17 February 2006

Greenies love asbestos so much, that they want to keep it on stationkeeping

This is why enviros are absurd: the Clemenceau will be returned to France, but there will still be asbestos on board, and it will still need to be scrapped. Every vessel over the age of 40 has the stuff, as well as virtually every building of the same vintage.

This is why leftist cause-makers are sadistic: they want other people to change their lives to match their irrational fears, and engage in endless attention-seeking behaviour.

In the mean time, a BBC announcer referred to the 26 000 tonne vessel as “26 000 tons of toxic waste”, when the vessel itself isn’t made entirely out of Asbestos, and fails to mention just how common Asbestos removal is.

But to them, we’re the stupid “sheeple” that need saved from own common sense, and we really don’t need to know that. We need to build false outrage about the stuff being worse that the Ebola virus, while someone out there cranks out YET ANOTHER fake alarming report (on a “steady drip” basis that Goebbels would be proud of,) that total collapse due to global warming will come even sooner than we thought.

Sooner or later they’re going to have to start revising historical baseline data to convince people (starting with school children) that it’s already happened – before anybody thought, because it happened sometime last week.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget:

They're after the wrong people. Soy fuels war.

BREITBART.COM - White House Defends Port Sale to Arab Co.

Administration risks support and security over procedural technicalities. The United States continues on a tract of giving vital national security assets to foreign based companies. In Panama, the canal was leased to Hong Kong-based Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. endangering our ability to defend our allies were their to be a war between them and China. We must assess the threat to our country by foreign companies and domestic companies with foreign workers. It is believed that the attackers at the Beslan School had placed the weapons during construction the summer before.
BREITBART.COM - White House Defends Port Sale to Arab Co.: "'The potential
threat to our country is not imagined, it is real,' Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla.,
said in a House speech.

The Homeland Security Department said it was legally impossible under the committee's rules to reconsider its approval without evidence DP World gave false information or withheld vital details from U.S. officials. The 30-day window for the committee to voice objections has ended. "

15 February 2006

Yo Amo (?) Dutchmark

12 February 2006

How to tread on 1,5 billion people while standing still

11 February 2006

A theme song for the new paradigm

09 February 2006

A Moral Atomic Bomb

Bernard-Henri Levy (writing in the OpinionJournal Extra column) believes that European governmental apologies over cartoons not published by their governments are counterproductive. He couldn’t be more right. What does being inconsistent about free speech as a value in a pluralistic society have? It has that “go ask your mother” quality which goes beyond an outsider playing left against right. It undermines our basic social principles which are (or should be) universal in a republic.

«The heart of this second triangle? First, the affirmation of principles. The affirmation of the press's right to the expression of idiocies of its choosing--rather than the acts of repentance that too many leaders have resorted to, and which merely encourages in the Arab street the false and counterproductive illusion that a democratic state may exert power over its press.»
Apologies create a kind of social precedent which undermines the sophistication of the democratic model by making all hurt feelings equally regrettable, no matter what scale the issue. Intended for domestic consumption, they are more of a crud populum that the “Arab street” will not understand, not take seriously, and shortly forget since the same act will be played again.

- Shukran, S²

08 February 2006

And now for something completely predicable

Monty Jihad (and friends’) Flying Circus

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A life highjacked

It looks like the left has pulled a Wellstone again, knowing full well that the dead can’t speak for themselves.

CNN’s Jeff Greenfield:

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Four U.S. presidents -- including President George W. Bush -- were among the luminaries at Coretta Scott King's funeral Tuesday. Among some speakers' accolades and tributes to the civil rights icon were criticisms of the current administration's actions -- the war in Iraq and domestic eavesdropping.

04 February 2006

Leftists promoting theocratic government and the disrespect of national sovereignty

Have they actually freed anyone yet?

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03 February 2006

The silence of the Hams

Speaking of overly sensitive people who wouldn’t blink at hate-baiting anyone they can, the NAACP identifies the “real” oppressor... It’s Chimpy W. Pretzelchoker, of course.
« In July 2001, Bond said, "[Bush] has selected nominees from the Taliban wing of American politics, appeased the wretched appetites of the extreme right wing, and chosen Cabinet officials whose devotion to the Confederacy is nearly canine in its uncritical affection."»
Of course it’s just a matter of time until they construct find evidence that President George W. Hitliar has had men killed for not being able to grow beards. Fake, but true to the CONTEXT of the angered adolescent, you see...

WorldNetDaily: NAACP chairman compares GOP to Nazis

02 February 2006

Top News Article | Reuters.com

The EU refused to recognize in their constitution the role Christianity has had in the developement of their continent and now they want to express sensitivity to other religions. Where was the sensitivity to Cristianity or to the Vatican when it asked the EU to not forget about us. The EU needs to resist religious totalitarianism.

Islam must respect the world and the varying religions. Where were the tolerant muslims when the Taliban destroyed the Budah statues? Is Islam prepared to return the many holy sites they have taken from countless religions? Is Islam prepared to pay for the destruction of holy sites and their subsequent conversion to mosques?
Top News Article Reuters.com:"'We are ... a society that likes tolerance and I think it has to be in our understanding that we have a sensitivity for other religious communities,'
Ferrero-Waldner told reporters."