25 July 2006

"Seules des négociations pacifiques permettront de sortir des crises"

The commo-trotsko-aracho-fantacist daily L’Humanité’s latest headline:

”Only peaceful negotiations permit the ending of crises”
As if they ever have - since negotiation almost always occurs either at a stalemate or immediately following the vanquishment of one side.

Wrong, bunky. The only reason to call for a halt right now is to make sure the Iranians and Syrians can make sure that no political equilibrium develops, and therefore no real prospect of peace (cold or otherwise.)
That being, the situation which prevails in Lebanon is different from that in Palestine, even if the Israeli war machine strikes in both countries. We are people under occupation, Israel exerts a control on our ground, sea, and air borders, whereas Lebanon is an independent State.
The article, an interview with Mahmoud Abbas leaves the impression that he’s feeling forgotten by the nit-wit press this week, and perhaps relieved by that too. But the line of questioning makes attempts at linkage of the Hamas and Hizballah issues, which Abbas distances himself from.

L’Humanité need not ask anyway since any sane Lebanese person wouldn’t want their fate tied to that of the Palestinians anyway, regardless of the special love they have for them.

Abbas went on to try to disown the problems in Gaza with the south of Lebanon answering perfunctually the entirely expected perfunctual questions, in spite of what must have felt like a great moment of intellectual convergence to L’Humanité’s moron-on-the-spot. Maybe he, she, or he/she felt a great wallop of pyramid power hitting them right in the bong, and gave them plenty of that good juju that lets one connect things no-one ever has before, and for reasons completely unknown.

Has anyone suggested a “two state solution” for Lebanon yet? It is, after all, a big part of the Euro-leftie vocabulary at this point...

The fuse is lit!


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