31 May 2006

Ist das nicht zum kotzen?

« Enfin, l’extrême-gauche tire son épingle du jeu : Olivier Besancenot gagne un point à 24%, Arlette Laguillier deux, avec 23% d’opinions favorables. »
The very fact that 23 percent of the population thinks favorable of these two nutty Trots is enough to split ones’ sides with laughter at the lunacy of communism that they entertain.

Poverty for all! Let’s not forget that these are folks who are happiest when they dream of fulfilling their violent revenge against the vulgar existence of a human success story.

The fuse is lit!

30 May 2006

A village is missing its’ idiot.

Wanna guess why the old butcher was too mean and unpleasant to marry and make his own little cadre of “Le Roys”?

« A small village in France has been split by the will left by its late butcher, who bequeathed his house and land to the local council on condition that they were used to help to plan the communist revolution.

Albert Le Roy, a hardline Marxist who died two months ago at the age of 80, amazed his native Goudelin, in Brittany, with a handwritten will discovered in a drawer at his home that said he was leaving his property, valued at €140,000 (£96,000), to the village council “to prepare for communism”.

M Le Roy read L’Humanité, the French communist daily, and drove a Soviet-made Moscovitch car in the 1970s. He joined leftwing friends for a glass of red wine in the café opposite the village church every day. »
I suppose one good sign is that this is what being a Communist butcher has come to. Snort!

As if they’d even want him

A scribbler for the Marxist rag “Marianne” says on TV that he would never willingly 'become American' but was perfectly ready to 'become Chinese', or at least what they romanticize the Chinese into.

The basic flaw in his thinking is that the Chinese who, as they entertain freedoms, seem to prefer the connections they have with the US anyway. There are millions of Americans of Chinese origin, and more come every year, as well as a century and a half long tradition of immigration. But that’s not really what this guy is on about.

He thinks it’s about the Chinese wanting to be French. This bit of cultural self-aggrandizement revolves around wine, saying that the Chinese were one day going to start making really good wines that would compete with French wines, implying that there were no serious competition out there right now.

Someone else on the panel asked him why he thought that, considering
that the US and Australia, for instance, were both countries with just as
much potential as China when it came to wine-making... why would the
Chinese wines be any different from what the US and Australia were

The idiot answered that the Chinese would not make wine with marketing
in mind like the Americans and Australians do. He said that the Chinese
winemakers come to France to learn about wine and French culture...to not
be aggressive competitors in the wine market.

This guy actually thinks that Chinese companies aren’t aggressive marketers of their goods. And he’s pretending to know anything about China?

In other words, he thinks that what’s left of their blind Maoism, free of personal initiative will lead a billion Chinese to see some virtue in France, regardless of the fact that most people you meet are so bigoted that they refer to my American-Korean friends as Chinese, and frequently surprised to find out that they’re actually American.

It’s the height of cultural sophistication, I tell ya...

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26 May 2006

Why bother?

Why raid for their documents under anti-trust when you just have to read the paper? They’re still virtual state monopolies!

EU antitrust officials have raided around 20 of the biggest European energy firms in six member states, under suspicion of abusing their market position.

France's Gaz de France, Germany's RWE and E.ON, Austria's OMV and Belgium's Fluxys were among those involved in the "surprise inspections" reported by the European Commission on Wednesday (17 May), along with gas companies in Italy and electricity firms in Hungary.

Brussels regulators were trying to find out whether the firms were guilty of "restrictive business practices and/or abuse of a dominant market position," particularly concerning access to pipelines and storage facilities, commission spokesman Jonathan Todd informed.
Further in the scam and PR exercise parading as a nation state, the EU has been paying journalists per diems to follow the (now bebunked due to the blatent crassness of the French exception) legislative traveling circus to Strasbourg:
The program is being criticized by some members of Parliament who have themselves recently come under pressure to give up generous perks.

The funding for journalists can include payment of a first-class round- trip train ticket or an economy-class plane ticket to Strasbourg from any of the 25 EU countries and a daily stipend of €100 to cover hotel, food and entertainment over two days.

About 60 journalists from across the bloc are invited to Strasbourg each month under the program, which is administered by parliamentary offices in EU member states. Media organs that have benefited from the subsidies in the past include RTBF of Belgium, RTE of Ireland, ERT of Greece and ORF of Austria, among dozens of others, EU sources said.

