27 June 2007

EUtopia at its Best

A spate of purple helmet stories can’t be far off:

Leading NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) has urged the EU and NATO to make its future peacekeeping operations in Kosovo subject to law, after a string of failures by existing "accountability" structures to investigate allegations of criminal behaviour by international personnel.
By “law” they seem to mean something they’d have a hand in writing, of course. That no-one ever elected HRW doesn’t seem to register any more in this one of their imperious declarations as any other one they’ve issues.
The EU effort - the biggest of its kind in the union's history - is to see 1,600 policemen and 72 civilian officials deploy in January, if UN talks on Kosovo's status end quickly. An EU preparatory office in Pristina - the EUPT - began work in April with 40 staff but has now grown to over 200 personnel, reports indicate.

The EU policemen will be supported by 16,000 soldiers drawn from 35 countries, including the US, Turkey and Ukraine, as well as most EU states. The military force - currently called KFOR - is under NATO command and has already been working alongside UNMIK since the end of the civil war eight years ago.
And to think that if deploying 1600 cops in their own back-yard for their own security isn’t a giant sacrifice in the interest of people in, say, South Africa and Thailand, imagine that it needs an “international” coalitions of 16 000 soldiers to back it up. 10 to 1, even when we all know that violence never solved anything!
But a fresh HRW report out Thursday (14 June) suggests the system is breaking down. In February 2006 the Ombudsperson lost his mandate to oversee international bodies. The human rights panel has not yet started work. The oversight committee last met in 2004. The UNMIK commission has been invisible so far.
Yup. You read that right: the controlling authority is being deemed by an NGO to be illegitimate to oversee and apply the law to alphabet soup “International bodies” and NGOs.

A two-state solution: just give up and let the NGOs administer the EU. Barring that, I’m sure temporary administration of the EU’s back yard by the UN might calm EUvian nerves over the state of their own administrative capacity. I suppose the wet dream for them would be blue helmets keeping the peace in Brussels, with all of its’ attendant zen and good PR juju.

Where’s Dick Marty?

I wonder, will the EU’s secretive “Security Clearinghouse” get Dicked? He’s got to stop this immediately!

The group - which was set up in reaction to the 9/11 attacks in the US - is part of the EU's common foreign and security policy branch, with a December 2001 EU "common position" mandating that "information shall be exchanged between member states" to help curb terrorist financing.

Clearing House does not appear on any official EU listings of "working groups" - standard meetings of mid-ranking EU diplomats, which pre-agree EU decisions before they are adopted by EU ambassadors and, later down the line, rubber-stamped by EU ministers.
Then again, look at the part they want to make civilly “political”:
The group's main job is to decide, every six months or so, who should be on the EU's terrorist register and have their financial assets frozen, with the group meeting sometime this week to finalise contents of the next terror list before its formal adoption in early July.
What say, old bean? Do they get the treatment?

Le Monde Critic Eats Bad Mushrooms, Survives

Despite the fuss over prices. the critics have given Streisand, 65, a warm reception. Le Monde's review said that carping over ticket costs was an injustice where the New York diva was concerned. "Streisand is a work of art. She is Broadway, love, la fête, perfection. She has absolute mastery of the stage and the talent and professionalism that demonstrate the power of America and the feebleness of the rest of the world,” said le Monde

All the Same Buzzwords

From Pétain to PS

“European framework,” “tied to the land,” “struggle of the worker” – none of the arguments seems to change.

25 June 2007

Fake Solidarity is not Charity

While some are “philosophizing ‘til it hurts”, others are being generous with their time and earnings:

Gaudiani said Americans give twice as much as the next most charitable country, according to a November 2006 comparison done by the Charities Aid Foundation. In philanthropic giving as a percentage of gross domestic product, the U.S. ranked first at 1.7 percent. No. 2 Britain gave 0.73 percent, while France, with a 0.14 percent rate, trailed such countries as South Africa, Singapore, Turkey and Germany.
Those imagining their bloated governments can convince their taxpayers that their usury goes to something they imagine is some sort of “collectivized compassion” are fooling themselves. Thinking that ones’ own effort is not required is obviously causing less personal effort from taking place and even at that level, less empathy itself as people have it proved to them that anything and everything is someone else’s problem, if it isn’t the state’s problem.

