31 March 2012

New and Improved Elektorsmog!

The Litzelstetter "tower-free residential area" club fears a new wave of elektrosmog. "I think it's the calm before the storm," club chairman Irene Mohn said when asked. The planned expansion of the high-speed network LTE (Long Term Evolution), they said will be a new tsunami of the mobile world over the cities and towns. Mohn believes that the electromagnetism is a pollutant, and thus believes it an increase on the burden on residents. This was why the club supports a possible low-emission, and thus human-friendly form of mobile communications.
I’m not sure if its attention seeking or hypochondria that drives these people, but despite the mere milliwatts that are at issue, and the fact that we shield the emissions of motors and other equipment in a way we never have before, they’re still at it.

Nonetheless, that kind of craziness sounds much better in
the original Klingon:
Der Litzelstetter Verein „Mastenfreies Wohngebiet“ fürchtet eine neue Elektrosmog-Welle. „Ich denke, es ist die Ruhe vor dem Sturm“, sagte die Vorsitzende Irene Mohn auf Nachfragen. Mit dem geplanten Ausbau des Hochgeschwindigkeitsnetzes LTE (Long Term Evolution) rolle ein neuer Tsunami aus der Mobilfunkwelt auf die Städte und Gemeinden zu. Mohn geht davon aus, dass der Elektrosmog und damit auch die Belastungen für die Anwohner steigen. Dabei setze sich der Verein für die möglichst emissionsarme und damit menschenverträgliche Form des Mobilfunks ein.
Run! Hide! Save yourselves!

30 March 2012

When You’ve Lost Slate.fr, you’ve Lost Middle Earth

That notwithstanding, at least they question pointless Marxist dinosaur Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s notion that he’s « for the worker ».
"I can give you the phone numbers of every trade unionists in the struggle, I know them all," says Laurence Sauvage, CGT syndicalist and Regional Councillor of Nord-Pas de Calais, responsible for monitoring the social struggles in the Left Party ("the Front of the struggle"). He states that, unlike other candidates, his organization is simply responding to requests from company employees threatened with closure.
It sounds much better in the original Klingon:
«Je peux vous donner les numéros de tous les syndicalistes en lutte, je les connais tous», explique Laurence Sauvage, syndicaliste CGT et conseillère régionale du Nord-Pas-de-Calais, chargée du suivi des luttes sociales au Parti de gauche («le Front des luttes»). Qui précise que, contrairement aux autres candidats, son organisation ne fait que répondre aux demandes des salariés des entreprises menacées de fermeture.
Or not. When you’re left to protesting against businesses over the issue of them going under, what exactly are you doing for their (former) employees?

29 March 2012

Euro-Übermenschen with Nerves of Steel

Kansan Uutiset, Finland : Summer time kills thousands of Europeans
On Saturday night millions of Europeans switched to daylight saving time, or summer time. The party newspaper of the Left Alliance in Finland, Kansan Uutiset, calls for summer time to be scrapped on the grounds that it is harmful to people's health: "On the weekend new findings about the disadvantages of summer time were published. The daily Aamulehti on Sunday reported on a Swedish study according to which in the next two weeks around 30 people in Sweden will die of heart attacks resulting from stress caused by the switch to summer time.
They are rather less enthusiastic to discuss the ones who drink themselves to death the rest of the year.
That means thousands of deaths across the EU. Russia decided a year ago to abolish the twice yearly adjustment of the clock, switching to summer time for good in March 2011. It doesn't matter whether it's summer time or winter time, this time the Russian approach is the right one for us, too. One time is enough for the whole year round."
Let’s set aside the idea that you can impute that kind of data from one culture to a continent. I know it’s fruitless and silly, but do you really think that daylight savings time kills?

28 March 2012

Further to the Myth of Tolerance and Thoughtfulness

What? No Moroccan flags being burned? Oh, that’s right. We’re civilized.
Rabat's media say Jewish resident of northern city of Fez hammered to death by unknown assailant.

