Note the differences in the bodies carried out of the structure.

So too for Kevin Sites’ report of an attack on an ambulance in Lebanon. We are told that it was attacked from the air. Video from the scene shows a 4 storey construction site nearby and a relatively small penetration through the roof of the van and a small explosive force consistent with a RFP designed for concussion. A rocket launched from an aircraft would have penetrated through the vehicle to the floor, detonated on impact with the roadway leaving a crater throwing the vehicle and charring enough of it to not spare the driver and medical technician in the front seats who escaped with scratches even though the windows were blown out.

The fuse is lit!

It’s all about working the war-porn circuit

Which is why a press more interested in making a difference’ than reporting the news would ‘completely ignore the diversity of opinion and the voices of reason, even from Lebanon.
Mr. Nasralla, we understand the necessities of a guerilla war…we understand that you are fighting what you and your people consider a battle of existence…but we are not in the Mekong delta or the jungles of Vietnam…this is Lebanon Mr. Nasralla…the 10452Km2 are totally inhabited…so wherever your people hide, they are endangering HUMANS…
You vowed Jihad on the Israelis…but the whole country has not…you vowed their destruction and care less if in the process you loose your life…but the whole country has not…
When those people stayed in Qana despite the warnings issued by the Israelis to evacuate, they did so because they had put their faith in the men of the resistance…they believed that those men would protect them, would keep them safe from the Israeli enemy…

Alas…they discovered, and it was too late when they did, they discovered that those men who were supposed to protect them, were in fact hiding behind them.
Which takes us back to the BBC’s Fergal Keane.
t's not Keane's fault, in a sense, that modern war, as framed by the television lens, has become first and foremost a human drama, and he a celebrity member of the cast. Of course war is always a human drama as well as a political one, but more than ever the issue is one of coolness and objectivity in the reporting of it. Get the emphasis wrong, and one either sanitises war or one tips over into a simplistic – and exploitative – form of victim journalism.

Sadly, the latter is happening to the BBC. Without doubt it has succumbed to the pressures to emotionalise events in Lebanon: dumbing down almost, it seems to me, to the level of EastEnders.
He was so busy emoting in his first report from Qana, that as he mentioned that the residents had neither the cars of the busses to get away, the image panned across a car and a bus (!) next to the collapsed structure that became the new vessel of hope for those ‘trying to make a difference’. the fuse is lit!

01 August 2006

Euro-thought: it’s got to be the victim’s fault, because they’ll listen to us

Pancho falls for fake ‘resistance’.

The fuse is lit!