Attempts to contact these organizations for comment Tuesday were unsuccessful
Garsh! I wonder why? Someone alert the media!, rather the ones that aren’t on the payroll to write uncritical pap.
In other words, training scriblers to explain “how I learned to stop worrying, and learned to love the tax”.
Under the deal, member states gave €2 billion of "new money" on top of the €862.4 billion agreed in December, while another €2 billion was shuffled around within the accounts system to raise funds for MEP-favoured policies.

25 May 2006

They just aren’t any good at it

Lefties try hoaxes and stunts in politics all the time, but much like the ginning up a fake Army Ranger or a mock campaign group, they just don’t know how. It’s always betrayed in the vocabulary if not the terminology itself:

« En 1998, le groupe propose un morceau pour l'hymne de la coupe monde de football : "Marre des racailles et des nègres" qui sera finalement refusé par la FIFA. Le groupe se retire alors en corrèze pour composer le maxi : "Croix de lorraine" qui sortira en 2000 sur le label "Catholic records", un maxi totalement dédié au général de Gaulle et à l'église catholique, comme en témoignent les morceaux "Coq gaullois" ou "Un Christ court dans la nuit". »

In 1998, the group proposed a theme song for the World Cup: “Enough of the rabble and negros” which FIFA finally refused. The group then replied with something to raise the stakes in 2000 with “The Cross of Lorraine” which will be published by “Catholic Records”, and completely dedicated to General de Gaulle and to the Catholic church, with the tracks “Rooster of Gaulle” and “Christ runs the night”.
Not knowing anything about civil society outside their little bubble, they mix up concepts to tar one with the sin of the other – mixing faith (positive to all but them) with racism (negative to all), patriotism (positive to all but them) with religion (positive to all but them) – they give away their position.

They wish these are things that Conservatives themselves actually do. It makes it easier for them no not listen to anything they have to say. The only problem is that in their lack of sophistication and lack of capacity for empathy they direct their nonsense at nothing.

Remember – you aren’t cool enough, so suspend all though and drink their kool-aid...

When you look at “The People’s Cube,” for example, there is satire which actually tells you what they disagree with through the mockey. The image below by “The Yes men” says nothing intelligible other than their distaste for grooming and desire to promote effected speech that suburbanite kids think is genuinely “urban”. Meaningful political goals, indeed, but in reality it’s condescending to any urban dweller such as this blogger and most any black person, and says nothing which is politically substantial – they are depending on the fact that you ‘just know’ what the associations are. The reason for the tacit communications is because it’s largely made up of slander or is mendacious: “Bush planned the 9/11 attacks” or “it’s the OIL MEN who make gas costly, not demand...”

They are quite literally Aping, just as a racist would disengage the man from the demon they want you to see. It’s a way of making ideas just not matter. Anyone care to call them on their motives?

A fine Komeek

Avary’s new project – fun stuff!

24 May 2006

An Axis of Evil

Joining the Anti-civilizational left, American bigot and traitor David Duke inciting being warmly received by a Syrian dial-a-mob. Don’t be fooled – people don’t gather in Syria without political approval.

22 May 2006

Market value of hostages up

It’s taken six months to break the taboo of discussing the matter in the European press, but the notion has finally caught on.

Michael Moore, a Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, said: “These governments have created a kidnappers’ charter. Everyone from outside Iraq working in the country becomes more vulnerable as a result.”
Le Figaro and The Times (UK) report on what emerged as an obvious embarrassment on the part of the French, German, and Italian governments: the paying of hostage ransom – even to the point where the hostages are in some cases deliberately playing into the thin political motives and gains of the hostage takers.
“In theory we stand together in not rewarding kidnappers, but in practice it seems some administrations have parted with cash and so it puts other foreign nationals at risk from gangs who are confident that some governments do pay,” one senior envoy in the Iraqi capital said.
Ray and David of David’s Medienkritik, as well as Clarsonimus, the mysterious writer behind “Observing Hermann” has been on this one for a while:
“After all, it was no coincidence that the two Leipzig-based engineers were kidnapped immediately after the German hostage Susanne Osthoff was freed in Iraq and while speculations were circulating in the media about whether or not ransom money had been paid.”

