02 November 2012

Media Flunky Update

From his childish and degrading propaganda perch, Chris Matthews insists that Rush Limbaugh reminds him of the 'Guy From Deliverance', or more accurately the oaf who forcibly sodomized the character in Ned Beatty’s role in the film, itself a hateful and prejudicial depiction of rural folk considered de rigeur of our cultural betters.

I suppose Matthews thinks of this as thoughtful political rhetoric, despite the fact that he reminds anyone with half a clue of Roger Herren’s character Rusty from Myra Breckenridge getting a pegging from Raquel Welch’s character, Myra:

Matthews, it seems has hit his creative limit, having used the one analogy he can remember fondly, just once too often:
Matthews previously smeared Ann Coulter's audience as straight out of Deliverance.
How he gets there, outside of obviously exhibiting a vivid interest in spelunking, mush as many other leftist seem to, remains unclear.

Perhaps from the position of their phony, self-constructed imaginings of others, they think this is supposed to shock conservatives. It doesn’t. It just makes them more familiar with what appears to be a stunning uniformity of thought on the part of the left. More to the point, the awkward allusions to obscenity, (this revealing of a persistent theme in their conversational culture,) serves only to shove away the few happy, normal, reasonable, and decent people that still support the left.

So my advice to Chris Matthews is simple at this point: don’t skimp on the Crisco back there, Pookie.


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