31 May 2007

“Concerned”. Always “Concerned”

The EU is concerned about Google and privacy. So concerned that they’ll go after Google, and possibly, sometime in the future, just maybe, someone else. Why? Because Google isn’t German.

An independent European Union panel has launched an investigation into whether Google Inc.'s Internet search engine abides by European privacy rules.
EU spokesman Pietro Petrucci said Friday that the 28-member panel, which advises the European Commission and EU governments on data protection issues, wants Google to address concerns about the company's practice of storing and retaining user information for up to two years.
"This group has addressed a letter to Google raising a number of questions," Petrucci said, adding that EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini was backing the investigation.
"He considers those questions raised by the letter to be appropriate and legitimate," Petrucci said.
‘Tis their way.
Embedded in Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes's objections to Microsoft's proposals for licensing its technology to rival firms, which she outlined in March, is that her department -- known as DG-Competition -- will decide what is or isn't innovative
As if a neo-com apparachik could even remember what innovation is anyway.

Keepin’ it Real

Tony Blair on rump-Europe’s notion of what alliances really are:

I have real concern that on both sides of the Atlantic there is, in certain quarters, an indifference, even a hostility, to an alliance that is every bit as fundamental to our future as it has been to our past. By this I don't just mean the rampant anti-Americanism on parts of the left. In a sense, that is relatively easy to counter.

It is more a drifting away, occasionally a resurgent isolationism that crosses right and left. In Britain now there are parts of the media and politics that are both Eurosceptic and wanting “an independent foreign policy” from America. Quite where Britain is supposed to get its alliances from bewilders me. There is talk of Britain having a new strategic relationship with China and India bypassing our traditional European and American links. Get real. Of course we will have our own relationship with both countries. But we are infinitely more influential with them if we have two strong alliances behind us.
Indeed. The very fact that one would have to impress a British public whose instincts are generally to follow the precise opposite course in international relations that Blair advocates isn’t so much surprising or telling, but a sign that mainstream European public opinion is not to be taken with much seriousness by anyone – not even these mythical allies to be found in Beijing.

30 May 2007

How About a Symbolic Display of Despair Before Selling China More Weapons?

While trying to live a proactive and virtuous existence vicariously through a BD, play hide the weenie:
Set in the European Parliament and the fictitious country Fang Dong, “Operation Red Dragon” is the fictional story of Elisa Correr, an MEP who gets embroiled in a risky and fascinating adventure whilst in pursuit of her parliamentary activities.
Quite implausibly, the story revolves around someone connected with the EU actually DOING something on a fact-finding mission, and trying to keep arms away from a tyrant.

I’m sure you’re excited. Alternative histories can be so entertaining.

Fat, Happy Angst-Ridden, and Stupid

You are what you bleat.

One is a EU super-group of fat-fighters. Formally this is referred to as a High Level Group comprised of a representative from every member state. The group would compile programmes on nutrition, overweight and obesity health issues.

More than 50% of the adult population is overweight or obese in most member states, the EC says. In the child population, an estimated 21 million are overweight, with the number increasing by 400,000 every year.
The beaurocracy is a nice touch, isn’t it? It must be soothing somehow – something to break up the omnipresent anarchy of company and property owner wanting to do what they want with their own stuff from time to time:
Shoe factory workers in southern France took four senior managers captive on Wednesday after the firm announced plans to relocate its production to Tunisia.

Managers of Jallatte, Europe's leading manufacturer of safety shoes, told workers early Wednesday they intended to cut 285 out of 336 jobs across its four French production sites.

Furious at the news, union leaders and workers burst into a meeting in the southern town of Saint Hippolyte du Fort, attended by four top executives, including Giovanni Falco, managing director of the company's Italian owner JAL.

The managers were held captive for several hours, until Falco agreed to push back by three weeks a June 6 meeting intended to kickstart the restructuring plan.
When in doubt, the logical thing to do about a company that can’t break even is obvious: take hostages. It must be the mysterious X-factor in that “most productive people in the world” thing they keep banging on about.

Fat, happy, and stupid.