Wow, how true. There really does seem to be some kind of a connection here. I mean, in the interest of all of those tens of thousands of Germans down there in that awful hornet’s nest of Iraq we do need to maybe step back and take a moment and realize that we are only endangering them by speculating about the ransom money the German government so obviously and eagerly pays anybody willing to ask for it.
In other words, the taking of hostages that companies and governments has become all that more appealing.

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20 May 2006

Continuing to act like animals

Crowrevealed, lobster still unworthy of anyone’s interest.

The fuse is lit!

I doubt they’re even aware of their own bias any longer.

A typical day at Auntie’s house:

Britain’s troop deployment is fiction, not fact

A discussion of political left and right is announced with the forgone conclusion brought to you by a roadsign

And of course weeping mother Gaia to force open your checkbook.

In other words: We are all idiots. We may not think for ourselves.

The fuse is lit!

The failed model

All the European Social Model has accomplished is to create household chores.

Another myth is that Americans work more than Europeans. By now, a wealth of studies have found very little difference in work and leisure times between American and European employees, once one takes into the account the hours spent working in household production of trivial home services.

A January 2003 study from IZA-Berlin compared Americans and Germans and found that "...overall working time is very similar on both sides of the Atlantic. Americans spend more time on market work but Germans invest more in household production." According to the authors "...these differences in the allocation of time can be explained by differences in the tax-wedge and wage differentials."

The tax-wedge is a measure of tax burden that combines income tax, employment tax and consumption taxes to assess the overall effect of government levies on household income.
It goes back to the creeping growth of government justifying it’s ubiquity by getting into every business it can, and then placing a burden on the population to pay for it. As one of the least efficient spenders of the change they’ve shaked out taxpayer’s pockets, one need not be proponent of small government to see that government at a certain scale is a structural economic problem.
Conny Olovson of Stockholm University conducted a comparative analysis of the effects of tax regimes in Sweden and the US on labor market decisions by the households. The study found that while "market work per person is roughly 10% higher in the US than in Sweden, including home production on the side of work hours reduces the difference to approximately 1%". Just as before, higher labor and consumption taxes were responsible for the majority of the observed differences in the household decision to purchase or to supply home services using their own labor.
Read the whole thing by Constantin Gurdgiev here.

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Refreshingly Flakey?

Telegraph ‘Spy’ columnist Celia Walden noted that Hugh Grant is ‘refreshingly flaky’ enough in his views that he breaks out of the mold of the odiously typical and uniform celebrity concern for the children, flowers, butterflies, etc., and whatever else they’re too unctuous to have lost touch with.

She finds it more remarkable that the Stepford Children of moviedom would not robotically parrot far left views.

I’d also add that his approach to answering a reporter’s question about his views actually provides him with some privacy from the entertainment press which is largely as morally vane as an actor with a burning indingnace to tell us thier views on, say, Malaria. One would guess that they think it’s actually rather a bad thing, thus we can consider ourselves ‘educated’. How else would we ever know, I wonder?

Let’s cut to the tape:

>roll 'em

Truthfully, Grant does not seem like a flake. He seems to be using his acting skills to get scriblers to leave him be. Lost on the likes of people who count every kiss of his, is his desire to produce a film about his grandfather who found himself suddenly to be the senior survivor of his regiment, and successfully planned a breakout from a Nazi POW camp. Knowing how celeb-world emotes and barfs over the sincere, he may be waiting for his age to align with the press’ delusions.

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Chavez bound to shut his pie-hole by 2010

Simply because oil prices will settle down, and he won’t have the money to “purchase consent” with. In the mean time, while the Gulf states diversifies and develop, Ahmedinejad’s crowd in Iran will likely keep pouring their resources into nukes and political boondoggles instead of solid economic development, the wind will close to them too.

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) expects oil prices to average around $40 a barrel by 2010 but said it may not dim the economic prospects of the Middle East in general and particularly the GCC due to the structural changes in economies, mainly Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia.
It’s still the economy, stupid. Red + Green = smoldering grey ashes once their populations get the picture.the fuse is lit!

19 May 2006

“Progressive vanguard”

Too violent even for the PLO, the PFLP (revolutionary Palestinian Marxists) in Lebanon are still armed and take pot shots at Lebanese soldiers at the behest of Syria. One more dead this week. The last one they capped (for no reason) was an Army topographic surveyor just doing his job.

