30 October 2009

It’s Like a Mummer Parade of Satisfying Self-Hatred

Even having lived in “merry ‘ol” Deutschland, what I can figure out is why the stereotypes of the place being a self-referencial hell keep proving themselves. The idea that the culture is absorbed in finding itself (or rather everyone but the critic) a miserable, socially unaware creature unable to do better despite it’s never ending hemming, hawing, and rumination is not improved much by offensive and absurd stunts that make a mockery of even their best intentions, incapacitated by guilt as they are.

Taking a page out of Hollywood’s joke book about 40 years late is this, a man in poorly executed blackface out to punk unsuspecting “inherently race aware” Germans that they are “inherently race aware”. It makes great imagery, especially with the tree in the veldt whacky comic sendup, but fails hugely in other ways.

First of all, there are only a handful of black Germans, so the “great inhumanity” that’s being redressed here probably isn’t a function of black Germans being treated differently in great non-existent droves, but the desire for some German Peckerwood to wag his finger at a bunch of other German Peckerwoods, while exploiting their awkward position in German society.

Basically, in case you’re wondering what being treated differently and being looked askance is like in Germany, it doesn’t require one to be black to experience it, or in any other part of western Europe for that matter, because even the “anti-racism” crowd has an equally vile moral flaw: they almost uniformly assume that the identity they associate with you is a shorthand for what they assume is your ideology. This is why they try to attribute fascism with conservatism, when virtually every fascist I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading seems to more in love with the state and it’s socially managing, controlling, and redistributive capacity than anything else. To let any if it happen to begin with, your right and wrong needs to have been bypassed. To vainly dwell and campaign on the pretext that only racism or some particular kind of bigotry get through that is itself an attempt at using a technicality to get around the need to judge right from wrong for yourself, and then man up, something that’s now a discredited concept if you take “pop-ethic” seriously.

Those that do appear to believe in the universal truth of a tribal/racial zero sum game, much like this “post partisan”, “post racial” President who we are led to believe was found in a field in cornfield in Kansas with a one-way ticket from Krypton tucked into his diaper:

When he delivered his speech on racism in 2008, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama touched upon this issue of how race and class conflicts often get tangled up together. He spoke about "the resentments of white Americans" who feel threatened by gains made by blacks in American society. He went on to say that "to label (white Americans) as misguided or even racist without recognizing they are grounded in legitimate concerns (also) widens the racial divide and blocks the path to understanding."
That idle mindless pap in that speech, which is actually extraordinarily uninspired, we are now told, is to be regarded as a breakthrough, an earthquake, and of “I Have a Dream” box set quality. It isn’t, because hardly a soul remembers it, remembers anything said in it, and has now to be TOLD to try to memorize phrases from it and give it a regards normally conferred on someone who DOES touch people deeply such that the resonance gives us reason to remember it.

It’s why they’re still shocked, even in adulthood, to find anything that seems like an inversion - such as a Jew criticizing Israel, or an Arab criticizing Islam, or anything that doesn’t conform to that simplistic and ignorant shorthand - thrilling and different. It’s an attitude and set of opinions that some believe makes them MORE humanistic and socially aware than others. Note that I said “attitude” and “opinion”. Having an opinion is largely regarded as “doing something” by this elementary thinking, which makes sense on a continent where having certain opinions and offending people is actually actionable behavior. Fortress Europa doesn’t have so much a wall, but a very, very this skin.

Otherwise, in an interview with filmmaker Michael Haneke, we may all wallow in clichéd bleakness on cue to lend a filmmaker some glory. Why? Because that’s the regard we are told to give it. It’s what culture vultures do when they think so little of the public that they don’t think that they can infer or interpret it for themselves.
Haneke: I think it's a little simplistic to explain a work through the psychology of its author. In other words, that Haneke has emotional problems, so I don't have to take his films seriously. By using this argument, the viewer retreats from the challenges of the film. People often use this approach, but I'm used to it by now: What kind of a person is Haneke, to be making those kinds of films?

Can you hear that? It’s about Me-me-me-me-me!!! and if you criticize that, it shouldn’t be taken that way because Me-me-me-me-me!!! can’t take it.