29 May 2007

Cultural Exception: Exceptionally Paranoid

Radio gaga:

English-language radio stations complained Tuesday they had been refused an FM licence in Paris, a city which currently has Armenian, Portuguese and Arabic broadcasters but not a single English language station.
The BBC World Service, Paris Live Radio and World Radio Paris were all excluded from a shortlist of contenders for licences drawn up by the CSA, the French broadcasting authority.
"It is unknown in the developed world for a major city to not have at least some local radio in English," said Ian de Renzie Duncan, the director of Paris Live Radio, which has broadcast on satellite and cable in France.
"The CSA have just said 'no English radio' on our turf," he said in a statement.
Remember – this is about a frequency auction. It only puts them 9 years behind the US in getting out of the business of micromanaging the airwaves, and they still wrap their brains around the notion of private ownership, let alone foreign-seeming ownership of a frequency. So for the time being, the listener remains stuck with a weak AM signal for the BBC World Service, and nighttime listening on LW and AM from the UK reminiscent of the last century which is only enjoyable if you’re a old-fashioned DXer.

N.B. - Otherwise your choices are cable (pfft!) or satellite if your “quaint” shoebox apartment can see the south-western sky – something which this correspondent happens to experimenting with to making homesickness for North Americans a thing of the past. (Further details will be presented if things start looking promising.)

Hey, Lefty...

...Redistribute this:

Which of the groups do you think enjoyed big increases in income since 1991? If you read the papers, you probably would assume that the bottom fifth did the worst. After all, income inequality in America is increasing, right?

Wrong. According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) study released this month, the bottom fifth of families with children, whose average income in 2005 was $16,800, enjoyed a larger percentage increase in income from 1991 to 2005 than all other groups except the top fifth. Despite the recession of 2001, the bottom fifth had a 35 percent increase in income (adjusted for inflation), compared with around 20 percent for the second, third and fourth fifths. (The top fifth had about a 50 percent increase.)

Even more impressive, the CBO found that households in the bottom fifth increased their incomes so much because they worked longer and earned more money in 2005 than in 1991 -- not because they received higher welfare payments. In fact, their earnings increased more in percentage terms than incomes of any of the other groups: The bottom fifth increased its earnings by 80 percent, compared with around 50 percent for the highest-income group and around 20 percent for each of the other three groups.
Travailler plus pour gagner plus? Oh that would NEVER work! The poor just keep getting richer, and the rich (relatively) poorer.

25 May 2007

Of Course It Isn’t Fit to Mention

Here’s your ‘bumper sticker’, Johnny.

While Europe was out in the streets trying to convince itself that Abu Ghreib was America’s Auschwitz and trying to say Dick Cheney was directing it personally or something, someone more likely to draw their admiration was having his ‘dissent crushed’. Guess how many of those thoughtful, nuanced, holier-than-though media operations deign mention this kind of story? None, even despite the genuine impression of some journos.

23 May 2007

This Week’s Secondary Obsession...

...is Kennesaw, Georgia TF1 is recycling old news again. Without causal link, they linked into this story with a very brief mention of some guy in Idaho who went nuts. Nuff’ said. The membership emits a muffled huzzah.

Erik Svane on Fausta-blog Talk Radio

Talking to the one and only Fausta on her podcast, Erik Reports from Cannes on Michel Moore’s worn-out welcome, and the doings of the film world today, including the trend to pack them back into the movie houses with 3D.

We look forward to hearing more from our intrepid reporter on the comings and goings at this year’s festival, as well as his own plans and impressions.

Cultural Exception Within a Cultural Exception

Plan on aging disgracefully? Then you know where to go.

Via Hot AIr

The figures seem to call the overblown bleating about prejudice to shame. Weirder still is the desire to try to “normalize” the conclusions through selective reporting regardless.

22 May 2007

How About Idea nos. 31 and 32?

Add to PropagandaStaffel’s “30 Ideas for Renewing the Socialists”: Drinking the Eco Kool-Ade or joining the Mehdis that they keep rooting for.

21 May 2007


Über-humanism. Sophistication. Diversity. Blah-blah-blah:

Called "Three Days in America", the festival featuring country and gospel concerts, line-dancing, sales of US paraphernalia and a tribute to Elvis Presley was to take place from May 26 to 28 in Saint Cloud, southwest of Paris.

Organisers issued a statement saying they were forced to postpone the event following "persistent pressure and threats of an anti-American nature".

- H/T: Frank

20 May 2007

"The Party that Doesn't Lie"?!?