The Syrians don’t particularly care for them being in their country, so it explains why they’re so big on keeping them paid off in Lebanon.

A Lebanese soldier has died from wounds sustained during clashes with Palestinian guerrillas in eastern Lebanon two days ago, Lebanese army sources said Friday.

Two soldiers and one militant were injured in the clashes and a Lebanese soldier was briefly kidnapped by the pro-Syrian gunmen.

On Thursday, Fatah Uprising militants smuggled reinforcements from Syria into eastern Lebanon, Lebanese security sources said.

'Fifteen military trucks smuggled the reinforcements during the night through a valley in eastern Lebanon,' Lebanese police said.

The Lebanese army also sent reinforcements to the area, deploying about 150 commando troops backed by at least 15 armoured vehicles, a Lebanese army source told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

Both Fatah Uprising and the Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), led by hardline leader Ahmed Jebril, maintain bases in eastern Lebanon.

There are some 367,000 Palestinian refugees sheltered in 12 camps across Lebanon, but only pro-Syrian Palestinian groups maintain military positions outside these camps.

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Getting any more familiar?

Via Jewlicious: Iranians are making Christians, Zorastrians, and Jews wear ribbons of different colors to identify their religion, and to single them out. You can almost already hear the breaking of windows.

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Evo Morales, 1977. Learning his craft.

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They do more than just make us look good

From the Sunday Times (UK): Thank you, my foolish friends in the West for keeping one of their archaic and vulgar traditions alive.

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is only the latest dictator-in-waiting to bask in adulation from western 'progressives'

Last year a number of journalists, writers and showbiz figures, including Harold Pinter, Nadine Gordimer, Harry Belafonte and Tariq Ali, signed a letter claiming that in Cuba “there has not been a single case of disappearance, torture or extra-judicial execution since 1959 . . .”
And the hits just keep on coming. What’s becoming obvious with the ‘new axis of (don’t laugh) power’ in Latin America isn’t just their penchance for catfights, their suicidal and impoverishing economic politics, but their hard to conceal fascism:
Many observers commented that Morales’ decision reflects Latin America’s shift to the left. “Left” in this context does not mean mildly center-left policies. “Left” in the case of Morales and Chavez involves embracing aggressive class-struggle rhetoric and a classically socialist political agenda.

Up to a point, this is a fair depiction of affairs. But a more accurate description would be to say that Bolivia and Venezuela are experiencing a resurgence of “corporatism.”

Strongly associated with policies pursued by interwar fascist regimes, corporatism blends state-authoritarianism, populism, nationalism, and anti-foreign xenophobia. This is combined with extensive nationalization and regulation of the economy, the militarization of much of society, and the creation of state-controlled civil organizations that gradually suffocate any autonomous free associations
Crossposted on ¡No Pasaràn!

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Tut tut.

"In our society, there is a climate of tolerance and being accustomed to ethically reprehensible, if not outright illegal, behaviour, to huge conflict of interests, to sudden and shameless enrichment,"
[ … ]
"There is a moral crisis: the cunning must not prevail"
Romano Prodi’s lecture about people going about the immorally black art of making money reminds me of a certain book introduction which appeared recently:
“Liberals love to boast that they are not ‘religious,’ which is what one would expect to hear from the state-sanctioned religion. Of course liberalism is a religion. It has its own cosmology, its own miracles, its own beliefs in the supernatural, its own churches, its own high priests, its own saints, its own total worldview, and its own explanation of the existence of the universe. In other words, liberalism contains all the attributes of what is generally known as ‘religion.’ ”
It is in fact a religion of leftist statism where the high priest of the academy may incite violence, and irresponsibly hand blame to any notion they can’t comprehend.the fuse is lit!

Is it time to continue to do nothing?

Simply, civil war

Fine words butter no parsnips, as the starchy British saying goes. The Europeans in their thrall had better start churning.the fuse is lit!

18 May 2006

Can you tell me how to get – how to get to Mumia Street?

The absence of concern for right and wrong is striking. The puke-worthy Libé, Le Monde, La Croix, and LM Diplo report nothing on the naming of a street for a convicted murderer. Only the traffic-and-weather oriented Le Parisien as fit to mention it.

How about a Rue Youssouf Fofana in Philadelphia? Wouldn't THAT go over beautifully?