Those famously telling themselves of the compassion and decency they imaging their state has need to understand how even this form of passive “humanism courtesy the state” is a delusion and a sort of placebo to make up the difference between the ‘humanists’ they think they are and the emotionally needy people they really are.

- with thanks to Martin

23 June 2007

The New Paranoia About Outsiders...

...same as the old paranoia about outsiders.

Those Bitter Old Men in their Flying Machines

If it weren’t for that nasty Eurofighter and those dastardly dastardly Americans making some kind of aircraft or other, this world-beating, sooper-dooper, super-plane wouldn’t be... well... doing badly!

As for the world-beating salesman... who says people need to shave!

Thanks to Michael who adds:

I suppose that when you lose every sales campaign to the F15/F16, it must eventually not be your own fault. How lucid, how French.

The New Anti-Capitalism...

...same as the old anti-capitalism.

22 June 2007

Here Kid, Pull My Finger

The usual continental passive-aggressive crap? Petulant envy? A retired British ace fighter pilot opines on de Villepin’s tack prior to the removal of Saddam Hussein:
“Let’s face it, the French have always been opportunistic when it comes to weapons deals. Maybe their military industry is flat on its face.

“But we took enough French-built Exocets during the Falklands for me not to feel too sorry for them.”

The Daily Express has been told by a senior diplomatic source that the former French Prime Prime Minister, Dominique du Villepin – he famously attacked Britain and the US at the UN for proposed involvement in the second Gulf War – was heavily motivated in his outburst by the fact that the French could not field an operational aircraft carrier.


At roughly 1315 UTC, at the same time the BBC was having an on-air "silent vigil" for the release of kidnapped BBC correspondent Alan Johnston, a clan member of the group holding him had his head blown off by masked men.

Munir Dughmush was shot while standing outside a building in Gaza City's Zaitoun neighborhood, sources in the Gaza Strip said. They said masked gunmen opened fire at him, killing him instantly.

Following the incident, foreign journalists were advised to stay away from the Gaza Strip for fear of reprisal.
They recently said they were willing to talk about releasing Johnson.

How then does a highly influential subculture of fantasists with moral uncertainty and journalism degrees defend its’ own against another highly influential subculture of fantasists with amoral tactics and small arms? It doesn’t.

I‘m sure those who participated in the big BBC-staffer group hug believed that their vigils, websites, sign-bearing, and pot-banging will somehow appeal to the compassion of those who hold Johnston and get him released. This would only be possible if there was a way in Gazan militant society to actually act with compassion (if one was capable of it), and even yet not get shot by someone else if you try.
All their “campaigning” has done is raise the man's stock. The more of a pointless a stink they make about Johnston’s captivity, the more he's worth as a captive.

Which brings us to the the accompanying photo. Journalists without borders who seem to want to conceal their identity to even show empathy for one of their kidnapped fellow journalists. Even if they are just kids imagining their hearts are with him - Indeed they’re displaying the fear that they themselves have sewn by the over-reporting and giving too much importance and credence to the causes of Johnston’s captors. If they had enough self-awareness to see how screwy their tack is generally, they could let themselves seek the aide of the Israelis for the sake of Johnston’s life, even if it would undermine their rather fake “neutrality” of having to temper their reporting because of their vulnerability to the violence they would be exposed to.

Go figure.

Smug and Smart, Smug and Smart

Are you a bien pensent twit trying to figure out the Holocaust? Are you looking for any explanation other than evil?

Then why not just find a way to blame a jew?

A brief encounter with a Jewish prostitute may have led to Hitler's genocidal Holocaust, claim psychiatrists.

Gentle Europe

With no historical memory. Must be nice not to have a conscience.

The Nazi rock concert was held in Croatia’s biggest stadium, Maksimir, and although this time Thompson himself did not make any pro-Ustasha references or Hitler-style salutes, the kids sure did.

The reason you don’t see this kind of stuff in Germany is that everyone knows what the Germans did, and the Germans know what the Germans did, because they were made to admit and apologize for what they did.

- via Julia Gorin

As far as I’m concerned, they’re not that different than these clowns:

“Fuck Reformen, Luxus til alle” “Fuck reforms. Luxury for everyone”
In other words: “if it ain’t bolted down, it’s yours’”

21 June 2007

So, Do You Think He’s Got A ‘Type?’

