02 August 2006

Stick with me kid, I’ll make you a star

The “death trophy” photo from the town of Qana in the south of Lebanon showing the civil defense worker holding an infant’s body by the legs was taken about 7 hours the Israeli aerial attack. Full rigor mortis of the sort that would lend itself it a body being that rigid takes 12 hours. Note the differences in the bodies carried out of the structure.

So too for Kevin Sites’ report of an attack on an ambulance in Lebanon. We are told that it was attacked from the air. Video from the scene shows a 4 storey construction site nearby and a relatively small penetration through the roof of the van and a small explosive force consistent with a RFP designed for concussion. A rocket launched from an aircraft would have penetrated through the vehicle to the floor, detonated on impact with the roadway leaving a crater throwing the vehicle and charring enough of it to not spare the driver and medical technician in the front seats who escaped with scratches even though the windows were blown out.

The fuse is lit!


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