27 March 2012

“La Hollande, L'Autre Pays du Fromage Plein de Racaille”

In a fit of self-flattery, the fake indignation is over the myth of Europeans’ tolerance that they have been repeating to themselves over the decades.
Those abroad who follow news from the Netherlands even marginally know that it currently centres around a single question. "What happened to this tolerant country?" The question reflects a sincere disappointment but also amounts to promoting a new cliché. Just as before all the correspondents wrote about the apparently limitless freedoms in Tulip Land, they now assiduously seek examples illustrating the convulsions the country is experiencing.
Aside from the notion promoted in public, what has always been true is that the actual number of tolerant people you meet is only slightly greater than that of an isolated tribe that barbeques outsiders who stumble upon them.
This is not an isolated incident. The crisis over the [Danish] caricatures already provided a demonstration that tensions between governments will increase in response to domestic social issues. The publication of the caricatures of Mohammed resulted in an unfurling of reactions across the Middle East. As a corollary, foreign conflicts will have more and more repercussions on our towns, as was demonstrated by the attack on a mosque in Brussels linked to the civil war in Syria.
The author confuses being servile and averse to criticizing other, especially those threatening you - with tolerance. They are not the same thing, clearly.

In reality, the tolerance even Wilders’ critics have (not to mention their elders’,) is limited to the kind of thing that would impress a narcotics-tourist might imagine is there, and call that their idea of freedom.

24 March 2012

Don’t you Wish you Could Write Stuff Like This ?

From the unitnetionally funny buffoons at the Korean Central News Agency:
The military gangsters who masterminded the hideous provocations are going reckless, describing the DPRK's just sacred war as a "smear" and "protest campaign."

This resulted in reinforcing the resolution of the army and people of the DPRK to take revenge upon the enemies in order to protect the dignity of its supreme leadership.

It is the irresistible mind-set of the people and the requirement of history to clear this land of those arch criminals as early as possible.

The group of traitors has no way out.

What this dirty group prattled is nothing but a fit in despair and bluffing of the doomed.

The group of traitors fated to face a stern judgment of history for its monstrous crimes against ethics and the nation is the primary targets of our precision strikes.
Remember, this the kind of stuff they DON’T call incitement:
A final showdown is about to take place.
The Korean-style sacred war will make a clean sweep of the above-said traitors and help the nation settle its pent-up grudge without fail.
They’re officially atheists, but call their wars sacred.

Got it. Elsewhere in their “New Year’s Address”, we find another fabulous bit of comic self-flattery:
Last year significant achievements were made in the great upsurge for improving the people's standard of living, and solid foundations laid for building the country into an economic giant in the 21st century.
This said while quietly knowing that this is only possible after the regime collapses, of course.

23 March 2012

Don’t Get All Surprised

Even in an effort “done on the cheap”, NATO could not have pulled off the Libya operation without the US, not even in the “non-hardware-and-brute-force” areas of intelligence and assessment, for which the Europeans have always argued was their actual contribution to the alliance.
Last year's Nato operation in Libya, code named Unified Protector, is unlikely to have succeeded without US military support.

Nato major-general Marcel Druart, addressing the European Parliament committee on security and defence on Tuesday (20 March), said Nato relied heavily on US military expertise on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.
I guess that you get what you pay for. It’s also made much worse by the Europeans’ typical internal pre-occupations and inability to form priorities that makes them cause their usual chaos:
"There is the military machine on one hand and the political-military machine in Brussels," he said, explaining that to achieve a consensus among 28 nations is not always easy and takes a relatively long time.
How convenient.

22 March 2012

Mapping the Wall

Home movies made by Peter Guba from 1959-62 when he was an East German border soldier can be seen online at the website of the Deutsche Historiches Museum. Oneonly wonders how he got away with it.

21 March 2012


Christian Petzold’s film „Barbara” takes an unsentimental look at the DDR from the perspective of a Doctor who sought an exit visa.

Be warned, though. The place never looked that good.

Where Exactly is that Dust-heap of History?

On EUranus, counting on its’ bricabrack to save them from mediocrity.
Europeana is a prestigious initiative endorsed by the European Commission, and is a means to stimulate creative economy and promote cultural tourism.

20 March 2012

You would Think they’d Prefer Loonies to Freaks and Perverts

Iceland considers adopting the Canadian dollar instead of the euro.
For the opposition party which initially floated the idea last summer, the Canadian dollar could be more attractive than the single currency.

Polls say seven out of 10 Icelanders want to ditch the kroner. But the population is split between the euro and the Canadian dollar. Surveys also show that just 26 percent want to join the EU.
Oddly enough, the fact that the Canadian dollar has always been a ‘single currency’ which has never been at risk of abandonment or collapse seems to go unnoticed by the Brussels-based journo.
In early March, Iceland's former leader Geir Haarde was put on trial for "gross negligence" on the banking collapse.
We await the beheading.

