05 March 2012

Progressive Dream of Nightmare ?

Get a load of these jokers: erstwhile East Germans protesting the reduction of subsidies to the solar industry – which only serves to raise those protesters’ electric bills too.
When it comes to solar subsidies, Christine Lieberknecht is willing to protest. The Minister President of Thuringia (CDU) wants to take on any argument against any quick or dramatic drop in subsidies for solar panels. "This will definitely be stopped," she told Deutschlanfunk radio. The State's leader threatens the federal government even with a veto in the Bundesrat - should there be any changes to the proposed law.

With this hard-line stance, Lieberknecht represents a frontal assault on her own party - and is more in line with Green Party leader Juergen Trittin. Nevertheless, she is not alone. Also Reiner Haseloff, Minister President of Saxony-Anhalt requested changes. And can the coalition partners in their own country's government set Lieberknecht anyway: Thuringia economy minister Matthias Machnig (SPD), the reduction in feed-called "industrial policy madness." In his State to the SPD and CDU were "completely agree that we can not accept the cuts."
It should be noted that the industry only exists, and is only in the eastern Länder because of federal subsidies, and only because they still think that industry there needs some sort of hair of the dog to cure what they think is left of the bad hangover from failed Eat German industries.

Interestingly enough, while the labor agitation part is all Marxist-Leninist in sprit, protesting against “the man” (which was the state,) was never really permitted, and when it did happen, was suppressed with life fire. In fact that workers’ paradise where the working man was supposed to be so well empowered dessicated labor unions of their power, and made them into a impotent smokescreen and a distraction.
one summer morning in 1953, 80 to 100 workers on the building sites in the Stalin Allee[1] of E. Berlin laid down their trowels. They came down from the scaffolding and, joined by their workmates, moved towards the government buildings in the Leipziger Strasze: they went there in order to protest against the increase in work norms

They were unaware that by this action they were giving the signal for a workers insurrection which would spread like a brushfire over all of E. Germany. On trio 16th and 17th of June, 1953, the Bolshevik regime of the G.D.R.[2] was made to tremble. The wage slaves of state capitalism went into action even in the remotest Corners of the land.
I wonder if anyone has mentioned this to American “radical adgitator” Katrina vanden Heuvel, the editor of the Protazoically retrograde “Nation” magazine, and a woman who spends a large amount of her time hoping for a race war in the United States for the sole reason that she thinks that only whites are conservatives, and therefore the fanning the flames of one is good progressive “progress”.

After all, she’s white, and in a very rare move for someone of Flemish origin, even for a monarchist aristocrat, has retained the monarchical aristocratic form of her family name which is a cheerleading tag-line for inherited power and oppression of the worker.

Then again, she’s a “progressive”. They don’t get the real meaning of the emotional, personally slanderous hatred they toss around, much as the East German regime that had as a platform of their establishment the freedom of labor unions, and then shot at them when they demanded their rights, but always seem to find it politically useful for themselves and their own power.


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