But the real crowd please must be this sort to apologia, self-loathing, and quick and dirty exit from facing the facts of life, and it to loves a good cliché about the assumed view of the German soul:
Haneke: You could see it that way. It isn't a coincidence that the village is called Eichwald. When strictness becomes an end in itself, and when an idea turns into ideology, it becomes perilous for anyone who doesn't comply with this ideology. The film uses the example of German fascism to talk about the mental preconditions for every type of terrorism, whether it comes from the right or the left, and whether it's politically or religiously motivated. Wherever people are in a hopeless, unhappy and humiliating situations, they will grasp at any straw that is handed to them.
...none of which makes any sense if you’re al all familiar with the reality of any of the usual popular whipping boys. The counter-ideology is itself a strict one that is meant to prevent one from using moral reasoning to come to terms with fascism, terror, or anything else on the reality-avoidance hit parade: all of which, like the avoidance principal itself requires moral self-evasions to enable evil. A million lectures, platitudes, and good intentions are a poor substitute.

29 October 2009

Any Day Now, They’ll get to the Press Freedom Part of Press Freedom

This is typically European: getting carried away with massaging your ego and sating your preconceived notions with so little conscience as to entirely ignore the facts.

United States:
There was both praise and concern for the United States, which climbed 20 places from 40 to 20 to join the United Kingdom.

“Barack Obama’s election as president and the fact that he has a less hawkish approach than his predecessor have had a lot to do with this,” RWB said, adding that the sharp rise concerned only the state of press freedoms within the country.
The US, their estimation went UP the league table of “Press Freedom” by getting rid of their enemy, George Bush, and electing their theoretical special new friend, Barack Obama. All this without any reference to the press, it’s freedoms, or the fact that virtually the entire US media is ‘in the tank’ for the white house under threat of being cut off from the news. The State virtually commands the media’s emissions, and can always get their way with 90% of the airtime and column inches.
A White House attempt to delegitimize Fox News--which in past times would have drawn howls of censorship from the press corps--has instead been greeted by a collective shrug.

That's true even though the motivations of the White House are clear: Fire up a liberal base disillusioned with Obama by attacking the hated Fox. Try to keep a critical news outlet off-balance. Raise doubts about future Fox stories.

But most of all, get other journalists to think twice before following the network's stories in their own coverage. . . .
To Euro-poppers, THAT is called an improvement in the freedom of the press. They enjoy being servile tools of charismatic characters with political power, so long as they can pretend their Ken Doll is a revolutionary.

28 October 2009

I ‘Larned it from the Bish

Actually he’s an ARCH-bish. So there. Even a rabid Maronite Catholic such as your host can ‘larn something in his dotage.

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

- Sir Winston Churchill,
KG, OM, CH, TD, FRS, PC (Can).
(Prime Minister 1940-1945, 1951-1955)

27 October 2009

How Exactly is That Suppoed to Work Again ?

Everybody Knows it’s Baseball Season...

In an amusing twist to the apocalyptic howling that has emerged into popular culture again since Y2K and the plague in the early Renaissance, John Rosenthal quotes a yet to be politicized or cut-down matter of fact report from Corriere della Sera on the fact that alp-loving leisure class can enjoy their après-ski arrogant rants a month early this year.

At Cortina, the snow “cannons” are in operation on the peaks and in the ski area of Faloria one is counting on opening the slopes already on November 13. That is nearly a month earlier than the classic “ponte dell’ Immacolata” that traditionally opens the snowy season throughout the Alps. …Barring any spectacular reversal of the meteorological trends and following last year’s extremely long [lunghissimo] winter, which only ended in May, this will be the shortest summer-fall interval without skiing ever recorded.
Having had to hear the cranky German engineers I work with complaining that this was yet another year without a summer, I’ve found that prodding them with the simple reply “well that’s just how global warming works” is no longer taken as a snide, vaguely insulting remark, but met with mild laugh, resigning itself to the reality of the fact that the end is not nigh, and that kneeling in the streets before the passing clerics of the morality-free post-Christian cult of thermometer worship may not be required of us for the moment.

Meanwhile, back in the usual emotionalized science for the non-impirical, the jihad to end humanity’s addition to toilet paper continues, as if trees were not farmed, and they weren’t actually sequestering carbon more rapidly by cycling through the process of use and replanting. Like everything, it requires someone to blame America first.
he tenderness of the delicate American buttock is causing more environmental devastation than the country's love of gas-guzzling cars, fast food or McMansions, according to green campaigners. At fault, they say, is the US public's insistence on extra-soft, quilted and multi-ply products when they use the bathroom.
Much as the notion of believing that your shit doesn’t stink, the ur-Briton cannot be accused of having a rectum, which explains the confusion over what human buttock are. It’s best not to get confused down there, especially in the throws of passion, but does explain rather well just what it is that Euro-greenies are full of, and why there are ‘compaction issues’ as evidenced by their charm and warmth to people who actually still have a natural environment.

