31 May 2011

Down with Transit!

Berlin “radicals” set off a bomb at Ostkreutz, a Berlin S-Bahn station. It’s a strange choice. Maybe they want to enflame “the German street” in that grafitti-riddled, mostly unemployed proletariats-in-waiting neighborhood. After all, you need to actually be employed to be an oppressed worker, don’t you?

They’ve recently rebuilt the platforms. The place in such a shambles, that it was even an embarrassment to the DDR, but they didn’t do anything about it because no Wessies or foreigners went out that far.

The perps are a rather consistently syphilitic looking bunch of adolescents who call themselves “Black Bloc”. They are prone to Emo-like self-absorption, and cover their faces (in what they must believe is a fashionable manner) out of a paranoid “fear of the state”. The irony is that they always seem to smash property in support of causes that require a big, ham-fisted authoritarian state to realize. The sad thing is that the same is true of the Pirate Party, a group of people who seem to think that they’re intergalactic pimp-daddy Jedi Knights disguised so as not to shock us mere humans. And to think that they’re supposed to be ADULTS.

Otherwise they wall for anything, such as the long love affair they had with Trutherism.

30 May 2011

Get your Laws off my Willy!

San Francisco's proscribers of thought want to make circumcision a misdemeanor.

29 May 2011

Is This Why You Keep Saying You Miss Home?

The staff of the IMF, like turds floating around in the fetid pool of quasi-diplomatic international institution, prove what's said about the place. It is said to be one giant social distraction, preoccupied by people dating work peers, and pressuring each other for sexual favors.
The NYT reports:

Some women avoid wearing skirts for fear of attracting unwanted attention. Others trade whispered tips about overly forward bosses. A 2008 internal review found few restraints on the conduct of senior managers, concluding that "the absence of public ethics scandals seems to be more a consequence of luck than good planning and action."
This, my friend, is that much-lauded "internationalism" that we're supposed to supplicate our national cultures and norms to. From acquaintances it's gleaned that they behave like they're either living like the privileged caste in a third world, or like the selfish, uncaring types well understood to anyone who's ever lived in a Mediterranean culture, where grown men generally only trust their mothers, and for biological reasons alone, at that.

This seems to include those "visigoths" as I like to call them that seem to want to broadly identify those they want to denigrate culturally as "Ango-Saxons".
"What are we supposed to make of this when we go into Strauss-Kahn's office?" Ms. Schadler [a former deputy director of the European department] said, recounting conversations with former colleagues. "Do we sit there and think, 'He's sizing me up as a potential sexual object?' "
Free of the market and functional society's realities, they also seem to be free of functional social norms and conventions: not to mention the fact that we're talking about the frequently hideous and selfish judgment of those who weren't raised with what are generally good graces passed on to a large part of the population in the anglosphere.
Interviews and documents paint a picture of the fund as an institution whose sexual norms and customs are markedly different from those of Washington, leaving its female employees vulnerable to harassment. The laws of the United States do not apply inside its walls, and until earlier this month the I.M.F.'s own rules contained an unusual provision that some experts and former officials say has encouraged managers to pursue the women who work for them: "Intimate personal relationships between supervisors and subordinates do not, in themselves, constitute harassment."
Be it known: the IMF like all the UN affiliated entities in the US, has a "quota cap" for American hires.
In another case, a young woman who has since left the I.M.F. said that in 2009, a senior manager in her department started sending her increasingly explicit e-mails seeking a relationship. She complained to her boss, who did not take any action.
The next time you're given the passive-aggressive glancing blow of someone rattling on about "anglo saxons" ask yourself why "their" women seem to like "our" males. To use an old adage of an old friend of mine in the Navy, a high number of Italian women he got to know when stationed in Italy were attracted to American men for rather simple reasons: generally they are "grown ups," and are nice. Even those who had a modest upbringing are less prone to loutish thinking than the middling domestic variety.

