30 December 2006

Wilbur is sad

Live from the KOSian dystopia:

I have just read that Saddam Hussein is dead. Hung by the neck until dead – isn’t that the phrase they always use on television?
When, how, and under what context do they “always use that phrase on television”? Oh yeah! Now I remember! In something Wilbur would rather confuse reality with called fiction!
And I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness. Everybody has to start by saying that it isn’t bad that Saddam Hussein is dead – he was an evil man. But what is evil? It is a religious denunciation, a way to set a person apart from humanity. We need to do this I suppose. And if we say that Saddam Hussein is an evil man, don’t we then have to say that other men are good? Who is good I wonder? Where do we find these men of goodness? To say Saddam Hussein was evil is too easy, it lets us off the hook. Saddam Hussein was a cruel man, a selfish man, a desperate man, a sad man.
Minimize his deeds, pity him through things we can never really know about him (but can contrive), and lento, lento... make him another hero in the great pantheon of politically useful victims. Why don’t the two of them just get a room, and put a heroic misrepresentation of him on a t-shirt, already. He was merely a... a... something I think, but could never know:
He was a bully I think. He was a man who never knew happiness I think. He rationalized his actions I’m sure by saying that he did what had to be done. He called his own enemies evil, and tortured them completely. Saddam Hussein was all too human. He walked among us. In this moment of spiritual limbo between Christmas and the start of a new year I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness.

I feel sadness because we repaid cruelty with cruelty. We did it because we allowed an emotionally disturbed man to lead us, to direct our actions. We destroyed Saddam Hussein’s life. This was perhaps justified. Do we destroy every cruel man’s life? Is it our duty to destroy every cruel man’s life? Still, it was not less than he deserved. Take away his livelihood. What will we do to the war profiteers who had a hand in murdering our own children for a few dollars? Will we be as angry, as cruel?
yes, we will. Note too, that part of being a post-modern, decadent, screaming and bedwetting leftist is to emotionalize everything, even to find an emotional angle which isn’t even there. It is to make a feelies’ feelings matter more than trying to cure the disease that’s poisoned the Arab mind for decades, and leaving most Arabs themselves hopeless. A feelies’ feelings felt in Gentleman-Farmtopia, Connecticut matter far more than the hopelessness of any struggling society in the less-than developed world.
We killed his children while he was still alive.
Indeed, they were just poor little children. Just like the ‘children’ we send unwillingly to war under the duress to their mommies and daddies or their two-mommies under that horrible draft...

When Wilbur is sad, I’m sad. ‘Cause ya know what? It’s all about Wilbur being sad. That whole ‘war’ thing was about Wilbur being sad. Nations do things to make Wilbur sad. The press reports things to make Wilbur sad.

I’m sad that Wilbur is sad. I’m even sadder that he’s so abject in his moral confusion and cowardice that his only way to confront an evil man is to feign some notion of ethical evenhandedness and universal humanistic empathy by shedding a tear for a mass-murder.

How do you like your insurgent?

Roasted or Extra Crispy?

This Is What Lefty Likes to Call a Miserable Failure

28 December 2006

Greedy Socialism

When Caroline De Gruyter, a journalist from the Netherlands, visited Wallonia five years ago she was amazed to meet several families that had been on the dole for three generations and did not have a single relative who was officially employed. The families liked it that way. They all voted for the Socialist Party, because it guaranteed that Flemish money would keep flowing to Wallonia. They described the attitude of Flemish nationalists “who do not want to pay taxes to support the Walloon jobless” as “unsocial behaviour!”

Who Knew that Peacekeeping was that Bad?

Pancho offers a curious perspective on things like the murderously long-avoided International Darfur deployment and UNIFIL. He must be very proud of his pacifistic sentiments, and perhaps especially its’ consequences.

19 December 2006

A smell of Sulfur in the Room

This is the meaning of that term “solidarity” that they keep throwing around.

Look who’s drooling for affirmation.

18 December 2006

Justifiable Ségonoia

Imagine a nation which is already a bête noire of international relations electing another socialist that even another lefty wouldn’t want to be seen standing next to.

An unnamed advisor to Mrs Clinton told the newspaper Le Parisien that appearing next to a French Socialist who recently met an official of the Hizbollah movement in Lebanon could be construed as condoning the beliefs of the militant Shia group. The Democrats also have little in common with French Socialism, which supports massive state intervention, a huge civil service, and regularly lambasts "US world hegemony".
Garsh Pa, why would THAT be a PR problem?

It gets even better in headline-land. The confused agit-propers at the SMH whom one would imagine otherwise being generally opposed to monarchies and dynasties calls Hillary Rodham Clinton the “Queen” of the Democrats.

We come in Peace

The Left is at it again.
The conflict over the youth center has been brewing since 2000 when local government sold the building that houses the center. Left-wing activist have been using the center as a base since 1982.
The current Leftist response to any crisis has been brewing for the past 30 years. Revolutionaries have been taught when you lose at the ballot box or in the court room why you must resist. Violently if necessary until you get the result you like.
The current owners have a court order to have the squatters evicted but the youths have sworn to protect the house and have repeatedly called for a political solution.
Now private property Rights have come to political solution? We have a political solution, it's called the Law.