In the mean time, you can check the opening dates of les pistes while a political explanation for the weather is being formulated somewhere.

A Typical Bobo Family Gathering

Note the hosebag that says she wouldn’t do a boy because it turns her off, not that it’s wrong. Or that the nephew of the former president appears to be joking when he says that screwing rent boys that are under 14 is disgusting, as opposed to, say, wrong.

26 October 2009

“A state built on deception is not worth having”

A state built on deception is not worth having
Says David Pryce-Jones of the way the European Union is being made official by avoiding the consent of the populous through the use of the Lisbon Treaty.
The French and the Dutch did actually vote to reject the treaty, but their rulers simply ignored that fact. In Britain, Mr. Blair promised to hold a referendum, but then with no apparent strain on his conscience decided not to, leaving his successor to sign up to it without the legitimacy to do so. The majority of European governments have followed this path, cheating their electorates one by one, moreover keeping them in the dark as though they were Romanov or Habsburg emperors, and politics were some private domain about which voters should not be consulted.
Which is the same ideological trap that also got some of them into totalitarian Communist leftism, and others under totalitarian Fascist leftism. Pick your totalitarian leftism, folks. You know it comes naturally to you!
In normal circumstances, democracies will not tolerate trickery of the kind. Treated with such open contempt, genuine electorates take to the streets and build barricades and start burning institutions that do not represent them. A state built on deception is not worth having, and for the future it looks as if force alone will be able to maintain it. Europe is set either to collapse with unimaginable consequences or harden into some sort of authoritarian monster.
Utterly unaware of the great breakthrough that finally came along in the late 20th century, they remain obsessed with class, something that effectively ceased to exist in any effective form (it was defeated by a comfortable, meritocratic view of people, and capitalism), and fixated on a continuing fear of federalism and any kind of pluralism that appears to be anything more than a Potemkin village of democracy.

25 October 2009

The Dreams of their Fathers

Hollywood’s panting, drooling 1943 love letter to Stalin has been released on DVD.

If their nipples got any harder, blood vessels would have burst.

24 October 2009

What Part of This Would a Bien-Pensant Twit NOT Find Spiritually Disturbing?

23 October 2009

Yet Another Way the American Left Exports Anti-Americanism

Received with auto-erotic shouts of joy, some French hater has taken the animated clips out of “Bowling for Columbine” and written his own “history of the USA” in a way that sums up all the flourishes of the delusional and factually challenged. In fact, it’s so typical of the world view of a whole generation, I don’t even know if it’s worth mentioning, but this sure is: this kind of thing ALWAYS takes the place of Europeans looking at themselves, their own societies, and their own attitude. In fact the only reason that they KNOW that there was a civil rights movement is becase American society transformed for the better, which is reason enough for them to be hatin’ on us.

The only marginally skeptical comments about it are racial in nature and dwell on the strain of “white nationalism” that takes the place of common sense in the souls of many young French people, otherwise they’re perfectly happy to call Americans racists in the fantasy model of their own domestic obsession with Jews, Scottish people (for some implausible reason), tribal warfare, and even a few personal problems.

22 October 2009

Autocrats of the World, Unite!

Yet another Lulu from the mouths of the democratically “differently abled”

Ahmadinejad: Iran, Belarus should manage world through cooperation

That their instincts run along the lines of “running the world” for the same of humanistic warm-fuzzies should indicate quite a bit about anyone taking the story to be anything legit.

How do we know this? A simplistic journo-bot told us so. By the way, in case you’re wondering if an item like that eliciting mockery, let alone horror about the bright lights of the EU-observatory class, you shouldn’t. Another comment thinks rather glowingly of remaking a “new and honest” form of journalism that’s funded by non-profits, NGOs, and para-governmental organizations with unstated motives, and appointed panels that choose what ‘investigative journalism’ efforts to fund.

Every time, money is granted to journalism, there must be a buffer to guarantee editorial independence. In this case we have chosen a combination of two elements. Journalists and investigative journalist organizations give their good reputation to Journalismfund.eu by joining the advisory board. In addition we have a model with an anonymous jury.
The jury consists of four persons. They were selected in the spring of 2009 among a long-list of highly respected media persons gathered by the advisory board. In the spring of 2011 the first two members will leave the board and their names will be published then.
Are there any criteria and rules? Yes, there are. Journalismfund.eu aims to fulfill the niche of covering stories that go across borders or have relevance in several European countries, se the rules for application and the assessment criteria, which the jury applies.
Which to say that the panel are opaque to the point of being able to remain anonymous, and that the product must promote the EU. Also unstated is that the funder’s funder is funded by the Flemish sub-parliament of Belgium which seems to be promoting the EU with all the highmindedness and enthusiasm of a city trying to get a sports franchise to relocate to their patch.