So the next time you see someone trying to pass off their exploitation and abuse as "a mature attitude towards sex", tie them down, defecate on them, and tell them that it's "your thing" and that it makes you happy. Do that right after you thank them for providing you with the satisfaction you deserve despite what's running out of their nostrils. At that point, they might develop an understanding.

28 May 2011

The Mythmakers

The EU has commissioned a nuber of comic books that are supposed to laud their humanity. The theory, is suppose, is that it's supposed to make up for their incapacity to do any of the things that they're congratulating themselves about.

The book stars Zana, a field expert for the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid department (more commonly known as "ECHO") as she attempts to bring relief to the flood-stricken people of "Borduvia". Though the latter looks suspiciously like Af-Pak, the disclaimer assures us it is "a wholly fictitious story" in which "[a]ny resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental". Good to know.
That's right: this is supposed to be lauding some sort of extraordinary involvement in Afghanistan, where their MO for the past decade was to be passive-aggressive to the US.

The serious-seeming goes on, reflecting the reality that the only people they can send without howls of objection at home are NGO staffers for hire.
Integrated into this, mostly seamlessly, are explanations of how ECHO and the Commission more generally work: ECHO's division into regional "operational desks", Zana's drafting of situational reports for headquarters ("sitreps") and even the outsourcing of the EU's humanitarian work to NGOs (eg: the Red Cross or Oxfam getting money from the Commission for a specific EU project). The latter point is fairly important for understanding in general what the Commission does and does not do.
Sit-rep... gosh, you sound so BUTCH!

How's this for a winner?

"Adventures of Euro-Clooney and the Innovation Crystal Ball"
This weird self-importance can be easily explained. Paranoid delusions to follow.

27 May 2011

Here's their Chance to Look Relevant

And OH what a chance it is. The EU "slaps" an arms embargo on Syria. Sounds great, and it's oh-so-easy to do - because virtually all of their weapons stock are Russian.

That manly, thug-ass bitch-slapping must really sting.

26 May 2011

In honor of our Humanistic Lesson-Givers

Russians in the news:

Cops arrest alleged cannibal after finding human stew
We have oh-so-much to learn from them, don't we? Let me reiterate that these are not rural North Koreans that we're talking about.

25 May 2011

Live Bait!

The left: "Daddy drinks because you cry"

"President Obama blames high unemployment rate on 'huge layoffs of government workers' at federal, state and local levels."
Stack that one up on the manure pile of leftism with an argument I heard last night: that oil prices are high because the companies that produce it aren't taxed enough.

Elsewhere, a recreational screed against whatever royals there are left in Europe uses an bit of conditioned-in reasoning that so pervasive on the continent of brilliance, that no-one even thinks about it how absurd it is:
Royal families, who "like to present themselves as in touch with ordinary people, still have much greater privileges than their subjects," points out the magazine.
In other words, unlike the caviar gauche writers of Der Freitag, the symbolic aristocracy must become homeless in order to ber referred to by third parties as understanding their people.

Titled blood and splendor, (which also happens to be the title of a book about dictators), one wonders just exactly what blood the wonderful titular chief of Lichtenstein has drawn in his lifetime.

24 May 2011

Pass the Dutchie By the Left Hand Side

No wonder leftists are in wonder of Jihadists who want to "smash the system":

Among the various vegetable crops growing alongside the bin Laden compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a row of marijuana plants was also discovered by CNN reporter Nic Robertson.
I'm sure it was just for his, like glaucoma, man, not to mention to take away any ambition he had to see daylight or leave his crib.
Bin Laden's associates were also said to have regularly purchased Coca-Cola and Pepsi from the local market in Abbottabad, and the shopkeepers have told reporters that they didn't prefer one over the other and usually bought both in bulk at the same time.

Some local residents have further told reporters that they often would not return balls accidentally kicked over their walls by nearby children, opting instead to pay for their replacement.
I wonder if he had a special courier just to bring him Doritos too?

