12 February 2011

Just Another Eye Candy Coffee-table Book to the French

Buffoon, paranoid anti-semite, attention whore and all-around fuckwit Alain Soral has a new book out. It’s called “Understanding the Empire”. I’ll summarize it for you: Jew-baiting, Zionist Occupation Government, 9-11 was a (Jewish cabal led) inside job, and his horrible victimization by Jews because of that Holocaust thing, and whatever other delusions of personal intelligence that get him through the night. In other words, a no-brainer as far as sales in France go: because the world, and particular, Jews, are out to get them, you see. Why they matter enough for anybody to waste their time doing that is beyond me.

When you hover over a photo of the yet to be attacked World Trade Center, the dynamic caption shows two stacks of his book, meant to be as forboding as the book of revelation. It reads: Global governance or a revolt of nations? In 2012, it will all play out between the two towers”


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