Well at least we learn that Copenhagen celebrates Christmas, uhm, sort of.

...and erected blazing barricades made from Christmas trees, trash cans and bicycles, police said.

Making civilization History Part Dos

Adding to the decline in Venezuela, the State Department and friends have confirmed to me that murder and kidnappings are at an all time high.

The world should not stand by while Leftist and Dictators drive their countries into the ground only to come asking the world (U.S.A.) for money and food assistance.

A Venezuelan I met told me of her uncle who was kidnapped, ransomed, and still had to escape for his life. Venezuela was suffering these kinds of crimes in the mid 90's with a murder rate of 83 per 100,000 people but the direction Chavez has taken the country has worsened it's condition to a reputedly 100+ murders per 100,000.

16 December 2006

Religious Pilgrimages and Fetishes

This weekend’s features travel destinations highlighted New York Times this weekend are Nicaragua and Venezuela. I'd say it's an illumination insight into the minds of the paper's staff, but it isn't.

Accept no substitutes

Have an Innocuous and blasé “Holiday” sort of thing.

Just as long as it’s “green” somehow, that you aren’t getting too many evil artificial chemicals in your diet, and that you can parade your love of Gaia if for no other reason than to prop up your career.

We have one “Moonray Soaring Dove”, to thank for this fit of holiday cheer. I just recommend staying away from the organic chicken at his “non-denominational holiday sort of thing” celebration. I’m told that it actually doesn’t taste like chicken.

14 December 2006

Nobody Does it Better

Postings like these are why Fausta is the ant’s pants. She notes too that there we can look forward to a political lightweight convention coming up shortly, complete with funny hats. Ségolène Royal will be visiting the US and will likely have a photo-op with Barack Obama, another potential national political figure whom leftists will vote in over the mere symbolism of their appearance.

Improbably, they will think to themselves that this makes one less prejudicial.

Silly humanoids. How amusing of them.

06 December 2006

Making civilization History

Here’s what Chavez’ Socialist revolution has to show for itself. Barely a dent taken out of poverty, GREATER dependency on foreign banks and governments, MASSIVE economic contraction. Adjusting for their rate of inflation, the economy is half the size it was 8 years ago, effectively making even those he’s “helping” poorer than they were a decade ago.

- In 1998 GDP was $185 billion (£93 billion); in 2006 it is $162 billion
- Inflation: 38 per cent (1998); 16 per cent (2006)
- Proportion in poverty: 44 per cent (1998); 34 per cent (2006)
- External debt: $27 billion (1998); $34 billion (2006)

Man of the people, the poor, etc. He loves the poor so much he wants to everyone else to join their fate. Unlike his young proponents, and even his old ones, most everyone else actually get the joke.

03 December 2006


Not only does the devil wear Prada, but she sounds like Pravda. To the fantasist crypto-Marxists at Marrianne, not only is Ségolène Royal not leftist enough, her politics otherwise doesn’t matter as much as Marianne’s own resent riddled class struggle bullshit.

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01 December 2006

Baghdad Bob Fisk

Seeing the world in reverse. Mr Fisk views President Bush as Adolph Hitler, as a man in denial, like Hitler when he claimed in "April 1945 that Germany would still win the Second World War...".

He thinks Pres. Bush is in denial of the facts when actually Pres. Bush sees the facts as they are. We are reliving 1939, James "Neville Chamberlain" Baker and his Iraq Study Group is trying to push us to compromise with murderers, appease the enemy, and declare peace in our time. We will only have a greater war then what we have today when Iran acquires nuclear weapons. Pres. Bush has the same hope Winston Churchill had when he stated:
“You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs -- victory in spite of all terrors -- victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.”
The job, is a necessary job. Maybe Mr Fisk supports the old policy of turning a blind eye to dictators, human rights abuses, and enabling the enemies of humanity.
The "job" - Washington's project to reshape the Middle East in its own and Israel's image - is long dead...
Who will save Pres. Bush from Iraq? The answer is Pres. Bush. If he leads our nation to fight "War with all our might and with all the strength God has given us, and to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of human crime.", then we can defeat the enemy that wishes to deny us of our rights as free humans to live, and believe, and to choose our destinies as we desire.


How many emails, files, software applications has this IT Manager handed over to his buddies in the East and the extremist underground.
This means Home Secretary John Reid has no idea how many of his staff hold the group's radical views and he has no means of monitoring their activities.

The revelation - in a written parliamentary answer - comes after Home Office IT manager Abid Javaid, 41, was found to be a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, which supports a worldwide Islamic state run under hardline Sharia law and has refused to condemn last year's London bombings.

I was reading how migrants from Eastern Europe were arriving in England at a rate of 1,000+ a day. I worried that England was losing it's identity by receiving so many migrants. Now I wonder if these new migrants, mostly Christian, just might be the saviors of the English against their foolish multi-culturalism that fears asking questions due to not wanting to look like they are bigots. These extremist use our Democracy, tolerance, and sympathy against us.