The Market: An Inept Haiku

Anticipation aches shorters
S&P bottoms

23 May 2011

The " D " in " BRD " Stands for Dull

From the nation that brought you stylish Prussian Jack boots, and the phrase "Ausweis Bitte!", we find a seemingly never-ending "reality TV" series about Customs agents, which I can tell you first hand, is as boring as watching cops go through people's luggage and listen to evasive answers about questions like "who told you that you could import a wild cane toad as a pet?"

Wait a minute. That IS what they do in the series. The series I saw that was shot in Germany's airports boiled down to one long, unintended lesson in why taxes are bad.

22 May 2011


Germans' reputations, aside from the part about most of them just not getting it in most social situations, is about generally being prudish: risk averse, socially conformist, servile to social instruction, and so on. It's a funny thing, because one of the common memes that they delight in jerking themselves off to is the prudishness of Americans.

So it's rather puzzling to find the German Parliament banning condom vending machines in the Bundestag.

Ein Parlamentsautomat, an dem sie normalerweise Zigaretten kauften, hatte plötzlich ein neues Produkt im Angebot: Kondome.
The amusingly backward and anachronistic part about it all is that while they are discouraging smoking wherever they can, they still sell cigs in vending machines in the Bundestag's wash rooms.

Mind you, not selling kapuchas, presevatifs, or party hats in the john might keep Parliamentarians' quasi-anonymous dogging to a minimum, but... cigs? In THIS day and age? Tut, tut. After all, I think that they're growing too old as a population in general to need the barrier method anyway.

With thanks to evil genius for the tip (as it were).

Elsewhere: Like sheltered zoo animals incubated in a artifice, Europeans are finally being reintroduced into the natural environment, where they are about as unlikely to propagate as they are now.

Europeans to be taught about failure and risk-taking
This is something the little dears need to be taught against their will. It must be tough to just walk off of the plantation.

21 May 2011

Just Act Like a Rabbit in a Lab Being Rewarded with an Enphedimine Pellet, and You'll Fit Right in

The adherents of the apocalyptic religion of environmentalism never cease to deliver the same-old-same-old that they have for 25 years without noticing that they're repeating themselves, or that there's no "awareness" left for them to raise.

On that note, here's a way to blow two minutes of your life that you'll never get back:

It's genuinely awful too, I might add. I now imagine that you'll all feeling quite "aware" of this religious cult.

20 May 2011

I'm only Asking Questions. What Could be Wrong with That?

It's amazing to think what a pair of hookers and a bag of smack will buy you from a European Socialist.

19 May 2011

Hide the Livestock, and Count the Silverware - the European Left is Coming

Or nearly did, in any case. By now, you've heard of the doings of another creepy old socialist perv. I have a few predictions: a handful to DSK's right and center will come to his defense to "protect France from frog-bashing". Expect the usual morally bereft obfuscation that have nothing to do with the charges, and in this case, a rehashing of the Clinton "definition of IS" defense that asks of a blowjob isn't just something banal to do, like playing chess or something.

Fellation, viol ? Je suis un peu dubitatif, parce que forcée de faire une fellation une fille a toujours une possibilité de se défendre : couic ! Et si le couic est suffisament fort, le mec est hors circuit ad vitam etaernam.

Je pense qu'il s'agit d'un coup monté par Sarko et Cie, mais cela n'excuse en rien DSK. Un type incapable de résister à ses pulsions basiques, alors qu'il sait les autres à l'affut et que ces autres n'ont strictement peur de rien pour conserver leurs prébendes, n'a rien à faire à la tête de la France.
It will include, as it did with his last foreign public indiscretion, the idea that the head of some transi alphabet soup racket's personal matters don't impact the transi alphabet soup racket. It will come with a lecture about who French society is mature enough to not need the kind of transparency the rest of the world does, and that these comrades require their privacy.

The extremists that the French like to call "the left of the left" will throw DSK under the bus, in the hopes of getting a real Stalin or Trotsky closer to the top of the party, and if not that, a trans-sexual ecologist with some kind of broad appeal to women between 29 and 54.

