21 February 2011

Europeans and their Nocturnal Emissions

Europe needs to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25 percent over the next decade, rather than the currently agreed 20 percent, if the bloc is to meet a longer-term goal for 2050, a communication to be published by the European Commission next month is set to say.
Don’t you live it when committee-lizard-types quibble, argue, and try to distinguish themselves by making claims about things that they’ll actually never do?
EU states' progress in meeting protocol targets dampened by emissions from goods produced abroad which have risen by 40%

Europe contemplates raising carbon target to 30%


The huge extent to which Europe has exported its global warming pollution is evident from two sharply contrasting reports on how much greenhouse gas emissions have fallen or risen since world leaders signed up to huge reduction targets in the Kyoto protocol.
Never mind that this “pollution” can neither be seen, smelled, or that getting it BELOW naturally occurring levels will “cool the earth”. Either way, they are either doubling down to keep their fake green rep on a continent where there hardy IS any environment left to protect to begin with.

Their “bravery” takes the form of penalizing producers, and punishing the general population with costlier energy. As if the Chinese care.


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