The wheels might just falling off the cart in Spain for Zapatero. His party faces regional election, but acrimony is flying in every direction about everything but schools, highways, and sewers. Stifla and tant effin pis, spanky. This is the guy who's trying to peddle this doozie:

Zapatero's party routinely describes itself as one that never lies. This is a biting and pointed allusion to the idea that the conservatives committed political suicide by deceiving voters _ blaming Basque separatists for the blasts even as evidence of Islamic involvement mounted _ in the run-up to the general election held three days after the massacre. The train bombings killed 191 people and wounded more 1,800.
In other words, he wants you to believe that if he knew on 8-7 that an Al-Queda cell was behind 7-7, that he would have said so? Hunh? Sure, you would have. Let's get you back into that sweater that ties in the back, now, shall we?
"This is called having principles of tin, like the patriotism they try to exhibit every day,'' Zapatero roared at a campaign rally in Valencia.
Two days later Rajoy shot back at the Socialist leader, describing Zapatero's own principles as a joke. ''His are those of the Marxism of Groucho Marx,'' Rajoy said.
This is the Europe that the American thinks we're supposed to actually take seriously.

Funny, though, that the bravado of what a nation that withdrew forces from the Middle East and elected a faux-democratic-socialist who's enamored with Chavez and Castro WOULD HAVE SAID TO ITS' PEOPLE counts for "bravitude." Don't believe it for a moment. Regardless of political persuasion, one is either WITH the likes of Zapatero or one is with the allies, the ones from whom he withdrew military support. Fellow travelers come in all shapes and sizes, even ones who call themselves Economic Liberals, and show themselves to be more obsessed with dismantling the world view that guarantees their freedom from fear and tyranny than anything else.
When the Washington Post revealed at the beginning of November 2005, that agents of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had kidnapped Muslims assumed to be terrorists and had detained them in illegal secret prisons, I was unable to imagine what would be in store for me over the following months. That same day the American NGO Human Rights Watch published a report, in which similar information was brought to light and substantiated and where we learned that these secret detention centres were in Poland, Romania and other Eastern European countries. As we later learned, the sources for the Human Rights Watch came from, amongst others, the CIA themselves.
In other words, Dick Marty is suggesting that even whatever transparency the CIA can afford is atmospherically incorrect, even if his end-goal is to terminate a program going selectively after the hardest-core bad-asses of the jihadist terror networks.

Remember? The "peace camp" bleated about using intelligence forcefully to limit the human cost of going after terrorists. That is, when they weren't distracted by their own 40 year old obsession with the CIA which they otherwise want to convince you is incompetent, incapable, and evil whenever they had the opportunity to say it, and in that "Usama bin Forgotten" tone that thinks that looking at patterns of international telephone calls is a fascistic imposition on the rights of would-be mass murderers, and to the point of mendacity.

Would he prefer limiting this to open warfare? Certainly not. It seems he would prefer that NO methods be employed, and that EU, CoE, and the rest of the alphabet soup states of Europe do nothing about terror except leave it to their own citizens to helplessly bang pots in the streets and see their citizens kidnapped and paraded for the news cameras.

If they think that any of the peacenik posturing will protect any citizen or defend any notion of anyone's individual freedom, then they truly have drunk the 68er kool-ade, and plan on forcing that idée fixe on the generations that evolved past it.

19 May 2007

He cultivated the myth that “if you really want to, you can”

This from the implausibly named “Political Affairs,” which seems more interested in shutting down anyone elected by a majority who doesn’t agree with them. The derangement syndrome with reality continues:

The lengthy economic and social crisis that France has been up against for several decades has led to a damaging breakdown in confidence in the fundamental principles of redistribution, social solidarity and the fight against inequality. A confidence breakdown which Nicolas Sarkozy skilfully manipulated to promote his society of homeowners, of each to his own, based on the “merit, work, effort” three-pronged slogan. Based on a deceitful dramatization, to the say the least, of the UMP leader’s own life-story, the Sarkozist slogan “if you really want to, you can”, was echoed in a society where the search for individual solutions has slowly taken the upper hand over collective ones. Refusal of “assistance”; the idea that one should “work more to earn more”; the aspiration to pay less tax and contribute for oneself, not for others; promotion of personal property instead of public property and services...
Indeed. How can ANYONE be permitted to think that?!?

Only 716 Years Off

Euro-liga bigmouths cum terrorists are having a hard time with the choice some of those they presumed to have shared in their sputtering hatred to share common cause, specifically detesting the US, violence, an unhealthy fear of civic pluralism, and the like.