19 March 2012

Regardez la ces Chinoiseries

The startling thing about mainland China, is that they actually think their knock-offs are impercetable.
I recall seeing an advertisement about a $50 phone with a six-core processor when I was visiting my family members in China.

I rolled my eyes.

18 March 2012

Wow. They’re Like So Freaking Enlightened

In the Netherlands, disposing of bodies seems to be emotionally more available to them than dispensing love.
The proposed bill "is a strong sign of the times," says De Volksrant in a leader article. It notes that this is "a pressing social issue,"
So much so, that they can’t wait to leave their mortal coil:
"The elderly are asking for the right to assisted suicide," says Dutch daily De Volksrant, as the parliament this Thursday discusses a bill presented through a citizens' initiative by an association called Uit Vrije Wil (“Their Free Will’”). The association supports the right to assisted suicide. In a four month period, Uit Vrije Wil gathered 120,000 signatures, including those of many political leaders, in support of a bill to allow assisted suicide for people over 70 years of age if they consider their lives as completed.
Europe... are you “done” yet?

17 March 2012

No, But they can Set their Phasers on “Beg”

Advanced medical device dubbed “Star Trek Tricorder” can’t be made in Europe, but only in America, says Belgian escapee:
"In Europe," he says, "people are of the extreme cautionist school - they only do something if it has proven to work in the US.”

De Brouwer takes the example of the VScan handheld ultrasound device, recently presented by General Electric. “In Europe, people would say: It can’t be done. In the US they say: It will be done.”

And what about the Tricorder? Would it have been possible to build in Europe?

“No,” says De Brouwer
The problem actually being, the absence of a European Chuck Yaeger to break through the impenetrable sneer barrier:
But like the conferences, it seems most of the devices are either American-made or designed. And not European. De Brouwer himself, a Belgian national, recently moved to California in order to start work on the Tricorder.

“People who decide to live in Silicon Valley are larger than life,” he says. “They are romantics, not afraid to take risks or to fail.”

But most of all, he says, they are happy to listen to other people's ideas "with a willing suspension of disbelief,” citing English 19th-century poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

16 March 2012

I Just Have to Let This Out

I’ve been shorting gold and Treasuries all month, Muthaf*ckahs!

15 March 2012

Caution: “Awareness” Being Raised

And we all know that hardly a soul on earth is “aware” that there are homeless people, so there really is so much to raise.
BBH Labs, a branch of marketing agency BBH, ran an experiment over the weekend called the 'Homeless Hotspots' project. The company equipped 13 volunteers from a local homeless with mobile hotspots and gave them t-shirts with "I'm [name], a 4G hotspot," on the front. The volunteers were then sent off to offer WiFi access to people in exchange for a suggested donation of $2 for 15 minutes.
They are, of course, being used. But what’s odd and rare about this is that one normally only hears about homeless people when a Republican is in the White House because it’s politically useful.

Unless you use the homeless commercially, and call that “raising awareness” too.
However, the stunt has caused some controversy at SXSW and some have criticized BBH's scheme. Many people on Twitter have labeled it degrading or exploitative. In response to the negative feedback, BBH says the idea is built on the practice of homeless people selling newspapers for a dollar on the street and that they're trying to raise awareness for the homeless.

14 March 2012

We Do All of This for the People. THOSE People. OUR People.

The left are in love with the idea that conservatives’ conversation puts them outside of the norm of the American mainstream. To neutralize this, they typically whip up class, gender, and race warfare of some form that they think they can manage, and attempt to pick up enough electoral pieces that fall to take power.

How wrong they are. Scott Locklin fleshes it out:
On the rare occasion when Democrats attempt to communicate with their white Neanderthal brethren, it is broadcast on a carrier wave of pure condescension. The left has a sort of collective Tourette syndrome involving frequent mention of sexism, racism, and gay rights. These subjects are meaningless to hourly laborers who lack the leisure time to nurse nihilistic resentments against Western Civilization.

The corporate oligarchs and neocon goons who control the Republican Party obviously have financial and political interests which are not aligned with those of the white working classes. But they also do not demonize or condescend to peckerwoods who drive pickups and go fishing. It isn’t that Republican ideas are great for the lunchpailetariat or anyone else, but their lack of seething hostility makes them preferable to Democrats.
There are no angels, but there are certainly more demons in trying to dupe the working man into believing that fake issues such as Gay Marriage, Global Warming, open borders (which costs the working class jobs and lowers their wages), forcing medical insurance companies to cover the contraceptive pill at no additional cost, and the like.