Of course a lot of the domestic criticism and abuse of Strauss-Kahn from the traditional French right comes quite predictably in the form of anti-semitic rants Frankly, he has a better chance of seeking asylum in Morocco where DSK maintains a second nationality.

18 May 2011

So Jump Already, Dammit

Van Rompuy thinks he knows what’s wrong with European innovation:

Van Rompuy said that "societal problems in Belgium and elsewhere" in the EU mean that people "live in a climate of despair and are depressed."
But in order for Europe to remain at the cutting edge of innovation in areas ranging from energy to agriculture, services and digital technologies, "we need a dynamic and positive society," based on competition "but also on generosity."
In other words, the problem with European society is that there are too darmed many Europeans involved.
"But crisis can be very depressive. Only negative messages from leaders are the wrong message coming out of the crisis. The positive outlook is key for a dynamic society," he stressed.
Maybe Mother’s little helper isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, but this sounds like license to give the ugly masses a palliative little white lie here and there.

Observations of the Socialist Internationale in her Native Habitat

Elsewhere: who knew the French "cultural exception" was assumed by leftists to include rape and child molestation?

I'm not saying it's time for a presidential candidate who represents 'normality' over 'abnormality', or 'morality' over 'immorality'. But it is time for democracy without moral privileges.
Is a writer supposed to able to supersede the electorate? Why so uncomfortable with the idea of "normal"? Doesn't that just mean that it might reflect what's nominally acceptable to society as its' "lowest common denominator"?

Old socialist perv tries to force himself on a woman half his age. Libé readers only now nominally start to mildly question whether or not it might no longer be wise as a workplace fringe benefit. I'd say that they have a long way to go before they reach the 20th century. What do you expect from a country where employees still expect "lunch money". Bear in mind that these are adults that we're talking about.

Come on! Give Daddy some suga!

The typical reaction? That a European's attempted rape is somehow the fault of "American prudery"
oh, that sin-and-crime-laced word "sodomy"!
Sure, that's what we can tell the beurre qui batte to seure when her rectum gets prolapsed against her will.

17 May 2011

Is it 1939 yet?

EUtopia: opinions are now subject to criminal prosecution.

At any rate, Chancellor Merkel is now in hot water for “endorsing a crime” after she said that she was “glad” that Osama bin Laden had been killed by US forces.

A Hamburg judge has even filed a criminal complaint against her because of this “tacky and undignified” remark that only an American could love.
Because, as we all know, reason and taste can be easily categorized by nationality. Ergo, I may only drink Coca-Cola and eat Corned Beef, etc. Europeans know this, because everyone else is so stupid and predictable, and they think that they aren't, when you and I know that you could smell this kind of thing from a mile away.

Elsewhere: Germans are always right about everything.
Yesterday a German news station had a major image fail. While covering the US Navy SEALs operation to kill Osama bin Laden they mistook a Star Trek fan-made emblem for the Maquis for the actual SEAL Team Six emblem. […]

Locher even commented (translated from German) on the emblem: „And they also have the ‘Team Six,’ that carried out the mission. They don’t have the skull in their emblem for nothing.“

16 May 2011

Nothing to Declare

Jakob Augstein, the spawn of Spiegel Magazine's founder, has put up a screed in Spiegel declaring that Conservatives holding conservative opinions are "a virus". I'm sure he believes his argument quite logical in a "so there!" kind of way. Spiegel, the house organ of empty-headed middle mindedness for it's part has nothing to declare - like the fact that Augstein is a political hack employing SPON for ideological propagation.

The blog he contributes to is titled "Talking up a New World" has a blogroll dominated rather strangely by the American far-left media farm peppered with links to Robert Reich essay, but also linking the unwittingly pro-totalitarian "New Deal 2.0". Strange as this may seem, he would HAVE to link to the American branch of the new Internationale if he wants to seem reasonable: if there ever was a test tube in which the ideas of leftism failed, it is in Germany.