"As you have chosen the crusader and Zionist Sarkozy as a leader ... we in the Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades warn you that the coming days will see a bloody jihadist campaign ... in the capital of Sarkozy," the group's "Europe division" said in an Internet statement addressed to the French people.
It’s quite fascinating how much these would be mass murderers sound so much like the trolls found in the comments on this blog, what with all the accusations of Crusaderism, Zionism, and meta-ontological-neo-atmospheric-crusado-zionism or whatnot.

Plus, it’s always a pleasure to push their buttons.

17 May 2007

Free Speech Signing Off

Maybe these idiots can explain what’s good about this:

For years defenders of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have harped on what they described as the domination of the country’s independent media by his opponents — proof, it was said, that Chavez was no dictator. That argument soon will lose all credibility. Radio Caracas Television, or RCTV, Venezuela’s most popular television network, almost certainly will go off the air — on Chavez’s personal order.
Gee – I guess it’s just like all those fantasy neo-coms who never lived under communism think: it’s all about the people person.

16 May 2007

Psychotic Anti-Semite Imagines Himself Clairvoyant

Willem, from: “Merci Ben Laden” / “Thank you Bin Laden”

A Very Gaucho Christmas

“and still no trace of Bin Laden”

- Willem’s cartoon from 19 December 2001

The Rape Victim Must Have Been Guilty

Willem, from: “Merci Ben Laden” / “Thank you Bin Laden”

Funny Thing About These Zombie Apparachik Mouthpieces

Journo: Please, m’lord, tell me what I can write!

Hm. Towing the party line didn’t seem to bother Plantu since 1981. It seems curious that in that oppressive state of Bus$ChimpyHitlerMcBurton-esque dissent crushing that he finds himself in, that he seems to be able to parrot nonsense three times a week.

15 May 2007

Desperate Witch Hunt Continues

And all to avoid reform

Note to ad hoc group: the footnote and text of the draft report erroneously state the edits were prepared by Mr. Wolfowitz; these edits are in Mr. [Xavier] Coll's handwriting.

14 May 2007

Cartoonists Gone Wild: Spring Break in Sarcelles

Scimitar carrying, penis nosed object of Cartoonist’s adolescent leftist hate: Your papers!
“Slave”: And drag this ball and chain around for 5 years!?!

- a reference to the Presidential term of office.

Lovely. Ignoring the fact that the new President is himself the son of immigrants, and that those in most need to security are in fact the older residents of suburbs who are more likely there than anywhere else to be immigrants themselves.

One wonders what he’s implying. Something vague about deportation is in the air when these great über-brains, in their “sophistication” think of non-whites (rather uniformly.) Impending deportation being the case, why worry about 5 years of hypothetical “enslavement” ?

No wonder the morally repugnant elite that Plantu typifies keep whining even though the stereotype of ignorant, hateful petulance acted out for it’s own sake keeps proving itself true. Their only real support comes from largely white brick chucking, firebombing, rioting punks who have their parasitic existences subsidized by the state.

Once again, reality can take a vacation when the fantasists of the left get to write the news agenda.

All Bunched Up in a Knot

This is what they like to tell themselves is “analysis.” Behold the press – worked up about the press (Poland’s TVP and US’ Fox News) having the temerity to cover news not flattering to the French left’s image: lefties rioting against election results. A psychologist, and who could do without one of those on France 5, smartly made a point of saying that it was, in fact, news.

Hoo-doggie. The khutspuh on those guys. Reporting news! All in the interest of the making of the new man, of course.

13 May 2007

From the Miscreants Who Think They’re Everyone’s Betters

While the merchants of hate were busy tut-tuting that weapons weren’t banned on VT’s campuses, they failed to mention... that weapons are banned on VT’s campuses. Of course it happened just in time for someone to trot out a canned article on gun ownership.

12 May 2007

Marxist Babble Butters No Parsips

The right knows it, and 95% of the left knows it. The remainder think that a degree in Mental Masturbation Studies and a part time job in a used book store entitles you to owning the means of production.

James Tiberius Crank commented to one of the blogsphere's many retrograde Leninists, and to their readers (both of them, in fact):

Lenin, Lenin, Lenin! Here I am trying my damndest to stay a good leftist, and there you are making me feel like an idiot for trying.

You want a jihad? Strap a bomb to your crotch and blow yourself up in the woods.

Personally, I'd have preferred Sego to Sarko. But if you blow up every fairly run election you don't like, it's not a jihad, it's a putsch. Which makes you not only a bad Leninist, but an excellent Nazi.
Or an infidel AlQuaidnik. Those guys would kill you as soon as look at you. Why are you sucking up to them?

