08 November 2010

A Festival of Self-Delusion

Don’t be mislead by the American mainstream media, or anything else you may have seen or heard.
Observing Hermann: Germany’s “authoritative” Focus newsmag was quick to declare the mid-term election “undecided”. I guess their hoping for some Washington-state democrat-style ballot box stuffing and “found” votes. All in the spirit of fairness, legality, and social legitimacy, of course.

But their obsessive-compulsion to misinform their readers doesn’t stop there. Another piece keyed in by the most unflattering picture that they could find of George Bush, a man who had nothing to do with the mid-term election, even by way of political ghosts, reads:

“The Democrats also win the Senate”


Just to illustrate what a great job Focus has done in informing its’ readers, we find to be rather typical comments such as these:
I am pleased that the Bush administration has received a shock and has to start thinking although I also know that a total reversal of the policy is not possible, but a start has been made.
I though the likes of this twit would have ‘also’ been happy to have heard about the 2008 election at this point.

Here’s another gem from someone unaware that George Bush isn’t just no-longer-in-charge, but left office when his term ended, in the fashion precisely opposite of a dictatorship:
Now the USA can move away from the warlike Bush dictatorship that can comes to an end. It’s funny when a despot wants to democratize the world, but at home undermine any form of respect for democracy, and want to overturn with self-made laws.
It’s painful to even try to deconstruct the sickness in that commentator’s mind... WHAT dictatorship? What “self-made laws”? It doesn’t matter in Euro-land: they are superior beings who (despite election reports) just KNOW what the “real facts” are, and are willing to dispense with democracy, reflection of reality, or anything else to keep their petty hatred alive.

It’s probably all they have to keep their dignity intact.


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