11 May 2011

They Secretly Miss the Sound of Goosesteps

EUranus’ Orbit: apparently being able to potentially corral 27 votes in the UN General Assembly, and 2 votes on the UN Security Council by law isn’t enough, even for nations who do virtually nothing substantive for the world.

10 May 2011

In Solidarity with Politically Useful Hatred

Unemployment, precariousness, an uncertain future: Spanish youth has been hit hard by the economic crisis. And that’s why they won’t revolt, writes El País.
Heads long softened in the narrative of social class warfare of attrition there are people out there who want youth to be paid just enough to hate you for it.
And now, after more than two years of economic crisis, youth unemployment (over 40 percent) is double the European average, and half of the jobless are under 34 years of age. In addition, the welfare state they had barely begun to enjoy is now in jeopardy, and the cushion once provided by the family is growing threadbare. “The environment is not explosive,” says UNED sociologist José Felix Tezanos, “but it is flammable; a spark will be enough... The Web is where it is brewing up,” he adds.

In general, there’s a growing feeling that the cost of the economic crisis is being paid by those who had nothing to do with it, while the economic elites who did bring it on have slipped out from under the wreckage without a scratch. The prologue to the Spanish edition of Hessel’s pamphlet was written by José Luis Sampedro. Hessel, in turn, has contributed the foreword to a collection of articles entitled Reacciona (React!).
Some of them light even connect the dots, because knowing that you’re being bred, educated, and having your head fed, and ultimately taxed and punished to cover the errors of others has the stench of a mugging by reality.

And the same old retrograde types are the still the ones who don’t get it.
For Antonio Alaminos, a sociologist at the University of Alicante, some alternatives and some clear objectives are needed for this sort of protest to succeed. Or else an “irrational trigger.” The Arab protests, for example, he says, do have these clear goals (both economic and democratic improvements), and in the EU countries where these have emerged that irrational trigger was also produced. “The difficulty in mobilising Spanish youth proceeds from the expectation that nothing will come of it. Spanish youth (and many Europeans), at heart, want to go on living just like their parents — in a capitalist world of consumption. They don’t want to break up the relationship,” he says. “It is capitalism that has broken up with them.”
No, what they want is a chance to earn a living, and to keep what they earn, not give it to you to fondle, you Socialist pretexter. All the collectivism in the world isn’t enough to feed the freeloading of “community organizers” like that.

They sum up their own unaware selfishness this way:
It may be true that the youth who have taken to the streets so far have been very few in number. It may be that, somehow or other, the family, untaxed work in the shadow economy and the social safety net continue to keep discontent indoors, since basic needs are still being satisfied. And that passivity of the majority of the youth may eventually prevail over the momentum of those who do get out and demonstrate.
DAMN that social safety net! DAMN the love of family!

Really, the actual fate of the people they pretend “to be for” is irrelevant to them. What they seem to want is a unthinking dial-a-mob at their disposal.

09 May 2011

“Forward Thinking” Euro-Mega-Government, at your Service

World’s lamest idea has been found.

08 May 2011

Like Paper-Thin Characters from a Bad Movie

I guess the days of Europeans wailing on and on about Blackwater/Xe are going to have to end.

Between 300 and 500 European soldiers of fortune, including EU nationals, are working for Colonel Gaddafi in Libya, a leading criminologist has said.

The European mercenaries are mostly specialists in heavy weapons, helicopter technology and tactics and command fees of several thousand US dollars a day. The majority come from Belarus, Serbia and Ukraine. There is a significant amount of Polish helicopter experts. Belgian, British, French and Greek nationals are also involved.
But it’s never too late for a little bit of de minimus style ass covering.
He added: "The definition of 'mercenary' is also an issue. What you more often have is individuals who are involved in selling weapons and then providing a bit of advice and training before disappearing."
Really? That’s all? At least they’re working on behalf of a UN member, one that used to be on the UN Human Rights Council.