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Skøl, Girgis

From our man in Baghdad – evidence that Arabs are more broadminded than the opportunistic peddlers that have been trying to shake the change out of their pockets.
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Me talk moonbat someday

From a commercial guide to ESL instructors in France, this little bit of cuteness.

Which should get an F for running on. Number 3 fails for stupidity.
Better to ask Ivan:

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17 May 2006

How to lose your job in a Saudi newspaper

Fawaz Turki who wrote for the KSA based English publication, Arab News gives more evidence of the dense. The imperious mind obsessed with its’ superiority can’t absorb the facts of the world.

It didn't matter that I had been the senior columnist on the op-ed page for nine years or that my work was quoted widely in the European and American media, including this paper. What mattered was that I had committed one of the three cardinal sins an Arab journalist must avoid when working for the Arab press: I criticized the government.

The other two? Bringing up Islam as an issue and criticizing, by name, political leaders in the Arab or Islamic world for their brazen excesses, dismal failures and blatant abuses.

Never mind the absurdity of preventing your contributors from touching on the issue of Islam, a social ideology whose embrace by jihadists is the top news story in the world today. And never mind that Arab society -- a society that remains broken in body and spirit more than a half-century after independence -- needs very much to engage in serious self-assessment and to promote an open debate in the media among intellectuals, academics, political analysts and others about why Arabs have failed all these years to meet the challenges of modernity.
It’s proof positive that accepting that Israel shouldn’t be ‘pushed into the sea’ as the meme continued to demand must be put to rest. They have to grow to accept that the mere existence of others is no cause for fear, nor cause to express ‘power over’ and do them harm, as the Arabs have to the Arab Jews and to the Druze and Arab Christians in large part.

Imagine a paranoia so acute as to cause parents to compel their children to marry a cousin instead to involving ‘a stranger’. Imagine that and project it on the social and political thought.

16 May 2006

Animals hate diversity.

A lot like Woodstock. They’re just striving for that idyll – peace, love, sharing, etc.

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Tax of the day, episode 327

"I suggest this as an idea not only for the EU but also for member states themselves and on the worldwide scale"
-Alain Lamassoure, French MEP

If anything shows signs of success, EUtopians try to tax it - and the export the same failed concept to make it seem universal and thus reasonable even when it isn’t:
"A small tax on an SMS from Paris to another French city could be allocated to the French government, but taxes on emails or SMS messages from Paris to Rome could be dedicated to the EU budget," he said.

"In France an SMS costs 15 cents. We could tax it by 1.5 cents, or less," the MEP added.

For email, the rate could be as little as €0.00001. "This is peanuts, but given the billions of transactions every day, this could still raise an immense income."
How typical. Plus, I doubt it would really raise much revenue. If you send 274 emails a day for a year, the tax would be €1. At most this is €100 M per year – “peanuts” -, much of which would be spent collecting it and extorting it out of ISPs. It wouldn't deter spammers since a million emails would only cost €10 in tax and make legitimate their dark art.


The fuse is lit!

Escaping to a safer place

Where people fighting for their future are at least sincere about it.

Last year, some 2,700 new immigrants and another 300 returning Israelis arrived from North America. Immigration from North America, which has been on the upswing for the past three years, is expected to reach 3,500 people this year, with an equal number arriving from France.

The number of immigrants from France totaled 2,100 in 2003, rose to 2,415 in 2004 and reached 3,000 in 2005. The rise in the number of French Jews moving to Israel is proportionally more significant, since half a million Jews live in France, as opposed to some 6 million Jews in the United States.
Which is rather amusing when you consider the grand and glorious future their boorish neighbors have. Reader Jonathan alerts us to their positive outlook:
The Palestinian Company for Economic Development, which is in charge of thousands of greenhouses that used to belong to Morag and other settlements in Gush Katif, said the attack, which took place on Friday, was the latest in a series that began almost immediately after the settlements were evacuated.
He also says that “it looks like it's going be a long, hot summer in Hamastan,” one where the public is significantly more intelligent than the leadership, well at least the ones that are smart enough to turn on the tossers:
Internal clashes in the territory have raised fears among Palestinians of civil war.

Last week, three gunmen were killed and a dozen people wounded in violence between Fatah and Hamas. The two organizations agreed to set up a joint committee to defuse
the fuse is lit!

