17 August 2012

Cause and Effect Take a Holiday

Sufferning from Radio-philia as I do, I rather enjoy indulging in sources from around the world. One such among the many I listen to is Harvey Stockwin’s commentary on RTHK (Hong Kong).

Among his bravery in the modern age is being open about the things that the Beijing government should be less than proud of, and of this: a critique of the cult of victimhood in Japan over the dropping of the A-Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Quite simply, woiuld a land invasion or a blockade that would make the Japanese population submit under the force of starvation and disease? It doesn’t matter to the peace-clique, very few of who were actual victims, and virtually none of them willing to discuss the cruelty the Japanese practiced on civilians, war prisoners, and Japan’s wartime population themselves.

Morality is absent among virtually anyone who makes some abstract sketch of “peace” their life’s work, and morality’s long shadow is little more than a useful tool.


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