Leftocracy, Losing = Winning

They should be treated as traitors and insurgents. I hope the Federal Police arrest these lawmakers and put them in the same prisons they the APPO.
The ceremony followed a melee where leftist lawmakers threw punches and chairs at their conservative colleagues and some tried to block the doors of the congressional chamber.
I truly believe this continuing violence by the Left was spawned because of the actions by Al Gore when he could not accept the results of the 2000 election. His legal actions opened the door to the world Left that all they have to do was protest, obstruct, and file legal action and they just might win.

In Pennsylvania, about 1 million voters did not come to the polls, we are told. Had Consevatives, the Right, behaved like the Left we would have started riots and filed suit due to our disbelief that so many voters would sit on the side line. We was robbed. Democracy is like the World Series, you win some, you lose some, better luck next time. If you don't have that spirit the only solution is civil war. I doubt we want that.

Christians riot, oh sorry not our customary reaction

The location is Judea, or Israel, or Samaria, not Palestine.
Yes, there are teenagers; yes, the girl gets pregnant and she's unmarried - but the location is Palestine two millennia ago, the teenagers are Mary and Joseph, and the unplanned pregnancy is the immaculate conception.
The unplanned pregnancy should be an example to all the abortionist of our day. Thank God there was no Mary v. Bethlehem in those days.

Genocide: AIDS, Starvation, Ignorance

Genocide in Zimbabwe while the world sits by. Why do we allow leaders like Mugabe that find ways to destroy their countries to then come and ask the world (U.S.A.) for relief. This is Rwanda all over again, the difference the killer is AIDS, starvation, ignorance and not militia.
The reality of the government's Aids policy is perhaps better reflected by Didymus Mutasa, the current Minister of State Security. He has said: "We would be better off with only six million people, with our own people who support the liberation struggle; we don't want all these extra people."

AP: All the News That Fits the Script

The Iraqi Government is fed up with being lied about. They’re tired of a biased press that’s helping to incite violence. At the end of the day, a fabrication by AP is a step further and more cretinous than the filtering of reports to announce violence in Iraq in a one-sided manner: reporting the parties involved only when it serves the world-view of the press staff itself.

AP has resorted to buying any line if there is anything that seems like a source without vetting it to the standards it would have if the outcome didn’t support a preconceived notion of theirs’, in this case one that is provoking internecine violence in a young politically fragile Iraq which would otherwise have potential to grow into the kind of society these reporters want for themselves outside the middle east. When all else fails invent a source:

Khalaf explained the news monitoring unit at a weekly Ministry of Interior briefing. As an example, he cited coverage by The Associated Press of an attack Nov. 24 on a mosque in the Hurriyah district in northwest Baghdad.

The AP reported that six Sunni Muslims there were burned alive during the attack. The story quoted witnesses and police Capt. Jamil Hussein.

Khalaf said the ministry had no one on its staff by the name of Jamil Hussein.

"Maybe he wore an MOI (Ministry of Interior) uniform and gave a different name to the reporter for money," Khalaf said.

AP Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll rejected the accusation. "The implication that we may have given money to the captain is false. The AP does not pay for information," she said.

Khalaf said the ministry had dispatched a team to the Hurriyah neighborhood and to the morgue but found no witnesses or evidence of burned bodies.
The arrogance and selfishness is not alarming, but staggering nonetheless with large knock-on effects over the course of the past 3 years. BizzyBlog has an admission:
AP now admits that the part of the original story about four mosques burning is down to one that is “badly damaged by explosives and shows signs of scorching from fire.” I am not aware of any formal correctons sent out to AP subscribers to correct this stunning error.

No name identification of the remaining five alleged victims has been done. A person from AP who called me back in response to my phone request to speak with John Daniszewski, and my message left for him (my message was left with a person, not on his VoiceMail), confirmed this fact this afternoon. I informed this person that I was having a hard time believing that in roughly six days, some local Iraqi news outlet hadn’t published the names of the victims yet (that is, if there are really five other victims). I was told they’re “doing all they can.”
A brief look into a brief exchange between the CENTCOM’s press liason and an AP reacting like an adolescent says it all:
As is often the case, it's hard to sort out who's right. But Memmott does a public service by reproducing in full a letter to the AP from Lt. Michael Dean, U.S. Navy public affairs officer, and the response from the AP's international editor, John Daniszewski. Click on the link atop this item to read the letters in full, along with Memmott's more detailed account. But what got our attention was the tone of the two letters. Here's an excerpt from LT Dean's:

Unless you have a credible source to corroborate the story of the people being burned alive, we respectfully request that AP issue a retraction, or a correction at a minimum, acknowledging that the source named in the story is not who he claimed he was.

Here's part of the AP's response:

The Associated Press denounces unfounded attacks on its story about six Sunni worshipers burned to death outside their mosque on Friday, November 24. The attempt to question the existence of the known police officer who spoke to the AP is frankly ludicrous and hints at a certain level of desperation to dispute or suppress the facts of the incident in question.

So the military makes a "respectful request," to which the AP responds by "denouncing unfounded attacks" and calling criticism of its reporting "frankly ludicrous" and accusing its critics of "desperation."
Isn’t it charming how committed AP is to “truthiness” to support a stance on the facts?