Why are you getting your bustle in a hustle? Given enough time bad governments inevitably self-destruct.
I rarely agree with New York’s own Chili Crankenfurter, but when it comes to our Al-Queda’s eager poodles, I don’t have to because we both have the same things to lose: our dignity, our autonomy as individuals, and our necks.

To put it perfectly blunt, we’d rather be free to hate each ideas’ as long as we’re around to do it.

Have a Cranky day, and don’t forget to spare a thought for the exploitation of comrade Roger Clemens.

11 May 2007

Entertaining, But in That “Abu Ghreiby” Kind of Way

Much of the time, the unstable family unit at the center of "28 Weeks Later" is under attack from the U.S. armed forces as well as the zombies, and Fresnadillo's images of death and destruction are truly upsetting. But they're upsetting in a way that means something.
Hm. Yes. Of course. Aren’t we smart.

Britons in need of more paranoia in their horror entertainment will find a certain pleasure in having as many buttons pushed as possible. The funny thing is just how telling those buttons are, and how tightly interconnected they are with bad reporting gone too far.

Take three years of bird-flu scares that never materialized, a fear of Americans in uniform, good-old fashioned learned hatred of husbands abusing through abandonment, and an unhealthy fear of non-holistic science-based medicine, and you’ll probably have yourself a barn-burning hit for well educated idiots.

08 May 2007

Make Your Own Dystopia

07 May 2007

Shadow Government Spearheaded by Man Who Plays With Crayons

05 May 2007

A suggestion for all you Humorless Gauchos Out There

Apart with some difficulty with this, I’m sure you can channel your disappointments, overraught tirades, tremors of fear for a world where other people still drive cars into some sort of motive energy to salve your disappointment that the “proletariat” knows what a sham the Socialist racket really is.

Go ahead. Join your butt buddies... as if Canadians really wants more clockwatchers and goldbrickers anyway.

Crossposted on ¡No Pasarán!

04 May 2007

The Business of European Taxpayers is...

Being taken hostage by business.

Ségolène the American

The rancor, the anger, the spite, the accusations... the narrative of “Anybody but Bush” among the other Pavlovian drools translated directly. To put it in perspective of accusing people of “being American”, take into account the exchange I had with a lefty American blogger and a completely fake populist:

"Two days until France becomes a police state, which you apparently support. So much for 'freedom'."
Hey, before you know it they’ll be segregating the lunch counters, and the rest of the canned spiel and freshly potted bile. Behold how the "warnings" of the wise look like threats by a typical peace-camper:
"The term police state is a pejorative term for a state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic and political life of the population (or a segment), especially by means of a secret police force which operates above the normal constraints found in a liberal democracy. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianism and social control, and there is usually little distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive."

Wait for the riots that will erupt if he is elected. You think those riots last year were bad?

I'd hate to be a Muslim in France come Monday morning.
That the overraught left in the magical land of € sounds so much like America’s own “special” people should come as no surprise. The similarities are striking when it comes to the casualness with which they’d dispose of both pluralism and civil calm when they don’t have their way:
Tony Essono, 32, an unemployed economist whose parents emigrated from Cameroon before he was born, said that despite years of anger and discrimination, people in La Courneuve were willing to put their faith in the ballot box "because they understand they can change something" by voting. But, he added, "if Sarkozy is elected, it means we haven't been heard, and we'll trash everything."
As U*2 said: just wait for that 3e Tour.

Rights for Everyone, They Demanded, and Then There Were None

Same ire, same moronic self-indulgences, same everything.

But without basic rights, they contend, he could be sold to someone outside Austria, where the chimp is protected by strict animal cruelty laws.
"If we can get Hiasl declared a person, he would have the right to own property. Then, if people wanted to donate something to him, he'd have the right to receive it," said Theuer, who has vowed to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary.
Austria isn't the only country where primate rights are being debated. Spain's parliament is considering a bill that would endorse the Great Ape Project, a Seattle-based international initiative to extend "fundamental moral and legal protections" to apes.
If Hiasl gets a guardian, "it will be the first time the species barrier will have been crossed for legal 'personhood,'"
Right after they extend “personhood” to persons themselves, we can talk about taking their accusations seriously.

1,5% of “Growth?”