I doubt a Ségo blow up doll would have done the trick, but Flanby seems to have found frightening analog to his former political opponent and common law co-parent to their hatchlings.

While hints of Hollande as a Joey Butafuco type wearing a wifebeater are sure to not be far off, this thing is far from one sided.
She was the socialist in stilettos, the woman who injected femininity, glamour and sex appeal into the French elections.

And as she embarked on her ill-fated bid to become France's first woman president this spring, Segolene Royal, an alluring mother-of four, appeared as a wonderful breath of fresh air who dared to challenge the macho forces of French politics.
Let’s set aside the fact that anyone finding a mother of 4 alluring needs to have their head examined. The idea that the press tried to sell it this way without the objection of a campaign certainly says that as far as the subject goes – that all bets are off in the abuse department. Keep in mind that this public display of flaming, twisted wreckage will certainly be spun in the direction of man-as-abuser, in spite of Hollande never being able to fit that bill, and in spite of the fact that Royal was supposed to be squared away, consensus oriented, and in possession of leadership skills.

At one point prior to the Presidential election, word had it that a certain candidate was playing naughty little Sprout to the Jolly Green Giant. Hinting that a eco-vangelist was doing a Presidential candidate was subtly floated as a sign of someone with a ‘nuanced’ social bearing doing what she could to ‘take care of the earth.’ I won’t touch the fact that the man is a Veteranarian.

Phooey! Sputum!, I say. The politics aren’t affecting this adolescent love-drome here, the personal circumstances are being used in the politics. Otherwise this would resemble a collapsing relationship between actual adult mammals and be mostly private and at least somewhat painful. That is, if they’re parents and are actually capable of normal emotions in some way. Clearly they aren’t.

At least they’re too old to breed.

Academic Fantasies Exploited

“Interhotel” chic?

BERLIN - The four clocks behind the reception desk of Berlin's new budget hotel Ostel show the hour in Moscow, Berlin, Havana, and Beijing. Time, however, appears to have stopped here sometime before 1989, when communism was still entrenched in all four capitals.

The Ostel offers a renewed whiff of life in the former German Democratic Republic, welcoming travelers with portraits of communist leaders adorning the walls.
I wonder, does the package deal come with beatings by the Volkspolizei and the Grenzschutz, or is that only in the abuse spa package?
Socialist Unity Party functionaries such as party General Secretary Erich Honecker and Prime Minister Horst Sindermann peer down from portraits in most rooms, giving the impression that one is under constant surveillance.
The fun never stops.

20 June 2007

Crackberry Hill

As if...

Top French government officials are ignoring warnings to ditch their cherished BlackBerrys -- smartphones with e-mail capacity -- despite warnings their messages may be intercepted by US spy agencies, a report said Tuesday.

[ ... ]

"The risk of interception is real, it's an economic war," Alain Juilllet, a senior French economic intelligence official, told Le Monde.
A bunch of wonderpups at the French Foreign Ministry won’t give up their Blackberries in spite of the security risks.

After all, they should know.
Some of the specific cases are shocking. According to a recent New York Times article by Peter Schweizer, `between 1987 and 1989, French intelligence planted moles in several U.S. companies, including IBM. In the fall of 1991, a French intelligence team attempted to steal `stealth' technology from Lockheed.' Other accounts report that French intelligence units conduct 10 to 15 break-ins every day at large hotels in Paris to copy documents that belong to businessmen, journalists, and diplomats. According to other accounts, the French have been hiding listening devices on Air France flights in order to pick up useful economic information from business travelers
Given that the US Government nearly never goes to bat for US businesses in nearly the same way, and often get audited out of existence. I wonder where they’re getting this idea if no-place other than their own experience.

Imagine you own a private company experiencing success in France. You have an IPO. A state owned company, possibly through another company suddenly owns a piece of your future success. The state could even skillfully time its’ sale of assets to exploit your “means of production”.

Bingo. Motive and opportunity. Direct interest in (and history of ) using intelligence assets for domestic industries.

Remember, they’re more lucid, more humanistic, more everything than you are. They even fart daisies.

18 June 2007

“Decrypting”: a Smug Way to Make Spinning Feel Smart

« He left the house, but they both kept the chamber »
[Ed.: She dumped him, and they gained fewer seats than the petulant pollsters and press hoped for]

Bound up, but unrelated. A message distraction from those who pretend to own the truth. An odd cartoon from Plantu’s cartoonish view of humanity tries to make an interference attempt, and is linked to a story titled: « Deciphering: a message sent to Nicolas Sarkozy ».