To these folks, anything is better than lowering themselves to ‘touching money’ (unless it’s a grant). That their instincts run along the lines of “running the world” for the same of humanistic warm-fuzzies should indicate quite a bit about anyone taking the story to be anything legit.

The regimented and money fixated mindset that pervades European (apparent) do-gooders is rife, in that the concept of citizen journalism and self-publishing are not even mentioned, let alone considered. The notion that underhanded motives could even possibly trickle in? The idea that one would do better to watch what people do, rather than what they say? Phooey! Who needs it? That couldn’t happen!

21 October 2009

Further Tales from the World’s No. 1 Sneer Exporter

Slavery in the Land of Milk and Honey

20 October 2009

Was Anita Dunn’s ‘Maoism’ Prattle Still Just said in Jest?

Obama’s “Manufacturing Czar” (who knew we had one of those), makes an interesting point by also invoking Mao as “the communications Czar” has – except, he pretty directly brings up and sums up Maoism, a variant on Marxism/Leninism that doesn’t even have a pretense of social concern to it. He notes that all power comes from force, which is an interesting obsession for an elected administration to have.

Call it a sort of international solidarity with the likes of the budding and practiced tyrants in Venezuela, Belarus, Iran, Cuba, Bolivia, and such. Maybe he’s reflecting on the fact that the left didn’t even have to say “make your last vote count”.

17 October 2009

Escaping Babylon only to Escape it Again

Freedom lover Bernard Martoïa writes his thoughts on Claude Reichman’s site. As on his own blog, using the theme “America on Bread and Water”

Each annual visit to the United States gives me the opportunity to regain freedom. For the Europeans and the French in particular, freedom is very secondary to equality. To each his own priorities.
Crisis obliges them. Americans are living on bread and water. Unlike the French, they do not spend their time moaning blaming others. The dominant feeling seems to be: "We have lived too long beyond our means. We speculated immoderately. This is the price you pay. We have to just do it learn our lesson. That's it!” They behave like adults, not getting spoiled and irresponsible as is too often the case in France.

There are two Americas that should not be confused with one another: the liberal and atheistic coasts and big cities, that European tourists identify with, and the other - that of the conservative and religious rural counties. The authentic latter is the one I feel deeply connected to. The first is that of a consumer Babylon that doesn’t hold much interest to me except for the museum collections. Apart from the obligatory passage through Logan Airport in Boston during my last trip, I rather hasten to flee to the Republican hinterland.

On this year's itinerary I only considered two states: New Hampshire and Maine. Unlike other tourists, I don’t rush through. This gives me time to discover a country and also meet people at the mercy of my stops in my town for supplies.
The circuit of a typical French holiday is to swallow 4000 kilometers of tarmac in a fortnight. He wants to see the Grand Canyon, the national parks, Yosemite or Death Valley in California, and of course Las Vegas and San Francisco. That kind of tourism is well suited to these ephemeral times,
Une impression chasse vite la précédente. But what can it remain of your memories after that kind of roller-coaster ride?

Each time a French person asks my opinion on this or that American tour, I warn its too big for my appetite for discovery. The distances are not the same as in Europe. The advice is ignored. I never managed to convince a tourist to narrow his itinerary. My philosophy of travel is not compatible with modernity. Snobbish, the French tourists feel compelled to visit natural sites and well known cities, then they hasten to return. I do not know Boston, but I know Massachusetts I walked it twice: from North to South in 2001, and from south to north in 2007.

For a month I was lucky not hear a word of French. What a pleasure to escape the endless summary judgments against Americans that they do not know!

As I move slowly, and even more this year because of the extremely difficult terrain of New Hampshire which is like a giant staircase (my hourly average fell sometimes a mile), I have ample opportunity to observe the day and note in the evening, my impressions by the light of a headlamp in my tent. I want this book in English to render the best evidence of my experience.