15 May 2006


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The inquisition vs. Paul Belien

Paul Belien, social and polical commentator and blogger is being attacked for his opinions and analysis.

Today Father Johan Leman, a Catholic priest of the Order of Saint Dominic (the inquisition order) and a professor at the Catholic University of Leuven, has joined the chorus. Father Leman is the previous president of the CEOOR (Center for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism), the inquisition center of the Belgian government. In today’s news broadcast on the national radio he says that the CEOOR has been negligent because it has not already started prosecutions against me.
Mr. Belien is being threatened with prosecution under the law for supposedly being part of a neo-con conspiracy, led by Daniel Pipes (whom until then he had no contact with) and the Danish journalist Flemming Rose who became known for publishing the Muhammad cartoons. They are accused of wanting “to anger radical but also moderate Muslims into violent action.”

In other words, the law is being used to silence speech, and to promote the narrowing of the parameters of discussion as it relates to any notion the left backs.

In the North America, those wanting to take the matter up with the Belgian Government may email or fax the Belgian embassy in Washington DC, Ottawa Ontario, Mexico City, or any of their missions worldwide.

The fuse is lit!

The inquisition vs. Paul Belien

Paul Belien, social and polical commentator and blogger is being attacked for his opinions and analysis.

Today Father Johan Leman, a Catholic priest of the Order of Saint Dominic (the inquisition order) and a professor at the Catholic University of Leuven, has joined the chorus. Father Leman is the previous president of the CEOOR (Center for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism), the inquisition center of the Belgian government. In today’s news broadcast on the national radio he says that the CEOOR has been negligent because it has not already started prosecutions against me.
Mr. Belien is being threatened with prosecution under the law for supposedly being part of a neo-con conspiracy, led by Daniel Pipes (whom until then he had no contact with) and the Danish journalist Flemming Rose who became known for publishing the Muhammad cartoons. They are accused of wanting “to anger radical but also moderate Muslims into violent action.”

In other words, the law is being used to silence speech, and to promote the narrowing of the parameters of discussion as it relates to any notion the left backs.

In the North America, those wanting to take the matter up with the Belgian Government may email or fax the Belgian embassy in Washington DC, Ottawa Ontario, Mexico City, or any of their missions worldwide.

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13 May 2006


Socio-political nonsense turns church nave into shelter. St. Boniface, Brussels.

Picky readers pick The Editrix

Where’s the pipe to Africa, Minher?

It takes a certain suspension of common sense to be a greenie. When I hear people whipped up because of a paucity of drinking water in Jordan (Annual average rainfall: 41.2 mm) urging water conservation in Seattle (Annual average rainfall: 920 mm), I ask them where the pipe is. What will conservation of what is impossible to get rid of in, say, all of Canada, going to do for anyone 5 000 kilometers away.

As far as I know, you can’t drink empathy.

In the Netherlands sustainable use of water is obligatory by law. The latest findings and solutions are tried out in new housing development projects. In the centre of the Netherlands, for instance, an ingenious system of ditches, canals and wadis (a retention area for rain water) is used to save the new neighbourhoods from flooding after heavy rainfall, explains Wibo de Graaf of engineering office Grontmij.

"The neighbourhood is set up in such a way that it seeks balance. The wadi, at first sight a low lying patch of grass in the neighbourhood, combines a nice bit of greenery with water management. Previously, all rain water used to go straight into the sewage system. Now the water runs through drains to the grass plot. When it rains heavily the wadi is completely flooded. The water then gradually seeps into the soil and the advantage is that the sewage system can be a lot smaller."
Anyone who has ever wintered in the Netherlands (Annual average rainfall: 797 mm) knows that it rains often enough to make one forget what the sun looks like. All this is about is the desire of a state which likes to think that it can do everything for everyone - to do less, and still say that ‘their shit don’t stink.’