As for being a bunch of pompous marxist unarmed pansies – I take all of that back now. All of it except for the part about the spinning moral compass and the joy they take in lecturing non-Europeans while ignoring their own, obscenely long legacy of vacationing in Biafra.

07 May 2011

It Takes Little to Incite the Ignorant

And yet it happens all the time among Muslims.

Imagine if a top American historian appeared on the MSM insisting that the only reason Europeans conquered the Americas was to "defend" the Native Americans--who somehow had adopted Christianity centuries before Jesus was born--from being persecuted by heathen tribes.
In te4h process of constructing a rationalization for the cruelty of the mobs that “the scholars” incite, they come up with generally elementary implausible nonsense, such as the idea that the Copts should be “liberated” through coercion and violence, but that it’s okay because deep down they’re really not Christians. Deep down they were muslims before Muhammad.
Consider the case of Fadel Soliman, a celebrated Sharia expert and Arab media darling, who regularly appears on al-Jazeera. Director of the Bridges Foundation--which teaches Muslims "how to present Islam" to non-Muslims--Soliman also lectures at Western universities, churches, and governmental agencies, including the U.S. Dept. of Defense.

His new Arabic book, Copts: Muslims Before Muhammad, asserts that, at the time of the Muslim conquest of Egypt (c. 640), the vast majority of Egyptians were not, as history has long taught, Christians, but rather prototypical Muslims, or muwahidin, who were actually being oppressed by Christians: hence, the Muslim conquest of Egypt was really about "liberating" fellow Muslims. Soliman's evidence is that the Arian sect, which rejected the claim that Jesus was coequal with God, was present in 4th century Egypt. Therefore, according to Soliman, the indigenous Egyptians were practicing Islam hundreds of years before it was founded in the 7th century.
In fact half of the original muslims of Muhammed’s time were converted from Judaism. Were THAT magically somehow Muslims before that happened?
The question remains: Are Islam's apologists disingenuous or deluded? When it comes to "bridge-building" Soliman--who provides "sensitivity training" to the FBI and Pentagon--one is inclined to answer in the former: his book contains academic crimes, including flagrant mistranslations to support his thesis and wild, but undocumented, assertions (for example, that the Arians, like the Muslims, used to proclaim "There is no god but Allah and Jesus is his prophet").
Of course. They did it all the time. I just did it on Sunday. After all “Allah” translated, if God. Not necessarily one that the most ignorant Muslims think that they have a monopoly on.

06 May 2011

Caution: Parisian Adults at Work

Where else do scooters have training wheels?

05 May 2011

Swapping Louts at Light Speed

Berlin-Moscow soon at high speed

“Moscow closer to Paris thanks to rail,” thus Gazeta Wyborcza welcomes a plan of opening a new railway connection between Moscow and Berlin via Poland with the prospect of extending it to Paris as of 2012. The official launch of the project is scheduled for June at Third Forum of the Russian and Polish Regions to be held in the Russian capital. Russian Railways (RZD) aims at cutting the trip to Berlin (currently about 27 hours) by two hours by the end of 2011 and by another eight in 2013 when a high speed line is to link Moscow and Berlin.

04 May 2011

So long Sucka

4 May 1971

East Berlin Chief Quits

Walter Ulbricht, the Stalin of East Germany and Architect of the Berlin Wall resigned Monday as head of the Communist party because of age. He is 77. In east Berlin, antoher headliner, Erich Honecker, 58, was named to succeed Ulbricht as first secretary. Ulbricht is the senior Communist party leader in the Soviet Bloc.

Freud called it Penis Envy

Europe can adulate about the US offing bin Laden, and join in “declarations” now that it’s been done. The sudden absence of “nuance” is no longer necessary to avoid the need to act – besides, the world would notice.