It’s revealing. Decades after the personal became the political, the political is now entirely personal. Let’s dope it out: Plantu makes Hollande look like an embarrassed, lost commuter on the “blue” side, and Ségo only slightly pensive, but still smiling and heroic, managing to float in mid-air. At least this time she isn’t drawn walking on water with even Jesus wondering who this un-naturally toothy, grinning Godzilla really is.

Meanwhile, France seems to have managed to dodge a bullet. The Clintonesque nature of this pair might appeal as a subject of the dim-witted, omnipresent talk shows, but it doesn’t mean that people really want or can stand this kind of thing from the leaders of a nation that keeps telling itself what a mature society it is.
Royal said the reason for the parting was the infidelity of her partner , Socialist leader François Hollande.

Further details will be revealed in Royal's autobiography, which is to be published this week.
I guess she needed a stunt held at the point of maximum attention to sell her upcoming book – or otherwise fall permanently off of the public radar, or into ridicule, or into a pattern of ridiculous, party-wide attention-seeking behaviour.
But with Royal asserting her ambition to challenge for the party hot-seat, the two are likely to clash then, or even earlier if the Socialists decide to call an early congress.
Can you imagine this party leading a nation that has nukes?

Also Causes Jock Itch

When people start to reason that you can avert genocide by cooling the planet below the temperature nature wants it to, you’ve really lost your marbles. Add it to: “Stop coming to work and save the planet”, “Having large families ‘is an eco-crime’”, but more than anything try to square it with this enthusiastic bit of earth-loving genocide.

Meet the Dissemblers

It’s Llke a Train-wreck alternate ending to Raising Arizona

Propagandastaffel chooses to cover the personal problems of lefties and the break-up the world press doesn’t seem to care about over the French parliamentary election results - even as the PS’ seat count appears to be closer to 180 than the 210 that the pollsters are selling.

17 June 2007

They aren’t Mexican. This Story will go Nowhere.

Slavery in Europe:

Hunger, heat, and 13 hours back-breaking work a day: all for €1 an hour. Customs officials raided a strawberry plantation in Bavaria on Thursday and found [ed.: 118] illegal Romanian workers living in slave-like conditions. What was worse: the owner of the farm is a [ed.: retired] policeman.

German custom authorities raided a strawberry plantation in the village of Oberndorf in southern Germany at midnight Thursday night and discovered up to 60 Romanian farm laborers living in miserable conditions. The owner of the farm had been keeping the workers as virtual slaves and only paying them around €1 ($1.33) an hour, for up to 13 hours of work a day in the fields.
The officials were alerted by people in the nearby village where the workers had been begging.

Poverty of German policemen (pffnthpt!!!) notwithstanding, this occurs despite a loving, caring “subsidy” for German farm workers:
The Christian Science Monitor reported on May 24, 2006 that some 280,000 Poles were working in German agriculture, many harvesting asparagus. The German Labor Department is insisting that 10 percent of farm workers in 2006 be German. German farm workers can receive subsidies that give them €13 to €20 an hour tax free, or $17 to $25.

“Managed” Out of a Job

Not free to choose: regulated and managed out of existence, some French wine-growers have taken direct action.

Trimming the vines in the 17 hectares of vineyard which used to support his family, wine-grower Francois Thiebaud is in despair because of plummeting wine prices.

He says that he and many other wine-makers in this region are now fighting for survival:
"We're working at a loss," he tells me.

"We've lost between 40 and 50% of our income because of falling prices and the big cut taken by the middle-men.

"I can only afford to carry on working in the vineyards because my wife has another job.

"And some wine-makers have to claim social security benefits, because they earn so little that they can't feed their families.
Were these artisans able to get out of the political trap of demanding help, and then accepting it, they wouldn’t be in the position they’re in. The uncontrollable Euro-desire to ‘control’ the value of French wines in a pretext to protect the farmer has accomplished the reverse altogether. With a sterling reputation, and a history of producing the best wines anywhere in the world, the regime has even rendered the value of even the un-exported product sold locally to a market making 1st world earnings and an appreciation and willingness for wines has been undervalued.