The economic crisis in America is more profound than suggested by Ben Bernanke, who said that his country had resumed growth in September, but I have not seen a single crane! Le secteur du bâtiment est sinistré. The construction sector is acutely damaged. The only active work site I saw was the renovation of a small section of Route 27 in Maine, which connects Auburn to the Canadian border. In contrast, I counted twenty-four cranes at the construction of a new terminal at Frankfurt, Germany for the European consortium EADS’ giant A-380,

The revival of Keynesian government that Obama has benefited Wall Street and the nineteen major U.S. banks deemed "too big to fail" as the interventionist saying goes. I felt in the rural population, an implacable hatred against unwarranted rescue of the wealthy on Wall Street. On the other hand, the French are cattle that politicians can say anything to. Arthur Schopenhauer once said: "Hatred comes from the heart, contempt of the brain, and these feelings are beyond our control." The 2010 Congressional elections will prove to be exciting.
The original is here. Shakespeare did always sound better in the original Klingon.

16 October 2009

The Pain of Being Artists is Killing Us

Alles ist nicht ist in
nicht Alles noch ist Ordnung Alles
in ist nicht Ordnung Ordnung Alles
nicht Ordnung Alles Alles ist Ordnung
ist Ordnung Alles in Ordnung noch
noch ist Ordnung Alles in ist

15 October 2009

Our Middle Name is Still Anxiety

Alles ist noch in Ordnung

14 October 2009

Who Said Dada was Dead?

13 October 2009

Our Middle Name is Anxiety

Alles ist in Ordnung

Every Time You Drive a Car, Jesus Strangles a Puppy

Scaring children about something that they can do nothing about for reasons of political vanity.

In the UK, government sponsored child abuse is okay if it’s “for the cause”.

This is what activists of the civilizational dead-pool call “raising awareness”. Meanwhile the “huge number of people killed by Global Warming” might starve and impoverish due to natural coldening.

Ever Been in a Swiss Prison, Joey?

The unsurprising non-news item of the day is that Polanski feels depressed in jail.

Elsewehere: Gideon Rachman redefines doom: the curse of “peace”.

09 October 2009

The Want a Hero

Odd, isn’t it that when the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to a leader of government or governmental organization, it’s intent is to try to swing in one direction or another the motives of a dictator or disliked figure who presents themselves as being able to be persuaded to change their ways. Past nominees of the Nobel Peace Prize have included Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

In light of this, the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to Barack Obama for having made a few statements here and there on things he is unlikely to act on comes as something of a surprise, unless you look at it as a measure taken by members of that committee to influence the internal politics of sovereign nation states. The problem here is that the US is not a dictatorship. The award is a telegraphing of political opinion which may have been more venal and reactionary than ‘aspirational’, spending heavily the capital of it’s past legitimacy.

The recent trend in Europe, the region where the likes of the Nobel Committees imagines as representing world opinion, has been to a rejection of leftism, and this award may me a sort of political influence “twofer” in opposition of those societies who voted to make it that way.

Sarkozy was elected with a firm mandate, Merkel was re-elected, Cameron seems like a practical shoe-in, and so forth. So the message transmitted from the rarified air of that northern latitude to democratic practitioners of their own choices is to fall into line. It’s sad to see that they have mounted this kind of effort on the pluralistic societies of the world to the willful ignorance of places like Belarus and the racketeer-like leadership succession practices of Russia.

As to the pretext of reducing nuclear weapons stockpiles, and channeling the dream of a world without peaceful deterrents, you have to wonder if they are really giving it to the right guy:
On the eve of this week's summit between President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin, negotiators from both countries huddled in New York Sunday to hash out a plan to substantially reduce their arsenals of nuclear warheads.

Secretary of State Colin Powell and U.S. arms specialists and their Russian counterparts were trying to work out details of how to make deep but uneven cuts in their stockpiles of nuclear arms in the next 10 years or more.

Putin arrives in Washington Monday night and will meet with Bush Tuesday to continue discussions over ways to reduce the number of offensive nuclear weapons. The two leaders are simultaneously working out a weapons negotiation blueprint that may allow Bush to proceed with his plans for a missile defense system.

"We see the capability to negotiate on the U.S. side and we have the same capability, but we want to know what we'll be negotiating about, in military and technological terms," Putin told a group of American journalists at the Kremlin in Moscow before departing for the U.S.

The two leaders begin their summit in Washington, but White House officials have suggested they would announce any agreements later at Bush's ranch near Crawford, Texas.