It’s agitprop – plain, old fashioned agitprop thrown out there in the hope that anger at the shlebobbeth can be raised, and the public’s mean IQ lowered. Anger, you see is politically useful to those who assure themselves that the large part of the public (the one with whom they don’t really know personally,) is less intelligent that they are, and certainly less wise. It’s purpose is to buy as much power without yet spending money to do it, something they do later to try to seal the deal for life.

The morphine the left gives itself in all of this is that they are “taking care of people” whom they think can’t make decent choices for themselves. Those choices being the ones that the “Gauche Caviar” would make themselves, because, after all. in a society as diverse as this, we should all think in ways that their prejudices would anticipate.
Lefties should only be confused about the white proles who still vote for them. The left’s “Why don’t you loooove me anymore?” routine with the white working class reminds me of a friend’s crazy-ex-girlfriend story. She cheated on him, lit his car on fire, and gave him the clap. She used to get drunk and scream into his answering machine at 4AM. Then she wondered why he never called back.
Same thing. The simple fact is that for the left, hating happy, normal people makes them feel smart. What’s hilarious about it is that in large part they think the people they actually hate aren’t intelligent enough to tell. They’re confounded because the class analysis and philosophical materialism that they are practicing without identifying it to themselves, just doesn’t work that well on Americans.

I bowl in a league. The people I bowl with can tell. They know who the bullies, elitists and snobs really are, and they don’t especially like them being in charge of their children’s schools, their local governments, their sources of news, or running their country. They just don’t, despite the fact that it confounds the left of our polite, tasteful, better-knowing elite.

In reality, that polite, tasteful, better knowing elite are only human and a lot more like the rest of civilization in ways that they don’t care to think. They are simple political goons trying to talk their way into permanent power, and once again, the salt of the earth will get in their way.

12 March 2012

Another Reason to Say: “Atomkraft, ja Bitte!”

In Europe they actually call this emotive crap business writing:
The worst-possible scenario for the "Atlantic elites" is that Germany hands itself over to Russian dominance in return for a few barrels of oil, tons of coal and shipments of gas: in fact about 80 billion euro-per-year of Russian energy imports. With that dominance, the scare scenario continues, Putin will use his German bridgehead to push the USA out of Europe, along with its small-size British running dogs, and achieve what Stalin was never able to do. Germany can get its revenge for its defeat in 1945, against the Allies of the time which included the USSR, while Putin's Russia gets its revenge for the 1989 collapse of the Soviet Union, its loss of East Germany, and other satellites in Europe.
I challenge you to find any single assertion that makes sense in a discussion of the European natural gas market. Nonetheless the facts behind all of these political S&M fantasies are all right there, despite the “British running dog” and “Jankee Raus” themed Russo-German matching towels:
E.On and other major German electricity companies with close relations to Russia, starting with RWE, are critical to all three of Germany's major political parties - the Socialists, Christian Democrats and Greens. Whatever additional profits they get from using Russian gas - exporting it to other buyers, converting it to electricity or chemical products - means more coporate revenues and more jobs for Germans. And more contributions to the funds of German political parties.
And they kept saying that their subsidized PV panels and windmills were supposed to make this kind of pathetic blubbering unnecessary!

11 March 2012

A Thought for the Day

The liver has been very naughty, and must be punished.

10 March 2012

The Sound of one Hand Applauding itself

Meet the pacifist haterZ:

"Should politicians be tried for the crisis?"
There’s nothing quite like a kangaroo court, or a expression of impotent rage, or (secretely) a public hanging to get Europeans excited.

And I think that, even more than bankers and businessmen, the politicians are ultimately accountable for their lack of vigilance – or even worse, at times, for political complicity with the former. Those who hold great responsibility and are paid in one form or another for such responsibility also have a duty to respond to failures of management. That a crisis like the one we are living through should have no guilty parties is the biggest slap in the face to its victims. Will no one stand up and answer for it?
I’m still trying to figure out if this is any different from the Chinese executing the minster in charge of food safety a few years back.