Worldwide, the concept of the subsidy (as opposed to a low-threshold ‘safety-net’ to protect against weather and other events) has failed. It’s even worse when the commodity also requires specific craftsmanship, topography, and soil. These farms couldn’t grow oats or maize.

The failure is in Europe’s omnipresent ‘systems’ and ‘regimes’ that haven’t permitted these growers, or any other ones, to sort out for themselves how they’re operate at a profit. Even the system of apellations dooms some and protects others, some of which don’t deserve it.
Beyond that, they are talked out of figuring out for themselves whether they even belong in the business – the fetishization of ‘the land’ means that a wine-grower can’t just abandon his vines for something else without changing the terms of his state ‘support’ that manipulates the supply, and does as much to suppress prices as it’s meant to prop it up.

If you don’t buy that idea, look at where the expanding producers and markets are: Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand... all places where the market for making, selling, importing, and exporting wines isn’t manipulated in the European manner.

16 June 2007

Let’s Call it John Bolton Envy

EUvians may no longer be Impressed by their own skilled displays of good intentions, but, ya know, they’re trying. They’re almost getting to the point where they’re copping the United States’ agenda on this thing they never seem to actually get around to do anything about called human rights.

European Union countries have threatened to pull out of the United Nations Human Rights Council if its developing country majority succeeds in an attempt to prevent scrutiny of the worst abusers.
Too bad it’s only about 5 years too late for this particular effort to actually matter.

Fine words aside, they’re really still a lot more worried about what the neighbors will think (as if their neighbors actually thought like them.)
EU diplomats, requesting anonymity, said they still hoped to negotiate a compromise accord.
Wow. You can almost smell the bold “unilateralism” from downtown Pyongyang, can’t ya?

11 June 2007

Looks more like a Desperate Attempt to find one that isn’t Revolting

Can You Hear the Dueling Banjos?

Does anyone have any idea why these commie hellholes still exist anywhere in civilization?

Bonus: by way of the charming and talented Kate herself, we find this bit of unwitting proletarian irony:
"'I'm depressed - I voted for the Socialists purely because the right is going to win,' said Geraldine Gourbe, a 30-year-old philosophy professor, on her way out of a polling station in northern Paris. 'I voted for them to be effective, but I'd rather have voted for the Greens or the Communist Revolutionary League,' she said, concerned that those parties' candidates stood less of a chance of gaining seats."
A French philosophy instructor and university parasite is depressed. A pinhole in the balloon of a fantasy world views is burst by an organic mass called the anonymity of the voting booth. Even someone in the university racket can’t chock it up to “brainwashing” or any of the other usual Fig Newtons of the leftist imagination.

Just one question: teacher, may I laugh now?

10 June 2007

Election non-watch

While monitoring enemy broadcasts a discussion of the Parliamentary elections in France came up. The BBC’s correspondent at large in France discussed the mechanics of what looks like a landslide, after which the presenter rapped with some writer from Libération who sounded to be all of 14 years old. She rattled on for a while about how voting doesn’t really matter and “their” democracy was on the streets.

This would only make sense if you believed that voting doesn’t matter, and that the will of a majority that votes matters less than the will of a minority willing to break windows and burn trash cans.

Otherwise the BBC sound like this:

blah, blah, blah, climate change, blah, blah, blah, George Bush, blah, blah, blah, climate change, blah, blah, blah, climate change, blah, blah, blah, climate change...
And so forth.

Sure, And a big fat Sieg Heil to you two too.

08 June 2007

First They Came for Piglet...

The cartoon exploits of Astérix may be enjoyed by millions of children around the world, but the ancient Gaulish hero has just been declared unfit to be official ambassador for children's rights. He is too French, too violent, he perpetuates stereotypes and his outlook conflicts with the spirit of the European Union.
It’s so sad that it defies the bounds of anyone’s acceptance of the absurd as an emotional defense.
The DCI organisation says that Astérix conveys an "archaic...hierarchical" world at odds with the "revolutionary" values of the 1989 convention. This stresses the child's existence as a being with rights while children in Astérix are fragile objects that need to be protected, said Jean-Pierre Rosenczveig, a senior juvenile judge who heads the French DCI.