Bush is hoping to announce cuts of about two-thirds, from 6,000 warheads to about 2,000 on the U.S. side, when he and Putin meet. The reductions would be verified under guidelines established under previous nuclear treaties.
The entire affair was derided by those passionate about arms reduction as Putin and Bush playing a child’s game of cowboys and Indians on his ranch in Crawford, Texas, but the arms control ‘achievement’ being attributed to Mr. Obama, something he announced too shortly after entering office to have actually accomplished with his shambolically under-organized early administration, was not his at all, but a statement by a man they seek to turn into a Manchurian Candidate for their world view is sufficient for their Prize and their admiration.
In a summit that was said to "end a long chapter of confrontation," Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and George W. Bush of the United States met in Moscow on May 24, 2002, where they signed the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Reductions. Hailed as the beginning of a new relationship between the former Cold War foes, the Treaty calls for each state to reduce its deployed strategic nuclear weapons to approximately one third of the current level.
Which is all Obama will ever get, however much anybody believe that a few words from his lips will start a decades-long love parade leading to the Russians and Americans having NO nukes, while India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, France, and the UK will likely serrupititiously retain theirs’, despite what they say when their lips are moving. No-one will be making arms verification trips to Pierrelatte.

Among the very dependable ‘known knowns’ of those who pretend to speak for the larger opinion of the world, is that the more they dislike America and Americans, the greater a need they feel to support Barack Obama. What the Nobel committee seeks is a conformity of opinion on the part of world leaders, even if they are accidental ones, to limit the diversity that makes man who he is, and the tension in opinion that maintains the breadth of ideas that keep us all safely in check.

08 October 2009

Fort Apache Redux

Below is a translation of an article by Luckas Vander Taelen, Flemish Parliament Green Party MP, “The Ghettos of Brussels” published in Belgium’s Le Soir newspaper on 6 October 2009

I live in Forest, near an area that stretches from the Rue Merode to the Midi railway station and that can only be described as a ghetto, even with the largest bias for multiculturalism.

My daughter has long since abandoned to entering the area. While she feel comfortable at home, she has quite often (and once too often) been insulted. I cross the area daily by bicycle and daily find it a new adventure. Cars are double parked, drivers block intersections to talk to one another, youths follow you and stare as if you were on their turf.

Do not try to speak up when you feel a need to: the last time I ventured that myself, I took caught the undivided attention of an observer who could not have even been 16 years old, who went into an offensive tirade ending in him telling me he was "fucking your mother." It was much less serious than last time, when another young Moroccan driver had been annoyed by my behavior: I dared to take my right of way. His honor was so offended that he could needed to restore it by spitting in my face.

So above all: people keep silent, because when you try to explain that 70 km/h is too fast in 30 zone, you hit head on the dignity of a new young Belgian who can not bear that someone ban something which is ready to do battle.

Some twenty years ago, I was convinced that the new young Belgians were assimilating quickly. But now, in Brussels, a generation of "rebels without a cause" have been raised that continue to feel aggrieved and annoyed. Everything is always the fault of others: Belgian authorities are racist, while within their own families, young North African boys are untouchable. When police arrested a youth in Molenbeek, the father immediately organized a protest because her son "did not even steal an apple."

Last year, a ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles ) study showed that efforts by authorities in problem areas have meant that young people no longer see the need to leave them. This creates a village mentality in a big city.

The daughter of Moroccan friends has a Belgian boyfriend. She never goes out with him in this neighborhood because she will immediately be scolded. While almost all young immigrants have Belgian nationality, they do not identify with this country. Quite to the contrary: "Belgian" is used as an insult.

You hardly ever meet young single women in the neighborhood, even less so a tavern: they are not even tolerated. When a friend in town ordered a coffee, she quickly understand that she should not expect to be served. When I go biking in the Merode neighborhood, I know that until I pass the Gare du Midi, I will not find a woman by herself at an outdoor café, never mind the hypocritical sexual morality that requires young ethnic minority women to remain virgins until their wedding night when everyone knows that hospitals Brussels will repair a woman’s hymen in a simple operation ...

Until last week, a French-Moroccan artist exhibited a remarkable exhibition in Brussels: a series of prayer rugs with shoes. The art gallery was immediately the target of telephone threats to send the message that the work was vulgar. The unrest was triggered by a pair of red shoes with high heels exposed near a prayer rug, because the artist wanted to address the issue of "the place of women in Islam." But this is no longer possible in Brussels: the exhibition was dismantled after a few days.

We should perhaps ask ourselves why we agreed that principles like artistic freedom and the equal rights of men and women do not apply to everyone in this country.

Why do we not dare to stand up for what is fundamentally important?: a respect for the laws and values of countries in which we live? Banning the headscarf is not a solution. But yet how strongly do we dare defend what we consider important?

The merit of the left was to claim more attention to discrimination and social exclusion. Unfortunately the problem is more profound: we were afraid of being accused of imposing our values on immigrants.

These are my values too, and they are too important to let them be lost.