Iceland’s former Prime Minister, Geir H. Haarde, has appeared before a special court accused of “gross negligence” in the country's financial disaster of 2008. The crisis caused three banks to collapse, payments of its foreign debt to be suspended, the currency to fall and unemployment to hit ten percent. Did European governments know what was coming before the crisis hit them? How much responsibility did the banks have? Do we need more robust judicial action against politicians and bankers?
An answer worth actually waiting for, but no, I doubt that anyone could have projected the precise value of their worthless debt built up by their welfare-addicted countrymen in the marketplace in 2009.

Otherwise I’m interested in this new form of government that a panel egged-on by El País is proposing:

Without doubt, and after being stripped of their immunity, those politicians who are guilty of illegality must be prosecuted. But political accountability should, above all, extend to the political machinery. This includes the elections, but parliaments too. In many countries, those parliaments are merely arenas for crude displays of competition among the parties – and within the parties themselves, which are showing themselves to be particularly inept at holding their leaders accountable, thanks to some supposed 'loyalty' that keeps them muzzled
Of course ‘voting them out’ is an option that just seems too timid for them, and doesn’t do enough to bring about the new man or something, who has neither greed in his heart, nor a desire to shod their children, or feed them, and that sort of thing…

09 March 2012

I Swear, They’re All Out to Get Me!

François Hollande is paranoid
Europe's main conservative leaders deny any plot to snub French Socialist presidential hopeful Francois Hollande, but experts say they are nevertheless nervous about the untested candidate's plans.

"Informed sources in Britain, even in the (opposition) Labour Party, are afraid of possible financial instability following a Francois Hollande victory, and many in the (German opposition) SPD are even more sceptical," said John Gaffney, a French politics specialist at Aston University in Britain.

Germany's Der Spiegel magazine caused a stir last weekend by reporting that right-wing European leaders were "scandalised" by the Socialist's declared intent to renegotiate the budgetary discipline pact signed on Friday.

They consider the pact key to rescuing the debt-stricken eurozone. Hollande, who opinion polls consistently say will easily beat President Nicolas Sarkozy in the two-round vote in April and May, has also raised eyebrows by declaring that the "world of finance" is the "enemy".
Actually, it more of a case of paranoid self-flattery, as if the world had to somehow stop this great mind.

Here’s a towel for when you’re done beating your meat, Gaucho.

08 March 2012

My Message for Social Activists on International Womens’ Day

Hey, lady! Get a shave already!

Conversation with a Chimera

France’s prime minister has urged Muslims and Jews to consider scrapping their halal and kosher slaughter laws as president Nicolas Sarkozy and his allies stepped up their efforts to woo far-right voters.

Prime minister François Fillon made the suggestion after Mr Sarkozy called at the weekend for butchers to clearly label meat slaughtered according to religious laws and his allies warned immigrants might impose halal meat on French schoolchildren.
François Fillon has raised a nutty, nutty point that helps to point out that France’s collective notion of laïcité has absolutely nothing to do with anything it takes up in a discussion of laïcité.
"There is something unpleasant, humiliating, and contrary to our republican tradition", said the community leader about the return of Francois Fillon.

On the proposal of Nicolas Sarkozy to label meat "according to the method of slaughter", the head of CRIF said: "It seems that the candidate Sarkozy has not quite the same positions as President Sarkozy. I see. "
Of course the terminally infantile press corps has framed the whole thing to be (unsurprisingly) the story of them uppity Jews asking for something again, but a zoo visitor can easily identify something different: strange factional politics, a tribal world view, and a picky, nutty, government rulemaking that even the center-right struggles with.

Otherwise those who can’t avert their eyes from French public polity can always have the ritual slaughter of decency to look forward to.

07 March 2012

Broken Budgets and Acme Rocket Boots

This week’s economic news from the Netherlands:

06 March 2012

The Continental Consciousness

Despite doing virtually nothing about their own debt problems for years, and being the Eurozone being richest entity on earth, they do little more that fish for pity and aid from afar.
Only on very rare occasions to do we hear anything positive about Europe, and with this in mind we should welcome the remarks made by 62-year-old Republican and former White House advisor to Bush Senior, Richard Breeden, at the the party to celebrate Romney’s victory in New Hampshire, who insisted that the bid to “stabilize” Europe is “vitally important” for the US – words that are particularly resonant words when you consider the past of the continent.
Actually no, most of the time there isn’t anything substantive to talk about at all when it comes to Europe. Europeans, on the other had, are prone to this kind of thing:
Europe is where they do away with the infirm elderly, and where cruise line captains are the first to jump ship in the event of an accident. It is the place where the ailing euro continues to be a source of contagion for the rest of the world and where the economy is strangled by cumbersome and prohibitively expensive welfare states. Worse of all, it is a place where the future of the young generation is sacrificed.
Which we supposed to be ashamed to say, in spite of every last work of it being true. The unjust “slander” has this to offer the self-pitying European as well:
A haven for euthanasia, the homeland of socialism and the cradle of the debt crisis: for Republican candidates campaigning for the US presidency, Europe is a model that must be avoided at all costs.
All of which is true.

If it wasn’t, Europeans wouldn’t be trying so hard to unwind the state of “state managed personhood” to begin with. The Eurozone spends more on welfare than the entire rest-of-the-world combined, and they know it. But if someone form a part of the rest-of-the-world called the United States mentions it, all bets are off.

It’s a level of emotional manipulation that they reserve for the US, and should try that with the CHINESE PUBLIC OFFICIALS who have openly criticized the horrible effect that the European attitude of welfare is having on the rest of the world’s economy.

05 March 2012

Progressive Dream of Nightmare ?

Get a load of these jokers: erstwhile East Germans protesting the reduction of subsidies to the solar industry – which only serves to raise those protesters’ electric bills too.
When it comes to solar subsidies, Christine Lieberknecht is willing to protest. The Minister President of Thuringia (CDU) wants to take on any argument against any quick or dramatic drop in subsidies for solar panels. "This will definitely be stopped," she told Deutschlanfunk radio. The State's leader threatens the federal government even with a veto in the Bundesrat - should there be any changes to the proposed law.

With this hard-line stance, Lieberknecht represents a frontal assault on her own party - and is more in line with Green Party leader Juergen Trittin. Nevertheless, she is not alone. Also Reiner Haseloff, Minister President of Saxony-Anhalt requested changes. And can the coalition partners in their own country's government set Lieberknecht anyway: Thuringia economy minister Matthias Machnig (SPD), the reduction in feed-called "industrial policy madness." In his State to the SPD and CDU were "completely agree that we can not accept the cuts."
It should be noted that the industry only exists, and is only in the eastern Länder because of federal subsidies, and only because they still think that industry there needs some sort of hair of the dog to cure what they think is left of the bad hangover from failed Eat German industries.

Interestingly enough, while the labor agitation part is all Marxist-Leninist in sprit, protesting against “the man” (which was the state,) was never really permitted, and when it did happen, was suppressed with life fire. In fact that workers’ paradise where the working man was supposed to be so well empowered dessicated labor unions of their power, and made them into a impotent smokescreen and a distraction.
one summer morning in 1953, 80 to 100 workers on the building sites in the Stalin Allee[1] of E. Berlin laid down their trowels. They came down from the scaffolding and, joined by their workmates, moved towards the government buildings in the Leipziger Strasze: they went there in order to protest against the increase in work norms

They were unaware that by this action they were giving the signal for a workers insurrection which would spread like a brushfire over all of E. Germany. On trio 16th and 17th of June, 1953, the Bolshevik regime of the G.D.R.[2] was made to tremble. The wage slaves of state capitalism went into action even in the remotest Corners of the land.
I wonder if anyone has mentioned this to American “radical adgitator” Katrina vanden Heuvel, the editor of the Protazoically retrograde “Nation” magazine, and a woman who spends a large amount of her time hoping for a race war in the United States for the sole reason that she thinks that only whites are conservatives, and therefore the fanning the flames of one is good progressive “progress”.

After all, she’s white, and in a very rare move for someone of Flemish origin, even for a monarchist aristocrat, has retained the monarchical aristocratic form of her family name which is a cheerleading tag-line for inherited power and oppression of the worker.

Then again, she’s a “progressive”. They don’t get the real meaning of the emotional, personally slanderous hatred they toss around, much as the East German regime that had as a platform of their establishment the freedom of labor unions, and then shot at them when they demanded their rights, but always seem to find it politically useful for themselves and their own power.

01 March 2012

Tu Parles Français Comme une Vache Espanol

Nothing points up the pointless multi-lingual babble-on that is the EU like a Briton talking up ineffectual and market-warping government film subsidies in French.

It sounds better in the original Klingon.