Astérix also projects "a Gaulish vision which ignores the intercultural reality of French society," they say. His constant resistance against the Romans and other foreign invaders sends altogether the wrong message in the peace-loving European Union.
[ ... ]
It congratulated Obélix for tackling the problem of obesity but faulted the cartoon for failing to deal with unsanitary housing. The child defenders are also upset that Astérix delivers "a eulogy to tribal, hierarchical, society with frequent references to a chief." The right to education is sadly depicted by a woman school-teacher telling pupils: "Get into rows in silence please," adds the DCI.
Like the ubiquitous presence of the rainbow for a flag, turning holloween into an olympiad of gay narcissism, and the turning of clowns into icons for suicidal anti-capitalism, the ones who lose are the children who have their joy and innocence stolen from them by politcos trying to find the quickest and cheapest shot they can.

Astérix entertained generations of kids and also showed them that they could have moxie and valor. Evidently this isn’t good enough. It’s not that they themselves didn’t select it for their own kids, it’s that they also seem to need to give it a bad name while they punch up their own narcissism to state, but not prove by example, a “spirit of the European Union” in “peace-loving European Union” that has something as transparently fake as an “Ambassador for children”. What they need to do is set their personalized selfishness aside, show some hope for the future of man and actually have some children.

Here, Kid. Pull My Finger.

He also proves that tortured, repetitious allegations remain lawful.

Dick Marty accuses civilization of trying to protect Itself. All of society complicit.

Winston Smith: Run and Hide!

From a rag that reads like a 1960’s report on Soviet tractor production we can observe the species in the wild: among the announcements is this bit of common evasion:

Journalist and Communist: Françoise Germain-Robin passes on the colors of the PCF [French Communist Party] to her replacement in the 19e district of Paris, Catherine Ballester. The candidate is a recognized writer to l’Humanité readers, where she’s been since 1975 after having been a journalist for France Culture. For l’Humanité she was a correspondent in Algeria until 1981, and then a reporter at large for the Middle East.
She’s also the author of several works in particular on Islam, Algeria, and Israel or Palestine.

This is undoubtedly the motivation which led people to take part in her committee of support, where dramatists, those organized on the questions of the Middle East, and historians are found. Beyond being a candidate who has lived in the 18e arrondissement since 1989, she intends to fight against the right and “for a strong left” in a district which she likes to say, is a “reflection of the world and is rich in true human and cultural diversity”.
So a neighborhood of rich lefties (and political monoculture) is now magically “diverse”, journalism’s purpose is entirely political, and it’s warm, touching and sincere to run for local office in a place you don’t live.

Now I see.

07 June 2007

Move Along. Nothing Left to See Here.

Paul Belein:

Last year more than 155,000 Germans emigrated from their native country. Since 2004 the number of ethnic Germans who leave each year is greater than the number of immigrants moving in. While the emigrants are highly motivated and well educated, "those coming in are mostly poor, untrained and hardly educated," says Stephanie Wahl of the German Institute for Economics.

In a survey conducted in 2005 among German university students, 52 percent said they would rather leave their native country than remain there. By "voting with their feet," young, educated Germans affirm that Germany has no future to offer them and their children. As one couple who moved to the United States told the newspaper Die Welt: "Here our children have a future in which they will not have to fear unemployment and social decline."

More numerically staggering is that emigration is exceeding immigration in the Netherlands, and at a rate of 130.000 in 2006, eclipsing Germany’s loss by a factor of four. But to the point of interest to the American social conversation, the image of the European social idyll pitched by the supposedly urbane press needs to be tempered with a basic and rational observation of that flight:
Americans who think that the European welfare state is the model to follow would do well to ponder the question why, if Europe is so wonderful, Europeans are fleeing from it.
Belein describes some curious milestones that the wizened sooths of Old Europe’s™ national governments don’t care to call attention to: emigration peaked after the murder of Pim Fortyn and Theo van Gogh. For many, these events appear to be too much – a sort of tipping point or ”emotionally significant” number which the press reserves for issues they themselves seem better psychologically prepared to countenance.

The “other white meat” – social mass suicide.

