31 August 2009

Morons Compete to have their Concession Nationalized

South America’s “hope and change” affiliate, a man with a pea brain, no historical memory, and a taste for despotism, can’t even keep his lunacy under control as he suckers in some new tenderers.

12 August 2009

“Agents of Change” Hold a Reunion

They were just, y’know, revolutionaries, who wanted to, y’know, change things, y’know? The sad thing is that no-one could really look at the faithful and their “Manson Family Values” and say out loud what they really wanted, if you could get a coherent thought out of them:

Marxism, except with them in dictatorial charge of civilization, legal pedophilia, and free buds for them and their friends.

11 August 2009

Agents of Blame

Quelle couleur, les amerloques en question ? Contrairement à ce qui se passe chez nous, les SDF sont souvent des Noirs, là-bas.
The working of the French public’s mind where politics (or cultural animosity – same thing) is fascinating, at least from an ethological perspective. The usual Munichois commenters at FDS run across and equally fevered story at Rue89 about the City of New York “exporting its’ homeless to France”, carefully omitting information to permit those who enjoy wallowing in their agony to assume that they are shipping over a thousand crazy bums who show signs of violent mood swings.

It turns out that we’re talking about a voluntary program of family reunification for down on their luck folk to get back on their feet somewhere where they can be more firmly grounded, and (as would interest the sofa-bound “revolutionaries” at Rue89 and the crackpot nationalists supremacists,) a couple and their three children rejoining the childrens’ grandmother in Normandy.
“The person I spoke to in the shelter informed me that if I have a person I could stay with in Puerto Rico, that I could get help to go,” said Mr. Correa, who worked as a mechanic in Carolina, on the north shore of the island. They will stay with Ms. Mojica’s father. “I feel very happy because I’m going to be able to get back to do the things that I know how to do,” he said.
The usual amusement, of course is all taking place in at François’ fever swamp, where several punctilious francophone correctors of others’ details refer to Hizzoner as Blumberg. Several first reactions had nothing to do with the piece, but leap to ask if “Blumberg” is a Jew, and one of the first wonder “quelle couleur” that massive horde of SDF “Newyorkais” is.
Ce bloomberg , maire feuj de N.Y.,a le même comportement qu’un certain Adolf H.,de sinistre mémoire…
- which is funny, given the usual soft touch they take to Hitler, and just about any other fascist that Europe has created.

In other words, all the usual, garden variety questions you get from a French citizen when they have the chance to hate anonymously. All without thinking for a moment that this same bunch of mental knob polishers is wild for the idea of ejecting from France anyone who resembles a foreigner to them, often regardless of their citizenship, impact on the state treasury, or much else.

Of course no francophone day can be complete without a good conspiracy theory suggestion , where one must immediately confuse random, self-serving opinion for fact as well!:
Vous n’y êtes pas les amis. Cette solution n’est que temporaire, car une fois que la construction des tours remplaçantes du défunt « World Trade Center » sera achevée, et bien les SDF new-yorkais pourront rentrer chez eux, et ils ne seront plus SDF.
Mes sources, je les tiens de Larry Silverstein (le gars qui a racheté le complexe du « World Trade Center » juste 5 semaines avant les attentats du 11 septembre et qui a pris une double assurance contre tout accident, et contre tout attentat, double JackPot), de Frank Lowy, de Lewis Eisenberg, et de Ronald S. Lauder.
I wonder what day of theirs’ is really complete without some nutty “troofer” theorization, mentioning (as someone does with this item) a vague link between the name “Blumberg”, the existence of “financiers”, and Israeli technology exports. All such murky and menacing stuff. There has to be a link!

What practically split my gut was the Desouche commenter that called this the “deuxième débarquement”, or 2nd D-Day, as if America’s target was France. There’s more sincerity there than you would think. As far as the FDS reader’s political proclivities are concerned, since D-Day did spell the beginning of the end for Fascism, they WERE under attack.

The psychic pain of being that stupid must be a heavy burden. That too is obviously the generalized fault of America, no doubt.

Some Perspective

The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism," they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.... I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.

- Norman Mattoon Thomas, 1944, socialist, pacifist, and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America

10 August 2009

Look, Someone just made a Funny!

If they’re more interested in the social outcome of movements than of science, why don’t they just use re-education camps? Citing a rather odd item for the FT which reads like a treatise on the growing of turnips, anti-individualist Richard Murphy huzzahs the shoving of ideas down the throats of economics students, but pair back the subject matter so that when you’re done, they’re little more that Comintern graduate bookkeepers who follow a recipe book of desiccated past ideas that appeal to Murphy.