12 May 2006

When in London, do as the cretins

They could be moved to be inspired by the likes of one Erik Svane, and start “Israelis Anonymous.” From Adloyada:

- I expressly reject the policies of the actual Israeli government. (Bad Olmert! Bad!)
- I also reject retroactively the policies of the government of Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Itzhak Rabin, Itzhak Shamir, all the way to Golda Meir, David Ben-Gurion, and the foolish ideas of Theodore Herzl and Ahad Aham.
- I accept gladly the Qassams that the sensible Palestinians launch at me.
- I will try not to control the media. (I am throwing away the remote)
My nose doesn’t have a hooked shape. (Except when I laugh, which I promise not to do much in London)
- I agree that the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

May I apply for a PhD now, please?
Accept your basic, inherent, dare I say genetic wrongness, and join that diverse, accepting crowd. They do, after all live on an island that’s 92 percent Caucasian while Israelis only reflect virtually half the world of origin and ideas...

The fuse is lit!

Typical leftish casus dwelli

An email from a reader gave me a good reason to look into the pedigree of this story which this blog has posted on below. Come to think of it, it also provides insight into the quality of their (one sided) scholarship of a Le Monde writer.

The latest revival of the story (for which Le Monde does not provide any hint of the origin of) dates back to 1997 and an anonymous writer in Connecticut. The yarn made the ‘big time’ in February of 2000 (just as is was becoming obvious that George W. would be the Republican party candidate.) Oddly enough the FEB-2000 story seems to have vanished from the Washington Post online archive.

Vanished! Who smells a conspiracy?

There is, however, an even murkier swamp in this département: the Larouche cult has been parroting it throughout the 90s. This fun loving bunch has been known to promote conspiracy theories involving the British Royal Family being part of an illuminati, and when George H. W. Bush came along, added him to their decades-long hissy-fit of improbably huge secrets.

All of their efforts have one thing in common – they are selected to stoke up gullible 16-25 year olds who don’t know enough about history to realize that the long-winded Larouchistas aren’t flattering them with big, serious looking words that would lead a dim reader to think that we found the secret to sounding smart.
It’s why on finds in their marches and gatherings a lot of adolescents who, by virtue of their great percentage, end up “growing out” of the scam well after it cost them every weekend of their college years. Guiding these naïfs waif is always a small core of the least accomplished “40 and up” types you will ever meet.

Their current fixations include racist conspiracies (reflecting their inability to find non-white supporters,) and Dick Cheney who seems to have a special place in their hearts.

As for Le Monde – they ate the whole tub or kool-aid, taking questionable stories in college papers as a source. The entire thing hinges on a parenthetical note in a letter written in 1933 about Geronimo’s head having been said to be stolen by an officer named Bush, and the suspicion that a 1933 photograph shows him with Geronimo’s head.

The letter emerged in the fall of 1983. I suspect that the only reason any such story emerged was because George H. W. Bush was the vice president and the time with an election in the following year, and to the shame of some, he was not Jimmy Carter.

Senator Prescott Bush served in the US Army between 1917 and 1919. Another history of Geronimo (which Le Monde cites) states that his grave was not identified until 1918, while Prescott Bush was stationed in Europe.

The whole story has about the same relevance as the following statement: Jimmy Carter was the first US president to have a boy’s name.

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Why they call it the boob tube

Another deep philosophical discussion on TV

The fuse is lit!

11 May 2006

“...If Mahmood left that crap out, it would be much more palatable.”

Liberalism and Western style democracy have not been able to help realize the ideals of humanity. Today these two concepts have failed. Those with insight can already hear the sounds of the shattering and fall of the ideology and thoughts of the liberal democratic systems.
If Monkey-boy’s admonition to George Bush about his liberalism isn’t a hint at who the enemy is, an even clearer indicator is the “side” taken by lefties when it comes to their sympathies. In short, if you see them the take a side, it’s not hard to do the opposite and avoid the moral repugnance.

What deep-seeded beliefs could they have when they’ll be sympathetic to Ahmedenajad at the moment that he’s attacking their world view, and defending that of the object of their distractingly suicidal fixation and hatred? After all, it takes a certain lack of coldness to someone’s ideas to start referring to Ahmedenajad by his first name – or at least a secret desire to see him succeed.

Liberals opposing liberties. How cute. Why do they seem so eager to defend to the death people who do this?
Berlin - While she was walking home and holding a conversation in Hebrew with a friend from Israel on her cellular phone, the student passed by a group of young women.