Let’s not forget about the most noticeable feature scaring people with personal potential and families away: the social medium dominated by the predilections of many of the “aboriginals” themselves:
With the international media focused on the violent clashes between left-wing "anti-globalization" activists and German police at the anti-G-8 protest in Rostock this past weekend, another component of Germany's broad "anti-globalization" consensus will have passed largely unperceived: namely, the neo-Nazis of the National-Democratic Party of Germany or NPD. Under the motto "There is no such thing as fair globalization," an NPD-sponsored anti-G-8 demonstration had been scheduled to take place in the nearby city of Schwerin on Saturday, the same day as the "leftist" demonstration in Rostock. The NPD protest was, however, cancelled at the last minute, as the state supreme court of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, citing the potential for violence, upheld a ban issued by the local authorities. In light of the entirely predictable rioting of the leftist "Black Block" in Rostock -- leading to the violence that left nearly 1000 injured, including some 433 police officers -- the court's grounds, it must be said, now seem rather feeble.

In spite of the ban, over 1,500 NPD members are reported to have taken part in smaller, "spontaneous" anti-G-8 protests in several German cities. Over 100 are reported to have marched through Berlin's central Brandenburg Gate. As documented on the NPD Web site -- but virtually ignored by not only the international, but also the German media -- some 50 NPD members, including three members of the regional parliament of Saxony, managed briefly to occupy the steps of the German Reichstag, unfurling anti-G-8 banners and waving NPD flags. "Under the gable of the western entrance to the Reichstag building with its inscription 'To the German People',"
Much in the way Ausländern can’t quite understand how virtually the entire political spectrum in Europe tends to find quiet comfort in totalitarianism-light, they at least wonder about it out loud.
For the NPD, the anti-globalization movement is to be understood as part of a "völkisch" uprising of the world's "peoples" [Völker] against the "rootless" capitalism system. [The German word völkisch is derived from the word Volk: which can be rendered as either "people" or "nation," but unlike the corresponding English words, typically carries a strong connotation of ethnicity. The ethnic idea of the "Volk" or nation was the core idea of the National Socialism of the 1930s and 40s
Oddly enough Nazi writer Joachim Fest said what seems to remain a truth of left dominated societies, both by omission and commission:
“The media fabricates more than two thirds of public opinion from which the foam of the parliamentary Aphrodite rises.”

Live From Jerry’s Acid Park

Get a load of this idiot who wants to pollute in the interest of “raising awareness” about the environment or some other little mental pleasantry.

Marco Evaristti, originally from Chile, said he would colour the peak of Mont Blanc -- the highest mountain in western Europe --- in biodegradable paint and establish a sovereign "Pink State" on the summit in an attempt to raise awareness for environmental issues.

Evaristti's guide Michel Bordet told AFP the artist had already painted a part of the mountain at the Col des Flambeaux passage, at 3,400 metres (11,150 feet) in the Vallee Blanche valley, as a "small taste of what is to come."
Not his property, but so what. He’s got an answer to that one: good old fashioned Euro-thought and moronic pseudo-rebelliousness acted out for personal reasons.
"My aim is to transform this mythical mountain of Mont Blanc into a Mountain Red and establish a sovereign state, the 'Pink State'," Evaristti told AFP.

Snow-capped Mont Blanc rises to 4,808 metres (15,774 feet) in the French Alps.

According to the 43-year-old artist, the purpose of his "Mont Blanc Project" is to raise questions such as: "Who owns nature? Who owns the water in the lakes, the snow on the ground, the flowers in the fields and the trees in the rain forests?".

Evaristti said he has the "right" to "create a non-violent state of pluralism and tolerance" on the mountain, which "doesn't belong to France alone."
His credentials as a grreenie hypocrite are nonetheless firm:
Evaristti caused an outcry in 2000 with an exhibit in Denmark's Trapholt modern art museum that featured gold fish swimming in blenders. Evaristti's exhibit gave visitors the choice of switching on the machine.

"I wanted people to confront their consciences, their inner judgement, their instincts, to press the button of death or not," the artist said at the time.

A Danish animal rights group took him to court over the exhibit. Evaristti was acquitted.
It’s right up there with the illogic of imposing new things on nature in an effort to “purify” it in a subconscious effort to “purify” themselves of guilt that’s been trained into them:
The Pleistocene was the heyday of megafauna, a span of geologic time when big mammals like mammoths, saber-toothed cats, woolly rhinos and giant ground sloths roamed the continents. The epoch lasted over one million years during which glaciers plowed the planet's surface, stretching and retracting across vast expanses. Near the beginning of the end of the Pleistocene some 50,000 years ago, much of the megafauna disappeared in synchrony with the spread of modern humans. This loss left the Holocene, the current geologic epoch (which began about 11,000 years ago) with a much impoverished megafauna.