They should take as their motto Keynes’s dictum that “economics is a moral and not a natural science”. They should contain not just the standard courses in elementary microeconomics and macroeconomics but economic and political history, the history of economic thought, moral and political philosophy, and sociology. Though some specialisation would be allowed in the final year, the mathematical component in the weighting of the degree should be sharply reduced.
Great idea: impose you own views on them, but don’t continue the advancement of the actual subject. Remember, free will is only “free will” in his world.

09 August 2009

In the Workers’ Paradise, all our Growlers will Sound the Same

Communism: it can’t even help you take a dump.

To each what isn’t stolen or lost to incompetence will be given...

08 August 2009

Things People say that they Think make them Sound Smart

The convergance of rushed, low quality blogging and academia continues.

Informed by feminist investigations of embodiment and bodiliness, we ask: How do we understand our bodily relationship to other animals? How do we embody animals, and how do animals embody us? How are carnal modes of incorporation, intimacy, and inhabitation kinds of contacts forged between “HumAnimals”?
Given the title “Meet Animal Meat”, and otherwise being cute with a few opinionated phrases, now counts for dialectics in Graduate level Sweden.
What, or more precisely, who, we eat is determined by the patriarchal politics of our culture. Patriarchy is a gender system that is implicit in human/animal relationships… Manhood is constructed in our culture by access to meat eating and control of other bodies.
Clearly, someone needs to get stupped. The inference that cannibalism is supposed to be soundly based on the blanket acceptance of the humanity of all other animals, regardless of whether or not a dog is a dog, in this desiccated idiot’s world, the dog can also be human, whereas a human (male or female, even though she seems to be trying to stake one’s humanity on being female) , may still only be a human.

Anyone paying tuition to engage ideas that this “pedagogue” is not so much offering but promoting is a fool. It isn’t scholarship when it’s simplistic enough to be cogently summarized on a matchbook cover. I would also suspect that there isn’t much interaction in any realistic way in the study of HuManImal Studies either, at least any which would require a defense of the founding assumptions about non-maleness somehow being connected to non-humanness, except when all animals can be associated with humans.

Sure makes sense, doesn’t it? All animals are to be treated as sentient, but males are to be demoted, and there is supposed to be something ‘inherent’ enough in that to make it a subject of what remains of the dignity academic philosophical inquiry has to offer.

The cheap thing to say at this stage is that all of this “scholarship” is either out of fear or response to a mere aphorism: man meat.

Heal your Inner Labor MP

J. R. Nyquist detests saps, and wishes it was in print. One can only imagine what the cover art will look like.

Guilt is the stick across your back sent to make you better. Is guilt unpleasant? It’s supposed to be, and it better be. Feel guilty often, and have plenty of regrets. People who have no regrets are dangerous. They will suck you in and suck you down.
Do not confuse this man with the sneery Lucy Kellaway. He does not even want to mock you passive-agressively in the role of cubicle-farm agony aunt. He wants to smite his enemies and pillage their fields, so to speak; but for the most part insists that we should not hear them whine and manipulate the rest of us.
Chapter 4 should be titled “You’re Not So Special.”
Emotional hostage takers: beware. There’s a new weltanschauung in town.

The Fuse is Lit! (No Pasaran)

07 August 2009

Hanging Tough and Holding the Line, Euro Style

They say that they’re all against beating demonstrators, of course.

Top diplomats from all but two EU embassies in Iran attended the inauguration of president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran on Wednesday (5 August). The Swedish EU presidency, the UK, France, Spain, Finland, Greece and the Czech republic were present at ambassador level, the Swedish foreign ministry told EUobserver.

Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia sent charges d'affaires - acting heads of mission when the ambassador is away.
You can hear their balls clanking, can’t you?
The British foreign office in a statement described its decision to attend as "hard-headed diplomacy."

"We have not sent a message of congratulations to president Ahmadinejad. But ...communication channels have to be kept open," it also said.
That’s exactly how Iran bought the time it took to mine the Straits of Hormuz some time back, build longer range missiles, and construct centrifuges.
Only Germany and Austria stood out by sending lower rank representatives.
Nothing that the Europeans have done so far has induced meaningful conversation of any sort since 2003. Nonetheless, they pursuit the only course of action impirically proven NOT to work because it requires no meaningful action on their part, no matter how much it increases their future risk. It’s what makes lefties sound so totally brilliant when they say that “you need to talk to your enemies and not your friends.”

03 August 2009

The Usually Spell it as all one word in Pyongyang

Who knew that a totalitarian leftist regime could be SO, um, “ with it” as to take up a rather incongruous sexual fetish – especially for a society where the proletariat are all so “equal,” and being absorbed with oneself is a state crime. Unless you’re one of the of the elite in that society where everyone is supposed to be equal. In that case, it’s everyone else that get the golden shower.

Then again, when you’re done foraging for non-collectivist food, what else are you going to do?