28 February 2012

With Socialists Like These Who Needs Enemies?

Flamby, AKA François Hollande reveals the envy living beneath his pasty Caspar Milquetoast veneer. He proudly announced that he wanted the rich in France to be taxed at a 75% rate, presumably to get his revenge at all of those schoolyard bullies that still keep him up at night. All we can deduce ist’s some kind of Wealth Tax he seems to be thinking of. However you make it, you are taxed for being wealthy, not necessarily earning anything, so it’s especially counterproductive to a nation incurring trade deficits and seeing productive companies take more of their affairs offshore or to eastern Europe.

He actually seems to have mixed it up with the other uncreative globally borrowed tirade having to do with executive compensation. I guess all successful people must have been corporate big-wigs, which in France means a subsidy queen and a government insider anyway.
"It is not possible to have these levels of compensation," he said. "I learned of the considerable increases in the remuneration of bosses of the CAC 40, two million euros (per year) on average. How can we accept this? "
After all, they’re doubling down and calling the political call for heavy taxation “patriotic”.
Francois Hollande said anyone earning above the million euro mark should view the surprise measure, which is not in his manifesto, as a type of "patriotism to accept to pay extra tax to get the country back on its feet again".
Thanks – I love surprises. Again, for those of you in the cheap seats: crack kills. Thanks, crazy eyes.


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