[ ... ]

But re-wilding initiatives in Europe must also include reinvigoration of megafauna populations already there that have suffered severe range constriction. Among them: the wolf, brown bear, lynx and moose. Scientists should also consider reintroducing 11 additional megafauna species: the Asiatic lion, leopard, spotted hyena, dhole, horse, cattle, Asiatic wild ass, Asiatic elephant, hippopotamus, water buffalo and hairy rhinoceros.
Indeed. The membership nodded with a sheepish, unquestioning display of some sort of mimicry of sane behavior that they recall from their youth at private school. We’ll set aside the resemblance this has to the effects of child abuse at this point. The real nuttiness here is that natural climate change killed off these species. In the interest to create a pre-human ecosystem that humans will not be able to enjoy out of self-loathing guilt, these idiots who seem only slightly better educated than “zee arteest” want to impose a completely artificial nature that does nothing particular for the earth’s most useful and aware species (at least a few of them) - man.

Hate Sells

Model Euro-citizens

Coming in behind a washed up tennis pro is what sells, even if it’s mindless trash, comes someone singing about something completely unrelated, that is, channeling their personal disappointment into criticizing a whole nation.

04 June 2007

Yeah, but Would Thierry Meyssan Let Them Work on his House?

The “truthers” are desperate, if not obsessed with, to legitimating their credentials any way they can. It’s key to selling the irrational, implausible, and unprovable digestible to oneself and to others. After almost six years of banging their spoons on their highchairs, they finally found a handful of Architects and Engineers to provide some kind of satisfaction in their search for conclusions that don’t fit the objective evidence of the 9-11 attacks.

Meet bin Laden’s poodle, and the UFO seeking narcissists who’ve given up on Clearasil and are jumping up and down for joy. Too bad they don’t realize what a poor authority is carrying their hopes of getting more than 5 licensed structural engineers in the entire United States to go along with their “9/11 was an inside job” snowjob: Architects don’t do the structural design of anything larger than a freestanding house.

They include a Fire Protection Engineer who’s had his license cancelled 9 years ago, a Land Surveyor, a Mechanical Engineer, and an Electrical Engineer who aren’t qualified to analyze or design structural designs, and a Civil Engineer who’s professional registration check returns no results. Indeed, true scholars for “truthiness” if there ever were any.

I'm glad to see engineers and architects finally coming together to dispel the myths and add weight to the science backing the questioning of the coverup...
- So goes one of the “testimonials” we're asked to take with the authority that comes with a lapsed professional registration.

03 June 2007

Sure. Whatever you say, Spanky

They must have been peeing themselves with anticipation to say it: « L'économie américaine traverse un trou d'air » You know the one they’re talking about: the one that Old Europe has been stuck in for almost a generation.

Rotting From the Neck Up

Al-Jazeera sur Seine, having long-since redefined who the aggressor was in the 6-day war, reduces it to cartoon villainy.

Reciprocity of the Standard Diplomatic Sort

Serving fewer Francophones as there are Anglophones in Paris, RFI is broadcasting in numerous American cities while the CSA, France’s “owners” of the airwaves act out their fear of the mythical Anglo-Saxon, what with their blue jeans and decadent rock and roll that might corrupt the proletariat: with the same effect as Cuban jamming transmitters, English language radio is not permitted on the air in Paris. Even the unctuous BBC transmits from beyond the frontier. One expat-radio entrepreneur resorted to secreting an Internet Radio operation from the UK.

Diplomacy being what it is should compel the FCC to boot RFI out of the US, if they didn’t have something that the CSA doesn’t: an actual belief in basic individual rights.

Boot them off the air. Period.

Some Hayawan Must Have Whispered in His Ear

Look at how quickly this:

The claim emerged in a document written by official DH Colvin at the British embassy in Paris, quoting a contact at the Euro-Arab Parliamentary Association, as the crisis unfolded.
Can become this:
Israel secret services 'involved in 1976 Air France hijack'
What went nearly completely unmentioned, even then was that the hijacking was a collaboration between the atheistic European Leftists embodied by Bader-Meinhof Gang (those crazy kids!) and a religious offshoot of the PLO, but look at what the scribbler is calling a conspiracy.

Do I need to draw you a picture?