On Air, but not in print the BBC is continuing the report that “combating” Anthropogenic Global Warming will ONLY cost 1,5% of global growth. Nonsense. The Stern report softened the ground by pricing this salve on the unscientific conscience at 1% of GDP, not “growth. Globally, the GNP grows at a rough average of 2%. A 1,5% burden, itself a figure intended to seem acceptably low to get civilization to sign on the bottom line, is actually 75% of all growth, and as such 75% of all real poverty eradication, development, and definable and certain improvement of the quality of life.

To begin with this 1/1,5/3% business is nonsense. To impose a burden of a 50-150% on growth will cause more contraction that the actual loss of growth itself. Think of it as reverse compound interest. The throw-away line greens have about suggesting an area pursue “eco-tourism instead” falls into the same category of condescension for humanity.

All this to accomplish what? A supposed 2º C “correction” to the neam global temperature in 40 years. So instead of eradicating poverty, this pernicious obsession of the whingerati will instead eradicate the poor.

The BBC’s global reach makes this more than a mere slip. Their world service radio and television programming reaches a good part of the world, and in many underdeveloped parts of it, is considered the only access people have to “real” journalism. Instead, they prefer to lie to the inhabitants in under-developed society about their own fate.

See this (skip to 12 min. for the skinny) to imagine the moral repugnance of what they’re trying to promote: in half a century, what would we tell the descendants of those we’re taking opportunity from today?

News You Can Really Use

Anti-globalization, Nothing May Exist Without the State, old fashioned failed Communism... whatever you want to call it, it’s small-minded, totalitarian, and hateful. Chavez threatens to nationalize private banks (to only one end,) and default on bonds.

It’s a revival of the long dead “eat the rich” argument. After all, if no-one is permitted to be productive, I guess that makes us all equal.

News You Can Use

This is why omnipresent PC spin is especially bad: imagine any physician in any other situation trying to the public that only certain people who are begging for a heart attack “have a healthy body image.”

Unless what you really want is to “thin out the herd.”

03 May 2007

“At Peace with Itself”

• Violence mars global May Day

• “Resistance” against who knows what. I’m not sure it matters to them.

• Hate is only not a family value when you can pin it on a non-revolutionary.

Ad Melkert got the memo, but while he advised Wolfowitz’ on his ethics issues initially, he found it more interesting to go after him instead of telling his own committee what a ethical basket case he was himself. He hired an official from his political party in the Netherlands in a cozy position, didn’t submit a disclosure statement about his financial interests as Wolfowitz had, and amounts to just another parasite job hopping from one transnational booby-hatch after another. The Klingons can’t seem to remember their own proverbs about vengeance, can they?

• Obviously at peace with itself. Caveat emtor, peeps.

• Speaking of space: American are from Mars, the EU is orbiting your anus. 2005-2007: the message hasn’t changes.

• At peace with itself during naptime.


An important part of the EU’s military ambitions is to have the capability to react fast and forcefully in trouble spots outside EU territory...

• Solana: "The world is not standing still" (08 March 2006)

• EU reluctant to send troops to Congo (24 February 2006)
It’s the siesta after the fiesta: they can’t yet count as their first success the ambush on the Mount Wolfowitz.

• Oh, and strangling. In the name of peace of course.

02 May 2007

It Must Have Been a Dry Heat

Cultwatch!: Alert Thierry Meyssan again: here’s some steel that, contrary to the new Aryan Science of “Truthersdeforms under impact and in contact with temperatures achieved by burning fuel. It seems that the hand of justice has taken this to the home of the hive-mind in San Francisco to explain this.

It happened early this morning, reported at 3:42am, when the driver of a refinery tanker was speeding along a freeway overpass, lost control and the tanker, holding 8,600 gallons of unleaded fuel, hit the guard rail and flipped.
But then again, we live in a brave new world, and I’ve invented a new greeting for May Day:
May the turnip of the collective’s wisdom fall on your head.
I think it’ll catch on if I repeat it often enough. This blog’s friend Valerie replied: “And a bottomless bowl of gruel to you Comrade!”

You couldn’t imagine by delight at the joyousness. So too, it seems is Carine, rounding up the May Day Mayhem.

Speaking of cults, get a load of these clowns who seem to be waiting for rapture:
Visitors to the Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa won't find the Gideon Bible in the nightstand drawer. Instead, on the bureau will be a copy of ``An Inconvenient Truth,'' former Vice President Al Gore's book about global warming.
Remember, sometimes heat does nothing, pointing to the evils of non-leftists, and sometimes it’s the only that could possibly ever matter, pointing to the evils of non-leftists.


Al-Jazeera sur Seine is using pink and baby blue like a 1960’s maternity ward.