We get a glimpse of the thinking of these eternally unimpeachable “good global citizens” and their motives from Gabor Steingart writing in the Düsseldorfer Handelsblatt

"The United States fought alone and so they are under no obligation to share with anyone the laurels of tracking down and eliminating bin Laden. Congratulations, America. The DNA of the world’s greatest power is intact. The dollar is faring poorly and the fiscal situation is tense, but the military itself is in great shape. If Germany produces the best cars and China the cheapest Santas in the world, when it comes to security the United States are world export champions. Certainly, security is a product that is horribly expensive and that does not always look pretty, but its machinery is well oiled."
Europeans “getting some laurels” being the only thought connected with the news of others’ actions. We still find a rare moment of lucid reflection nonetheless:
“The American victory must make us Europeans rejoice – and hang our heads in shame at the same time. Our continent, whose population and economic strength are comparable to those of the United States, obviously has no desire to defend its values, its prosperity, or even itself. Most Europeans – because the Germans are not alone in this case – refuse to understand the nature of this struggle against international terrorism, which has gone on for ten years now. This war is not a war like the ones in our history books. There was no declaration of war, and there will never be an act of capitulation. The enemy wears no helmet, nor uniform, and he would find it hard to drive a tank without causing an accident. In the morning he hangs a belt of explosives around his waist and heads for the market nearest his home. This war cannot be won, and yet it cannot be lost.
Inasmuch as Germany could be “denazified”, he is wrong. It can be won.
Our ignorance of this war is the best accomplice of terrorism."
Hardly. Ignorance implies something innocent about the way they carried on for the past decade. They understood completely that a guarantee of their near complete inaction required a well structured and formulated intellectual construct to be presented, not to mention the loudest wave of obfuscation and evasion that they could muster.

03 May 2011

The New Face of Euro-Götterdämmerung

26.04.2011: EU and US take 'first step' toward Syria sanctions

If sanctions are anything, are they not sanctions? I can tell you’re afraid. Just be cool, man.

27.04.2011: Syria sanctions could include suspension of EU aid

Really? Could they? Is that really allowed under international super-special law?

29.04.2011: EU countries agree on Syria sanctions

"It's a diplomatic success. But it doesn't change the events on the ground, which are still going in a very bad direction," one EU diplomatic contact said.

"Even those countries dragging their feet, like Cyprus, agreed that something had to be done for the EU to remain credible," another diplomatic contact said.

"There is no talk of military intervention at all. The Libya option is not on the table," the source added
How apparently thoughtful looking, but the problem is that there are no Americans that will not be doing any of that killing people and breaking things stuff that they’re too anemic to use as a threat with a “sanctionee.” Even if they did, what do you want to bet that the Germans would shoot it down on the pretext that it’s all just happening to quickly to allow for comprehensive analysis.

1.26.2011, Hasan Ali Akleh imolates self, protests against the state kick of with a bang. Many in fact.
2.21.2011: Syrian, German Economic Talks to Boost Joint Trade, Investment

Hey Lady, Nice Glockenspiel!

Creepy Number Station goodness, for all you wierdos out there.

I say it’s ART!

It Must have been One Blunts too Many

At least someone in the “we think, you don’t” arteest community was willing to admit that they believe bin Laden was behind 9-11. From Netherlands’ jazzless and lecturesome RNW:
On Monday morning, the programme, De Wereld Draait Door, commissioned one of the Netherlands' most well-known musicians, Theo Loevendie, and one of the country's leading authors, Abdelkader Benali, to compose an operetta about the death of the al Qaeda mastermind. The duo managed to create the 90-second operetta, "Report about a Death Foretold", in less than 10 hours.

01 May 2011

Leftists Liberating Carbon Dioxide Again

They also like to promote “peace”. Warming up for May Day, German leftists are rather predictably doing their thing, and with the goal of whatever stock issue they can get mad about this week.

The Berlin police department is not permitted to intervene in any meaningful way that could possibly hurt the protestors’ feelings, however, this out of respect for the event’s radical leftist origins and the many aging left-wing romantics who will still somehow manage to take part if not vacationing on Mallorca.

All are welcome to attend. Barricades and stones will be furnished for free. You will have to resist arrest on your own, however.