Bragging Rites

Frédéric Mitterrand our favorite passive-aggressive crypto-pederast tries to “channel” his way around a controversy that only came to light in view of the cultural elite’s passive defense of Roman Polanski which Erik commented on.

From an interview which appears arranged for the “reconstruction” of his image we find:

“This is in no way condoning sex tourism", said Mr. Mitterrand on the TF1 channel. "There is no apology for pedophilia and relationships with young boys," he added.:

Pleasing himself: from a program named “You can’t please everybody” 20 March 2005
"I condemn sex tourism as a shame, I condemn pedophilia that I have never participated in in any way," he stressed.

It is "probably a mistake, but not a crime, nor even a poor choice," he further added, when asked about the story of episodes of sex tourism in his book.

He said he never had any intention to resign and has the confidence of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Frédéric Mitterrand, nephew of former Socialist President François Mitterrand, joined the [Sarkozy] government in June, is at the center of a political controversy generated by his book « La Mauvaise vie » ("Bad Life"), published in 2005. n one chapter of this book, the narrator recounts sexual experiences with boy prostitutes in Thailand.
It’s funny how his pride is protected by a “no apologies” air that tries on one level to rationalize the very thing he wants to appear to be criticizing.

As Erik reported, his “hypno-autobiography” is as much an exercise in playing to technicalities as his interview – he wants to brag about violating children without having to bear any of the consequences of it. These children he all-but admits he indulged himself in sexually were sexualized at a pre-natural age for the sole purpose of the pleasure of those who like to have an absolute control over others without risk of their person being rejection in any way that would matter to them. That, and a sexual affection for children, and a thirst for something that is forbidden for the sole purpose of protecting children.
In his book, Mr Mitterrand, the nephew of the late Socialist president François Mitterrand, wrote: “I got into the habit of paying for boys...All these rituals of the market for youths, the slave market excite me enormously.
“One could judge this abominable spectacle from a moral standpoint but it pleases me beyond the reasonable.”
An odd appeal to pity where even the normative people in a similar place in life reach for empty temporary pleasures.

If the destruction of their good development for the sole purpose of an old man’s pleasure isn’t proof enough to someone of the degeneracy and uncaring of someone, they should probably find a society somewhere where it is accepted – if they can. Ancient Greece, as well as Sparta, destroyed themselves.

Marine Le Pen quoting from Mitterand’s auto-biopic of a “novel” on television outlines the very pathology that causes so much harm:
Miss Le Pen read out a passage in which Mr Mitterrand wrote: “The profusion of very attractive and immediately available young boys puts me in a state of desire that I no longer need to hinder nor hide...as I know that I will not be refused.”
Mitterand’s response was to treat the whole thing like it was a minor political scuffle, with the sort of typical bombast of a man trying to shock his way out of a bind. In truth, Marine Le Pen understands where the populism of this position comes from: virtually the entire population, and especially of parents, which unlike the elite of the culture appears profoundly offended by the idea of defending the past actions of Roman Polanski or Frédéric Mitterrand. Especially since the argument was limited to “but they all had such a great time!”

Wanting access to others’ children, what is coveted by these vile adults is the physical, emotional, and mental enslavement of children. Setting his admission aside, even were it an unpracticed amelioration of the idea alone, it should tell you something about this “de facto CEO of Culture” and his world view.

Never mind the fact that people of importance in government or critical media didn’t do a good job of largely blowing off the moral component of a fellow member of their caste back 2005, where all but a few had an equally repugnant disregard of the public interest when « La Mauvaise vie » was published.


There is much to mock here, but I won’t. The absurd events do a good enough job of it without any assistance.

Somali pirates in two skiffs fired on a French navy vessel early Wednesday after apparently mistaking it for a commercial boat, the French military said. The French ship gave chase and captured five suspected pirates.
No one was wounded by the volleys from the Kalashnikov rifles directed at La Somme, a 3,800-ton refueling ship, French military spokesman Rear Adm. Christophe Prazuck said.
La Somme "was probably taken for a commercial ship by the two small skiffs" about 250 nautical miles (290 statute miles) off Somalia's coast, Prazuck said.
This vessel, 18% grey paint, radomes, numbering and all, was confused by Somali pirates as a commercial vessel. Even in the dark, its’ profile couldn’t be mistaken for a commercial cargo ship:

What the hell were they thinking?