When they recognized the language the student was speaking as Hebrew, one of the girls suddenly walked up to the Israeli woman and slapped her in the face. The other women then joined in, pulled her hair, beat her up and kicked her. The abuse eventually stopped when the attackers thought they heard a police car approaching, and they fled the scene.
h/t to: Justify This

Any American who has had to put up with a European jump down his throat about the US because they are American will readily recognize the fact that they don’t much care what you think – it’s what you represent to them that counts, along with your usefulness as a straw-man to let them vent about.

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“I had to say I hate you in a song”

10 May 2006

¿Quiénes son los revolucionarios verdaderos?

A student at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee makes a reasonable observation in the campus newspaper: that “radicals” who seem to rather enjoy the comforts of the societies they want to violently dismantle don’t really know what they want, or why they want it.

A quick glance at the student body at any university across the United States would easily display the many different groups that students sort themselves into. Within these groups, you can find those who display their political ideology very easily. You will see them walking around in their popularized and commercialized “Che Guevara” t-shirts (I wonder what communist Che would say about his face on a popular t-shirt further representing the successes of capitalism). However, do these students truly know and consider themselves revolutionaries? And if so, what revolution are they exactly fighting for?

Liberal universities do not want to see any semblance of conservative thought having an outlet on campus. It is for good reasons that they do so. They realize that after students graduate, the appeal and popularity of liberalism is often replaced by the rational adoption of conservative views and values. Universities know that they only have a short time to indoctrinate their students. Therefore, the presence of another ideology is simply unacceptable.

I wonder how much latitude to speak freely he’ll be afforded once he’s written this?

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The hobgoblin of small minds

And the “brave” anti-semites of academe seem to have the smallest minds. Remember that apoplectically stupid stand taken by the AUT “because I don’t like them” boycott of Israel (apartheid-concentration-camp-wall-nazi-occupiers/ how dare they try to stop suicidal murders...) of last year. Well the same lot is warming up again.

True to form as revolutionary aspirants have for 40 years, they find another organization or just another name – just like Palestinians in west Beirut did in the 1980s. In this case the University and College Lecturer’s Union (NATFHE) acting in the stead of the AUT to take sides in a foreign political quarrel. Unless one steps back, it’s easy to forget that their leadership is not matched by any sort of responsibility for their statements and actions. They are not speaking as individuals when they act as part of an organization, and no-one elected them as political representatives or even as social ‘tastemakers’ for this matter they’re so ardent about.

Adloyada has waded through this particular patch of muck (to spare the rest of us) and reports on what the blue-in-the-face set is up to:

The original boycott resolution of 2005 was passed by the AUT and overturned only because a Special Council was called, which included people who weren't just the usual union core activists.
I commented that Engage, the leading activist group against the boycott, had limited the fightback to being one about how best to work for "solidarity with the Palestinians". It had helped to frame the struggle as one in which both the proponents of the boycott and the main group of opposers agreed that it was the supposedly racist policies of the Israeli government and the occupation that were the real problem. And unfortunately, the whole debate at the Special Council revolved round these two issues, and not around the issue of why a union of academics should be seeking to single out Israel as the one country subjected to a boycott of this kind.
Further on their “hiding the weenie” so as to convince themselves that all is above board:
Yes, John Pike did acknowledge that there would be attempts to push boycotting through semi-formal mechanisms which would avoid the legal challenges which both NATFHE and AUT faced last year in relation to their boycott motions.
However, in that article he claimed that AUT, unlike NATFHE, was decisively clear of any boycott threat because of the policy document, drafted and agreed unanimously by a group of which he was a member, which he argues, is unlikely to result in any boycotts.
Except for THIS boycott, I suppose, eh?

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09 May 2006

Testing out some new intros

Check... check... is this thing on?

The Fortress and the “Tempress”

May 9th is “Europe Day”, and the only theme/sales pitch that anyone can find plausible to the public of the most populous European states is sensuality.

No one here goes anywhere
Never reveal it, better conceal it
Take the files and make trash
A situation of despair
Somebody has got to calm the crowds
They conceive it, the press can feel it
They won't feel what's happening to them
Nation's faithful servants come undone mellow grapes of fear
Are they eager to be p-whipped into something that they rationally and consistently vote against?

In further wild rumpus on this sainted day, a tranny won the perennially crappy Eurovision Song Contest. How apt, since they went from that to fakish quasi-dominatrix types in warring medieval peasant costumes who are more than ready than anyone else to dress like protect the fortress, or at least drag some big stud back to her hovel by the hair.