That isn’t the sad part. Having been bled dry over the decades, making them hard up for a viable fleet, they were using a lightly armed ship loaded with fuel as a command information center.
La Somme is the French command vessel in the Indian Ocean, overseeing French air, sea and land forces fighting Somali pirates and hunting terrorists under the banner of the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom.
How, I wonder, could they have gotten that close without local radar and a nervous wizzo letting them know? After all, this isn’t the first time, unless they’re so structurally understaffed or aren’t permitted to stand a few sailors on their watch shift on the deck.
This was not the first time that Somali pirates have mistakenly attacked a French naval vessel. Several pirates were captured in May when they attempted to board a frigate in the area.

Elsewhere: how NOT to make the sale:
The plane was on a demonstration flight at an air show at Maatiga military airport when it crashed in the nearby Soug-Ejemaa district. There was no immediate word on the cause of the accident.
The South African Press Agency report failed to mention that the aircraft hit a house and that 3 residents were killed.

Omitted information and Arabs buying Russian weaponry in bulk... Is it 1971 yet? Industry press releases report that Russia has brokered 5 military contracts with the Libyan government..
Russia has five military procurement contracts underway with Libya, as reported yesterday by the news agency "RIA Novosti", quoting Alexander Mikheyev, deputy director general of Rosoboronexport, the Federal Agency in charge of managing former Soviet Union's military exports, and head of the Russian delegation at the "Lavex 2009" air show in Tripoli until today.

"The contracts involve military equipment for the Ground Forces and the Navy -Mikheyev explained- including the modernization of T-72 tanks, and the general supply of spare parts for the above-mentioned branches of the Armed Forces. We are also participating in a Libyan tender on the delivery of aircraft and air defense systems".
The 12h22 UT report cribbed from RIA Novosti was followed by a 17h23 UT report of the crash that neglected to make mention of the dead civilians.

07 October 2009

You May Choose Only One

Reflections on a Current Presidential Administration

Quoth a Turkish General once:

"The problem with having the Americans as your allies is that you never know when they'll turn around and stab themselves in the back."

- 1000 thank yous and all of my rhuminant livestock
to Lord High Executioner Michael Philips

06 October 2009

I’d Like you to Meet my Wife and Sister

Go easy on the horses Habibi.

The genetic research institute found that around 63 percent of the genetic conditions found in Arabs, who often practice marriage between relatives, were related to consanguinity and warned the numbers were likely to rise as more research is conducted and more disorders discovered.

In the United Arab Emirates, a country with the fifth highest rate of inter-family marriages, there are currently more than 250 types of genetic diseases, the second highest after neighboring Oman.
No, it isn’t about wanting to ride that pony hard, it’s about an extreme lack of trust. Not trusting your children’s independently formed choices in who they seek to marry, not trusting anyone too far outside the brood, and not trusting that no part of one’s inheritance will end up outside the klan, even if needed to support a spouse and children with no ill intentions.
Despite the fact that it is widely practiced across the Middle East, marrying within the family might not be such a good idea, according to a report published Tuesday.

05 October 2009

Democrats Will be Democrats

The Gary Glitter of the (court) circuit appears to be firing on all corrupt, lefty thrusters: patronage, rationalizing deviancy down, reserving corporal punishment for pleasure, coerced anal sex worthy of a lauded European film director. You name it.

Just think of it as giving time off for ‘good behavior.’ The defense, of course, will be seeking ‘social justice

a civil rights organisation, has said that Mr Thomas is being prosecuted because of his race.
Moreover, just because prisoners were being abused, even though we all know that they’re all innocent due to society’s unjust ways, one may not be judgmental:
If someone has a sexual fetish that involves beating young males without their pants up and that is sexually stimulating to them, then for them that's a thing of value.
To whom exactly?

Over 64 million Arrogant Paranoiacs Served

No doubt, a million “cultural theories” will abound...

Success, my friends, has a secret ingredient. A sort of overlooked special sauce, if you will. It’s called cleaning your shop and the bathrooms, and it’s why Americans have managed to succeed in the business of street food.

01 October 2009

Generation Boudin

A recent TNS-Sofres poll of young adult women in France indicates that they are more than 3 times more likely to want to “do nothing,” more than 10 times more likely to want to watch TV, and 11 times more likely to want to surf the internet, than to participate in a benevolent or volunteer activity – a disembodied, intellectualized “want” (since this is not a poll of what 20-29 year old women actually does) that came in slightly behind playing video games.

In other words, even the pretense of what’s held in high regard in a collectivism promoting, socialized society isn’t even on the radar. After all, isn’t that the government’s job?

As if you couldn’t figure this out by the rarity of those that don’t preoccupy their time and crash-test their friendships by incessantly talking about themselves.